Welcome Home

"Amy, welcome home! How was New York?"

I’m tired and not in the mood for pleasantries. "It was New Jersey. Work is work. May I come in?"

"Of course!" Theresa steps back and gestures me in. "If I'd known you were coming I'd have tidied up." 

"It's fine," I reply, noting Theresa's sweatpants, food-stained t-shirt, and uncharacteristically unkempt mass of blonde curls. There's a pile of clothes accumulating in the corner next to several boxes occupying spaces previously held by furniture. "Jack?"

"Moved out." Theresa hangs her head and sniffles. "I don't want to miss him, but I still do. Things were so great in college, but we couldn't even make it half a year past graduation without everything going to hell."

"It was long overdue. It'll take time, but you'll get through this."

"Thank you, Amy. You and Colin have been so kind to me during this whole mess." 

"Colin, particularly."

She tenses but doesn't reply.

"Theresa, I want to preface this by saying I'm not mad at you. I'm not here to yell or make a scene. I just want to clear up some things."

"You heard I sucked Colin's dick."

I try not to flinch. "Yes, that's...yes."

"Colin told me it was okay! I figured you knew."

"Not mad at you! I don't even blame you. Believe me, I understand." 

Her mood immediately brightens. "Oh, Amy, it was like a dream. I mean, sucking it was one thing, but I wasn't even remotely ready to—"

"Okay, Theresa, I don't need to–"

"And it was SO heavy!"

"Sweetie, too much."


"It's okay, just tell me, who else?"

"Sucked Colin's dick?"

Sigh. "Yes."

"Okay, so Colin left right after, and I said I'd call later because I needed a little me time."

"Theresa, who was next?"

She gestures to the door. "Charlene Robinson, across the hall."

"The one always yelling at you to turn your music down?"

"Yeah, we didn't get along before, but we bonded over Colin's dick."

"Of course." I stand abruptly and make for the door. "I should probably head over before it gets too late."

Theresa is texting furiously. "Oh, okay! Hey, tell Charlene' thank you' for me. Colin too."

"Sure," I say, pulling the door shut.

Across the hall, a carved wooden sign reading 'The Robinsons' hangs on the door. With her youngest son now in college, Charlene has taken up woodcarving to occupy herself while her husband is at work. As I approach, I can hear a whispered conversation on the other side of the door. I knock gently, and Herschel Robinson promptly answers. Expecting the worst, I offer the friendliest smile I can muster. He gestures me inside with a nod of his head but remains silent. Charlene meanwhile greets me with a hug. 

"Amy! Welcome home! It's good to see you!"

"I'm sorry to drop by so suddenly, but—"

"It's no problem! Stay for a bit, even. We need to catch up." I glanced at Herschel, who remains near the door, his eyes glued to the floor as Charlene guides me to a rocking chair near the window. "So, how was...Scranton?"

"Piscataway, and it was fine. Look, I don't have a lot of time, so I'm going to cut right to the chase. Did you—"

"Suck Colin's dick? I most certainly did!"

Herschel grumbles. We both ignore him. "Oookay. I don't need to know how or why, just—"

"So, I was headed out to do laundry when I saw Colin head over to Theresa's. Then, on my way back, I heard a ruckus. Naturally, I wanted to check to see if everyone was okay, so I knocked on the door. Theresa answers in the buff, with Colin on the couch behind her, and—it was such a sight I just couldn't tear my eyes away."

"So, you were next, after Theresa?"

"I thought I knew what I was getting into, but I...I just...it's so much heavier than it looks!" 

"I'm quite aware. So, what happened next?"

Charlene gives her husband a sidelong look. "Herschel, perhaps you should share the rest."

Herschel shakes his head. "I don't want to talk about it. A man shouldn't have to see his wife like that."

Charlene shrugs and continues. "So, at least an hour goes by, and Herschel heads over to see if I'm okay—and I was quite okay. He wasn't nearly as thrilled as I was." 

"Charlene, can we please skip to where I should go next?"

"Well, obviously I couldn't let it end there—no tag-backs and all. So, I headed to Juan and Hogan's."

"Why Juan and Hogan?"

"Colin was over there." 

"And then?"

"I think it's best to let them finish the story. Besides, they're making paella tonight, and you know Hogan likes to gossip." Charlene raises her eyebrows and grins coyly at her husband, who storms out of the room. 

I've heard enough. "Bye, Theresa. Thank you." I give her a gentle wave and let myself out. In the hallway, I pause to take a breath, but it's cut short by the door opening down the hall. A thin young man with short, impeccably coiffed blonde hair leans out. 

"Charlene texted me," Hogan shouts, holding up his phone. "Told me you're on your way over. Come on in! " 

I walk over, and Hogan escorts me to a plush green sofa where we both have a seat. The scent of cajun spices and seafood overwhelms my senses, and my stomach growls, reminding me I haven't eaten since my stopover six hours ago. Hogan raises an eyebrow. "Does Mrs. Grumblyguts want to join us for dinner? Juan is making paella." 

"Let's put a pin in that. Business first: Hogan, did you suck Colin's dick?

Hogan gasps. "I most certainly did not. I'm no size queen. Not like that cockmonster in there. Juan!" He shouts. "Amy's here!"

Juan emerges from the kitchen, still removing his potholders. "Amy! You're just in time for dinner."

I'm tired and running out of patience. "Juan, did you suck Colin's dick?"

"I sucked all fourteen beautiful inches of that glorious meat," Juan gushes, before raising a finger. "Now, don't think I didn't consider your feelings, because I certainly did. I also considered that life is short, and you don't turn down a golden opportunity like that."

"Naturally. So, who was after you?"

"Okay, Charlene had her sessions—plural—with Theresa along for the ride. Then Charlene wanted to get Herschel involved, but he got all weird about it. So then that beautiful thing made it's way over here, and I took it for a spin. Shame it didn't do for me what it did for the others."

"Now that I would have been all about," Hogan interjects.

I force a weak smile. "So after you was…"

"Colin, and oh boy, did Charlene Robinson love that."

"I bet she did."

"Wasn't so thrilled afterward, but she was thankful nonetheless. At that point, we'd come full circle—so to speak."

I have to chuckle at that one. "And you're sure Colin was the last one?"

"After finishing up with Charlene, Colin strutted right on out of here like a penguin with a massive dong." Hogan grins naughtily. "And now we know the big, naughty secret you two have been keeping to yourselves all this time."

"It was supposed to stay a secret."

"I can understand why! But look, you've brought this whole floor together. Theresa's already in better spirits. We never even talked to the Robinsons; now they're coming over for paella."

"We'll see about Herschel," Juan adds, with an eye roll.

"And, all thanks to Colin's beautiful, magical dick!"

"Indeed. Speaking of which, I need to get home," I announce, pulling myself up from the sofa. "I did come straight from the airport."

"And, welcome home! Personally, I'm not too fond of Trenton."


Hogan snorts. "Never heard of it, but it's in Jersey. Nuff said, am I right?" He erupts in laughter as Juan hands over a large, warm glass container. 

"Food to go. Should be enough for you, Colin, and an extra serving for that glorious rod of h—"

"You're too kind." After I suck some magic dick, I'm laying into this paella.

"No, you're too kind," Juan replies.

"Goodbye, gentlemen."

Finding myself back in the hall, I look across the way at the remaining door. I step inside to find Colin folding clothes on the couch. She's wearing her old, ratty rugby jersey and no pants. Her dick swings pendulously between her legs, nearly reaching the floor. She folds the last pair of leggings, setting them atop a pile next to her. 

"Hey, babe. Welcome home."

"Thanks. Been staying busy?"

"Uh, yeah. Duh." Colin gestures to the piles of clothes around her. "Come on. I did the laundry!"

"I'm so proud!" I set the food on the kitchen counter before swooping back around for my 'welcome home' kiss. It's been two weeks since I've run my fingers through her large auburn curls, and everything is once again right in my world—almost everything. 

"I stopped by to see Theresa." 

Colin's dick rouses as she moves the final pile of folded laundry into a large wicker basket. "Oh?"

"She said you'd been by." 

Colin teases her swelling dick with her finger, standing up before it stretches down to the floor. "She was overdue for a good time. All that stuff with Jack." 

I unbutton my black suede jacket and lay it on the arm of the couch. "I also spoke with Mr. and Mrs. Robinson." 

"I'll tell you all about it, even if Herschel doesn't." Colin is now using two hands to cradle an erection nearly the size and length of her forearm, as it has grown too thick and heavy to rise on its own.

"I saw Juan and Hogan as well."

"Hogan's jealous, isn't he?" Colin traces a finger up the long shaft, letting the tip rest against her chest. "Juan's already got one. What did he expect?"

"And, of course, back to you." I drop to my knees and wait as Colin gradually lowers it to my eye level. "You know, out of all that's happened, there's only one thing that really bugs me."


"Having to hear everyone go on and on about your magical dick when it's actually my magical dick." I grip my hand around on the thick base of the monstrous member, eliciting a whimper from Colin. "And I would like it back, please." 

"You know what to do, then." Colin lies back on the couch and I lean forward, gently licking around the head which is nearly the size of a cue ball. Colin moans, delighting in the warmth of my tongue against the delicate underside. I cup Colin's balls, the warm sack overflowing my small grip. "It's nice to have you back," she cooes, already swimming in pleasure.

"Yeah, Piscataway is a shithole." I lean forward, taking the whole head into my mouth, it's sheer size stretching my jaw as wide as it will go. Without much clearance, I focus my oral efforts on the head while my hands work the full length of her girthy pole. I know Colin would prefer I slow down, but that will not happen. I'm as hungry as she is horny and man does not live by cock alone.

Colin's breathing goes shallow, and she climaxes, blasting a monumental load into my mouth. This is not my first rodeo, and I gulp the entire thing. The fresh cumshot warms my entire body as it goes down, settling in my belly. The sensation radiates outward, spreading to my loins, nearly bringing me to climax myself. I reach down and run my hand down the length of my magic fourteen-inch cock.

"Welcome home, big girl. Let's get us some paella."