Writing Sketches

Directly inspired by images, these self-edited vignettes are intended to exorcise story ideas that would otherwise likely never come to fruition. Stories are SFW unless indicated otherwise.  External (Patreon, DeviantArt, Ao3) links indicated with an asterisk*

All images are property of the original artists and are included here with the artists' permission.

500 words, miniGTS

500 words, miniGTS, NSFW

giant man, penis growth, muscle growth, boobs

250 words, tallgirl, miniGTS, growth, strong

500 words, miniGTS

750ish words, Final Fantasy VII vignette inspired by this incident,
Hosted at Ao3.

500 words, giantess, poetry

500 words, huge breasts, breast expansion

500 words, witchcraft, booty growth

500 words, minigiantess, shrinking

500 words, muscle growth

500 words, miniGTS

500 words, growth, miniGTS, a little foot action

500 words, giantess

NSFW, 750(ish) words, monster threesome

500 words, miniGTS, NSFW

500 words, tallgirl, growth

500 words, milf, growth, magic, miniGTS, breast expansion