The Overview Effect

Jeremy sat on the floor of the empty school gym, scrolling through photos of Lauren Davidson on his laptop. In every shot, her vibrant brown hair shimmered, her bright green eyes sparkled, and her starlet smile stretched almost unnaturally wide across her face. While unquestionably beautiful and naturally photogenic, her 5'5" height and 32F cup size limited her portfolio to men's magazines and pinup work. She'd become an internet sensation so quickly—the combination of her exquisite breasts and naturally playful personality making her the embodiment of every college-aged frat guy's wildest wet dream.

She would also be Jeremy's subject for the evening.

She's badly in need of a good photographer, Jeremy thought. The photos on her Instagram were mostly selfies, and the rest consisted of smarmy shots taken by meatheads who apparently gave her no more direction than "arch your back, turn your head, and look like you want it." Only a few weeks past twenty-one, Lauren seemed to understand the general mechanics of her body but had hardly scratched the surface in terms of utilizing its artistic potential. Jeremy had three hours to turn her from a mid-level web model into his masterpiece. She'll certainly be a project.

He believed in her, though. Enough to call in a half dozen favors and spend more money than he cared to admit on logistics. He'd reserved the high school gym at St. John's Academy, which he had spent most of the day setting up as a photography studio. He'd also gone the extra mile to work out a deal with security and the school board to guarantee privacy for the shoot. In exchange, he agreed the school would receive a portion of the profits from the photoshoot.

He wouldn't let her know that, though. The words of his photography mentor, Roger Dixon, echoed in his head:

"Let your subject be your subject. Everything else behind-the-scenes is your concern."

Jeremy had shut his laptop and was re-adjusting the lighting when he heard the double-doors at the rear of the gym squeak open. He didn't have to turn to see who it was, but in the time it would take her to reach him, he would learn plenty about her. She wore a sorority sweater, short denim shorts, and high-heeled clog sandals. The clicking of her heels resonated in the space, and she chatted away on her phone. She doesn't care what I think of her.

"I just got here, Mandy, I gotta go...I told you what to do. Call, call him now. Yes, you call him. You have to leave at, like, six tomorrow morning for that stupid road trip, so yeah, now...bye, Mandy." She ended the call with a frustrated sigh and polished her expression into genial courtesy.

"I'm so sorry I'm late. Today has been crazy."

"If you want your model there at 7:00, say 6:15."

"No problem. There's always more setup."

Lauren quietly assessed the thin, tan-skinned photographer, taking in everything from his tattered cargo pants to his designer glasses and unkempt curly afro. "Jeremy, right?"

"Indeed, and you are Lauren Davidson, yes? I've seen you before."

"Midwest Coed Queen 2015." When she saw those words meant nothing to him, she showed a hint of relief before an almost guilty expression crept onto her face. "Oh, God, not the Carl's Jr. video..."

"Um, no."


"A friend of mine, Roger Dixon. He did a shoot with you last year. In the forest?"

"There's nothing wrong with a little name-dropping provided you have a good reason for it."

Lauren brightened. "Roger! He was such a sweetie and an amazing photographer. The forest was so cold, and it was, like, five in the morning. He brought me blankets and a cordless heater to have between sets."

"I knew him in college. He was a couple of years ahead of me in the art program, and I learned a ton from him, including," Jeremy gestured to a folding chair and table in the corner. "Fresh fruit, Fiji water, red wine, plenty of food and snacks in the coolers underneath, and some blankets you can sit on when we head outside. The grass may be chilly this evening."

Lauren's mouth dropped open. "Thank you so much!"

"He also warned me not to let you hit the wine until we're at least halfway done."

"I was trying to stay warm! It's not my fault it was, like, forty degrees in that forest."

"He also told me you could barely stand by the end."

She nodded proudly. "And it took me nearly two bottles to get there. I'm a trooper."

"That's how I first heard about you. Ever since I saw those shots, I knew I wanted to do a session with you. When this came up, you were the first subject who came to mind."

"I must admit, the idea is definitely...interesting."

"You read my email, yeah?"

"Yeah, and I brought all the stuff you told me to bring."

"And the larger sizes?"

"We have some bigger gals in my house, and they let me borrow some stuff of theirs. They did wonder what I was going to be doing with them." She pulled out one of the large bikini tops and held it in front of her face. "I'm still not sure I understand."

"About that." Jeremy handed her a yellow pill. "I'm going to need you to take this right now so we can fit everything in three hours."

She bit her lip with nervous anticipation as she took the pill from him. "This is it?"

"That's it. Well, the easy part, that is."

Lauren looked at him again as if needing confirmation. Jeremy nodded in response.

"Your model needs to know you're in control. If they trust you, they will give you their best."

"Bottom's up!" She popped the pill in her mouth and taking a long swig from her water bottle.

"It's going to take at least thirty minutes to see any noticeable effects. Let's get acquainted with some test shots in the meantime."

Her lips widened into a glistening smile. "Sure! Let's go!"

Jeremy started with close-ups. Lauren knew her flattering angles, so things moved along quickly. She played to her assets—namely the two on her chest—but she required some coaching on subtlety. She responded well to Jeremy's cues, giving him the freedom to push her comfort zone.

"Go easy on the pout. I'm about ready to ask you to quack for me."

"Sorry. Selfie habit."

"Be fun enough to make her flirt with the camera, but not so much you're flirting with her. Control, remember?"

"You know what?" Jeremy stepped onto a stool, shooting from above. "Let's run with that. Give me your best selfie duckface."

Lauren laughed, before cocking her head to the side, raising her chin, and pouting her lips with gusto.

"Give me another selfie. Good, another. Now send it past me, above my shoulder."

She did so, and without the direct gaze of a subject to entice her, Lauren's smoldering gaze softened to a sizzle, and he took a series of portraits. Lauren's expression drifted into curiosity, which Jeremy captured before she finally spoke up.

"What do you want me to do?"

"Mostly listen, be honest, and find something to do with that floating left arm of yours." Lauren propped it on her hip and gave the camera a gentle glare. Jeremy smiled and snapped a burst of shots.

After about a half-hour, Lauren seemed distracted. Her arms and legs twitched as she tried to hold poses, and she was unsure in her movements. While he gave her full marks for trying to power through, Jeremy stopped shooting and lowered his camera.

"You okay, hon?"

She rubbed her arm, then her belly. "My joints hurt, and I am freakin' starving!"

He checked his watch. "Right on schedule. Let's take a break." He set his camera on a stool and jogged to a cooler in the corner. He retrieved a canned protein shake and tossed it at her. "You're gonna want to drink this, or you'll get a nasty headache." She read the label and frowned.

"A protein shake? You know how many calories are in these things?"

"I do. I also know how many calories your body is consuming. Trust me. You do not want to be short or nutrients right now."

Lauren's stomach rumbled in response, and she popped the top and chugged it in fifteen seconds flat. When she finished, she tossed aside the empty can, wiped her mouth, and belched into her hand. "You got another?"

Jeremy grabbed the remainder of the 6-pack and slid it towards her. "Take the rest." Lauren obliged, and proceeded to chug each can, one immediately after the other. Upon finishing all five, she felt generally satisfied and set to munching on the fruit.

"I feel hot. I think it might be starting!" She lifted her hands to her face and studied them. "Weird, I don't feel any bigger."

Jeremy returned to his camera and reviewed his shots so far, paying Lauren little attention. "From your vantage point, you won't change. Other things, however, may start to look smaller."

"Smaller, huh?" She mulled the idea for a moment before striding towards Jeremy, stopping right behind him. "You're right. Things are a little smaller. How tall are you, Jeremy?"

"A hair shy of six-foot," he said, not looking away from his camera ("You're the professional. Be the professional"). "You're probably about there as well." He could hear Lauren snort lightly at his indifference, but the thrill of her metamorphosis-in-progress quickly took over.

"I'm almost six feet tall? Oh wow, I could be a runway model!" She wasn't entirely wrong. Her leggy proportions suited her increased height, and her sharp facial features reminded him of a vintage film starlet. Jeremy wasn't about to point out how her upper dimensions, which had enlarged along with her, could be problematic.

"There are always exceptions, Jeremy. The best artists don't look for them; they create them."

"If you stayed this height, maybe. But you'll be well out of that category in another fifteen minutes. On that note, you want to model some high fashion?"


"Another of my clients needs photos of models wearing her designs." Jeremy gestured to a rack of shimmering dresses. "What do you say, Leggy Lauren? Ready to do some catwalk?"

Lauren wasted not a second in dashing behind the paneled divider in the corner, pulling off her shirt along the way. She began with the floor-length red silk dress with a dangerously low neckline, though her increased height and the protrusion of her breasts maintained her modesty. As the cloth poured over her body, she relished the cool fabric on her skin. The long dress hugged her curves, casting the outline of her frame. Seeing herself in the mirror, Lauren straightened her spine; if she were going to wear a four-figure dress, she would look like she deserved to be in it.

Jeremy coached Lauren on tempering the overt glamor model sexuality. Her breasts jostled about, as high fashion was not known for dealing with plus sizes of any kind. Eventually, her instincts overcame her excitement, and she managed to capture a few poses to highlight each of the outfits. By 7:50, she was having to take extra care removing the clothes as her shoulders had grown too broad.

"I believe I've outgrown your 'high fashion.'"

"It's okay. We got them all, barely. Take a break and grab a bite. You'll need the energy for our next shoot."

Jeremy took a deep breath, and quietly let it out as he lowered his camera. Lauren approached him, and he turned around to find his eyes only reached her neck. Lauren glowed with pride, her eyes rich with not only excitement but a genuine honesty he'd not seen up to this point. She even had to crane her neck slightly to see past her now protruding chest.

"Looks like I've outgrown you. You're starting to remind me of my little brother. Maybe I should start calling you 'shorty' too."

"You've certainly earned that right. Go ahead."

"I will...Shorty." She tousled his hair, amused by her new perspective.

On their way to the bleachers, Jeremy grabbed an apple from the snack table, while Lauren grabbed an uncut 12" sub. She had a seat, and he sat next to her, before sliding away to give her more room. He could feel the heat from her body, which burned energy at an impossible rate, growing her ever larger. Meanwhile, she munched away at a large, footlong club sandwich providing ever more fuel for her metamorphosis.

"I can't remember the last time food tasted this good. It's like I'm stoned." She took a large bite of the sandwich, struggling to chew with her mouth closed. She'd consumed more than three-quarters of the sub and felt a twinge of shame at her gluttony. "I'm sure this is pretty flattering."

Jeremy headed to the crafts table and reached into the cooler to retrieve another sandwich. "Would you like another?" he asked, holding the foot-long Italian sub.

She patted her slightly bloated belly. "I shouldn't. This is becoming a maternity shoot."

"That'll be gone in under a minute. The chemical reaction in your bloodstream helps synthesize most of the nutrients you need, but you still need a kick from food. I don't know how it works, but I do know getting enough food at this stage is critical." Jeremy tossed the sandwich her way, and Lauren caught it, unwrapping it immediately. Needing no additional convincing, she opened her mouth wide and set to finishing her meal.

If Gamma Theta Psi could see me now, she thought. I'm almost seven feet tall and gorging myself on giant deli sandwiches. She'd finished about half the second sandwich when a flash went off. She looked up to see Jeremy smiling smugly.

"You had your mouth open and everything. It was a magical moment."

"Keep things fun. It's the most flexible mindset for your subject to be in."

Lauren pursed her lips before polishing off the remainder in two bites. "You better be glad I like you." She followed her meal with three chocolate protein shakes poured into one large pitcher. Tossing it back, she slammed the pitcher down and unleashed a loud belch that resonated in the spacious gym.

Jeremy covered his ears. "You're a real lady," he teased.

Lauren let out a smaller burp and patted her chest. "I know this." She stood up and gasped, taken aback at her new perspective. Wow, I'm even taller than I was, like, not even a few minutes ago. You think I'm seven feet tall yet?"

"You're a little past it, actually." Jeremy pointed to the wall near the women's bathroom door. "I planned ahead. There's a tape measure on the wall. Use the chalk to mark your height." Lauren anxiously straightened against the wall and marked a line on the brick above her head. She checked the mark against the ruler. Her head reached exactly eighty-six inches.

"Shit, no way! I'm seven foot freaking four!"

Jeremy jumped down from the bleachers. "Perfect. It's time for the next shoot. Put on your workout clothes, and meet me by the free weights in the corner. It's time to get physical."

Lauren grabbed a handful of clothes and, having grown too tall for the divider, literally ducked into the women's bathroom. After a few minutes, she emerged a couple of inches taller than when she'd entered, her post-lunch growth spurt in full effect. She wore glossy black leggings that stopped just below her knees and a neon sports bra underneath a form-fitting tank top that bared her tight abs, which she patted proudly. Lauren started to speak but stopped and cleared her throat.

"What's wrong with my voice?" she asked, in a voice nearly an octave lower than an hour ago. "I'm starting to sound like a guy!"

"As you grow, larger vocal cords will mean a lower voice. It's inevitable, so you'd best get used to it."

Lauren belted out a series of la's, which decreased in pitch until firmly in the tenor register. "Wow, I've hit guy puberty. I've got the deep voice, the crazy growth spurt, and check out my abs! I've been working out for a while, but I've never had these before!"

"Growing burns a lot of excess fat, and your body will re-shape itself to compensate. You might have noticed your growth has been mostly—but not entirely—proportional."

She extended her leg to the side. "Yeah, my legs are crazy long now."

"Tell me about it." Jeremy walked towards her until he stood only a couple of feet away. Her thighs were about as large around as his torso, but he refrained from staring ("Don't get intimidated. Don't get star-struck. You have a job to do"). "We're right on track with the clothes, and we only have about a half-hour or so before you grow out of them, so let's roll before you 're too big for the weights too." He pointed with his toe at a 50-pound barbell on the ground. "Let's start with some curls."

"No way! I can curl, like, ten pounds tops."

"Perhaps before, but your muscles have increased in density, a necessary adaptation to compensate for your size. You may not realize it yet, but your strength has increased considerably. If you want to start light, give the dumbbell a lift." He pointed at a 40 lb dumbbell sitting on the mat.

Lauren trepidatiously gripped the weight and lifted. To her surprise, it nearly shot off the ground. Bringing the dumbbell to her side, she began her curls. They weren't easy initially, but she managed to pump out twenty reps, and by the time she switched hands, she was ready to increase the weight. With Jeremy moving about her and snapping pictures, she pumped the fifty pounds a dozen times, before switching to the 60-pound dumbbells.

"Check out this gym bunny. I feel awesome!"


"Well, yeah. I'm like, actually super strong." Having never felt so energized before, Lauren showed off her powerful new frame for the camera, and Jeremy only encouraged her.

"Give me ten more curls!"

"No prob."

Despite having already done several sets of curls, Lauren completed forty reps with the 60 lb dumbbells. They grew increasingly easy with each press, and her muscles showed the fruits of her workout. Now pushing eight-feet in height, her arms and shoulders had thickened substantially, taking on the definition of a fitness magazine model. Minutes later, she'd increased to seventy-five pounds, before maxing at ninety. She quit at eight-and-a-half feet tall; her hands had grown too large for the weights. Moving to the bench, she started at 225 pounds, which she pressed with almost no effort.

"Come on, Shrimp. Give me a challenge. Load some more on there."

With her strength increasing almost as fast as Jeremy could adjust the weight, he dumped four forty-five-pound plates on each side, giving her enough resistance so she would struggle for a bit. Like before, however, each press grew easier as she packed on muscle. By the fifth rep, she'd started smiling, and by the tenth, she'd begun laughing almost uncontrollably.

"This is awesome! I'm so strong!"

The confidence of her newfound strength, not to mention the glistening glow of perspiration—more from the bright lights than exertion—had Lauren near-radiant in front of the camera. A foot of cleavage stretched from her collarbone, and her breasts peeked out above and below the stretched sports bra. Jeremy continued snapping picture after picture, zooming into her wide grin. The final set was an overhead shot of Lauren pressing 360 pounds while laying on two pushed-together benches that barely reached from her shoulder blades to her waist.

Racking the bar, Lauren leaped to her feet and immediately delivered a double-biceps pose. The exertion accelerated her growth, and she now stood over nine feet tall. While still not out-of-proportion with her height, Lauren's arms were brawny by any other standard. With most of her strength coming from increased muscle density, she'd developed the muscle definition of a professional athlete.

Jeremy dimmed the lights to capture the subtleties of Lauren's metamorphosis. Her imposing silhouette cast a long shadow against the brick wall behind her, while the shadows emphasized the definition in her musculature. The bench and weights seemed almost comically small to her, indicating her massive size.

Wanting to relax a bit after the workout, she asked if she could do a few yoga poses. Jeremy obliged since it was 8:20, and they were slightly ahead of schedule. Lauren lowered herself into a downward dog, and Jeremy observed how her hips rode at his eye level. Finishing her yoga, Lauren stood to find she now measured a smidgen under ten feet tall.

"Okay, I'm officially freaking huge." Lauren grabbed three apples in one hand from the snack table and popped one into her mouth whole. "Luug! Ah yus a at ho appuh!" She pointed at the apple sitting in her open mouth before chewing it happily.

"Lauren, I should probably let you know, you are officially the tallest person ever on record."

"Really? I'm the tallest person ever?"

"Easily. You'd dwarf the next tallest guy by an entire foot, and he died a while ago. You're probably taller than the tallest living person by around three feet. You gotta' admit, 'Tallest person ever to walk the earth' has to blow 'Coed Queen' out of the water."

Lauren mulled this new information for a bit, before smiling inwardly, then outwardly. "Biggest. Person. Ever. Yeah, I do like the sound of that." She popped another apple into her mouth, holding it in her cheek as she chewed. "So what's next, little guy?"

"Next, you strip to your giant underwear, and we head to the classroom."

Lauren stopped chewing. "The classroom? Like, that classroom?" she asked, pointing to a door on the East side of the gym.

"Through the doors, around the corner, and down the hall. That's the one."

Lauren assessed the height of the doorway. "We couldn't have done this one when I was still small enough to fit in one?"

"Where's the fun in that?" Jeremy tossed his bag over his shoulder but kept his camera ready. "I imagine you'll want to change in here since it might be a little cramped in there.

Emboldened by her size, Lauren cheated away from Jeremy and peeled off her exercise pants, showing off her now mesmerizingly curvy hips. The sports bra had already begun fraying, both from the broadening circumference of her torso and increasingly voluminous breasts. Lauren grabbed it from the front and tugged, ripping the garment off of her body. She laughed proudly at the effort (or lack thereof) before tossing the scraps aside, feeling no shame at the display of bare skin.

Jeremy felt her smoldering heat as she approached him, his head barely reaching the height of her hip. She gazed down at him with a gleeful giggle.

"Having fun?"

"This is really cool," Lauren gushed, almost laughing, she passed a basketball hoop, which rode slightly above her eye level. She tugged on the net. "Everything's so little, and I keep getting bigger. It's pretty crazy."

Jeremy snapped a few pictures. "Indeed, it is." He pointed to a door that led into an adjacent classroom. "You think you'll be able to fit through there?"

Lauren reached the doorway only to find the top of the frame met the middle of her sternum. He took a few pictures from behind her, then slipped between her thighs and the door jam and snapped more photos from inside. Lauren popped onto her toes, mashing the tops of her breasts against the top of the door frame.

Jeremy grinned at his model, who was getting into the spirit of the shoot, which was awesome. While understandably awed by her size, she managed to keep focused enough and play into it, creating more fun poses and ideas for him.

"Given the right circumstances (and incentives), anyone can exceed your expectations."

Crouching to assess the entryway, she pushed the door open with one hand and saw right away her shoulders were too wide to fit. Turned on her side, she was able to slide in, and when she'd cleared her chest, she felt confident enough to roll onto her knees. She'd almost gotten into the room when her hips caught suddenly. Jeremy snickered, bathing a surprised Lauren in a series of camera flashes.

"You'd best turn sideways."

"You know—mphh! I never really—ungh—thought of myself as having a big butt, but once it's grown wider than doorways..."

She slithered into the small classroom and slowly stood until her shoulders impacted the ceiling. Lauren frowned, crouched, and tried again, only to hit her head on the ceiling this time.

Jeremy followed after her and clicked on the light. "You've passed a milestone."

Lauren sat on the ground and poked the tiles above her, before glaring at him, her irritation evident. "Is this a normal ceiling?"

"Yup." The camera clicked repeatedly. "What, you can't stand up in here?"

"This is more than a little uncomfortable." She dropped onto her knees to relieve her neck and back, which pressed against the ceiling. Leaning forward onto her hands, she peered upwards. "I feel ginormous and not sexy ginormous." She noticed Jeremy's eyes lingering on her legs.

"See something you like, little guy?"

"You don't realize it, but it's amazing to see something so large and beautiful in motion. It's exciting to watch."

"A little well-timed flattery can get you a long way."

Lauren grinned coyly. "You've got a thing for giant ladies, don't you?"

"Not in general. You just happen to wear it well."

Lauren admired her reflection in the glass windows. Where Jeremy expected to see Lauren's typical self-loving grin, she exhibited za demure thoughtfulness, as if she were seeing herself for the first time. "I am something, huh?"

An idea suddenly struck him. "Are you too tall for this room?"

She tried to stand again, and, as expected, her head hit the tile, sending dust and plaster trickling onto her head and shoulders. She bit her lip in a mix of concern and surprise, and Jeremy managed to capture the moment.

"I'm still growing. I can't even come close to straightening my legs."

"I'll need at least fifteen more minutes."

"Are you serious?!?!" She nearly shouted. Her head impacted the ceiling again, lifting one of the tiles.

Jeremy lowered the camera. "No, I just wanted to catch that delightfully shocked expression again. You can sit now, I've got what I need."

Her head barely cleared the ceiling as she stooped into a crouching position and dropped onto her butt with enough force to shake the pictures on the wall. Jeremy approached her, finding he was only inches taller than her while she sat on the ground.

"I can feel tall again for a couple of minutes."

"Yeah, except you're about as tall as a toddler to me."

Jeremy scoffed. "Whatever. At least I fit through doors."

Lauren gasped. "Excuse me, is that a crack about my butt?"

"Pun intended?" Jeremy quipped, shuffling both sideways and backward, eyeing the doorway behind him. "Honestly, though, good luck getting out the same way you came in. These doorways only have so much clearance."

Lauren shifted her weight and crawled towards him. Her breasts hung large and full from her chest, and she used her arm to control their movement. Like a jungle cat stalking her prey, she crawled toward Jeremy, who raised his camera. He switched to video as he backed towards the doorway.

"You're a little trouble-maker," she purred. "If you weren't so good at what you do, I might have to punish you for that crack." Cast in her giant shadow as he was, he could see her body grow growing, gradually consuming the available space in the room. He pushed a few desks in front of him, backing out the door back into the gym.

"You'll have to follow me to get me."

"Beware the may regret not getting it on film."

She crawled towards him, swatting a desk out of the way. It slid across the room, hitting the wall with a crash. Impressed with herself and momentarily distracted from her prey, she lifted another desk and held it aloft.

"Wow, it's hard to imagine being small enough to fit in one of these."

"You were only an hour ago."

"I bet I could smash this thing with my bare hands."

Jeremy started a new video recording. "Go for it." He focused on Lauren as she held the desk from the top and bottom and pressed inward. The thin metal legs buckled, the wooden surface splintered, and the furniture collapsed in on itself. Pleased with her handiwork, Lauren tossed it across the room, the broken pieces landing in the corner next to the other destroyed desk. Jeremy raised an eyebrow at the display.

"Mind your expenses. By that I mean: ask yourself 'was it worth it?'"

"Definitely worth it," Jeremy muttered to himself, continuing to film.

Having a vain desire to put on a show, Lauren crawled towards the wooden teacher's desk at the front of the classroom. It appeared sturdy, but with her increased size and strength, the oak desk felt more like plywood. She flashed a naughty grin to the camera.

"Check this out."

She pulled her legs under herself and tipped forward slowly so as not to bang her head on the ceiling. She looked behind her at the desk and plopped her tremendous rear onto its surface. The wood protested, and a crossbeam snapped, immediately dropping her a couple of inches before several other cracks sent her plunging through the wooden structure that had no chance of supporting her substantial mass. Lauren was surprised with the ease with which she had demolished the desk, sinking through the seemingly stable construct like a hot knife through butter.

"Ow! Okay, I don't know if I want to have footage of my giant ass crushing desks." Her head hit the ceiling as she tried to extract herself out of the wreckage. "Damn, am I growing that fast?"

"I did warn you."

"Yeah, yeah." She shuffled towards the door, now standing three or four feet taller than the door frame. She dropped to the ground, turned on her side, and slithered forward. Aided by the pliancy of her fleshy buttocks, she barely managed to clear the doorway. At her current size, Jeremy barely reached the height of her crotch.

"You ready to take a break?" Jeremy asked. "I need to swap out my battery."

Lauren stretched as she gazed with wonder around the gym, fascinated at her higher perspective. "Sure, I need to stand for a while anyway."

"How ya' feeling?"

The basketball rim now met her at chest level. "Big. Really, really big." She ran her fingers up the edge of the backboard to the top of it. "It'"

Lauren sat on one of the gymnastic mats and reached for a sandwich. She now comfortably held the 18-inch sub in one hand and finished it in four bites.

"You could have given me some warning," Jeremy said, impressed. "That would have been a great video."

"No way. I'm starving." She reached for a gallon jug of protein shake, and Jeremy flipped on his camera.

"Moments happen unexpectedly. Always, ALWAYS be ready."

Lauren drank voraciously, the excess dribbling down her face and neck, and across the slopes of her breasts. Tossing the gallon jug behind her, Lauren emitted another painfully loud belch. She giggled, which sounded strange given the bass of her voice, then grasped her bare breasts, each over a foot wide.

"Are my boobs bigger?"


"Yes, I know they're bigger. But are they bigger on me? They feel bigger."

"Ah, that reminds me." He directed her to a stack of gymnastic mats about six feet off the ground. On top was a bathroom scale. "Can we give them a weigh?"

Lauren knelt and was about to place her breast onto the scale when Jeremy cleared his throat.


He gestured at the mat with his chin. "I'm going to need help getting up there."

"So, you want me to..."

"Put me up there."

"Like, lift you?" Lauren asked, with a mix of trepidation and excitement.

"I can't imagine it'll be too difficult for you."

"I—I've never lifted a man before."

"Hurry up. We're on a schedule."

With surprisingly little hesitation, Lauren grasped Jeremy around his ribcage and under the armpits. She knew she'd grown stronger, so she took care not to hold him too tightly. Lifted him into the air, he weighed about the same as a cat or small dog. I'm holding a man in my hands, she thought, amid a sea of emotions. She placed Jeremy atop the mats and carefully released him.

"That wasn't so hard, was it?"

Lauren's face reddened. "No, It was actually pretty easy." She waited to see if Jeremy would react, but he only adjusted the focus on his camera and waited.

"All right, the scale is calibrated. Let's give this a go."

Lauren placed her breast onto the scale and winced at the feeling of her bare skin on the cold metal plate. While she knew she'd grown, her breasts had enlarged considerably in proportion to the rest of her body, and she found the extra flesh a challenge to handle. Eventually, she managed to center it on the scale, though it's ample size made it impossible for her to see the readout.

Jeremy recorded the entire maneuver on video and crouched to capture the results.

"What's it say?" Lauren inquired anxiously.

"Your one, single tit weighs about forty-eight and a half pounds."

"Wait, just this one?"

"Yeah, and fast." The needle steadily crept upwards, settling squarely on fifty pounds. "I am literally watching it grow."

"So you're saying my tits weigh about as much as my whole body did an hour ago?"

"You have grown a little."

"Haha, I'm still hungry."

Jeremy called another break and managed to lower himself from the mats as Lauren gobbled the last of the food in the cooler. Lauren wolfed the final two club sandwiches. The reckless abandon which she tore into the food showed her comfort with Jeremy. Knowing he wasn't lusting after her through the camera lens put her somewhat at ease, and it gave the whole photoshoot a more relaxed feel in spite of its being kept on strict time constraints by her steady growth. Jeremy paused to review his recent shots while Lauren helped herself to more protein mix.

"We're not coming back in here, right?"

"No, we gotta head outside for the rest of the shoot."

"Good to know. Can you pop open the wine?"

Jeremy corked both bottles, and Lauren chugged both as he swapped out his camera memory card. "This is your last meal before we head outside, so enjoy it."

Lauren set aside the bottles and laid on the ground, patting her distended belly. Her stomach roared, and she gripped her midsection.

"Wow, that's attractive!" she exclaimed, before watching in fascination as her bulging abdomen visibly receded before her eyes. Her growth rate had peaked, and she could feel herself growing larger, inch by inch, before Jeremy's eyes. She rolled onto her side and closed her eyes. "Oh, I can still feel it too." Her moist skin squeaked across the gym floor as the twenty-foot-long woman lengthened and swelled, smoothly expanding in all directions. Camera in hand, Jeremy took bursts of photos, capturing the satisfaction on her face. He then dropped to one knee and took another series of pictures—each about fifteen seconds apart—which managed to ever-so-slightly capture her remarkable expansion as it happened.

"You ready to go outside? We should probably do so soon since you're going to be twice this height in a half-hour."

"Are you serious?"

"Absolutely. Now, come on. We have to go through the hallway. There's only a little time before you're too big to fit comfortably."

Lauren frowned, but complied, freeing him from the unenviable task of explaining to her why she should listen to someone nearly a third her size and less than a tenth of her mass. Having outgrown every shred of clothing she'd brought with her, she crawled towards the gym entrance and squeezed through the double doors. Lauren fought to suppress the reasonable fear of growing large enough to get stuck in the brick hallway. Regardless, she proved to be enough of a trooper to stop and take one picture of herself curled in the comparatively tiny space. It was a quickie since, at twice the height of the ceiling, the discomfort on her face was authentic.

"We should have taken these earlier," she said, unfurling herself and resuming her trek down the hallway. Her growth was in overdrive, and she'd added at least two feet since exiting the gym. "It's cramped in here."

"We're almost out," Jeremy replied, pushing open the double-doors. To his surprise, he found he'd not accounted for the metal beam dividing the doors. Lauren's shoulders were too broad, and her breasts too pulchritudinous for her to slide through. "If you run into an impasse, don't panic. Give your problem time to solve itself."

"They must have updated the doors since I scouted the location. I guess we'll have to shimmy back through the—"

Lauren's arm shot forward, dislodging the metal crossbar and sending it rocketing outward into the paved lot. She contorted her broad shoulders, passing through diagonally before dropping to her front so the rest of her immensity could clear the double-doorway. In a flash of overconfidence, she tried to slide forward only to have her generous hips snag in the opening. Lauren grunted, snorted, and twisted, and the soft flesh of her hips provided barely enough give to allow her to clear the door.

Jeremy recorded the entire maneuver.

Having extracted herself from the building, Lauren took a deep breath as she and stretched in the open air before letting it out with a grateful sigh. "How tall am I, you think?"

"Best guess, about twenty-five feet."

Lauren bit her lip with excitement. "Jeremy?"


"Can you help me take a selfie?"

Jeremy chuckled. "All I ask is that you don't drop me."

"Girl Scout's honor."

Lauren allowed Jeremy to fall back into her palm, curling in her thumb to keep him in place before raising her him above her head. Jeremy took a moment to let his stomach settle before aiming his camera down at her. "Alright, Lauren. I'm going to say this once tonight, but give me your best selfie pout."

She did as she was told, even flashing a peace sign with her other hand. In the background, the lettering above the school entrance was visible, along with a car parked near the street—the comparative scale of the elements was unmistakable. Lauren lowered him from above her head but did not immediately set him on the ground. Instead, she tilted her arm, allowing the doll-sized man to recline in her arms.

"You're so light! I can barely even feel you." Jeremy didn't reply but continued to snap pictures, trying his best to capture a sense of perspective. "I'm impressed. If I didn't know any better, I'd figure you got held by giant women regularly."

"Nope, I'm just really good at what I do."

Lauren didn't visibly react, which indicated she'd grown large enough to have difficulty hearing him. "You seem awfully cool about holding a grown man in your arms," Jeremy shouted.

"Am I still growing?"

"Yes, but you're probably slowing down. At this point, you're probably still growing several inches per minute. It's more obvious to me than you, I imagine."

"It's funny. I can't tell anymore. I mean, I know things keep getting smaller, but it's like I'm just used to growing now. How weird is that?"

"I don't know, Lauren. How about you tell me how it feels to know you're continually growing bigger?" Jeremy framed the shot of her face as Lauren considered the question.


"It's...really, really cool."


"Like, the most empowering feeling I could have ever imagined. I'm just..."


"—bigger than…"


"—everything," Lauren's eyes and grin widened with delicious excitement.


"Good," Jeremy said, lowering the camera. "I'm glad to see you're enjoying yourself."

Lauren crouched, allowing Jeremy to slide to the ground before standing to her full, towering height. Now over thirty feet tall, Jeremy did not even reach her knees. Lauren did her best to remain focused in spite of the deluge of thoughts racing through her head. Elements of both fear and excitement welled within her, and Jeremy admired the way she maintained her focus.

"Don't be presumptuous: be ready for some people to disappoint you and others to surprise you."

"So, what's next?" she asked.

"How about a little football?" Jeremy yelled, gesturing towards the school stadium, currently under renovation. He'd arranged to have the lights on until 11 PM, and even with only half the lights working, the dated, high-wattage lamps still managed to illuminate the entire field.

"Sounds like fun. Can I give you a lift?"

"Thanks, but no. I would, however, like to take some video of you on your way over."

Lauren seemed disappointed. "Okay, wave your arms when you're ready."

Jeremy offered a thumbs-up, hopped on his bike, and pedaled towards the dilapidated field, which was both locked and blocked off with construction tape. Fortunately, there were enough gaps in the chain-link fence for him to slide through. Reaching the track, he turned around to see Lauren standing with her arms folded, waiting for his signal. The parking lot lights rode roughly at her eye level, providing just enough visibility. He swapped out his memory card for a fresh new one and switched to video mode.

"Go ahead!" he shouted.

Lauren lowered her arms and strode towards the football field with the confident swagger of a runway model. At her current size, her weight surpassed several tons. Though he could feel the ground rumble with each of her footfalls, Jeremy steadfastly held his ground and recorded her approach, snapping a few stills along the way. Reaching the stadium, Lauren effortlessly stepped over the ten-foot fence and headed towards Jeremy, who stood at mid-field. She turned towards the end zone, where she grasped the goal post and circled it. After some self-indulgent sight-seeing, she turned towards Jeremy.

"What should I do?"

"This is the chance of a lifetime," Jeremy shouted to her. "You're forty feet tall, and we have full clearance to demolish the shit out of this place. What do you want to do?"

It didn't take Lauren long to decide. She stood in the end zone and took a single, two-footed leap, landing a few feet short of the twenty-yard line. Jeremy barely managed to keep his footing and promptly sat to keep from losing his balance. Seeing something her size move as quickly and fluidly as she did was dizzying to watch. Her growth rate was well past its peak, but she'd still managed to have grown nearly fifteen feet since emerging from the building.

Heading towards the sideline, Lauren whimsically ripped the sideline bench out of the ground, bringing large chunks of turf with it. She flipped it in her hands a few times before tossing it across the field into the opposing stands. After a moment of consideration, Lauren sat down in the stands. Not only did she smash the bleachers, but her immense body pressed into the hillside, leaving a crater. Laughing, she stood up. Her height now exceeded the field lights, casting her shoulders and face in shadow and making full-body shots difficult. Regardless, she remained gloriously illuminated between residual field lights, the bright moon slowly rising in the sky.

Pleased with her giant-sized frolic, Lauren stepped onto the field and dropped to her knees, then onto her back. She rolled in the fresh grass, remembering cheerleading practice where they would run laps around the track. Now, her fingertips reached past 30-yard line with her toes still firmly in the end zone. Standing in the remaining bleachers, Jeremy took several shots of the magnificent woman stretching a nearly a third the length of the field, before stepping down from the bleachers and heading towards her.

Lauren turned her head towards him. "Would you like a closer look?"

"Dunno," Jeremy replied. "How comfortable are you with me?"

Grinning all the while, Lauren carefully swept Jeremy up again, placing him onto her belly. Once he was sure he had his footing, Jeremy took a few shots of her mind-bogglingly long legs, before turning around to face the most magnificent breasts he'd ever seen. He turned around to see her smiling down at him over the horizon of her bosom, her face partially obscured by a nipple the size of a pint glass.

Eventually, her skin cooled, and her growth halted, leaving her at a staggering (and culturally symbolic) height of almost exactly fifty feet tall. "How long will I stay like this?" Lauren asked, in a thundering whisper.

"How long would you like to stay like this?"

Lauren thought for a moment. "Can I stay like this tonight?"

"I suppose. You'd have to stay here, and I'd have to stay with you."

She gently shifted her head to the side so she could see Jeremy. "Would you do that for me? I'd let you sleep in my hand."

"And you could crush me to a pulp without even knowing it."

"Okay, bad idea." She sighed, still gazing into the sky.

"What's up?"

Lauren took a breath and slowly exhaled. "Ever since I started growing, my mind's been going non-stop. Thoughts are coming and going so fast I can barely keep up."

"What kind of thoughts?"

"It's like my thoughts have grown with me. I've experienced all these new feelings and sensations. I've seen the world from a perspective I never could have imagined. I always used to worry about clothes and Instagram and my hair. Now that I've grown so big, it's like all of it seems so...small."

"So, what do you think about now?"

"I feel closer to the stars, though I'm not any closer at all. I think about the conflicts I've had with people and the conflicts people have with each other, and it all seems so petty. I just want to scoop up a whole crowd of people and tell them how insignificant their problems are when there are things much, MUCH, bigger than them."

"Like you."

"Sure, like me. But also everything. Life, nature, the planet, the sky. I feel like I should have outgrown everything. But that other stuff is still WAY bigger than me. I could be a thousand feet tall, and it would still be way bigger than me."

Her eyes, nearly a foot wide each, held contact with his for a moment before again drifting towards the sky, where she would stare silently for another hour before finally falling asleep. He waited for Lauren to close her eyes and curl onto her side before moving far enough away where he could see all of her and taking his final shots of the evening.

Lauren awoke in the cool grass of the football field, covered in several blankets with a pillow under her head. While she wanted to recoil in horror at sleeping on the ground, she felt oddly peaceful. At the edge of the field, Jeremy was packing his photography equipment, alongside several other bags he'd dragged from the gym. Lauren stood up, taking one comforter with her in a half-hearted effort to cover herself.

"I'm tiny again," Lauren shouted to him.

"Tiny as a relative term," Jeremy replied.

"You would say that," Lauren quipped, though as she drew nearer, she realized her old perspective had not entirely returned. Jeremy stood nearly a half-head shorter than her.

"I warned you there could be side effects. You're around 6'5. I hope you don't mind."

Lauren struggled to suppress a wide, goofy smile as she admired her lengthy legs stretching below her. "I'm quite happy with it all, as well as the work you've done." She kissed him on the forehead.

"Boundaries, hon."

"Oh, shut up." Lauren gave him a playful shove. "Not even eight hours ago, you were standing on my tit. And speaking of those..." She pressed her bountiful cleavage together between her knuckles. "I guess fashion modeling will have to do some growing to catch up with me."

"Hey, at least you shouldn't have any back problems."

Lauren flexed an arm, impressed by her increased muscle size and definition "Forget cheerleading. Maybe I'll red-shirt the volleyball team." A thought seemed to leap to the front of her mind. "Or maybe, I'll do...something else."

"Oh? Has the last day given you a little more perspective?"

"It has. Yesterday, I barely thought I was qualified to model. Now, I feel like there's much more I could do."

"Is it the new inches?"

"Those are great, but it's more than that. I feel like there's more out there for me." Lauren pursed her lips in frustration. "It's hard to explain."

"Sky's the limit."

"It truly is." Her eyes glowed with enthusiasm, and she suddenly embraced him in a massive hug. "Thank you, Jeremy. Thank you for showing me that."

Jeremy squeezed her back, patting her on the side. "No problem. It's what I do."

"And you're damned good at it."

Lauren let him go and wiped her moist eyes. "I'll see you later." She grabbed her bag from near the bleachers and headed towards the parking lot, clad in only a blanket hanging from her shoulders. She'd gotten nearly halfway to her car when she whirled around and jogged back towards him.

"I can't believe I almost forgot my phone!" She snagged it from the end of the bleachers and gave Jeremy a final wink. He watched her climb into her car and adjusted the driver's seat all the way back before driving away.

"Whenever you can, try and leave them with more than what they asked for."

Jeremy packed his camera, dusted his lenses, and meticulously placed them in their cases. With his gear and supplies packed up, he pulled his hatchback around, packed everything in, and shut the doors and trunk. Heading around to the driver's side, Jeremy paused to take a final look at the body-shaped crater in the hillside. A smile crossed his lips as he started his car, pulled out of the parking lot, and drove away from the school.

He had a ton of photos to go through.