Muscle Milk

Carly had not intended to go this far.

It started out as a stunt to entertain her friend Sara—chugging a carton of her ex-boyfriend's fermented Muscle Milk she'd found in a box behind the couch in the living room. Kicking her head back, Carly polished off a carton of the warm, thick liquid in under a minute. Soon after, a burning sensation welled in her belly that slowly spread to her entire body. Her skin grew warm and her soft layer of fat melted away, only to be replaced by chiseled definition. Her blouse and jeans then grew skintight as her arms and legs thickened and bulged with freshly grown muscle.

Thrilled by her transformation, Carly immediately dug into a second carton. Sara meanwhile watched in horrified awe as her friend's physique blossomed from respectable to impressive to unbelievable. Despite her terror, Sara could not help but admire Carly's remarkable breasts which visibly engorged with every gulp. Lost in the blissful haze of growth Carly tossed an empty carton aside and grabbed a third. The sound of straining cotton was music to her ears, as her wardrobe struggled to accommodate her body's relentless expansion. Knowing she would not be satisfied until she'd outgrown her clothes, she reached for a third serving. Through the haze of her joy, she heard Sara pleading with her to stop. The louder voice inside Carly, however, easily drowned her out. She knew something magnificent was happening. If she stopped now, perhaps she would never find this again.

Having made quick work of the fourth carton, Carly attempted to reach for a fifth but struggled, as her increased mass had begun to hinder her mobility. Seemingly in response, her body abruptly stretched taller. Carly laughed with delight as her lengthened limbs created more room for her muscles as they inflated ever larger. Her biceps and chest led the charge, their sheer size having rendered her blouse an afterthought. Deep grooves cut through her chiseled midsection down to legs as thick, solid, and bare as tree trunks. She'd even destroyed her shoes, the canvas no match for her surging toes.

After the fifth carton, Carly finally paused, though the gallon of liquid she'd already consumed continued heaping more bulk onto her frame. Her breaths grew heavy, but not remotely labored—nothing would ever labor her again. The hazy euphoria of her growth settled into a pleasant sense of delight. Even with Sara screaming behind her, Carly felt serene. Standing a towering seven feet tall with a body that would make a Titaness weep, the sheer power she now possessed left her the precipice of ecstasy.

She noticed the carton in her hand, as well as the remaining fifteen cartons in the box.

A half hour ago the biggest thing on her mind was her friend's breakup. Now she was easily the strongest person on the planet. Would she dare push it further? Carly smiled and, with the slightest twitch of her fingers, popped the carton open.

Originally Published March 10, 2019