I Saw

I saw the look on my sister's face when she checked her phone.

I saw her freeze with shock as she stared at the tiny screen.

I saw a video of a mouse the size of a Saint Bernard. 

I saw new possibilities I never imagined were possible.

I saw my reflection in the mirror near the door.

I saw a short, scrawny geek no one took seriously.

I saw my sister's lab key card, as well as her car keys.

I saw an opportunity.

I saw the tiniest glint of suspicion in her eyes, as I slipped out the door.

I saw the sports car she'd purchased with her new salary.

I saw determination—perhaps desperation—in my eyes as I adjusted the rearview mirror.

I saw my sister burst out the front door as I pulled away.

I saw rows of palm trees lining the road to the research lab.

I saw the bland, nondescript building, blocked off by caution tape.

I saw emergency exit doors near the loading bay, left open following the evacuation.

I saw a barrel leaking a glowing purple slime.

I saw a security guard in my periphery, screaming to stay clear.

I saw her slip and fall into a puddle of the mystery solution.

I saw her frantic scramble to get away—fearing very fate I so desired.

I saw her clothing grow tight and constricting from her brief exposure.

I saw the neon fluid crackle and glow as it flowed toward my exposed toes.

I saw white.

I saw black.

I saw the ceiling before my vision drifted down.

I saw a deep chasm between two monumental breasts.

I saw another security guard approach as I sat up.

I saw directly into her terrified eyes, while I was still seated.

I saw the tips of my fingers grasp the edges two titanic breasts.

I saw remnants of my dress, reduced to shreds by my expanding form.

I saw the ceiling above me draw closer before I even started climbing to my feet.

I saw a tiny guard below me, confounded by the absolute joy on my face.

I saw the power I now wielded, as my increasingly massive body cracked the concrete beneath my feet.

I saw debris trickle down as my head pressed into ceiling.

I saw windows rattle from my booming laughter.

I saw a structure lacking the fortitude to hold me for long.

I saw the new place I now occupied in this tiny world.

I saw my joyful tears fall nearly a dozen feet to a puddle on the otherwise dry ground.

I saw a problem.

I saw I'd stopped growing, my body having absorbed the last of the fluid.

I saw a small army of emergency personnel outside.

I saw enough monster movies in the past to recognize how this could end.

I saw how far I'd gotten with so little.

I saw a second barrel.