"So, I'm Big Now"

Image by AmGiPi

Sean was excited to get home.

 He and his girlfriend Carrie argued the morning he departed for his three-day conference. Carrie worked part-time at the library while earning her data science degree. Much to Sean's frustration, more late study sessions meant less intimacy. Sean eventually questioned why she even needed a career when he made enough money for the both of them. Livid, she refused to speak to him any further and he left without a kiss goodbye.

Carrie called the morning of his second day and the two made up over breakfast. Soon after she began sending pictures of herself. Kissy face shots progressed to bare thighs, close-up cleavage, and eventually a nearly-nude overhead selfie the morning of his return flight.

The images nearly drove him mad but did not remotely prepare him for what would greet him upon his return.

Carrie towered in the middle of the living room, her chestnut hair brushing against the popcorn ceiling. Sean gaped at up at her immense breasts—each significantly larger than his head—and breathtaking hips that flared to twice the width of his shoulders. Ready to burst with excitement, Carrie gestured down at her magnificent new body.

"So, uh, I'm big now!"

Sean shook his head, mouth agape. "H-how?"

Carrie frowned, putting a hand on her hip. "How? What does it matter? Don't I look great?"

"You—you can't go to work like that!"

"Pssh! There are no rules at the library about being nine feet tall. I'll get some proper big girl clothes and go to work like I always do." She folded her arms under her breasts eliciting an eruption of cleavage. "You always said you wanted me to do what makes me happy."

Sean shook his head, still in shock. "This makes you happy?

"Incredibly," Carrie gushed, radiant with pride. "I never imagined I could feel so empowered!" Raising up on her toes, she pressed her head against the ceiling until a spider web of cracks appeared.

"Whoops!" she giggled. "I guess I'm still getting bigger!"

Sean shook his head. He had no words.

"You don't have to say anything, Sean," she said stepping forward. Sean maintained his dignity and managed to hold his ground as her imposing—yet smiling—form closed on him. "It's something else, though. From my perspective, everything is smaller, but I must look HUGE from your point-of-view, huh?

"Yeah," Sean said. "It's really...something."

Carrie knelt down in front of him, her body enveloping the space around him and making Sean feel like a child. "Sean, you've done everything for me. Now I found something I can do for myself and you."

"It's, great," Sean said.

"You do like it, don't you?"

"I do," Sean said, quickly.

Carrie narrowed her eyes at him questioningly, before a grin snuck back onto her face. "That's good to hear," she said. Rising to her feet again, the top of her head broke through the ceiling, sending down a small cascade of sheetrock.

"Because the best is yet to come!"