Dream Big


From my desk across the room, I watched as Caprice tugged, pressed, poked, and lifted until her umber cleavage overflowed her scoop-neck collar. Tossing an errant dark curl out of her face, she straightened and grinned as she snapped a selfie.


In the year since graduation, I'd managed to turn my college internship into a full-time programming gig. Caprice, however, struggled to find steady employment, and the onset of a global pandemic only made things worse. Unemployed and teetering on the brink of despair, she pivoted her efforts to social media, where her natural charm, infectious smile, and buxom figure had already gained her a steady following.

Posting the image, she giggled as the likes rolled in. I peeked over my monitor. "Another winner?"

"I'm almost at 5,000 watchers! If this keeps up, I could reach a million by Fall!"

I laughed. "I don't know about that. It would take a pretty alarming growth rate to get you that far."

"Oh, ye of little faith. In fact, something tells me 5,000 is my magic number."

"What makes you say that?" I said, having heard similar pronouncements from her at two-, three-, and four thousand.

"Everything! Engagement stats, comments, that cryptic DM from an account that disappeared without a trace—"

"Wait, what?"

Her phone vibrated, and she whooped, jumping to her feet. "Five thousand!" She bounded over and threw her arms around my neck, pulling me in for a celebratory kiss. "Now, if you'll excuse me. I think my fans have earned a bikini pic." Watching her saunter away, I noticed her soft, curvy frame looking a little fuller than usual. She turned, catching me staring, and winked.

"Just you wait. I'm gonna be huge!"

She wasn't wrong.


It wasn't long before I began to notice changes. While I expected her increasing popularity to inflate her ego, her body seemed to be growing along with it. At first, I thought it was my imagination, but the truth eventually looked me in the eyes, with a naughty smirk.

"Notice anything different about me?" Caprice asked, her excitement palpable.

"Did you get—?"

"15,000 watchers!" she announced proudly.

"No, it's more than that. You're taller!"

She laughed. "You're crazy."

"Caprice, I'm 5'10". You're supposed to be 5'7", but we're the same height!"

Her face lit up with realization. "That explains everything! My pants are riding up, my shirts are too small, and my boobs are out of control!"

Fighting the distraction of her shirt stretched to near-transparency, I took her by the shoulders. "Okay, try not to pan—"

"My fans are going to flip!" Caprice shouted, darting to the bathroom. By the time I arrived, she'd already started recording.

"Hey, everyone! Guess who's three whole inches taller? I even gained some up top as well." She turned to the side, showing off her remarkable profile. "If you want to see more, keep liking and sharing!" She posted the video, then turned to me and planted a kiss on my lips, her plush breasts smashed between us.

My concerns were many, but it was nice to see her happy.


...but that was nothing compared to the relief of finally getting her out of the house.

Even gone, Caprice still dominated my thoughts. Having all 6'7" of her parading around half-naked, flaunting her ever-ripening curves, was distracting enough. Imagining the countless ways she could be making mischief in public was almost worse.

My breath caught in my throat as I heard her pull up outside, followed by her unmistakable silhouette passing by the window. The door opened and Caprice ducked in, holding six grocery bags in her long arms.

"Did everything go okay?" I said, stepping out of her way.

"It was a trip!" she gushed, removing her mask. "Everyone's so little! The tallest person I saw barely came up to my boobs. I haven't been out in so long, I'd started to convince myself it was you and the apartment that was shrinking!"

"No, you're definitely growing," I said, ducking to avoid running face-first into her protuberant bust.

"I'm pretty sure the selfie I took while towering above everyone in the checkout line bumped me up to 65,000 followers!"

"Caprice," I pleaded. "You've grown twelve inches in barely a month. This can't be healthy."

"Oh, I think I'm plenty healthy." She shimmied her shoulders, her breasts crashing against each other within her strained blouse. Noticing my concern, Caprice crouched next to me, placing a large hand on my shoulder. "Please, let me just have this." When I still looked unsure, she pressed my face into her bosom, her thick, dark curls tumbling down around me.

"The moment I feel anything less than amazing, you'll be the first to know."


"I feel incredible."

Caprice's smooth baritone voice carried down the hall to where I laid in bed, trying to ignore her flirty message to 155,000 adoring admirers.

"I was hardly small to start with, and last month I was bigger, but I never imagined I would ever get huge!" Her fans had taken a particular liking to her filming in the bathroom, where her substantial form dominated the small space.

"Remember to like and share! Your love makes me grow!"

A familiar thud indicated her head had struck the eight-foot ceiling. "Ow! I love you guys too!"

There was a brief pause as she posted the video. Soon, I heard the hardwood creaking as she shuffled her way to the bedroom. She crouched low to clear the doorframe, her broad hips and shoulders leaving mere inches of clearance on either side.

"Are you ready for me?" she purred.

I wasn't, but I said 'yes' anyway.

"I hope so," she said, swinging a leg onto the bed. She straddled me, grimacing as the steel beams groaned under her weight. Effectively pinned, I was unable to see her face, only the underside of her bust. "Because this big girl is about to take good care of you."


Caprice easily handled my entire weight, grinding my whole body against her core. While still willing and enjoying the ride, I was exhausted and spent ten minutes ago. Her moans increased in frequency, and she climaxed—suddenly and explosively—sending her foot through the wall and drenching me in her fluids. She let me go, and I rolled onto the broken remains of our couch.

Catching her breath, Caprice rose onto her elbows and surveyed the damage. With her having grown two feet and more than doubled her weight since June, the bed, couches, and chairs had fallen victim to her increasing size and strength. She chuckled. "Looks like I've outgrown our 'spacious' apartment."

Incapable of speech, I nodded.

"My parents are out of the country, so I suppose we could relocate to their place. The ceilings are higher, and they recently renovated the adjacent barn into a guest house. She poked me in the ribs. You'd have your office, and I'd have mine."

I grunted my approval. It would certainly be easier to code without a voluptuous, naked, eleven-foot-tall giantess crawling around.

Caprice handed me her phone, the device looking tiny in her huge hands. "Hey, help me take a video." She covered herself in a blanket and knelt amidst the wreckage of our apartment. "We're not getting our security deposit back, so I may as well get a good post out of it. I have 300,000 followers to satsify, after all."

Accepting the phone from her, I framed the shot and pressed record.


"So, what do you guys think of my new pad?"

I watched her live stream from my office on the second level of the adjacent main house. Her thundering voice and heavy footfalls made her seem much closer.

At fourteen feet tall, Caprice could make it only halfway across the room before her head struck the vaulted ceiling. Her legs alone were longer than the couch, making it and the rest of the furniture look child-sized. 10XL athletic wear was all that fit her anymore. The shorts clung to her hips and butt like a second skin, and the t-shirt—large enough to reach my knees—stretched taut across her shoulders and bust, baring her midriff. Eager to please, she'd torn open the collar, displaying a good eighteen inches of astounding cleavage.

"I miss my old place, but outgrowing it was a thrill." The edges of her lips pulled up with glee. She scooted on her knees towards the camera above the door.

"On my way out here, I did run into one guy at a gas station. I'd stepped out to stretch my legs when I noticed him watching as I leaned against the van with my butt nearly on the roof. He was cute, so I bent down until my tits were level with his nose and gave him a long look." 

Caprice re-enacted the maneuver, her heavenly breasts filling the screen before she backed off, smiling thoughtfully. "He was cute. I hope I see him again."

I shut my laptop and headed downstairs.


I laid on her belly, my head brushing the underside of her boobs while her pubic hair tickled my toes. Beneath me, Caprice lay naked on her back. The camera mounted above us captured her torso, barely omitting her nipples.

"I'm five feet too tall for the twelve-foot ceiling. I'm too long for two beds put together. I'm even getting too heavy for the floor! Do you know how it feels to outgrow an entire room?"

I felt the sudden weight of her arm as she reached between her legs.

"Positively sublime."

The piquant aroma of her heat filled the air.

"You guys love it, too. Don't you?"

The screen exploded with red hearts, and she moaned as a familair sensation welled within her.

"725,000 watchers! You make me feel like a goddess!"

Caprice stretched an inch taller, adding dozens of pounds in an instant. Her booming laughter rattled the windows, and she rocked back and forth, the frame of the house creaking as her tonnage sank into the floor. Satisfied, she draped a warm, musky hand over me.

"One million, here we come!"

She blew a kiss to her fans and ended the video.


"Hello, everyone!"

Standing in the dirt path in front of the house, Caprice waved to where I stood behind the camera in the second-story bedroom window. The motion loosened her bed sheet bikini, and she paused to readjust the two hundred pounds of bosom packed into her top.

"I'm proud to announce, as of this morning, I've reached one million followers! I never imagined I would make it this far, or stand taller than a two-story building. I guess it pays to dream big!"

Her calf brushed against her father's truck, nudging it partially off the ground.

"Thank you for your likes, shares, and follows. Most of all, thank you for sticking with me. You keep me going, and I wouldn't have done it without your support. I love you all more than you could imagine."

I wiped my eyes and continued filming.

"With your support, by next year, I'm gonna make it to a billion!"

A chill ran down my spine, and I felt a hollowness in the pit of my stomach.

It would take a pretty alarming growth rate…

Her focus had drifted ever so slightly upward, now fixed on me. "Do you think I can do it?"

Stepping up to the window, I raised two thumbs into the air and nodded enthusiastically. Caprice smiled, then looked to the sky, imagining the eyes of the world on her.

"Just you wait. I'm gonna be huge!"