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Chapter 17

If the panicked crowd pouring out of the diner across the street had not gotten the attention of the gas station patrons, the dull, thundering crash from within the building certainly did. Like something straight out of a horror movie, a series of sudden impacts on the restaurant wall facing the road created a spider web of cracks in the brick, as if it were being struck by a battering ram. The wall remained intact, however, and the building fell into an unnerving stillness for several seconds, before the entire roof abruptly bowed upwards and settled back down. This continued several more times, as the roof loudly swelled and contracted like a beating heart, before, finally, a frustrated roar erupted from inside, and a giant fist blasted through shingles like a cannon.

Unexpectedly, the head and face of a young blonde woman emerged through the opening. She scanned the area around her curiously, before her eyes fell on the convenience store across the road and the crowd of tiny people staring at her. She studied them thoughtfully for a moment, before her head dropped back downwards through the hole, and, once again, the roof bulged upwards. The pale skin of her back and shoulder blades pushed through the opening, and with a cacophony of creaks, snaps and pops, the already damaged structure surrendered.

Rising to her feet, her mammoth body bloomed through the now waist-high roof, and for the first time, the crowd could take in the full, awe-inspiring sight the titanic woman. She was naked and beautiful, but the most striking feature was her belly, which bulged conspicuously outward. Unlike a pregnant belly, however, it ballooned outward from her torso, gurgling and rumbling like an active volcano. She caressed it with one hand, before closing her eyes and emitting a deep, powerful moan—the rich bass of her voice rattling windows and setting off a nearby car alarm. Lifting onto her toes, she arched her back and thrust her arms skyward, and her body emitted a series of dull pops as it almost appeared to grow ever so slightly larger.

Opening her eyes the towering woman again set her sights on the convenience store across the way. The onlookers, who could not fathom the idea of a person that large, were not ready to accept the person before them was easily twenty feet tall. Instead, they were taken in by her smile, which contained traces mischief, wonder, and perhaps even a hint of...malice? Most were too stunned to move, even as she stepped out of the building and started towards them. She moved frighteningly fast, uninhibited by her size and mass. A booming laugh escaped her lips—its thundering volume dropping onlookers to their knees, many having grown light headed from holding their breath.

Stepping past the crowd (and, fortunately, the gas pumps) the giantess descended upon the convenience store, crouched down, and plunged her hand through the automatic doors, ripping a hole in the front entrance. Extracting her arm, she frowned and peeked through the comparatively small opening. She then brought her fist down on the roof, creating a gash in the building through which she could fit her hand. Reaching inside, she extracted and devoured handfuls of whatever she could get her hands on—food, concrete, metal, or otherwise. What she could not fit into her mouth, she first smashed into bite-sized pulp. As she gorged herself, her belly expanded visibly to accommodate, resting on the ground and spreading out before her as she continued to feast. Eventually, she found herself struggling to reach over it to continue eating.

After several minutes, she'd consumed the entire contents of the store, with the exception of large sections of the walls. Attempting to pull herself to her feet, her full belly impeded her efforts, and she remained hunched over. Even for her size, the amount she’d consumed was beyond impossible—like an average person eating a four-tier wedding cake in minutes. She managed to stagger towards the road, where she collapsed onto her knees.

The giantess then gripped her swollen midsection with both hands and moaned with pleasure—despite her apparent discomfort, her face painted the very picture of serenity. Suddenly, her belly emitted a deafening roar, and her immense body surged larger, exploding outwards and upwards. Her butt expanded to span the width of the street, her legs stretched longer, and her head extended into the sky, as her growing body consumed the area around her. Where most would people would have have reached her knees before, they now would barely reach her mid-shin.

Her bloated belly having receded to a pooch, the colossal woman rose to her feet, her body stretching several dozen feet into the sky. She gazed down at the the crowd of onlookers, clearly weighing options in her head. She then took a step towards them, half sliding to minimize the impact. In spite of her efforts, the already demolished pavement turned to gravel under her weight. The crowd erupted into a panic—many ran, while others too scared to move erupted into convulsive sobs or screamed uncontrollably. Several others soiled themselves, while another group, enraptured by her size and beauty, continued to stare upwards in awe.

Seconds later, they all met the same fate.

“That can’t possibly be real," Josh uttered while being tugged by Chloe ('Devin' to him) out of the bar and towards the parking lot.

“Oh, it’s definitely real," Chloe said, not looking back. "Where's your car?”

Josh pointed towards a glossy black Toyota Camry in the first row of parking spaces. He could not shake the image of the giant woman he'd seen on television, which had changed to the emergency broadcast system as they left. He headed to the driver's side of his car, but Chloe met him there and elbowed him out of the way.

"Move, I'm driving," Chloe said. "You check and see if you can figure out where she is."

A flustered Josh obliged, walking around to the passenger seat and buckling in without protest, while furiously tapping on his smartphone. He didn't know why he allowed some random borderline munchkin he'd met in a bar order him around, let alone drive his car, but the giant naked woman on the news had thrown off his barometer for acceptable scenarios. Regardless, 'Devin' seemed to have a better grip on the situation than he did.

"It looks like it, is south of here, but is headed our direction."

Chloe took an abrupt u-turn away from the freeway entrance, pressing Josh into the passenger-side window. "Where are we going?" He yelled.


"B-but, why?" Josh blurted.

"The interstate's gridlocked. No one's going to take the side roads."

"No, why the hell are we driving towards the giant monster?"

Chloe frowned, her face determined. "Because I want my goddamned phone!"

Devin and Rachelle sat naked on the floor of the motel watching Netflix on Rachelle's computer. Rachelle sat cross-legged on the ground atop her beanbag-sized rear. She held Devin in front of her around his waist, with his head resting on her chest, and his own massive breasts resting on her arms. Rachelle's phone vibrated loudly on the nightstand next to them, and she squinted down at the screen.

"I don't recognize the number."

Devin took a look. "It's a local number. Do you know anyone from here? It could be the hotel."

"But they'd call the room phone."

Both of them continued watching Rachelles phone vibrate on the table before falling silent. Seconds later, it began vibrating again, but their attention had returned to Futurama reruns. Finally the phone beeped with a text message from the same number. Rachelle reached over and picked it up, the phone almost uncomfortably small in her large hands.

"It's Chloe. Emergency."

"Emergency?" Devin couldn't help but be interested in the latest developments from the girl he'd switched bodies with. "Call her back. She better not have gotten me arrested."

"I wouldn't put it past her," Rachelle said, calling the number back. Chloe answered before Rachelle even heard a ring.

"Rach? That you?"

"Yeah, it's me. What's up?"

"God your voice is deep. Hey, tell Devin his sister has turned into a giant monster, and is rampaging towards town."

Rachelle was quiet for a moment. "Say that again."

"It's all over the news! How could you have not seen it?"

"We're watching Netflix."

"Shit is getting serious. Larissa is on the rampage, and I'm pretty sure she crushed and possibly ate a news reporter."

"Wait, she ate someone?"

"From the looks of it she's eaten a lot of people. She's looking pretty thick."

"What's going on?" Devin asked, having picked up on both the distress in Rachelle's face, and the talk of someone getting eaten.

Rachelle hit the speaker button. "Okay, Chloe, when you say 'giant' do you mean…"

"Like you and Amanda, only, like, WAY bigger. I'm driving her way now. You guys should probably head over too."

"How?" Devin shouted. "Larissa took my car!

"...and you and Amanda have the van," Rachelle added, "which is the only thing I'll be able to fit in."

"That's cool, me and Josh will come pick you up." In the background, Rachelle heard a confused outburst from another voice.

"Who's Josh? Where's Amanda?"

"Amanda's at the hotel having a threesome. Josh is this guy I met who's letting me use his phone and car."

"Chloe, no! Listen to me. Do not drag someone else into—"

"Bye! See you soon." Chloe said, ending the call.

Rachelle groaned in frustration, before looked towards Devin who sat quietly, his eye twitching involuntarily. Rachelle wondered if he was about to have an aneurysm, before he suddenly let out a loud, sustained scream and dropped his head firmly in his palms.

"Aw, come ON! A freaking giant monster now?"

Rachelle reached out to touch his shoulder. "I know, this game is becoming a real—"

"No! Not the game. Flippin' Larissa." Devin closed his eyes and shook his head. "This is so her. She's always been like this."

"A giant monster?"

"No, everything with her always gets so out of hand. I mean I love my sister, but I'm really getting to be on my last nerve with her. This is like our pet chinchillas all over again."


"Long story," Devin said, sliding off of Rachelle's lap and reaching for the pile of clothes he'd discarded minutes earlier. "In the meantime, I need to get dressed."

"Yeah, looks like it's toga time for me," Rachelle said, wrapping one of the bed sheets around her expansive hips. Despite the length of the sheets, her makeshift skirt left a long slit where her leg peeked through. She folded a second sheet in half and wrapped it around her torso, where her breasts caused it to blouse outwards in the front. "God I look terrible."

Devin chuckled. "There's a giant woman rampaging outside of town, and you're worried about drawing attention?" Devin turned on the television, watching as he got dressed. A breaking news report depicted utter chaos. Thick clouds of dust obscured the full view of the situation, though a towering leg soon emerged into view. The on-site reporter went from a series of broken phrases and words to incoherent screaming. Devin sighed.

"I am so telling dad about this."

Chapter 18

Josh had not yet asked "Devin," the short guy who'd commandeered his vehicle, what he intended to do. As far as he could tell thus far, they were on their way to pick up two people, and, from there, perhaps one more. He also hadn't exactly agreed to the trip—he easily had at least a foot and 100 pounds on the guy, and could have easily re-taken his car had he felt so inclined. He did not, however, feel so inclined, and he instead sat quietly listening to a radio report about the giant woman who had demolished a diner, a convenience store, three food carts, and, of all things, a pool supply store.

Given the craziness the world had descended into in the past ten minutes, Josh was willing to go along with the little person, who seemed to know what was happening. In the meantime, Chloe—"Devin" as far as Josh was concerned—slammed on the brakes and jerked on the wheel, screeching into the Motel 6 parking lot and miraculously managing to park without hitting another vehicle. Chloe had mostly kept her mouth shut with Josh. She still felt like there was some way she could end up banging him, even though she was in the body of four-and-a-half foot guy.

Josh followed Chloe to a motel room, where she rapped her knuckles on the door, demanding to be let in. Josh looked around, concerned the noise might attract attention, and he was about to say something when the door suddenly swung open to reveal two women unlike he'd ever seen before. The topless blonde girl wore only a skirt and—with the obvious exception of the giant woman eating people several blocks away—had easily the largest breasts he'd ever seen in his life. He could have stared at her chest for hours if not for the other girl wrapped in a bedsheet behind her standing literally as tall as the ceiling with the largest everything else he'd ever seen in his life. No words came to mind, so he went with his first impulse.


"Shut up, Josh," Chloe snapped. "Yeah, Dev, your titties are mind-blowing. I'd make some kind of crack about giving you the biggest titty-fuck in human history, but somehow we have bigger things to worry about."

A thundering crash sounded on the horizon, followed by a huge plume of dust and smoke. Over the tops of the trees, they could see Larissa several dozen feet tall and driving her foot through the side of a building before crouching down and reaching in through the gaping hole to grab more people to eat. All four listened without a word as her low, rumbling laugh filled the evening air. Josh gulped, while Chloe gave an impressed whistle, before turning to Rachelle.

"So Rach, I need to get my phone back before we can head home and end this wonderful road trip. What's the plan?"

"You're still worried about your phone!?!?" Josh exclaimed.

"Shut up—Josh, was it?" Rachelle asked. Josh nodded. "Good to meet you, Josh. I'm Rachelle." Josh nodded again and Rachelle turned her attention back to Chloe. "Anyways, why am I the one with the plan? You called and said you'd meet us here."

"Because I figured you'd think of a plan by the time we met up. Rach, you're killing me. You've got to have some idea how to stop this." Another crash sounded behind them, and they looked back to see Larissa dumping a van full of people into her mouth.

"That is seriously fucked up," Josh exclaimed, pointing at Larissa who was chewing with a satisfied smile on her face. "She's eating people, man!" Josh turned back towards the group, none of whom seemed remotely phased by the sight. In fact, they actually ignored him. Oddly enough, it actually put him a bit at ease.

"Hey, Devin," Rachelle suddenly asked. "You think your sister would recognize your car?"

"She should, she pretends it's hers anyway."

"Chloe, you said Amanda's nearby?"

"Yeah, and she should be done by now, for those girls' sake. If not, those two girls are in four pieces."

"Good, because—"

"—because her dick is HUGE."

Rachelle clenched her eyes shut. "Because, we're going to need her brawn if this is going to work."

"So you've actually got a plan?" Josh asked.

Rachelle bit her lip, working out several details in her head before nodding her head with increased vigor. "Okay, I've got a plan," Rachelle said, dialing her phone. The phone rang several times before a deep but still familiar voice answered on the other line.

"Rachelle? Hey, what's up?"

"Mandy? Where are you?"

"The Coastside Motel. It's actually walking distance from—"

"Good, stay there. We'll come to you."

Amanda was quiet for a moment. "Um, I may need a little time to get ready."

Rachelle glanced at Chloe who made a repeated thrusting motion with her hips.

"Well, you have about two minutes."

"Five minutes?"



"Just get your ass ready. We're on our way over."

"What's going on?"

"Just be ready to go. I'll call when we're there."

"But, Rach, I just—"

"See you in a bit."

Rachelle ended the call. Outisde the window on the horizon, the giant Larissa dropped another handful of people into her mouth, growing slowly, albeit visibly larger by the second.

"Is that really all you're going to tell her?" Chloe asked.

Rachelle shrugged. "If I told her any more she'd never agree to it. Now…" She picked up Devin's keys and tossed them to him. "It's time we get going. I'm going to have to rip out the middle seats just to fit inside."

"What about me?" Josh asked.

"Can you drive a minivan?"

"Uh, sure, but what about my—"

"Devin, are your tits too big for you to drive stick?"

"Nope. I'm good."

"Josh, would you mind if my ultra-busty blonde friend here borrowed your car? I would need you to accompany her."

"Why can't I drive?"

"You can drive on the way back."

"Why can't I drive there?"

Rachelle sighed. "If I told you any more, you'd never agree to it."

Josh looked at Rachelle, then at Devin, then at Rachelle's hips, and finally Devin's breasts, before shrugging. "Sure. Why not?"

Larissa ran on pure impulse, greedily devouring everything she could get her hands on, her body expanding relentlessly without a sign of stopping. Whenever she thought she'd reached her capacity, her body would swell in all directions, creating an ever-increasing vacuum within her body. Her appetite was insatiable, and she would consume until there was nothing left.

Of course, she'd only powered through four or so buildings, and had not remotely even made it to a major metropolitan area. Beyond the issue of her insatiable hunger, her immediate concern was the buildings in her near vicinity not being filling enough. Busloads of people certainly helped, but Kellsburg was a small town and buses were difficult to come by. She thought she recalled seeing a movie theater and was attempting to orient herself when a persistently honking horn captured her attention. The passenger's side door of a sedan on the ground below her swung open, and an obscenely busty woman climbed out.

"Larissa, I am SO telling Dad and Mom about this!"

Devin! Larissa thought, her mind recalling the busty woman her brother turned into. He continued yelling at her, but not only did she have a difficult time hearing him, she had difficulty maintaining her concentration. The more she stared at him, the more she started to imagine snatching him up and making a meal of him and his plump curves. She licked her lips but managed to keep her composure.

"Dev, you're my brother, so I'm giving you one chance to leave before you become food." Larissa was already debating to herself whether or not she would attempt to extract him from the car first, or just eat the whole thing.

"No, Larissa. I'm giving you one chance to stop acting out and grow up. You're behaving like a spoiled, self-entitled brat." Devin inched his way around the front of the car, towards the passenger side. "Not only that, the whole country is seeing you naked and the extra thousands of pounds are not flattering. It's like your freshman year homecoming dress all over again."

"Oooh shit!" Josh exclaimed from the car. "That's messed up, dude."

"Josh, shut up and get in the driver's seat," Devin muttered, inching back towards the passenger door.

Larissa winced as if she'd been slapped. She suddenly threw the truck she was holding to the ground, where it exploded like a meteor. Lifting her foot into the air, her knee ran up against her belly which impeded her downward view. With a thunderous crash, her foot drove through the pavement, causing her to lose her balance. She managed to steady herself on a nearby building.

Devin yanked the door open and dove back into the car. "DRIVE!!!" he screamed at Josh who, at this point, was only capable of taking orders. He jerked the car into gear and slammed on the gas.

"Where are we going?"

"The Coastside Motel"


"It's right across from our hotel."

Amanda really wasn't in the mood to get up.

The air was pungent with the odors of sexual fluids of three different people. It had been the most amazing—and educational—hour of Amanda's life. She'd gone from a sexual novice, to have checked nearly two dozen boxes on her sexual experiences checklist. Her companions had been patient, and Amanda had been both willing to learn and possessed an almost insatiable desire. While equipped like a man, she had the resiliency of a woman. Put simply: she'd cum at least seven times in the last sixty minutes.

Digging through the fog of her post-coital ecstasy, she remembered both girls beginning by each massaging and licking her breasts. At one point Eva had taken the entirety of Amanda's testicles in her mouth while Rose rode her shaft like a pro. The session had ended spectacularly when she'd climaxed inside of Rose mid growth spurt, her massive erection swelling larger while inside her. Judging by the panic on Rose's face, she'd actually worried she'd injured the girl. Now, Amanda laid back in the bed with Rose and Eva cradled in her arms, each of them clinging to her brawny torso. Rose stirred, and Amanda rubbed her back, remembering what is was like to be held in her boyfriend's arms.

After a few minutes, she pulled herself upright and rolled over, crawling over Eva and getting to her feet. As she stood up, she wondered if her head would hit the ceiling. Her last growth spurt likely pushed her up to seven and a half feet tall, and her physique was nothing short of Babylonian. She flexed an arm, and her bicep swelled to the size of a bowling ball. Across the room she saw her reflection in the mirror. Taking in the awe-inspiring sight of her body, she felt a reassuring confidence she could handle anything.

A distant rumbling captured her attention. It actually had been happening for the last several minutes but had only recently increased in volume. She would have passed it off as thunder if not for the clear weather forecast and the way the rumbling sounded more like a cannon. A mild dread bubbled in her stomach, and she distracted herself with the sight of the two naked women still sleeping peacefully in the hotel bed.

Her phone suddenly rang again. Not wanting to wake either of her companions, she whirled around and snatched it up, before heading towards the bathroom despite not being sure she could actually fit through the doorway. Before she could tackle that problem, she put the phone to her ear, only to be greeted by two voices attempting to yell over one another, and utter chaos in the background.

"Rachelle? Is that you? What's happening?"

"Are you ready to go?"

"I'm up, but I still need to get some clothes."

"Well, you better figure it out fast, 'cause we're just about here."

"Why? Rachelle, what's going on?"

"We're going to need you to get Chloe's phone back from Larissa."

Amanda sneered. "I'd rather not see her again."

It was then Amanda noticed the pandemonium in the background of Rachelle's call taking on a stereophonic quality. Another crash sounded. "Yeah, about that. I don't think you have a choice."

"Rachelle, what's going on?"

"You said Coastside Motel, right?"


"Do you have a beachside view or are you facing downtown?"

"Pretty sure we're on the downtown side."

"Good, look out the window."

Amanda bounded to the window and shoved the curtains aside. At first, she thought there was someone standing outside her window. Then she realized how ridiculous the idea was because she was in a fifth-floor room. The thought then occurred to her perhaps the person was not nearby, but actually far away. Of course, if they were far away, they would have to be nearly sixty feet tall.

Wait, I recognize that gigantic woman, that's...

And they made eye contact.

At the outer edge of her vision, Amanda saw a sedan barreling towards the building. Larissa clearly had been pursuing it before she'd been distracted, and now Larissa had slowed to a halt. Despite her immensity, she looked about the same, with the exception of her midsection bloating outwards like she was sixteen months pregnant. Amanda heard a low, powerful rumbling—the sound of an immense growling belly. Larissa's mouth widened into a lascivious grin.

"Oh, I'm going to enjoy eating you."

Chapter 19

At the first sign of forward movement from Larissa, Amanda yanked the curtains closed and leapt over the bed, scooping up her two companions on her way. With each girl under an arm, she kicked the door open and tossed the two confused girls halfway down the hall as Larissa's fist burst through the side of the building like a wrecking ball. With Larissa operating on blind rage Amanda managed to avoid the three-foot wide hand amidst the debris.

Ok. Next move.

Larissa took her time extracting her hand, which Amanda at first mistook for dramatic effect, before realizing Larissa actually was checking the rubble for human viscera. Still gripping her own phone, Amanda picked up Chloe shouting in the receiver.

"We saw her hit the building, are you okay?"

Barely able to hear under the loud creaking of snapped wood, Amanda peeked her head up and squinted through the dust to see Rachelle's van approaching from behind her. "Yeah, she barely missed me."

"Good, now get out there and get my phone. It's in her right hand."

Amanda started to move, but second-guessed her first impulse. "She's going to smash me to a pulp!"

"A distraction is headed your way. You may want to cover your ears."

"Why would I—"

"Josh, do it now!"

Amanda heard a screeching sound below, and she craned her neck to see a sedan drift in a full loop before the rear driver's side slammed into Larissa's ankle. Larissa screamed in pain and staggered forward into the building. For a moment Amanda expected to be crushed, but the giantess managed to steady herself, before glaring down and snarling. Two figures managed to scramble out of the vehicle before Larissa dropped to one knee and smashed the vehicle flat with her bare fist.

Realizing the occupants of the vehicle would be Larissa's next targets, Amanda felt a powerful wave of strength wash over her body. Her muscles tightened and swelled, infusing her with an exhilarating rush of energy. Without another thought, she took two giant gather steps and leapt from the hole in the hotel towards Larissa. She'd expected to grab hold of a Larissa's wrist, but the arm moved out of her reach and Amanda managed to barely grab ahold of Larissa's hair instead.

"Ow!" Larissa shouted, feeling the tug on the back of her head. She tried her best to reach for Amanda, who hung just out of her reach. Larissa tried again and felt something grip her middle finger and yank it backwards dislocating it with a grotesque pop. Larissa howled again and her other hand jerked open, dropping a tiny object to the ground which bounced several times on the pavement.

Chloe scrambled out of the van and swiped up her phone and quickly examined it. "Not a crack! Otterbox cases are the shit!"

Meanwhile, Josh and Devin limped towards her, having barely escaped Larissa's wrath. Both looked exhausted, their bodies littered with bruises and scratches.

"Are you two okay?"

"My car," Josh whimpered.

"My tit," Devin groaned, massaging the side of one of his massive breasts.

"Uh, guys? It's time to go." Rachelle pointed upwards at Larissa, who staggered to her feet, her eyes seemingly glowing with rage. Josh jumped in the driver's seat and Devin got on the other side. Rachelle, now too tall to fit in any seat comfortably, struggled with the lever on the rear bucket seats. A thick arm reached around her and ripped the seat from the frame tossing it away. She turned around to face an absolutely titanic Amanda standing only inches shorter than her but substantially larger.

"I call back seat."

"Hold on a sec, you're a guy?"

Devin cradled his hefty breasts, hoisting them gently with visible effort while cautiously avoiding the bruise on one side of his body. "Not right now, obviously, but yes, up until recently I was a guy." He then gestured to Chloe who sat on Rachelle's lap behind them. "Specifically, that guy."

"Well, your tits are bangin', but you're pretty too."

"Thank you!" Devin and Chloe replied together. Chloe waved at Josh from the rear of the van. "Yeah, it's my face you think is so pretty. Not my hair, but totally my face."

Josh shook his head in disbelief. "I can't believe you're not a guy."

"It's the penis, isn't it?"

"Among other things," Devin muttered. "Anyways, so then my sister went all giant-evil-cannibal, but we had to provoke her in order to get Chloe's phone back and now here we are speeding down some God-forsaken Midwest highway with a giant woman shuffling after us, which should bring you up-to-date."

Even having heard the story twice, Josh still had trouble believing it. Twenty minutes had passed since the group had sped away, enough time for Chloe and Devin to bring Josh up to speed on the entirety of their adventure. Josh listened intently which gave him something else to focus on besides the limping, ravenous giant woman in his rearview mirror. At certain points he'd even forgotten about her, particularly when the Chloe, a girl in the body of a shrinking, well-hung man, vividly recalled the make-out session between the two amazons wedged into the van behind him, much to Amanda and Rachelle's chagrin.

The adrenaline had not quite receded, but it also wasn't pumping as it had when they initially set off on their escape. The group had initially intended to progress the game, but found Chloe's battery had died, leaving them with no choice but to bide their time while phone recharged in the agonizingly slow car charger. They'd listened to most of an Imagine Dragons CD and Rachelle had even napped for a few minutes before startling herself awake.

"Chloe, is your phone charged yet?"

"Yeah, but it's gonna be a while."


"Optimizing apps, 21 of 83"

"Ugh, I told you to buy an iPhone."

"Whatever, it'll be another few minutes."

With some difficulty Rachelle maneuvered around Amanda's massive bulk to twist and look out the rear window. Larissa had clearly grown larger, and she wore a cold, almost humored expression as she pursued them. In the late evening darkness, Larissa's form would begin to disappear into the night when another step brought her frighteningly close. The streets were abandoned due to the emergency reports advising citizens to stay clear of the area.

"She's definitely persistent. If she were capable of running, she would have caught us by now, but between her ankle injury and giant belly it's not an option."

"Which is good," Josh said, "because I can go, at most, ninety with all the weight in this thing. Also, speaking of which—"

"God, she's massive," Chloe interrupted, having rolled off of Rachelle's lap and climbed up Amanda's torso to press her face against the rear windshield as well. A streetlight illuminated the bottom half of Larissa's colossal body and Chloe's expression turned to one of curiosity. "Hey Dev, do you know who does her waxing?"


"Who did her bikini waxing? Her vulva is pristine."

"Are you seriously asking me that?"

"I can't imagine she does it herself. I mean, it's a quality job."

"Uh, guys?" Josh asked. "I was going to mention we also don't have unlimited gas. We gotta stop at some point, and when we do she's going to flatten us."

Rachelle bent forward at the waist in an attempt to negotiate space between the wall of the van and Amanda's near-oppressive bulk "How much gas do we have left?"

"We're at "E" right now, so—"

"Shit! Chloe where are we at?"

"Optimizing 62 of 83. Fucking Androids..."

"Josh. Why didn't you say anything?" Rachelle shouted.

Josh gestured to Devin. "She...or he or whatever was telling me the whole sexy story, with the tits and the dicks, and the orgasms, and it was so...interesting I didn't want to interrupt."

"We need more time. Can you lose her?"

"We're coming up on Kellsburg. I might be able to lose her around in the downtown, but it's not very big."

"It puts off us getting eaten another few minutes, so do it!"

Josh took a hard right turn off the main drag followed by another quick left, continuing the pattern until he managed to momentarily lose sight of Larissa, who had not expected the maneuver and whose bulk limited her agility. He pulled into a narrow alley and parked under a wooden awning. Chloe grabbed her phone as the group poured out of the vehicle. Surrounded by nothing but brick walls and metal doors, Amanda gathered her strength and struck a nearby wall, creating a large hole they could all pass through. They flowed into the kitchen of what turned out to be an abandoned diner, and moved into the dining area where they huddled behind the counter. They listened silently to the sounds of Larissa systematically destroying adjacent buildings, the chaos growing steadily louder as she grew closer.

"Yes! We're on!" Chloe shouted.

"Whose turn is it?" Amanda asked.

"I don't care!" Chloe mashed the Humanji icon.

The entire room shook. "Where are you?" a terrifying voice boomed from seemingly all around them. Chloe shook her phone, and everyone's phones chimed with a text message

When all has been said, and all deeds done

Only then is this adventure won

Amanda threw her arms up, inadvertently striking some hanging pots above her head. "What does that even mean?"

"Rachelle! I think your dad is hot!" Chloe blurted. "Amanda, I sometimes steal your skinny jeans because they fit me better and your butt is too big for them anyways. Devin you make a better girl than I do. Josh I thought you were kind of lame at first, but I actually like you. If you want to do each other before we die, I'll totally be bottom."

"Chloe what the hell?"

"I'm saying everything I haven't said!"

"Most of that you already told while you were drunk anyways! Besides, you already told us your big secret about being a virgin."

Josh snickered, and Chloe's eyes went wide with alarm. "Rach! Shut up! Mandy, you got anything?"

"Um, having a penis is pretty cool."

A footfall landed outside the window of the diner with a thunderous boom, followed by a knee, belly, breast, forearm, and finally Larissa's menacing, grinning face. "Hello hello! Someone's about to become food." The group scrambled back into the kitchen as Larissa punched through the glass. The awkward angle, however, prevented her from reaching all the way into the kitchen.

"Devin! Your bitch sister is going to eat us!" Chloe wailed. "I can't believe I'm about to die having never gotten laid, as a guy or as a girl."

Devin placed a his comparatively small hand on Rachelle's. "While we're on the subject, I think I'm in love with you, Rachelle."

Rachelle was taken aback. "Now? Really? Once again, you do know I don't actually look anything like this right?"

"I can't say I care. You're you. I mean, come on, you had sex with me in Chloe's body. You clearly must have seen past my appearance."

A tear appeared at the corner of Rachelle's eye and she forced a laugh. "God, you're the worst. Assuming we somehow live through this, I'm never going to believe we only met because I dragged you int—OH MY GOD I'M SO SORRY!"

All eyes went to Rachelle, who had turned to face Amanda and Chloe. "I'm so sorry I dragged you all into this!" Rachelle yelled, competing with the cracking concrete walls.

"What?" Amanda asked.

"I'm so sorry I—"

"I heard you, but why are you apologizing?"

"Because I like you two. You drive me crazy and we have nothing in common, but at this point you're the closest thing to best friends I've ever had. I've always wanted to go on a road trip, and have an adventure out with my friends, but I've never had good enough or fun enough friends who would have actually done it."

The bashing on the wall subsided slightly, followed by a terrifying crash from above, sending chips from the ceiling raining down on them. Larissa had apparently given up on reaching through the storefront, instead opting to bring the building down on them and fish out the remains later. The whole room shook and Amanda grimaced at the webbed cracks spreading across the ceiling and walls, but still managed a smile as she scooted closer to Rachelle.

"Rach, of course we're your friends."

"Yeah!" Chloe shouted. "Would we go through all this shit with you if we weren't? You're on the short list of people I'd do this for."

"Totally." All heads turned towards Josh, who gave a resigned shrug. "I mean, of all the ways I expected to die, I certainly didn't expect this. Y'all have been cool."

Another impact above them dislodged a large chunk of ceiling, which crashed on the ground in front of them. indicating imminent collapse. Rachelle pulled Chloe and Amanda closer to her, and both obliged the gesture. "I love you guys," she managed to say as the room exploded in a cloud of smoke and debris.

A plate clinked down on the table.

"Here's your Chicken Caesar salad."

"Thanks," Rachelle said, almost involuntarily. The chattering of patrons filled the bustling diner on a busier-than-normal Sunday evening. Chloe, Amanda, and Devin all sat at in the booth with her, squinting under the fluorescent dining lights and wearing similarly vacant expressions. The waitress continued setting down plates of food in front of them.

"...fajita plate, double cheeseburger, garden salad with tomato soup Everything good?" Chloe managed to utter a confused 'thank you', and the waitress gave them a queer look before smiling politely and turning away stopping to bus a table behind them.

Amanda, Chloe, and Devin all looked between their legs, before sighing with (mostly) relief. Their bodies, as well as Rachelle's had returned to their original shapes and sizes, and their memories of the previous few days, while still firmly intact, felt like a vivid dream. A bell at the front entrance rang, and Larissa stepped in through the front entrance. Pale-faced, she glanced around the room without a real sense of purpose, and jumped when Devin shouted her name.

"Hey Lissa, we're having dinner. You wanna join?"

"I'm...not hungry, actually. I'll wait in the car." She promptly turned and left.

Chloe chuckled. "So, is that it? One second we're about to get eaten by your giant sister and the next we're sitting in a diner." She whipped her head around, quickly scanning the diner. "Wait, where's Josh?"

Rachelle looked around as well, and nodded with realization. "He wasn't technically playing, so I imagine he's wherever he would have been had we not played the game."

"Aw, I liked him. I bet I even could have gotten him to like me, even as a really short guy."

"Well, to be honest, as interesting and enlightening as it was to be tall and hot, I am relieved to have my normal butt back." Rachelle noticed Devin studying her face intently, and she felt a tinge of embarrassment. "What?"

"I still recognize you," he said with an amused smile. "Your face is not so different."

"Yours is pretty different, but I remember you from before." Rachelle noted how, even seated in the booth, being at her original height made Devin seem tall and lanky. She also noticed he seemed unsettled. In fact, everyone did, including herself slightly.

Amanda sighed wistfully. "It was definitely interesting and I'm glad we didn't get crushed, but after all we've experienced, it's a little sad to having nothing to show for it."

Chloe rubbed Amanda's shoulder. "It's okay, Mandy. I miss my dick too."

"But think about what we gained, we've aired all of our dirtiest laundry," Rachelle gave Chloe a sidelong glare, "some more than others I suppose."

"So that's it. This is the end. I hope everyone had a good time." Devin's mouth watered at the sight of the burger in front of him. "I dunno about you all but I'm starving and I'm ready to—"

Everyone's phones suddenly chimed in unison.

Chapter 20

For all the trials you've journeyed through

Choose a gift to remain with you

Amanda sipped her tomato soup and nibbled the remains from Chloe's unfinished fajita plate. The group was hardly in a hurry to get back on the road back home. Rachelle had gone to the bathroom, Devin was on the phone outside, while Chloe and Amanda sat in the booth sipping drinks. Chloe held up her phone, displaying an app rating screen.

"So, four stars?"

"Four stars. Really?"

"What? Too high or too low?"

"We nearly got eaten!"

"But we also got to play dress-up, experience mind-blowing orgasms, and you even compiled and completed a new sexual bucket list. On top of it all, we even got to keep prizes afterwards. All things considered, four stars seems like a solid rating to me."

"I can't believe you chose the hair. You could dye your hair."

"With all due respect, Miss Manlyparts, you have more than enough dick for the both of us now. I'm honestly surprised you chose the penis and not the muscles."

"Oh you can bet I'll be hitting the gym. I liked having muscles, and I'm looking forward to having them again, but I didn't need to be that big." Amanda reached under the table and ran a hand along the lengthy tool snaking down her shorts. Amanda's daisy-dukes had fittingly transformed into baggy cargo shorts, a more conservative choice given what she now was now packing. Her face had also taken on a more masculine angularity, giving her a more fittingly androgynous look.

Chloe tossed her rich blonde hair, puckered her lips, and took a selfie. Studying the picture, she frowned. "I think I'm going to have to buy a whole new wardrobe, particularly before I go looking for Josh. I probably won't even take any of my clothes with me."

"So you plan to go back and try to find him?"

"I do. You're free to join as well, since I know there are two ladies you're probably looking to track down, if they're even still there."

"It may be easier for me." Amanda held up her phone, displaying Facebook friend requests from Eva and Rose. "Granted, assuming the last three days developed differently than we remember, I have no idea how I would have met them, or even if they're still there. What if we take this trip back and we don't find them or Josh?"

"Then we get a hotel room, have a few drinks, and I let you plow me like a cornfield, obviously."

Amanda considered the idea, and nodded with reluctant approval. "Deal, I guess."

The bathroom door squeaked open and Rachelle sauntered over with a new, almost palatable confidence, her long lean frame turning several heads in the diner. Reaching the edge of the table, she twirled around, showing off her lengthened figure and alluring legs which stretched down from her thigh-length yellow sun dress.

"Oh my God, I love this so much! I look amazing."

Amanda adjusted her pants and Chloe gave her a naughty look, before taking her own long eyeful of Rachelle. "Lookin' sexy. How tall did you end up?"

"Six-two. It's hardly eight feet, but it suits me, don't you think?" The extra height indeed distributed her weight flatteringly, and her figure sloped gently from her shoulders to her knees. She shimmied with joy, unable to contain her excitement. "Yup I can definitely live with this."

"I gotta say, Rach," Chloe said, watching the front entrance. "As great as you look, I'm still more impressed with a different lady."

As if on cue, Devin stepped back in from outside, the draft setting her shoulder-length dark chestnut tresses in motion. Her modest breasts rode high on her chest, while still proportional with her sturdy 5'9" frame. With her square shoulders and overall apple shape, she lacked the curves of Chloe or Rachelle's bodies, but more than made up for it in confidence. Wearing denim capris and a green tank top she walked with a strong self-confident swagger.

Reaching the table, Devin locked hands with Rachelle, who gave her a kiss on the forehead. "Welcome back, hon. So, how's your dad?"

"As expected, he talked to me like I'd always been a girl. So did Larissa. By the way, I think we'll get along way better than we ever did when I was a guy."

"Is she going to come in and join us?" Chloe asked. Amanda fidgeted uncomfortably.

"No, she's still not feeling well, and has no idea why. I told her it's probably something she ate." Devin chuckled, but the rest of the group was unamused. "Aw, come on. That was solid! Anyways, all that's been undone."

"I guess," Amanda said. "It's still hard to believe you're already making jokes, considering you've shuffled around your entire identity."

"This coming from the one who just gave themself a huge penis," Devin cracked.

"Touché, but really though. Are you actually okay with—

"—never getting a blow job again?" Chloe interrupted.

"Eh, overrated."

"Says you," Amanda blurted without a moment's hesitation.

Rachelle nudged Devin's arm. "What about that time of the month?"

"We'll cross that bridge when we come to it. To answer your question, though, after all I experienced on this adventure, it just seemed...right." Devin squeezed Rachelle's hand. "Anyways, speaking of adventures, I'm ready to wrap mine up. Larissa's not feeling well, so Rachelle and I are headed back towards Northshore where Dad says we can crash. You two said you're headed back to Coastside?"

"Yeah. I don't have class until Tuesday afternoon and Mandy's game to skip class on Monday. I figure we could take the bus or maybe we'll hitch hike."

"No!" Rachelle exclaimed. "We'll give you a ride there before we let you hitch. Are you crazy? Who would even be headed back to Coastside this late?"

"I'm headed there." The group turned to see a familiar face standing behind Devin and Rachelle. "I heard you need a ride to the Coastside Beach?" Josh scanned all the girls in the group. His gaze eventually settled on Chloe, who batted her eyelashes back at him. "I was just there today, but I had some car trouble so I headed back this way to hit the repair shop. I hadn't initially planned to go back tonight, but if you need a ride…"

"I'll take it!" Chloe shouted, rocketing out of the booth and nearly into Josh's arms, before restraining herself at the last moment and turning back towards Amanda. "Mandy, you want to join us?"

Amanda winked at Chloe. "No thanks, I'll take my time here and catch the bus over. I'm in no hurry."

"You sure?" Josh asked. "I got plenty of—"

"You heard the lady. Let's get going." Chloe dropped a handful of bills onto the table, grabbed Josh's jacket sleeve and tugged him towards the door. He felt like he should protest, but couldn't tear his eyes away from the blonde's short leather skirt. "See you girls later, I might be a few days!" Chloe gave the group a final wave before following Josh out the door.

"Well," Amanda said. "That ended well."

"I don't know," Rachelle said, watching through the window as the couple hopped into Josh's convertible. "I've got a bad feeling about this."

"He seems like a nice enough guy," Devin said. "I never got any creeper vibes from him."

"It's not him I'm worried about…"

Chloe settled into the polished leather seats, relishing the cool texture on her skin. Josh started the car, pumping the gas a few times to let the engine purr. He smiled at Chloe, who grinned naughtily back at him.

"Nice wheels. I bet you know how to handle this thing, too."

"I certainly do. Girl you're about to be ridin' in style." He shifted into gear and glided onto the road, smoothly accelerating until they cruised out of town and back on the highway into the night.

"You meeting anyone out at Coastside?" he asked.

"Nah, it's a personal vacation. I figured I'd probably meet some cool people there."

"Well, I'm willing to be the first. I'm from Kellsburg so I get out to Coastside quite a bit. I'd love to show you around."

"I'd like that, Josh." He was surprised to hear his name, since he didn't remember giving it. "I'm Chloe. I don't think I gave you my name."

"Nice to have you along, Chloe." Josh clicked on the radio. "It's gonna be about a half hour back to Coastside, so you can go ahead and get comfortable."

"Already on it." Chloe tilted her seat back and pulled out her phone, tapping an app on the home screen. Josh noticed her snickering to herself.

"Whatcha got there?" Josh asked.

"Nuthin' much, just a little road trip game to pass the time." Chloe held up her phone, which displayed a prompt to enter her name. "Wanna' play?"