Revenge Body

Vanessa wanted to be big. She wanted to be huge. She wanted to be the biggest. Having grown to a towering 150 feet tall, her monumental form looms dominant above the modest downtown. She saunters through the streets, the largest buildings barely reaching her hips. Tremors from her footsteps resonate for miles. She never imagined she could feel so powerful. So magnificent. So sexy.

At her size, she could have barreled through the city, leaving utter destruction in her wake. Instead, she carefully steps over vehicles and around buildings, limiting her mayhem to roads left pulverized by her feet. Frightened crowds of scurry below her, scrambling to move out of her path. Fortunately for them, Vanessa harbors no ill will toward the tiny folk. She's reserved her wrath for one person in particular.


Tyler never gave her the attention she felt she deserved. He may have found her attractive, but he didn't desire her. He may have liked her, but he didn't worship her. He'd even shrugged off their breakup as if he could find another girl like her around the next corner. Leaving him wasn't enough. No, she had to prove she was greater than any woman, any person, he would ever lay his eyes on.

Reaching Tyler's apartment building, she chuckles, amused by the five-story structure riding at waist level. Dropping to her knees, her oppressive mass excavates the ground beneath her. She runs her finger along the paved roof, the concrete cracking and buckling under the pressure of a single digit. Raising her fist, she prepares to smash a hole in the building but reconsiders. It would be a shame to inadvertently crush him before he has a chance to see her in all her glory.

Vanessa clenches her hand. Long fingers pierce brick, steel, and sheetrock as she rips the roof open. She smiles down at the tiny figure flailing amidst the chaos.

"So, Tyler. Am I big enough for you now?"

A confused, terrified woman struggles to orient herself. Gazing upward through the dust and debris, the sight of her immense antagonist paralyzes her with fear.


"Oh my god!" Vanessa shouts, recoiling in shock. "I am so sorry!" The frightened woman continues shrieking, unable to even comprehend the sight before her.

"Please, calm down!" Vanessa shouts, waving her hands. "It's okay. I'm not gonna hurt you!"

The woman manages to gather herself but continues to shake uncontrollably. "W-w-what is going on!?!?"

Vanessa clenches her eyes shut dropping her face into her hands. "Oh, jeez. Does Tyler not live here?"

"N-n-no. I moved in a m-m-month ago."

"Well, this is super embarrassing." Vanessa snaps her finger as a thought a occurs to her. "You know what? He's probably at his sister's across town. Sorry again. My bad!" She turns and strides away. Her thundering footfalls fade in the distance as the trembling, sobbing woman stands alone amidst the wreckage of her apartment, gazing up through her demolished ceiling into the clear blue sky.

Originally published May 24, 2019