Grace, Full of Mary

"Jared? Jared Wilkin, is that you?

Recognizing the voice instantly, Jared's breath caught in his throat. Making matters worse, Grace noticed his reaction to the voice. Taking a moment to breathe, Jared turned around doing his best to prepare for the sight that would greet him. Despite her appearance making her near-impossible to miss, the tall brunette waved her arms wildly to get his attention, her crystal blue eyes nearly visible even from across the parking lot. She jogged towards the two of them, setting her assets into alluring motion. Jared couldn't help but stare.

"And who might this be?' Grace asked.

"Um, I'm not..."

The girl continued waving as she approached, shouting all the way. "Jared! Jared! It's me! Mary!"

"Mary?" Grace asked with a questioning look.

"It's Mary!" The girl shouted again bounding towards them and planting herself before the two of them.

"Mary!" Jared said, in a weak attempt to match her enthusiasm.

"Oh wow! Jared, it's so great to see you!"

"Likewise!" Jared said. 

As he remembered, Mary's mere presence emitted a strong, radiant energy. Even her strappy, flat sandals she stood a half-head taller than Jared and over a foot taller than Grace. She grasped Jared by the shoulders and pulled him in for a tight embrace. Jared tried his best to ignore the pleasant sensation of her soft chest compressing between them as he patted her on the back a few times. She held firm, squeezing him tighter before letting out an exuberant 'squee' and pulling away.

"God, Jared it's been years! What have you been up to?"

"Not much. After graduating from Stenson I moved back to Northshore where—"

"—where you couldn't bother to call any of your old friends? Seriously, you're only, like, an hour away. Everyone's been asking about you. Kelly, Mandy, Sara, Justine, Miranda..."

"Mary!" Jared exclaimed. "I should probably introduce you to—"

"Oh!" Mary uttered in genuine surprise. "I didn't even notice you there sweetie." Mary crouched slightly, and placed her hands on her knees. "And who is this little lady?"

"Mary, this is my fiancee, Grace. We were out doing a little grocery shopping and—"

"Fiancee?" Somehow, Mary's blue eyes managed to brighten even more. "You're engaged? Well it's a pleasure to meet you!" Mary offered her hand, and Grace accepted.

"Oh, it's nice to meet you, Mary. Jared's told me so much about you."

"Really? All good things I hope." Both girls looked expectantly at Jared, who smiled back weakly.

"All good things."

"Well, that's good to hear. He and I go way back, and we've had our share of ups and downs over the years." Mary gazed upwards, as if recalling her past in vivid detail. "We certainly had our share of adventures..."

"Mary! Grace and I really must be going. It was nice seeing you. Perhaps we'll run into you again sometime."

"I should hope so!" Mary said with a wink. Jared nearly choked on his tongue, though he heard Grace laughing softly next to him, which put him a tad at ease.

"We should get together sometime," Grace said. "It could be nice to hear some old stories about Jared."

"I could tell you plenty." Both girls again looked at Jared who shrugged nervously, and wiped his forehead.

"We've got to be going!" Jared repeated, glancing at Grace. "It was nice to see you again Mary."

"It was nice to see you, Jared. Grace, it was nice meeting you as well. Congratulations to you both!" Mary nodded towards Grace, who smiled back politely. "I'll let you two get going now, bye!" Mary turned and sauntered away, and Jared couldn't help but watch, until Grace tugged on his arm. Looking down at Grace, Jared feared the worst, but her neutral expression showed only a hint of concern.



"...we forgot to get sunscreen."

Jared blinked a few times. "Sunscreen? Don't we have sunscreen?"

"We're almost out. Could you run back in and get some?"

Suspicious, Jared studied Grace for a moment. "Why me?"

"Because you have your wallet, silly! My purse is back in the truck."

"Oh, uh, sure!" Jared backed away towards the grocery store, before turning and jogging in the entrance. He gave Grace one final glance before heading through the automatic sliding doors.

Mary was about to climb into her car when she felt a tapping on her lower back. She turned around, and saw no one, before glancing down and seeing Grace, who smiled brightly. With her pixie-ish face, large brown eyes, and wide smile, she could certainly see how Jared could fall for her.

"Oh! Hello, Grace."

"Mary, was it?"

"Yes." Mary pulled a lock of dark hair behind her ear. "Jared and I are old, um, friends."

"I know."

"Oh? Well, I'm nothing to be concerned about. It's all history now. The past is the past." Mary paused for a moment. "He can be quite a handful, I'm sure you know. I imagine he's calmed down a bit since college."

"Calmed down, you say?"

Mary rolled her eyes dramatically. "Oh, I had the darnedest time controlling his wandering eyes. I figured if anyone could do it, I could," Mary gestured down at her body. "But the boy could not be tamed." Mary seemed to catch herself, and looking down at the cute little brunette in a bright yellow summer dress, her innocent expression showing not a hint of jealousy. "Well, it's nice to see him settling...down."

Mary caught a flicker of emotion in Grace's eyes, but it was gone before she could place it.

"Yes," Grace said. "I like to think he's found what he's looking for."

Mary giggled, before grinning and patting Grace on the shoulder. "Well, anyways. Good luck with him. It was nice meeting you," Mary said, turning to leave. She took a step, before she felt her leg pull out from beneath her and she flopped to the ground face first with a smack. Dazed, Mary looked behind her to find Grace, who held her foot in her hand at the ankle.

"Did you just trip me?" she asked. Grace said nothing as she moved closer, still cradling Mary's foot, and now ankle in her hand. She ran her index finger along Mary's calf with admiration. Mary tried tugging her foot away, but Grace held her leg firmly in place with a single hand.

"You really have beautiful skin."

"Um, what are you doing?"

"The past is the past."

In one fluid motion, Grace sucked Mary's entire left foot—shoe and all—into her mouth. Looking back over her shoulder, Mary gasped, mute with horror at the sight of the girl who had inhaled her foot up to the ankle with little effort or concern. Before her shock had even fully registered, Grace tugged her closer, swallowing her leg up to the knee.

"Oh my God!" Mary screamed. "Stop! Stop!" Mary clawed frantically at the ground to try to escape, but was unable to pull away from the small girl. In the meantime, Grace steadily made her way forward, her mouth and throat widening to encompass Mary's long, bronzed leg. Mary wildly kicked her free leg, but found it difficult to aim properly in her panic. Grace batted the leg away as she moved up to Mary's upper thigh, savoring the salty taste of Mary's skin slipping across her tongue.

With the entirety of Mary's left leg swallowed, Grace pushed the other upward towards her face, feeling the dull satisfying snap of a now-disjointed hip. Mary wailed in unimaginable pain, but Grace only continued her consumption, stretching her mouth ever-wider to encompass Mary's shapely hips and rear, which slipped satisfyingly across her wet lips. Even in the midst of her agony Mary moaned as the sensation of Grace's warm tongue running between her legs, nearly brought her senses to tilt. Abandoning her struggle, Mary relished the warmth enveloping her ingested body, feeling a twinge of gratitude that Grace had not used her teeth.

Having now swallowed more than half of Mary's body, Grace dropped to her knees to continue inhaling her now-complacent prey. She inhaled sharply, sucking her in, but stopped short of Mary's magnificent breasts—she'd want to savor those. Grace widened her jaw, allowing her tongue to run along and across their pulchritude, before sitting back and pulling herself upright, allowing Mary's lengthy torso slither down her throat into her belly. Grace swallowed Mary up to the neck, pausing to savor the last of her prey. Her body now completely numb, Mary gazed deliriously into the blue sky before all went black.

Where the heck is Grace?

Jared sat in the truck, tapping nervously on the steering wheel. He'd retrieved the sunscreen, but when he returned to the truck, he found their grocery bags sitting on the ground and Grace nowhere to be found. He'd loaded the groceries and called Grace's phone, which rang from inside her purse stowed under the passenger seat. After a few minutes of waiting he heard a shuffling on the passenger side. Recognizing the top of Grace's head, he unlocked the door and swung the passenger door open. He leaned over to ask where she had been, but upon seeing her, his mouth dropped open in shock and terror.

Grace appeared to be struggling with an immense mass stuffed underneath her dress. If he didn't know better, he have assumed she was nine months pregnant with quadruplets. Without a word, she hoisted herself upwards, but her ponderous belly sided with gravity and tugged her back down to the ground. Grace frowned and adjusted the seat as far back as it would go to give her more clearance before heaving herself upwards yet again. Jared flinched at the round, yellow mass headed his way, before Grace shifted her weight to the side and fell backwards into her seat. Even with the chair reclined and pushed back, the front of her belly pressed into the dashboard. She exhaled, shut the door, and relaxed.

"Wha...what is that?" Jared shouted, pointing at her.

"Hm? Oh, you mean this?" She asked coyly, rubbing her hand atop her vast, protruding stomach.

"Yes, that! What happened to you?"

Grace smiled as she ran her hands over her now-expansive body. After a moment, she turned her head towards him, pride glistening in her wide brown eyes.

"Don't worry, honey. I just made sure that bitch would never say 'hi' to you again."

"Wait, what?"

She scrunched her eyes shut as a loud gurgling erupted from her massive tummy, reverberating through the cab of the vehicle.

"Ooooh, it's time!" Grace said, with a giggle.

"Time for what? What are you..."

"Shhhh..." Grace uttered, her face glowing with serenity. "Watch."

Before his eyes, Grace's small breasts blossomed outwards into handfuls, easily overflowing the top of her dress and coming to rest on her large, but receding belly. Her dark brown hair lightened to a bright auburn, the rich locks cascading down her shoulders even as her head rose upwards until it struck the roof of the cab, causing her to crouch slightly. Her legs thickened and stretched longer and longer, forcing Grace to bend her knees as they struck the dashboard. She pulled her knees inward, where they collided with her expanded breasts, filling the space her now-receded belly once occupied. As suddenly as it began, her growth ceased. Even folded uncomfortably as she was in the seat, she managed to twist her head towards Jared and open her eyes, which now shone a shimmering, crystal blue. Jared stared, speechless, and Grace grinned naughtily. 

"Jared, honey, let's go home."

Originally published July 22, 2014