Happy Double Day

Out of the blue, Sean had surprised Coleen with a one-hour massage session followed by a trip to the beach. They enjoyed an extended walk down the coast in the warm late-summer heat and returned as dusk, fatigue, and hunger set in simultaneously. Mike suggested they head back to his place and order several pizzas. Coleen accepted the offer, even though she knew it would mean a battle with the low clearance of his studio apartment.


"Be careful!" Sean said, taking her hand. "You can't just tuck your head a little like you're still seven feet tall. You have way more body to drag through now. 'Crouch low and slide slow,' remember?"

Coleen grumbled, rubbing the back of her head. "That's my mantra, I just forget sometimes." She bent further down and scooted forwards, clearing the entrance and stepping inside. "Okay, now we're in. Why is it so dark in here?"

"Whoops! Hold on I got the light."

Sean darted around Coleen and flicked the switch near the door. Light filled the room to reveal roughly a dozen of Coleen and Sean's closest friends gathered in the living room.


Coleen shook her head, dumbfounded. "Happy what-day?"

"Happy Double Day!" Her best friend Dyan said, stepping forward. "Sean told us last week your giant-and-growing ass had reached ten feet tall. Since you started out at five-foot, we figured we'd celebrate you doubling up with—"

Coleen chuckled, nodding her head. "Double Day. Cute."

"Thanks," Sean said. "The party was Dyan's idea. The name was mine." 

"I figured." Coleen knelt down and pulled Sean in until she cradled him at her side. "You're such a goof."

Dyan allowed the couple a tender moment before running up and wrapping her arms around Coleen's leg. "Aw, Collie, I remember when your body was this thick." Dyan slapped the thigh with her hand and Coleen flexed, leaving Dyan thumping her hand on muscles dense and solid as a full bag of rice. Dyan whistled. "Damn, girl! You solid! Not to mention you got more meat in one titty than you used to have in your whole body." She reached up and tickled the underside of Coleen's breast eliciting a rumbling giggle from her.

"All right, all right," Coleen said. "Enough teasing. It's time for a group hug. Bring it on in everyone!" Coleen's friends rushed in, pressing Dyan forward into Coleen's chest. Coleen re-oriented so her breasts rested on Dyan's shoulders, and Dyan did her best to manage the load. Coleen leaned in, embracing her friends in one massive group hug. "I love all of you so much. Thank you!"

"Let's hear it for Coleen, everybody!" Sean shouted. "Until the next Double Day!" Her friends cheered, eventually settling into a chant.

"Ten more feet! Ten more feet!"

"Ten more feet!?!? Come on! You don't think I'm big enough already?"


Coleen blushed, wiping a tear from the corner of her eye. "Aw, you guys."

Originally published November 28, 2018