Skin Against Skin

Even as sweaty as we are, their gritty sandpaper hides against my leathery skin ensures each of us will work a little harder than we are used to with our own kind. I'm not yet convinced, however, the effort will be worth the trouble. Don't get me wrong, succubi-demon threesomes are super hot, but they potentially have all the complications and hang-ups of human sex—both physical and emotional—times ten. Also, demons will either delight you or disappoint you. Rarely in-between.

He told me his name was 'Darius,' though I know for a fact his name is Ælfwig, he just didn't think I could pronounce it. He likes it when I say 'Darius,' though it will be a miracle if I don't accidentally scream "Ælfwig" before this is over. The other one, whose name I keep forgetting ('Toby'?), works behind me. He's enthusiastic, inexperienced, and super cute. He's a good balance for Darius, who's going all-in with the macho-demon act. 

Darius draws me in closer to him, nudging my arms back. I grip his shoulders, but I won't go any higher without the proper encouragement. Demons love when you grab their horns, and I'll be the first to admit they're wicked fun to grab. But I like to save that move for later after we're in our stride—a grand gesture when you're ready for the final sprint. It makes them feel they're doing well, even if I'm doing most of the work. Between the two of them, they'll have to compete to see who earns it.

While enjoying Darius' lips and teeth on my shoulders, he tightens his grip, reminding me how strong he is. I gasp more out of surprise than discomfort, and he loosens ever-so-slightly. It turns out he's a softie underneath all the snarling. Marshaling my succubus strength—as well as a little of his—I seize his torso in my arms and squeeze him back to show I'm serious. He chuckles in my ear then grips me hard enough to expel the air from my body. I'm going to have to engage with this one to get what I want.

Amid my power struggle with Darius, I've momentarily forgotten about my second companion. He slowly works his lips down my back, ending at my waist. I feel his breath on my skin. Suddenly, two hands grip down on my butt cheeks, and I feel the tickle of a silky tongue, followed by lips, followed by—

Wait, Is To(-rin?) going down on me from behind? Good for him.

Oh, wow. Good for me.

With these two, I can be more aggressive than usual, particularly with my nails. At this point, I'm searching for a way to hurt him, and I won't restrain myself. He fights me back, and he can tell I like it because I'm having increasing success in my struggles with him as we go on. Eventually, my nails draw blood, and he smiles. I appreciate that each of us is now wet for a different reason.

As a succubus, I feed off sexual energy, which makes for an exciting feedback loop when I'm a participant. However, I believe in Darius, and Taurus (definitely not it) is giving me more than the kickstart I need. I'm nearly dripping at this point—a necessity if I'm going to accommodate whatever textural surprise demon cock is going to be. 

Well, I certainly did not expect the long velvety dream gliding smoothly into me. At the same time, a longer-than-expected tongue licks me from labia to lower back, which has me so aroused I see stars. Between the two of them, I'm beginning to see the appeal of demon-cock and demon-tongue. It's also now quite obvious they've done this particular team-up before.

I bite down on Darius' shoulder, showing just enough restraint not to take a chunk out of him. Recognizing my burgeoning physical superiority, Darius responds with appropriately unhinged ferocity. Tobias, meanwhile, continues his patient, meticulous devouring from below, his tongue working an absolute miracle inside of me.

Winner: Tobias (yes, that was it)

I reach down behind me and grab Tobias' horns, providing me the leverage to get a rhythm going with Darius. He's bucking like a, well, demon, and I'm working myself to eruption. For these final moments, I turn off my brain, riding a deluge of pleasure into climax.


"Oh fu—"

"Oh, ÆLFWIG!!!"

Dear Diary: today, for the first time ever, I surprised a partner into orgasm.