There's An App for That

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Chapter 5

The stale hotel pillow reeked of cigarettes, shampoo, and Febreze. Rachelle didn't normally sleep face down but the poundage weighing down her midsection necessitated it. She heard Chloe snoring at the opposite end of the room on the floor wedged between the wall and the empty bed. Rachelle figured Amanda had gone for an early morning jog. I wonder what she's wearing, she thought. Amanda had packed two suitcases of clothes, and her metamorphosis the previous night made it unlikely she'd fit into any of them.

Rachelle rolled onto her side. The nightstand clock read 7:58. Two minutes from another growth spurt. Another centimeter should not make much difference; as most of her shoes added a centimeter or more. Yet as her gains over the past day accumulated, at the top of every hour she had to get to know her body all over again. She never imagined unfamiliarity could feel so routine.

Rachelle dozed until a tingling in her body captured her attention. Closing her eyes, she relaxed; fully aware of the sensations flowing into her being. The tingling didn't start at any specific point, but rather enveloped her, like a glove. She held her breath, as her arms and legs crept outward, covering more and more area on the bed than before. The sensations lingered longer than she expected, and she jolted herself upright. Before panic set in, the feeling subsided and she was herself once again—only bigger.

Breathing again, she relaxed and worked the numbers in her head. She'd gotten used to the math by now: she'd be around five foot eight inches tall. This gave her two inches on Chloe and one shy of Amanda (before yesterday's growth spurt). She reached under the covers, patting her naked bottom, which had grown with her. Where borrowed underwear didn't dig into her skin, they had frayed to tatters.

From her vantage point on the bed, Rachelle saw Chloe splayed out on her back topless with the blanket wrapped around her legs. While Rachelle had seen Chloe's bare breasts before, she marveled at how the fourteen pounds added to Chloe's frame enhanced her already respectable assets, swelling her D-cups to E's or F's. Chloe's midsection had softened, leaving her with a pooch around her tummy. Besides her chest, the vast majority Chloe's weight accumulated in hips and butt, though not nearly as aggressively as it had for Rachelle.

A large shadow passed by the window, and crescendoing footfalls slowed outside their door. Amanda soon bounced in—surprisingly light on her feet for someone so large. She wore a spandex tank top like a sports bra and yoga pants hiked up to her knees. A glow of perspiration glistened on her skin, but she didn't look particularly winded. Even with all the added bulk, she had the lean frame of an elite female athlete, with the exception of her arms and shoulders which were huge by any standard. Amanda popped her earbuds out and wiped her face. "I feel awesome!" she exclaimed, beaming.

"Were you out running?" Rachelle kept her lower half self-consciously covered.

"Oh yeah, I ran. I'm like a superhero now! I woke up at 4am feeling like I'd slept for half-a-day. When I couldn't go back to sleep, I decided to go for a run. Get this though: I ran for, like, three straight hours and I'm barely even tired!"

Rachelle couldn't hide her shock. "Three hours? Wait, you haven't even run since—"

"—since before Isaac and I got together. I know right? But I killed it out there." Amanda radiated confidence; an emotion Rachelle hadn't seen from her for some time. She had always figured Amanda to be a stepford-wife-in-training, with all the personality of—well, a trophy wife. The girl standing before her had all the presence of a living, breathing, bronze statue.

"You look fantastic." Rachelle said. "Those muscles are incredible." She couldn't pull her eyes away from Amanda's brawny physique. While she had no interest in women, Rachelle did like muscles—something Amanda now had in spades.

"Seriously! And I got some looks too." Amanda flexed a mountainous bicep. "I'm still not used to my arms being so big, but my legs and butt look awesome. Check it!" Amanda twirled around, popping up on her toes and modeling her curvy backside. Ridiculously pleased with herself, she popped the hem of her shorts against her tight glutes and snickered. "You may still have plenty of inches on me down there, but these buns are pure steel!"

Rachelle fought the urge to just stare. "Did you measure yourself yet?"

"I certainly did," Amanda said, straightening up and thrusting her chest out. "I am six foot four even." This surprised Rachelle, who had assumed taller. The muscles must have been throwing off her estimate, as well as her focus in general. "The guns are 20 inches," she said, flexing her arms again. "I even grew a few inches around. I'm still pretty light out front, but who needs bazongas when you've got these? She punctuated the last few words with aggressive pec flexes. Rachelle could only gawk, absolutely entranced. She couldn't believe how someone as built as Amanda could still look so feminine. "How about you?" Amanda asked. "You look taller this morning."

The question took her by surprise. "Oh! Um, it's a little after eight, so I should be—" Rachelle struggled for a moment to recall the numbers she'd crunched earlier, "—around five-eight now."

Amanda squinted. "Are you sure?"

"I'm growing a centimeter an hour. I'd have to be five-eight by now."

"I don't know Rach. Until last night, I'd been 5'9" for years, and you look even taller than that."

Rachelle thought this over, and it actually made sense. Her formerly oversized t-shirt now fit almost perfectly, but it had been a men's large she practically drowned in at 5'4". The panties she'd borrowed from Amanda were uncomfortable last night, and all-but-destroyed this morning. She hadn't considered her growth rate could accelerate. Chloe's turn specified a half-stone, but that's a specific figure, she thought to herself. There's no reason I couldn't—

"C'mere Rach, I want to measure you!" Amanda tugged Rachelle off of the bed, and she scrambled to gain her balance and fend off the vertigo of the altitude change. She definitely felt much taller than the previous night and reached out to steady herself. The stability of Amanda's strong presence put her at ease for a moment, until she realized her maximized companion didn't didn't dwarf her as much as she expected.

Wait, if Amanda's six-four, and I'm holding onto her...and looking at her…

Rachelle struggled with the numbers in her head as Amanda guided her to the spot near the bathroom where she'd measured herself earlier. She marveled at the close proximity of the top of the doorframe, which she'd never in her wildest dreams expected to ever reach. Amanda pressed her against the wall with a force indicating she did not yet know her own strength and scratched a small mark above her head. Sure enough, the mark for Rachelle lied two inches short of Amanda's mark for herself.

"Yep, you're a little over six-two."

Rachelle gasped. "What? Six-two? I shouldn't be that tall! I can't be—"

"You're 6'2". Get over it," Chloe drawled from the opposite end of their small room. She peering up at them from between the bed and the wall, her naked breasts hanging in their pulchritudinous glory. "You're amazon Kim Kardashian. Amanda's an American Gladiator, and I'm the chubby runt with glorious tits. Wonderful. Shall we start packing the car?"

Amanda groaned, stretching her long limbs. "Do we have to? I am not looking forward to cramming back into the van, especially now."

"Whatever," Chloe replied. "I, for one, would like to get out of this small-town hellhole and get to Coastside Beach as soon as we can. There's a mall not too far south of there where we might want to shop for some clothes." Chloe slipped into a bright yellow Cheerios t-shirt which, after clearing the swell of her breasts, stopped above her belly button. She frowned. "Yeah, clothes that fit would be nice."

"Aw, come on Chloe." Rachelle said, picking through her bags. "You're trying to say you don't love being in close quarters with the incredible expanding freak show?"

"No, you guys are fine," Chloe said. Amanda and Rachelle looked over, expecting Chloe to pack on a half-stone, but it didn't happen. "What?" She said, defensively. "Am I not allowed to have a good time with you two?"

Rachelle stepped into a long, baggy skirt with an elastic waistband. "I guess I didn't expect us to make suitable company for y—aw, crap." She growled to herself, as the waistband of her skirt snagged on the underside of her butt cheeks. "Ugh. This big ass sucks."

Chloe rubbed her thick thighs and bottom, smiling. "Funny you should say that. Mine's actually growing on me." Chloe winked. "Pun intended."

"Are you kidding? Last night you were griping about how much you didn't want to be fat." Rachelle stepped out of the skirt and tried lowering it over her head. This worked, but she wasn't thrilled with the balcony her protruding rear formed under the loose fabric.

Chloe thought for a moment, all the while kneading her soft midriff. "It's actually kinda refreshing not to be obsessing about staying skinny for once. And besides, these mega-tits are kinda sexy." She gave her pendulous breasts a squeeze. "Oh yeah, big and beautiful."

"Tell me about it," Amanda said, flexing her arms. "For once I didn't feel the slightest bit scared out running by myself." Her stomach growled, and she grimaced with embarrassment. "Ooh, I think I may need some food." Her stomach growled a second time, twice as loud. "A lot of food."

"Agreed," Chloe said. "This fat kid needs some munchies. I'm gonna run to the AM/PM across the street and grab some coffee and breakfast sandwiches. A couple for me, four for Beefcake over there. Rach?"

"I'll take one."

"Gotcha. See you in a bit. I'll throw my shit in the car on the way out." She'd nearly closed the door when she peeked back in. "Hey." She tossed her phone onto the bed near Rachelle. "If you want to take your turn while I'm gone, it's cool with me. I'll look forward to the surprise." Chloe headed on her way, closing the door behind her.

"Wow," Rachelle said, picking up the phone. "I'm genuinely impressed with you two, taking your changes in stride." Rachelle tapped the app icon and gave it a shake. "I should probably go before we get on the road anyways." The drumroll sounded, and Rachelle read the screen to herself a couple times, before sharing with her eager companion:

The old Plain Jane is now retired

Now you become the most desired

"That sounds promising," Amanda said. "But what does it mean?"

"I don't know, but my face is tingling like crazy." Momentarily confused, Rachelle patted her hands at her body. "Correction, I'm tingling like crazy."

"Rach, your face!"

Amanda watched as Rachelle's features morphed and shifted before her eyes. Baby fat framing her face melted away, strengthening her jaw and cheekbones. Her nose narrowed, while her lips plumped outward into a slight pout. Her grey eyes brightened to a crystal blue, while hair darkened to a rich black, and her skin took on a slight tan. In addition, her formerly small breasts blossomed outward, while her posterior—still remarkably large—gently sloped into her thighs. Amanda squealed with delight.

"What? What's going on?" Rachelle said with a hint of fear. "Do I look weird?"

"Weird? Rach, you're beautiful! You need to look in a mirror—like, now." Amanda tugged her by her arm into the bathroom.

"Ow! Seriously, Amanda. You don't know your own—" Rachelle protested, though seeing her image in the mirror instantly rendered her speechless. Unlike Amanda she felt more confusion than admiration. "What happened to my face?"

"Really?" Amanda said. "You look like a Victoria's Secret model and all you can say is 'What happened to my face?'"

Rachelle turned her face side to side, studying her new features. "It's definitely impressive, but I I don't look like me anymore."

"I don't know," Amanda said. "You still look like you. Your face is more defined. Stronger."

"Okay," Amanda relented. "I guess it's me with twenty grand in plastic surgery." Looking down, she examined her breasts, which drooped to a perfect teardrop. "These are nice, and not overly outrageous." She ran her hands over her perky new additions, then turned around and looked over her shoulder at her backside. "Is it me, or did my butt get smaller too?"

"I don't know if 'smaller' is the best word for it," Amanda said, marveling at her Rachelle's new look. "You're more Jennifer Lopez than Nicki Minaj now, but it's still pretty big."

"So what do I do with all this?" Rachelle said, motioning to her body. "You're the beauty expert, not me." Amanda only stared back through glassy eyes, prompting Rachelle to snap a few times. "Hey! Mandy! What's with you?"

Amanda shook her head, clearing her thoughts. "Sorry! I don't know what's wrong with me. I can't stop looking at you." She struggled to clear her head, but merely making eye contact with Rachelle gave her butterflies. "You—you're really pretty."

"Thanks, I guess," Rachelle said, oddly amused. "Maybe your coursing super-orgasmo hormones are kicking in again, or maybe the muscles came with an influx of testosterone." Rachelle patted Amanda's expansive bicep, giving it an exploratory squeeze. "Wow! "You are solid! God, they're like granite." Rachelle caught Amanda's eyes glazing over again, and she waved a hand in Amanda's face. "Hello! Mandy!"

"Hm?" Amanda relished the feeling of Rachelle's hands on her arms more than she cared to admit at the moment. Without realizing, her own hand rested on Rachelle's side, just above her hip.

Rachelle looked back with a sly grin. "Mandy, are you having one of your...episodes?"

Amanda shook her head again, trying to clear her thoughts and focus. "God, Rach. I'm sorry. I can't—" Amanda began rubbing her side gently, but with clear intent.


Rachelle saw a distinct change in her friend's demeanor. In a flash, Amanda closed the distance between them, firmly locking their lips together. Rachelle whimpered and tensed for a moment, before cooing with pleasure as she gripped the strong arms holding her. A tongue forced its way between her lips, and she accepted it, massaging it with her own. She gripped Amanda's broad shoulders with as much strength as she could muster—the muscle didn't have much give. After half a minute, they separated, both panting for air.

"Oh God, Amanda. We need to stop," the words spilled from Rachelle's mouth. "Chloe will—mmmph!" Amanda pressed their mouths back together, and they savored the sweetness of each other's lips. Rachelle clenched Amanda's breast, which felt pleasantly soft in comparison to the solid tricep in her other hand. She let out a sharp cry as Amanda gripped the underside of her thigh, lifting her off the ground. Rachelle held on, scratching the back of Amanda's neck as they devoured each other. In the heat of the moment, neither noticed the door to the room swing open.

"Okay guys, I just took a look in the van, and Warrior Princess is definitely going to have to sit in the—HOLY HELL!" Chloe shouted at the sight of the towering girls in the throes of a vigorous petting session. Rachelle gasped, shooting Chloe a look of abject horror. She shoved herself away from Amanda, tumbling to the floor. Amanda staggered backwards, struggling to get her breath in the midst of a series of high-pitched whimpers. She steadied herself on the nightstand as a thunderous orgasm rocked through her body, leaving a pronounced wet spot in the crotch of her workout pants. She shuddered once more before falling forward onto the bed, which creaked loudly in protest.

"Let me guess," Chloe said with a smirk. "This isn't what it looks like."

Chapter 6

Amanda reclined in the back bucket seat, biting her nails and letting her long legs flow down the center of the van, between the two middle seats. Chloe sat in the middle directly behind the driver's seat, snickering softly to herself every minute or so. Rachelle—who hadn't said a word since they'd left—helmed the driver's seat. In their couple hours on the road, she tried to distract herself with National Public Radio, top 40 hits, and even country, but the sound of Chloe's snickering cut through like a knife. Eventually, she clicked the radio off, hoping to shame her into silence—an admittedly stupid idea.

Chloe, in the meantime, jittered with giddiness. While she felt she'd gotten the short end of the stick as far as their physical changes were concerned, the awkwardness of walking in on Rachelle and Amanda sucking face placed the ball firmly in her court. As much as she enjoyed the excruciating tension in the air, she couldn't help but break the silence.

"Rachelle, surely you must appreciate how delightfully awkward this is." The others remained silent, much to her glee. "Seriously though, it might be best for all of us to get our feelings out in the open."

Rachelle slammed her hand on the steering wheel. "Ugh! Will you please shut up?"

"Aw, come on, Rach! Wait, wait, check this out," Chloe straightened up in her seat and cleared her throat. "I, Chloe, hereby admit that seeing you two kiss is easily the hottest thing I've seen in recent memory." She waited a few moments before making a grand gesture at her unchanged body. "Ha! Look at me, no weight gain! Pure honesty!"

"Chloe, I'm serious, shut the fuck up. We are not talking about this." The dead silence returned, but Chloe hadn't run out of ideas. If she was going to be the fat friend riding sidecar to two bombshells, she would at least provide some comic relief (or villainy). Chloe twisted around to Amanda, whose broad frame took up nearly half the space on the back bucket seat.

"Okay Beefcake," she whispered conspicuously. "Full disclosure. Do Rachelle's tits feel as awesome as they look?"

Amanda gave her a suspicious look. "What's it to you?"

"I'm curious. I mean, the way you were groping them, you'd think you'd found the Holy Grail of knockers."

Amanda bit her lip nervously and glanced briefly toward Rachelle, before whispering. "They're seriously incredible. Like, absolutely perf—"

"I can hear you both!"

"Hey, the girl was paying your tits a compliment. Cheer up." When Rachelle didn't reply, Chloe's grin widened. "Hey, just because you don't kiss and tell doesn't mean no one should."

Rachelle said nothing, but guided the van to the road shoulder, slowing gradually. When the van had nearly reached a full stop, she slammed on the brakes, and whipped around. "Okay Chloe, seriously, I'm sick of this. You are driving me the absolutely nuts. Who'd have thought forced honesty would make you even more obnoxious?"

Chloe fanned herself and swooned mockingly. "Oh my! You're even prettier when you're angry."

"Agh!" Rachelle unbuckled her seat belt and dove out of her seat toward Chloe, gripping her by the collar. More surprised than afraid, Chloe cried out as Rachelle dragged her out of her seat and onto the dirty carpet. "You are so fucking annoying!" In spite of being pinned down, Chloe still smirked visibly. This only further enraged Rachelle who gripped Chloe's collar with both hands and tugged.

"Shut up! I'm fucking serious. Shut up!" Rachelle pressed Chloe down on the floor of the van between the two middle seats.

"You're choking me?" Chloe croaked. "Lesbian kisses and now erotic asphyxiation. How naughty you are!" Rachelle applied her weight to Chloe's neck, and Chloe's eyes bugged out with a twinge of fear, as she realized Rachelle might inadvertently choke her into unconsciousness.

Amanda, concerned about both attracting police attention and a possible homicide, moved in to separate the two. With her increased strength, she easily pried the two girls apart though it didn't calm them down any. "I'm going to hold you guys apart until you calm down." Chloe rubbed her neck and swore under her breath, while Rachelle fruitlessly struggled at Amanda's mighty grip. "Calm down Rach," Amanda said calmly. I could hold both of you down all day if need be."

Rachelle fumed a bit longer, before giving up her fight and taking a few deep breaths. Noticing Chloe's phone on the ground, she picked it up and tossed it to Chloe, probably harder than she intended. "If you're going to be so damn annoying, at least be fair. Take your next turn and put your money where your mouth is."

"Gladly," Chloe spat. She shook the phone, all the while sticking her tongue out at Rachelle. The drumroll sounded, and Chloe started to read the screen out loud, but the words choked in her mouth as her eyes widened with horror. Rachelle saw Chloe's sudden change in demeanor and scrambled over to see the results.

"Gimmie! I want to see!" A shell-shocked Chloe surrendered the phone without a fight, and Rachelle read the message aloud.

If being so naughty brings you delight:

The sharper your tongue, the shorter your height.

Rachelle read the message again herself, before erupting in laughter, genuinely thrilled with the result. "You wanted a challenge. Good luck brushing this one off!"

"Wait," Amanda said. "Are you saying she's going to shrink?"

"Sure, sounds that way. Let's see her run her mouth now." Chloe kept her mouth tightly closed, and Rachelle laughed again. "God, I was wondering what it would take to shut you up."

Chloe untwisted her mouth. "Whatever," she said. "I'm not worried." In response to her utterance, her belly gurgled and pooched outwards, and her breasts ripened even larger. Chloe grunted in frustration. "Agh! These stupid fucking clothes!" In response, her body shrunk downwards, granting her slightly more room in her constricting clothes, but her shocked expression indicated she found no relief in the extra breathing room. She put a hand over her mouth. "Oh God."

"Sounds like the powers-that-be are calling your bluff. Hard to tell from here, but you've lost at least a good inch height, maybe more." Chloe frowned but didn't respond as she was too preoccupied with re-adjusting her wardrobe. Being shorter and thicker would further complicate her attempts to properly clothe herself. Annoyed with her progress, Chloe cursed again and promptly lost another inch in height. She squeezed her eyes shut, but only emitted a frustrated grumble and tightened her lips.

"Wow," Amanda said. "You can't even cuss? You're going to shrink away to nothing in no time." Chloe shot Amanda a fiery look but said nothing.

Rachelle smiled. "I think I'm going to enjoy this. Think before you speak Chloe!" Rachelle reached over and tussled Rachelle's hair, and Chloe swatted her hand away.

"Stop it! Go fuck yourself." Chloe sulked back into her chair and folded her arms, doing her best to hide her discomfort as her body receded ever more. She closed her eyes and focused, before sitting back in the seat. "Can we please get going?"

"Gladly," Rachelle said, moving back to the driver's seat, which she pushed back as far as it would go. She'd cracked 6'5" in the last hour, making her once again the tallest person in her party. While this could have annoyed her, she took another glance back at Chloe pouting, and chuckled again. Even in the face of a little teasing, Chloe stayed quiet for the remainder of the morning ride.

Rachelle anxiously patted Amanda's leg. "Amanda! Wake up! It's almost noon and you haven't taken your turn!"

"What?" Amanda looked about at Chloe and Rachelle, who were searched furiously around the car for Chloe's phone. "Why didn't you guys wake me up sooner?"

"We lost track of time." Rachelle said, feeling around in her clothes and under the seat. "I can't find it! Chloe, where is the phone?"

"I found it!" Chloe said, who proudly extracted her phone from her cleavage. "I forgot I left it in there for safe keeping." She tossed it to Amanda, who punched open the Humanji app, already shaking her hand to take her turn. The drumroll sounded and she glanced at the time, which read 11:59. She sighed with relief and read the screen.

You'll grow once more, that's nothing new

What will change? That's up to you.

Chloe frowned. "You get to decide? That's not even fair."

"Yeah, seriously." Rachelle said. "You practically missed your turn and now you get to choose your own adventure. What are you going to choose?"

Amanda thought for a moment, then brightened.

"I've got it! I want bigger—"

The time on the phone flipped to noon, and the app chimed.

Request accepted!

"What?" Chloe's mouth dropped open. "You want to be bigger? Why the heck would you want that?"

"No! Bigger boobs! I want bigger boobs!"

"It sounded like you said, 'I want bigger.' What does that even mean?"

"I don't know. I think I..." Amanda trailed off as a powerful tingling spread through her body. The sensation was so strong she heard an audible ringing in her ears.

"Guys, I think something's wrong."


Rachelle stared downward in horror. Following Rachelle's eyes, Amanda watched curiously as her own feet crept forward across the van floor, her legs lengthening faster than she would have ever thought possible. She instinctively curled her legs in toward herself, but they continued stretching, quickly making up the difference. The jeans she had been wearing like capris burst along their seams, and her growing feet practically devoured the flip-flops she'd been wearing.

"Amanda, stop!" Chloe yelled, dodging out of the way as a foot half as tall as she was shot past her.

"I can't!" Amanda's head bumped against the roof, followed soon after by her shoulders which caused her to hunch over. Rachelle and Chloe could only stare in shock as Amanda's body expanded at a frightening pace. She'd already grown several feet in mere seconds.

"You asked for this!" Chloe yelled, frantically trying to unlock the door. "You and your stupid vague wish!" Chloe fumbled with the door lock, even as her hands shrunk. "Get me the fuck out of this van!" she shouted in panic. Her body continued reducing, though not nearly as fast as Amanda grew.

Feeling claustrophobic, Amanda attempted to brace herself against the sides of the van. She put her palm against the window which immediately shattered, sending her arm bursting out the side. She tried bunching up in the corner to take up less space, but she grew too rapidly, and her leg wedged behind the seat in front of her, which creaked and groaned in protest.

"Get out of the van!" Rachelle yelled. "You're going to break everything!"

"I can't! Help me!"

Amanda felt another powerful sensation well up inside her, which exploded outward to the rest of her body. In an instant her entire frame swelled with mass, nearly doubling her size and sucking up more and more available space in the van. Her modest breasts ballooned outward into her lap, and her bulging lats pressed into the ceiling of the van, distending it outwards. She kicked her leg forward, detaching one of the two bucket seats and sending it crashing forward into the empty driver seat.

Rachelle and Chloe both escaped the van in time to see the roof pop upwards and the sides billow outwards as Amanda grew upward and outward. The metal frame groaned and rocked from side to side, attracting attention from passersby who heard Amanda's panicked shouts. The booming bass of her voice rattled the windows.

Folded as she was inside the van, Amanda began to have difficulty breathing. Her expanding breasts dumped into her lap and shoved her upwards. In desperation, she arched her back and straightened her legs, sending her body tearing through the roof of the vehicle. Mall patrons, who had gathered to observe what was happening, panicked upon seeing the giant figure, who grew visibly larger by the second.

"No! Please stop!" Amanda shouted, struggling to extract her legs from the interior of the van. She peeled open the roof and attempted to crawl out, but her mass overcame the vehicle's center of gravity, and it tipped on its side dumping Amanda onto a sedan parked in an adjacent spot, her tonnage flattening the vehicle like tinfoil. She searched around for help. "Was there someone in there? Please, someone tell me if I hurt anyone!"

"Amanda you're too big! You have to stop!" Rachelle shouted. Amanda looked around for the source of the voice but couldn't find it. Everything felt distant, as her body bloated and expanded in all directions, bursting out of the remains of the van and bulldozing cars into piles with her legs and feet. Her mass began sank into the concrete, and she found it increasingly difficult to move.

"I didn't mean it! I don't need to be bigger! Please reverse it! Reverse it!"



Something struck Amanda in the center of her forehead, and her eyes popped open. The carnage of the parking lot was nowhere to be found. She found herself back in the fully intact van, both of her Rachelle and Chloe were up and moving about. She glanced out the window, seeing they had parked in a parking lot not unlike the one she'd laid waste to not even moments before.

"What's going on?"

"We're at the mall." Chloe said, sifting through her bag, hardly paying Amanda any attention. "It's your turn, Beefcake. Hurry up and take your turn so we can go buy clothes."

"It's 11:30," Rachelle said, picking up some candy bar wrappers from between the seats. "You've still got time." She looked back at a shell-shocked Amanda, whose face glowed with perspiration. "You okay? Did you have a bad dream?"

Amanda blinked a few times and looked at the phone in her lap. She rubbed her head once again where the it had struck her, before picking it up and opening the Humanji app.

"I'm fine," she said.

Chapter 7

"Hey, slow down. You guys' legs are like twice as long as mine."

Standing roughly a foot-and-a-half below the imposing Amanda and towering Rachelle, Chloe trotted alongside as they made their way across the parking lot towards the mall entrance. The trio drew no shortage of strange looks, both due to their unusual physical attributes and their lack of properly fitted clothing. Rachelle showed the most skin, wearing a pair of shorts (now short-shorts) and a previously baggy t-shirt that now fit like a baby tee, putting her midriff on display. Braless and chilly, she folded her arms tightly across her chest to keep the rest of the world from noticing. Amanda wore the only clothing she owned that still fit, which consisted solely of yoga pants ended above her knees, her sports bra, and a t-shirt with the sleeves ripped off.

Being the shortest member of the group by at least a foot, Chloe could have been less conspicuous if not for the way her cleavage struggled to escape the confines of Amanda's v-neck shirt. Despite losing six inches in height, her expanded breasts and hips threatened to burst free of her clothes designed for someone a great deal taller and slimmer. She watched her language carefully. With every untruth she spoke adding roughly seven pounds to her frame, the stretched skirt could only handle so much more before leaving her bottomless. She poked Amanda in the side. "Hey, you going to take your turn, or what?"

Amanda frowned. "I told you, I have time."

"You don't. You have about twenty minutes, and the best place to do it was probably in the van where we had privacy. Are you going to take your turn in the middle of the mall with everyone watching?"

"No. I'll take my turn in a fitting room, where there's room to stand up."

"Are you afraid because of that dream you had? You aren't going to turn into a giant monster." Nearly out of breath, Chloe reached for both girls' arms to slow them down. "That's not how it works, anyways."

"What do you mean?" asked Amanda.

"It's a game of 'self-discovery,' not a wishing game. Haven't you noticed every little poem points out our shortcomings, and then compensates with something else? Rachelle was a mousy, plain little twig with the curves of a two-by-four, so now she's a badonkadonk supermodel. Amanda you're a sexually repressed pushover, so you get a mix of muscle-ly and kinky."

"What about you?" Rachelle asked.

"Draw your own conclusions."

"What are we supposed to do now?" Amanda said, looking around anxiously. "We can go in the mall, but all we're going to get are weird looks. I mean, I guess Chloe can shop for plus sizes—"

"Fuck off, Beefcake. I am not nearly big enough for—oh crap. " Chloe stopped herself a moment too late. Her "sharp tongue" slipped her down another inch in height, while the stitching on her skirt strained as her hips swelled in response to her apparent denial about her weight. "Ugh, whatever. Go to Target or Sears. They've got wide selections at the expense of style. I'm going to go find a nice 'short & curvy' shop. I'm sure there's a Lane Bryant in there somewhere."

Amanda looked apprehensively at Chloe's phone, which she still gripped tightly in her hand. "You're not going to take your phone, are you? I need it to take my turn."

"Keep it," Chloe said, waving it away. "We can meet up somewhere later."

"No, here." Amanda tossed her phone to Chloe. "You take my phone. We might need to call you if there's an emergency."

Chloe snickered. "An emergency? Do you think you're going to turn into a kangaroo or something? You'll have Rachelle to look after you, right Rach?" Chloe looked at Rachelle, who still appeared distracted. "Hey, Rach! Where have you been?"

Rachelle frowned sheepishly. "Sorry, I feel a little self-conscious out here. It's like everyone is staring at me."

"Staring at us." Amanda corrected. She struck a double-arm bicep flex, and her large arms erupted with muscle. The gesture generated a ripple of buzz around them, including some profane expressions of awe. Amused, Amanda smiled and lowered her arms. "Take it in stride. People stare, just own it."

"Easy for you to say Miss Teen Missouri," Chloe replied. "You're used the attention. It's not like I dressed conservatively before either. Rach isn't used to dealing with this much attention though." She turned to Rachelle. "No offense."

"None taken."

"Good, because I'm certainly not trying to knock that cutesy closet-nympho librarian look you were rocking before."


"Never mind. Look, I need to get away from you guys before you cost me a few more inches and pounds. Call me if you need me." Chloe waved back at the two before quickly disappearing into the sea of heads flowing in through the mall double doors. Amanda and Rachelle followed and stopped at the mall directory near the entryway.

"So where do we want to try our luck?" Amanda asked.

Rachelle pointed at a poster of Kim Kardashian advertising her Sears clothing line, her curvy posterior jutting out to the side in a pair of white slacks. "I'm going to take that as a sign from the Gods. Sears it is."

What I wouldn't give for montage music right now. Chloe thought.

At 5'0" she had shrunk six inches and put on nearly thirty pounds. Having shed the confines of Amanda's wardrobe, she embraced her new BBW-in-training appearance. She tried on various blouses, turtlenecks, and dresses, all of which accentuated her dramatic hourglass curves. Between the reduction in height and weight gain, she'd only added a few inches to her waistline. She turned around and wiggled her large bottom in the mirror. She was beginning to appreciate the appeal of her new curves.

Slipping into a pair of 16W blue jeans, she thought of how hard she'd fought her natural shape. In all her years of crash diets and cardio, she never managed to shed her rounded hips and modest breasts. The extra pounds she gained now only kicked them into high gear. Relative to her size, her hips and butt had expanded dramatically, though not quite to the point of unsightly. She'd found a happy medium, now she only needed to watch her mouth to maintain it.

She popped out her contacts, put her glasses on, and shook out her long blonde hair which seemed to exist in a near-permanent state of salon-perfection. She'd opted for an all black ensemble with some stretch khakis and a form-fitting turtleneck. Just as she dressed, a bubble-gum pop ringtone emanated from her bag in the corner. Chloe picked up Amanda's phone, and read the message from Rachelle.


Chloe smirked. "Aw, I bet this is going to be fun." She texted that she was on her way, gathered up her armful of clothes, and headed for the register.

"Chloe! Get over here!" Rachelle shouted across the women's department at Chloe, who navigated her way through various displays and clothing racks. "What took you so long?"

Chloe raised her four bags of clothes. "I had to pay for my stuff! What's going on?" When she'd nearly reached the fitting rooms, Rachelle grabbed her by the arm and tugged her over roughly.

"It's Mandy. She took her turn and now she won't come out of the fitting room."

"She turned into a kangaroo, didn't she? I knew it!"

"Will you shut up! I don't know what happened, but she won't let me in and she's pretty upset." Rachelle knocked on the changing stall door. "Hey, Mandy? I'm sending in Chloe."


"Mandy, you can't stay in there forever. Come on, we're all victims in this dumb game. We're not going to judge you." Amanda only replied with sniffles and muffled whimpers.

"I'm coming in!" Chloe announced, as she creaked open the fitting room door, and poked her head in. Seated, Amanda looked remarkably unchanged, sobbing into her hands with a large pile of clothes piled on her lap. Chloe noticed Amanda wore only a sports bra with no pants or underwear.

"You okay, Princess?" Chloe said, shutting the door behind her. "What happened to you? You look fine to me."

Amanda looked up with red, puffy eyes. "What the hell! Why did this happen to me?" Chloe saw her phone on the bench next to Amanda, and she reach down and read the screen.

You're too embarrassed to say it out loud,

So wear one yourself, long and proud.

"No way! Amanda do you have a—"

"Shut up! Don't say it!" Amanda shouted. Rachelle peeked her head over the door. "Yes, I have know." Amanda nodded downward towards where her hands tightly pressed a pile of clothes to her lap. She removed a few shirts and dresses until only a single shirt covered an elongated bulge that extended down her pants leg.

Chloe gasped. "Are you serious?"

Amanda sniffed again, on the verge of tears. "I have a...package."

Chloe gaped in utter shock. "That'!" Chloe exclaimed. Amanda started wailing again. "Okay, Princess. Calm down. Like Rachelle said earlier, it's only a game."

"Easy for you to say, you've only put on a little weight. I have know and...the other things."

"You got balls too? Wow! Can I see them?"

"No!" Amanda shouted. "You're so gross!"

"Can you two stop yelling?" Rachelle said, from over the door. "Chloe, why don't you go get her some clothes so we can get out of here?"

"Why don't you get them? I'm already in here after all."

"I can come in and you can go. You're a lot less conspicuous than I am. Besides, I think the only reason nobody's come in is because I look like an ogre behind this tiny doorway." Rachelle tapped the top the fitting room area doorframe. Chloe gestured with her head for Rachelle to join them inside, and she obliged. "Are you going to go?" Rachelle asked, impatiently. Chloe waved Rachelle down to her level and whispered in her ear.

"Cut the BS, Rach. You want me to walk away so you can ask to see it and not seem like a perv."

"I don't know what you're talking about."

"What are you guys talking about?" Amanda asked.

Chloe turned around. "Rachelle and I both want to see it."

Amanda sniffled. "See what?"

"See what?" Chloe rolled her eyes. "We want to see your package!"

"No! That's gross!"

"Oh, come on Amanda, we've all seen each other naked before."

"Only because you have no modesty and don't knock before entering.

"Regardless, I want to see this thing."

"Whatever, you've seen plenty before."

"Not on a girl. "Chloe replied. Her stomach gurgled, and her body puffed outward. "Okay, okay, so I've got weird taste in porn. You caught me. It's not like you two are surprised by any of that. Anyways, come on. Let's see the goods."

"No! You've seen plenty of them, why do you have to see mine?"

The grin on Chloe's face faltered for a moment. "I just want to see yours for, um...comparison." Chloe winced as she bloated outward. "Aw, hell. There goes my wardrobe."

Rachelle gave the bloating Chloe a suspicious look. "Wait, Chloe. Have you actually seen a penis before?"

"I've seen plenty of penises," Chloe snapped, before reaching for the fitting room door handle. "Look I'll go, you stay. Okay?" Rachelle stepped in front of the door and held it shut, blocking her way.

"But in-person. Have you actually seen one in person?"

Chloe's lips tightened and she looked down. "No," she sighed.

Rachelle shook her head in disbelief. "No fucking way. Chloe are you a virgin?"

"Yes," Chloe replied curtly. "Yes, I'm still holding my v-card! I'm just a weirdo who watches a lot of porn and makes up sex stories," she shouted to the ceiling, waving her arms as if appeasing some vengeful spirit. "Are you happy now?"

"Are you kidding? So wait, all that kinky talk from you is—"

"—one hundred percent internet porn and imagination. My secret's out." Chloe groaned. "Ugh, fuck this fucking game." She felt herself shrink down another inch, putting her below five feet. She assessed her ill-fitting clothes and sighed. "At least I've still got the receipts."

"So, wait." Amanda suddenly spoke up, wiping her eyes. "So, the most sexually active one here is, Rachelle?" Chloe kept her mouth tightly shut. "The girl who 'sort of' slept with one guy at a theatre department party freshman year?" Rachelle's face lit up with alarm at this admission, but Chloe didn't acknowledge it and only continued sulking.

"It's out," Chloe snorted. "I'm a liar and a poser."

After a moment, Amanda unexpectedly smiled. In spite of her own predicament, she couldn't help but feel bad for Chloe who, like herself, was having each and every one of her personal insecurities drawn out in the open. "Don't be embarrassed, Chloe. It's nothing to be ashamed of." Amanda stood up carefully, keeping one hand holding the shirt covering her midsection. She approached Chloe and put a hand on her shoulder. "We're surprised, that's all. I actually think that's kind of cool."

"Sure," Chloe muttered.

"I actually always admired your frankness. I still do, even if you are a dirty little liar."

To her own surprise, Chloe smiled slightly. "Thanks Princess. Thanks for doing this for me."

"Your welc—wait, doing what?"

In a flash, Chloe reached over and yanked the t-shirt away from Amanda, who yelped as her penis flopped downwards and struck her thigh with a smack. Chloe, Rachelle, and even Amanda—who had yet to actually look at it—all gasped. Even flaccid, it hung down to mid-thigh, looking large even in on Amanda's frame.

"Holy Moses," Chloe exclaimed. "It's half as long as my arm!"

Amanda took it in her hands, smiling slightly at the sensation. "Wow, it's even bigger than Isaac's was, and it's not even, um, straight."

"I'm surprised it even compares," Chloe said. "Never would have figured you for a size queen."

"I'm not. The first time I saw it he was changing clothes and I saw the tip of it hanging out of his boxers. After I saw how big it was, I was kind of afraid about one day having to fit it inside me. We never really got there, but I couldn't help but imagine..." Amanda looked down at it thoughtfully, which stirred it to life. "Oh! What's it...oh God!"

Chloe pointed to Amanda's slowly rising erection. "Looks like your fantasizing has brought your little friend to life. Look at him go!" With a reverent silence, they all looked on with amazement as Amanda's equipment continued lengthening as it arched dramatically upwards, fully engorged.

"Jesus, that thing is massive," Chloe said. "It's gotta be a foot long, easily." Chloe nudged Rachelle, who didn't reply but, rather stood there gawking with her mouth agape and pupils dilated.

"Ok Mandy I'm going to go ahead and put this out there for me and Rachelle: either one of us is more than willing to ride your cock like a bronco right here and now." While the thought clearly gave Amanda pause, her rational mind (and modesty) took hold.

"No!" she said, snatching up a stack of clothes and doing her best to cover her excited appendage. "We need to get out of here," she said half-heartedly, though the sensations of her erection rubbing against the clothing distracted her. She also couldn't keep herself from staring at either Chloe's bust or Rachelle's everything.

"Whatever," Chloe said. "I'm cool to wait 'til later. I'll even take sloppy seconds."

Rachelle shook herself back to her senses and wiped a bit of drool from the edge of her mouth. "Enough, Chloe. She's right, we should probably get going."

"What am I supposed to wear?" Amanda whined, though still clearly distracted by the sensations of her arousal.

"Rach, you to go grab some XXL sweatpants and baggy skirts. I'll get some medical tape to keep that thing hidden. I'll probably also need to exchange a few of my clothes for some smaller ones. What about you, Badonkadonk? You going to dress up those curves of yours?"

"How would I do that? I'm not even done growing. I'll probably barely fit into the largest sizes they have here. I...oh!" Rachelle suddenly shut her eyes and arched her back, as her body stretched taller. Amanda and Chloe watched as the ultra-tight t-shirt surrendered a few seams on the side and Rachelle stretched taller, rising to the lofty height of 6'8". The bottom hem of the t-shirt stopped just below her nipples.

"Oh wow," Amanda said.

"Oh wow, indeed!" Chloe said, looking at her phone. "Yup, 1pm on the dot."

"Oh wow," Amanda repeated.

"I know, right?" Rachelle said, surveying the damage to her wardrobe. I definitely need clothes. I'm barely dressed!" Rachelle bounced on her toes, setting her liberated breasts in motion. "Wow. I totally just burst out of this shirt!"

"Oh shit," Amanda squeaked.

"Seriously! I think after your last turn, your tits have been growing along with your body. I mean, they're not as awesome as mine, but they look great, don't they Amanda?"

"Ah..ah...ah! Ooooohhhhhh my god!"

Chloe and Rachelle both turned to Amanda whose face wore a look of wide-eyed shock before she let out a deep, powerful moan. "Ooooohhhhh...oh...oh wow!"

"You okay Beefcake?"

Amanda took a peek underneath the clothes she'd been covering herself with, and immediately pressed them back down, turning beet red.

"Um, Chloe. I think we may need to buy these clothes."

Chapter 8

Rachelle couldn't get away from the stares. Not that she blamed anyone for staring. She'd spent a good deal of time staring at herself in the mirror already, and pretty much every time she noticed her reflection, she did a double take. Not only could she not believe her own reflection, but she couldn't believe anyone could look like her. A patchwork of coveted features assembled into one body, she had the large eyes and strong facial features of a film starlet, the dizzying height of a pro basketball player, and curves that could make a Sports Illustrated model weep. No one looked like her.

Yet she didn't feel like a megamodel. She felt like herself, clumsily driving around someone else's body. With everything happening so fast and having spent most of her time up to this point with Amanda and Chloe, only now did she begin to truly understand the magnitude of her physical metamorphosis. In the bustling mall, crowds parted to make way for her. Most stared, and few held back their comments, figuring anyone who looked like her had heard it all before. She mostly picked up mutterings of "wow" and "whoa," though other remarks crossed into the realm of the presumptuously perverse.

Before leaving Chloe and Amanda, she picked up clothes for herself, all a couple sizes larger than she needed. The near-insurmountable challenge of finding pants to fit her 36-inch inseam led her to instead chose a few pairs of "long" khaki shorts from the summer clearance rack that fit her waist, with the expectation they would last through the end of the day and, hopefully, through the completion of this ridiculous "game." Her hypnotizingly lengthy legs stretched from her hips down to her cheap flip-flops, which she'd purchased in sizes eleven, and twelve to get her through another day's growth—hopefully.

Understandably manic following her freak-out at her "flower" being replaced by a "package," Amanda volunteered to cover the cost of everyone's clothing. She sent Rachelle away with $100 in cash and stuck around to look at more clothes with Chloe, who seemed oddly excited by the challenge of finding Amanda a wardrobe that would hide her new developments. Rachelle didn't argue with the cash shoved into her hand, though she did wonder where Amanda got the money to afford it, since she didn't have a job. Then again, she was a midwestern pageant princess averaging Cs at a four-year university without a scholarship. Her family was likely loaded.

Her shopping complete, Rachelle then headed to the food court. Her stomach's growling while she'd tried on clothes had attracted nearly as much attention as her height, and she also hoped sitting down at a booth to eat would give her a break from people gawking up at her like a freak. She picked Blimpie's which currently had no customers in line, and as she approached the counter, the two bored employees—one female and one male—ogled her unabashedly. Rachelle walked up to the counter, before backing off slightly when she realized how much she towered over both employees.

"I'll have a cherry Coke, a medium Italian sub, and a medium turkey club. Swiss cheese on both."

"You're awfully tall," the female employee said, without hesitation or tact.

"Yes, you're right. I am." Rachelle replied flatly.

"The tallest person to come by here actually."

"I imagine."

"You play basketball?"

"Nope. Just golf, curling, and spelling bees."

The clerk looked up questioningly at Rachelle's indifferent expression. If the sandwiches weren't being made directly in front of her, the woman likely would have spit in her food. Regardless, she took Rachelle's sarcasm as a cue to cut off all verbal communication for the remainder of their interaction. She tossed on the meat and cheese without looking up again and slid her sandwich to the other employee, who hadn't stopped staring since she'd approached. He opened his mouth to speak but hadn't decided what to say before speaking.


"Lettuce, tomatoes, onions, a little mustard on the club."

"Uh...okay," he replied. Rachelle forced a smile, hoping to put him at ease, but he only continued his visual inspection of her, giving minimal attention to his job. In his brief breaks from staring, he littered her Italian sub with spinach, red peppers, red onions, and a deluge of mustard. Eventually he looked down again at the sandwiches and frowned at his handiwork. "Um…"

"It's fine," she said, sighing. "Nothing on the other one." The guy shrugged apologetically and reached his hand towards the knife to cut the sandwich. Rachelle envisioned a sprinkling of severed digits in her food.

"You don't need to do that!" she said, actually reaching over the counter to stop him. "Just a plate is fine."

"Okay." He looked up at her again and held eye contact as he slid the sandwiches onto the bare tray and put a stack of napkins on a plate next to them. Rachelle set down a ten-dollar bill, more than ready to end the transaction. "Thanks. Keep the change."


"Have a nice day."

Receiving her food, she hastily turned around and scanned for the most remote empty booth she could find. Seeing one in the far corner of the dining area opposite the sandwich shop, she walked briskly towards it, anxious to get away from the clerk behind her who continued to ogle her from behind. Unfortunately holding her tray at chest level restricted her field of vision, and she immediately felt someone collide with her lower torso, sending both of them tumbling to the ground. As she fell, she briefly imagined whether she resembled more a falling pine tree, or giraffe that had tripped over a rhino. She didn't have long to consider this before crashing down directly on top of the person, sending her food flying from the tray and her drink into her own face.

"Shit," she seethed out loud, wiping Cherry Coke out of her eyes. A quick assessment indicated she hadn't damaged anything short of her pride. She then realized that she'd plopped her 250-plus weight on someone barely as tall as her chest. Praying she hadn't crushed a child, she picked herself up and sat back onto her knees to reveal a thin, dark-haired young man who laid on his back with a pizza slice plastered face-down to his chest. He seemed less shocked by her size than perplexed and had actually moved on to investigating the status of his food-stained shirt. Noting the gathering crowd of spectators, she decided against making an even bigger scene. Instead, she took a moment to regain her composure before extending her hand towards him.

"Hi. I'm Rachelle."

The guy did not expect this, but acquiesced. "I'm Devin."

"Hi Devin. It looks like we ran into each other. Sorry, I wasn't looking where I was going."

Devin chuckled. "Yeah, it's cool. I wasn't either. Sorry about that."

Rachelle again noticed the murmurs of the gathered crowd and fought the urge to shrink under the spotlight. She looked back at Devin, who was more preoccupied with peeling the pizza slice off of his shirt than gaping at her. As he pulled at it, the cheese stuck to the fabric and started stringing. He looked back up at her comically, and she laughed.

"Looks like we both lost our food," he said. "I'd like to make it up to you, would you like to have lunch? I'll buy."

Rachelle weighed her options. He didn't quite have the look of a creeper. If he'd run into her on purpose, she gave him full marks for hiding it as well as his willingness to sacrifice his own well-being as a pick-up line. If he was only into her for her looks, he was at least nice enough to offer to buy her food. Also, given their size disparity, she didn't fear fighting him off if he got touchy. She could always call Super-Amanda to cut him down to size.

"Fine. As long as it's not Blimpie's."

"Chinese?" he offered, pointing towards the Panda Express.

"Sure." She said reaching into her purse and pulling out a few twenties. "And I'll pay." Devin opened his mouth to protest, but she waved him off. "Don't worry, it's not my money."


Ordering and their food was uneventful and having someone to talk with kept Rachelle from dwelling on her spectators. The two chatted, and Rachelle noted how Devin made no comments about her height or appearance until about halfway through their meal, when Rachelle vented about the futility of finding pants and Devin made an offhand suggestion of a big and tall shop at the south end of the shopping center.

"Wow, I'm actually a little surprised my height hadn't come up sooner."

Devin gave her a quick once over. "You're what, six-eight?"

"I'm not sure, what time is it?"


"Nothing, never mind. Yes, six-eight." She raised her eyebrows, genuinely impressed. "You know your heights."

"I'm the runt of the litter in a tall my family. Both my parents are six foot plus. My younger sister is six-four and plays volleyball for Stanford. My baby brother is six-ten and one of the top high-school recruits in the country. Then there's me."

Rachelle looked at Devin and did her best to gauge his height. Unfortunately, the only frame of reference she had was herself. "You're what, I don't know, five...four?"

"Five-nine, actually, of course I imagine it's hard to tell from your perspective."

"Oh wow, I'm sorry." Devin looked amused, and Rachelle gasped. "Wait, not like I'm sorry you're five-nine—not that there's anything wrong with that. I meant that I'm sorry for saying you're five-four, not that there's anything wrong with that either. I don't know what I'm saying at all." She dropped her face into her hands. "I'm going to eat and stop talking."

"No, it's okay. I'll be honest. My composure is all show. You are pretty intimidating."

"I'll be honest, I haven't always been this tall."

"There's that. I was talking about you being unbelievably attractive."

Rachelle had to fight to prevent food from falling out of her mouth. "Oh, wow. Thank you."

"I know it's forward, but I kind of call things as they are." Devin took a second to admire her smile, which unexpectedly faded as she suddenly looked away. Devin was a handsome-enough guy, and she certainly admired his self-assurance, but she couldn't help but wonder if they'd even be having this conversation if she'd run into him a week earlier.

"Look, I know what I look like, but it isn't me." Rachelle paused, as if evaluating what she'd said, before shaking her head with embarrassment. "Sorry. Jeez, that sounded lame."

"It's cool, we don't have to only talk about you. So, are you out by yourself?"

"No, I have a couple other gals with me. We're on a road trip for Fall break."

"And you're eating alone? Where are they?"

"We've been in the car together for two days. They're great and all, but I could use a break from their antics. They can be a handful sometimes."


"Like you wouldn't believe."

"Mall security," a stern female voice declared. "Are you all right in there?"

Chloe grunted at the impact of her back against the fitting room wall, as well as the firm grip of the hands that held her aloft. After purchasing a few foundation garments, they'd intended to move on to a higher-end fashion boutique but were forced to take a detour to the restroom when Amanda felt another atomic orgasm stirring within her. Locking themselves in the handicap-access stall, however, had proven to be an unwise decision on Chloe's part. Given Amanda's recent propensity for grabbiness, she found herself fruitlessly struggling against Amanda's steel grip on her breast.

"OW!!! Let go of me, you fucking maniac! That hurts!" Chloe's body immediately lost another inch in height, pulling her off of her heels and onto her toes. She'd have to watch her language, as her flippant profanity had her on the verge of being held aloft by her tit alone.

"But it feels so good!" Amanda's eyes rolled back as a wave of pleasure washed over her. The hand that wasn't latched to Chloe's chest was stuffed down her own skirt. "I can't help it! Your tits are amazing."

Security knocked again. "Ladies?"

"Sorry, we're—OW!" Chloe tried to reply. "My fiend clothes." Having blurted another lie, she winced at as her body's increasing weight pushed the seams of her new pants to the limit and further compressed her swelling breast under Amanda's outstretched hand. This naturally compounded both Chloe's discomfort and Amanda's excitement.

"Oh God, bigger. Yessssssss!" Amanda purred, her face serene with pleasure.

"Changing clothes?" the security guard repeated incredulously. "Really?"

Amanda unfolded her now rock-hard shaft from her skirt and began stroking herself with urgency. The immediate flood of sensations distracted her enough to loosen her grip on Chloe, who dropped down out of the way. Amanda's trembling hand grasped out at the empty air, but another wave of pleasure sent her fist blasting through the thin wall into the adjacent stall. The alarmed security guard banged on the door again.

"I don't know what you are doing in there, but I'm opening this door." A thin, metal tool slipped through the stall door and began pushing the hook upwards out of the latch.

"Amanda!" Chloe hissed from the ground. "Quit jacking off and put your dick away! You've already blown a load into a sixty-dollar dress. At least point it away from the clothes!"

"I can't stop...oh God, I can't stop."

Chloe looked over with dread as the hook flicked out of the latch. "I'm coming in!" the security guard declared.

"No! Crap, Amanda, turn away from the door!"

"I'm gonna' cu—"

The security guard pulled the stall door open and moved to step forward before she stopped and her eyes went as wide as saucers.

"What in the...?"

"...I'm an English major at Stenson University."

"That's cool." Devin said, munching on a fortune cookie. "I applied there but wasn't accepted. I went to community college, then started working for my dad." His eyes narrowed with concern at an alarmed look on Rachelle's face. "Hey, you okay?"

Rachelle tapped her foot nervously. "What time is it?"

"2:00pm exactly. Why?

Rachelle cursed under her breath and squinted with apparent frustration. "Nothing, I—sorry, give me a sec."

"Are you sure you're okay?"

"I'm fine," Rachelle said, though the expression on her face betrayed her. She fidgeted as she weathered a sudden onset of discomfort, and yanked at her clothes and bra, before re-settling herself in her chair. Clearing her throat, she looked up as if nothing had happened. Devin tried not to stare but couldn't help but notice something strange about her appearance. Weird. He thought. It's almost like her clothes shr

"—so you were saying? What kind of work do you do?" Rachelle asked, pushing past the lapse in the conversation. Devin started to speak again but was cut off by a shrill ringtone. Flashing brief looks of apology and irritation, Rachelle snatched up her phone, looked at the screen, and grumbled.

"I'm sorry. I need to take this."

"No problem. Hey, since you grabbed lunch, how 'bout I get us some ice cream?"

"Thanks," she said as she answered the call. "I'll have chocolate."

"Gotcha," he said, winking. "I'll be back in a…whoa!"

"What?" Rachelle said, before immediately pulling the phone away at the unintelligible gibberish being shouted at her. She looked up to see that Devin hadn't gotten further than a few steps before a commotion in the mall grabbed his attention. She started to stand but noticed the shouting on the phone seemed to be in stereo, and increasing in volume. She looked towards the source of the commotion, quietly praying it wouldn't be what she expected it to be.

Aw, criminy.

Rachelle saw Amanda emerge from a crowd of shocked spectators, running full tilt with a screaming, kicking Chloe and a half-dozen clothing items tucked under one arm. Even with her equipment clearly flopping about underneath the long skirt, Amanda's powerful legs easily outpaced the mall security who huffed and puffed behind them. Amanda put her head down as and covered Chloe's face as she effortlessly smashed through the glass doors and shot off towards the parking lot. Shocked at the sight, security gave up pursuit, clearly as perplexed as everyone else who had witnessed the spectacle.

"I may be hallucinating," Devin began, "but I think a well-hung, bodybuilder drag queen and their screaming child just smashed through two glass doors. That's got to be the craziest thing I've..." He turned back to his lunch companion who had disappeared from her seat. She had, however, left a note with a short message and a phone number.

gtg. Emergency. Please call later.

He read the note a couple times, before catching a glimpse of Rachelle running hurriedly towards the exit,pausing briefly to offer an apologetic smile in his direction. He smiled back and gave her a nod as she ducked her head under the doorframe, stepping cautiously over the broken glass, and slipped away. He lingered for a moment, before folding the note into his wallet and picking up the two empty trays.

"Will do."