There's An App for That

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Chapter 9

The drone of the evening news provided sufficient white noise as Rachelle settled into the budget hotel room. She unpacked her clothes from the shopping bags and spread them out on the bed, carefully removing the tags and stickers. Her mother once advised her that losing oneself in routine is an effective strategy for dealing with chaos. The whole purpose of the trip had been to relax and enjoy the final sunny days of the season with a trip to the beach. At this point, she could only imagine the ruckus she and her companions might cause on a public beach. Reminded of her modified appearance, she looked up, estimating barely a foot of clearance remaining between the top of her head and the eight-foot ceiling. Given her current height and inch-per-hour growth rate, by this time tomorrow she'd be picking stucco out of her hair.

For now, she pushed those thoughts aside and concentrated on folding and hanging clothes, with far more focus than the task deserved. She preferred to clear her head with a menial task than dwell on the shit-show her companions had caused at the mall. After smashing through the mall doors, Amanda had sprinted for nearly fifteen minutes while Chloe, tucked under her arm, screamed herself hoarse. Rachelle drove around for over an hour, calling them repeatedly before Amanda finally picked up and directed her to a 7-11 three miles away where they hid in-between two dumpsters. Amanda picked them up, and they silently drove the final few miles to the Motel 6 where they checked in, this time without incident.

Chloe and Amanda sat silently on the bed, glued to breaking television news depicting the disaster they'd left behind them. Amanda sat with her legs open, her skirt pitching upwards over her uncooperative new appendage. She'd torn the sleeves off of her t-shirts to give her brawny shoulders some breathing room, and self-consciously folded her arms in futile attempt to minimize her bulk. The comparatively tiny Chloe pouted, her short legs hanging off the edge of the mattress, falling inches short of the ground. A blue streak of swearing while being carried like a football for several blocks under Amanda's arm had reduced her to a diminutive, yet obscenely curvy 4'1", but the predicament only appeared to have chipped her pride.

"You two are awfully quiet," Rachelle said.

"I figured you'd be upset for, you know, that." Chloe pointed to the television, which displayed a banner across the bottom of the screen reading WHAT HAPPENED? in red block letters. Black and white camera footage of Amanda—her face hidden—bursting through the glass doors played back repeatedly on the screen. Witnesses debated both Amanda's gender (her genitalia blurred in the security footage) as well as whether the object under her arm was a child, a small person, a large doll, or an animal of some kind, with one eyewitness asserting the screeching couldn't possibly have come from a human.

Rachelle gave a dismissive wave to the television. "There's not much to be done about that. Be grateful the cameras didn't catch either of your faces."

Chloe snorted. "Yeah, we were moving pretty fast, and I'm pretty sure the mall security gal who busted in on us in the stall was too distracted by Amanda's monster schlong to take note of either of our faces." Chloe grinned and playfully kicked Amanda's leg. Amanda recoiled, saying nothing, but agitatedly tugged down her skirt to hide her glory, which gratefully began to drop from attention. Her massive form sulked further down as she glumly listed to another eyewitness account from a boy in his late teens.

"I heard this screaming and this big tranny blasts through the door. It was scary. His junk was hanging out and everything. What a weirdo." The interviews went on, with Amanda visibly wincing with each unflattering comment. Rachelle noticed Amanda's discomfort and abruptly switched off the TV. By this point, Amanda had buried her face in her hands.

"Mandy, don't get bent out of shape about it."

"I'm a giant pervy freak," Amanda cried.

Chloe rubbed Amanda's leg condescendingly. "Look on the bright side, you're only the second biggest freak in the room."

Rachelle shot Chloe an accusatory glare. "Can you please give it a rest for a second?"

"Give it rest?" Chloe exclaimed. "Come on, when's the last time you've seen anyone that looks like any of us? We're grade-A Barnum and Bailey material. Rach, you're morphing into a 60-foot Kardashian, Amanda's an NFL linebacker with an estrogen imbalance, and I'm a Hobbit with T&A taking up a third of my body mass. There's no way we can go out in public again."

"I don't want to be a freak," Amanda whined.

"It's a little late for that, hon."

"But, what if we're stuck like this? I can't live my life like this!"

"I told you before," Rachelle said, in the most disarming tone she could muster. "It's only a game, so—"

"—so calm the fuck down," Chloe finished.

"Shut up!" Amanda shouted, tears streaming from her eyes. "I don't want to be like this anymore! I don't want people staring at me like I'm some kind of monster. I want to be normal. This is too much!"

Rachelle approached Amanda slowly. "Mandy, calm down. We're all in this together."

"No, we're not!" Amanda countered, closing the distance between her and Rachelle, and shouting upwards into her face. "It's easy for you to be all positive. You're a giant supermodel, you could walk out of here and everyone would love you. It must be nice to be the center of attention for the first time in your life."

"Mandy!" Chloe interjected, dropping down from the bed and tugging Amanda's t-shirt from behind. "Chill out, you're being a—"

"I told you to SHUT UP!!!" Amanda shouted, whirling around and casting the diminutive Chloe in her imposing shadow. "I'm sick of this, Chloe! I'm sick of your snarky comments and crap attitude. You sit back and talk about everyone like we're your personal circus. Why don't you grow up and fess up the shitty person you are?"

Remarkably, Chloe held her ground. "What the hell is the matter with you? Sit down."

"You sit down!" Amanda shouted, picking up her leg and nudging Chloe backwards with her foot. Chloe tried to grabbed wildly for the bed to steady herself, but gravity took hold of her expanded lower half and pulled her to the ground onto her back. Amanda raised her foot above Chloe, whose eyes went wide with terror.

"What are you doing? You wouldn't—" Chloe gasped as a foot as long as her torso pressed the air out of her body. "You fucking maniac!" she croaked.

"Not so funny now, are you?"

"Whatever!" Chloe spat. "Go ahead and crush me you giant bitch!"

"You two, stop it!" Rachelle shouted, concerned for Chloe's safety and Amanda's sanity.

"She can stay under my foot until she apologizes."

Handily pinned underneath Amanda's foot, Chloe still sneered defiantly. "I can smell your junk from down here, you mutated nympho," she hissed, her face red from strain. "Crush me if you want, but you'll still *urk* be a freak." The pressure on lungs and chest grew increasingly constricting, but she audaciously held firm. Rachelle stepped forward, in another attempt to calm Amanda down.

"I know this is frustrating, but freaking out isn't going to help. I get it, you have a penis and you aren't quite as...petite as before. You know what? I'm seven and a half feet tall, and getting taller every hour. Regardless what I look like, in another day local police are going to be hunting me with tranquilizer guns and a cage."

Amanda continued to hold Chloe underfoot with an almost playful malice. She gritted her teeth and pressed down again. "I'm tired of being a freak. I don't want to do this anymore—I want to be—OW!!!" A sharp pain in her toe sent her reeling backward, losing her balance and falling back onto the bed. Finally freed from her confines, Chloe rolled onto her side, panting and wheezing as she caught her breath. All the while, her body shrank several inches in response to her poor language choices. She grumbled to herself as she adjusted her increasingly loose wardrobe.

"Ugh. I hope you're happy, Princess. I'm a flippin' munchkin now."

"You bit me! I can't believe you bit me!"

"Keep your toes away from my mouth next time. You should have crushed me when you had the chance."

"I wasn't going to crush you, I just wanted to scare you a little. You didn't have to bite me!"

"Whatever. I knew you didn't have it in you, Blondie. I don't care how much testosterone your have coursing through your veins. You may be able to bench-press a pickup truck, but you're still a powder puff when it counts."

Rachelle smiled and stood up from the bed. She assessed each her two companions, each still licking their respective wounds. "So, are you guys through?"

"We better be, I don't need to get any smaller." Chloe pulled herself to her feet, and gazed up with wonder at Rachelle who now stood more than twice her height. Now below four feet tall, Chloe now stood roughly the height of Rachelle's inseam. Rachelle crouched down, placing her hands on her knees, before squatting all the way down and meeting Chloe at eye level.

"Look our best bet at this time is to stay the course. I know it's crazy, but I have a feeling if we see this through, it'll be okay in the end."

"But what if it isn't?" Amanda asked.

"Then we'll share a cage at the circus." Rachelle smiled and patted Amanda on the leg, and stood up, heading back to her suitcase. "Sound like a plan?"

"Sure," Amanda said, smiling as she watched Chloe struggle with her small legs to climb onto the bed. "Whose turn is it?"

"I think you took the last turn when you grew a dick," Chloe said, pulling herself onto the bed. "So it should be Rachelle's."

Rachelle groaned. "Figures. Fine, Chloe, give me your phone."

Chloe reached in her pocket and pulled out a phone, but it wasn't hers. She held it questioningly before realization hit her. "Oh yeah! Amanda, this is yours. We switched when I left to go shopping and left you two in the dressing room."

"We switched phones..."

"Yeah, we switched. Hand it over so Rach can take another spin. Ten dollars says she'll grow body hair. What do you think?" Chloe awaited response from Amanda, but her face had gone pale.

"I lost the phone." Amanda blurted. "Oh fuck, I left the phone in the bathroom at the mall. We have to go get it!"

"We can't go back there. They're still questioning people and we're hardly inconspicuous. I mean, you can't see it on the cameras, but I'm pretty sure they'd recognize the amazon bodybuilder hermaphrodite and her miniature friend."

"How are we supposed to get it? Are they even letting people in or out?"

A ringtone sounded, and Rachelle looked down at her own phone which displayed a number with an area code she didn't recognize. She picked it up and answered.


"Is this Rachelle?"

"Yeah, is this…Devin?"

"Sweet! I was a little scared you'd left me a fake number."

"Who's Devin?" Amanda mouthed. Rachelle waved her off.

"Devin, where are you?"

"At the mall still. They didn't let people out right away, so I—"

"Can you do me a huge favor?"

"Maybe, what's going on?"

"My friend left her phone in the women's restroom across from Sears. It has a black and purple cover on it. You think you can get it?"

"You want me to go into the women's bathroom to find her phone?"

"Okay, yeah. That's weird. Maybe you can find someone else who'll—"

"It's cool. I pledged for a frat once. This is far from the strangest thing I've done...wait, scratch that, I'd actually like to see you again. No, I've never done anything stranger than this."

Rachelle laughed. "Don't worry about it. I haven't lost my respect for you...yet."

"Good. I'm in the ladies bathroom by the way. Wow, the floor in here is crazy sticky..."

"Don't worry about it!" Rachelle said, a little too quickly. "Just see if—"

"It's in the handicapped stall, near the toilet. Was the screen always cracked?"

"The screen is cracked?"

Hearing this, Chloe's eyes widened with alarm and Amanda reddened with guilt. Chloe smacked her firmly on the arm. "Now you're breaking my stuff? Come on!"

"I was distracted!" Amanda exclaimed.

Rachelle shushed the two."Does it still work?" she asked.

"It seems like it. A little harder to read, that's all."

Rachelle let out a sigh of relief. She turned around to see Amanda easily warding off a flurry of blows from the miniature Chloe, both of them laughing. The scene put Rachelle at ease, a welcome feeling after everything that had happened so far that day. Chloe and Amanda were back on normal terms, Devin had found the missing phone, and she'd get to see him again. Things were taking a turn for the better, it seemed.

"Wow, that's the most useless lock code I've ever seen."

"Lock code?" Rachelle repeated aloud, turning to Chloe who shook her head. "Chloe doesn't have a lock code, are you sure it's the right phone? Purple and black case?"

"Yup. It asked me to put in my name, auto-filled it, and let me in. Now I have to shake it."

"Shake it? What are you—" Rachelle overheard a familiar drum roll sound. "Shit! Don't do that!"

"Why? Am I ruining someone's saved game?"

"Devin. This is important. What does the screen say?" She overheard Devin muttering something to himself."

"It's sounds like a poem."

"Read it to me. Now."

Welcome, Player 4, brand new

Dive right in with a switcheroo!

"Is this a game or something? It's kind of...uh...whoa..."

"Devin, what's going on? Devin?"

"What the hell?" Chloe suddenly blurted. "What's going on?"

"Quiet, there's something going on. Devin? What's going on?"

"How did I get here?" Chloe said loudly, studying the room. Her face brightened with recognition as upon seeing Rachelle across the room. "Rachelle? What's going on, how did I get here?"

"What do you mean?" Amanda asked. "You've been here with us since I carried you here." Chloe turned to Amanda, gasped, and stumbled backwards.

"Whoa! You are HUGE!" She yelled.

"Hey! Rude!"

"Chloe," Rachelle asked. "What is wrong with you?" Chloe turned back to Rachelle, with a confused, almost terrified, expression.


"Yes! I'm Rachelle! What is wrong with you, Chloe?"


"Rach! RACH!" Devin yelled at her from the phone.

"Sorry Devin, hold on. My friend is acting weird."

"Rach!" Devin shouted. "I'm back at the mall, and I'm in a dude's body!" Hearing this, Rachelle's mouth dropped open in shock as she stared at who she'd thought was Chloe. Chloe's body clearly had a new inhabitant, and one who now realized what had happened.

"Oh my..."

"Devin?" Rachelle asked again, but he'd already fainted, falling backward into Amanda's arms. Amanda and Rachelle swapped glances, unsure of what to do next, as an elated male voice shouted over the phone line.

"Yes! Now I have a dick too!"

Chapter 10

After assuring Rachelle she would make her way to the motel as quickly as possible, Chloe hung up the phone and headed directly for the nearest men's room to scope out the finer details of her newly acquired male body. She immediately noticed the men's bathroom smelled decidedly worse than the women's bathroom, which she attributed to men's reputedly poor aim. Assuming men pretty much peed anywhere and everywhere they felt the need, she made a note to touch as few things as possible while inside. Chloe locked herself in the bathroom stall furthest from the door, yanked down her jeans with an almost uncontrollable giddiness, and took a gander at her crotch.


With her sole references for penis size being pornography and Amanda, she couldn't help but be disappointed with her endowment. It didn't stop her from a little tactile exploration, of course. After a few exploratory tugs, shakes, and flicks, she grew bored with what she'd deemed to be an inside-out vagina, and set her mind to trying several options for orienting her equipment within her boxers and jeans.

A familiar pressure in her bladder indicated she'd imminently be checking another male item off of her bucket list. Sitting down in the stall would be playing it safe, but she fully intended to take advantage of the novel opportunity to go standing up. She simply needed to decide whether to do so in the stall or at the urinal. Peeking through the crack in the stall door, she stealthily observed another man, before determining she had the mechanics down well-enough to give it a go herself. She pushed open the door and hurried to a urinal, pressing herself almost absurdly close to it before backing off due to the smell.

"This is so cool!" she cheerfully exclaimed, before noticing the questioning eyes of another man, who immediately glanced away as she looked up at him. She smiled, but the grimace on his face indicated she'd broken some type of cardinal mens bathroom rule. Looking down, Chloe also realized her her aim had wandered away from the urinal to the wall as well as her pants and shoes. The other man zipped up quickly and shuffled away, clearly uncomfortable with the maniac who'd pissed all over the urinal and himself.

"Sorry!" Chloe blurted. "I've never done this before!"

"Dude, seriously. Get your shit together," the man chided on his way out the door.

"Hey at least I washed my fucking hands!" she shouted back. Immediately, she felt a familiar sinking feeling, indicating her shrinking had travelled with her to this new body.

"Ugh, lame," she grumbled as she examined her clothing, which had loosened noticeably. She'd assumed the lying and swearing curses would be Devin's problem now. "But that would be too convenient," she said aloud with a sigh.

Having not yet taken a good look at her new face, Chloe headed to the sink and studied her appearance in the mirror. Even taking the recent reduction into account, Devin stood taller than her original height by a few inches at least. He had a lean, but solid build, indicating he kept regularly active and ate relatively well. Devin was no dreamboat, but he had strong features and put himself together well enough. If she was going to take a dude's body for a spin for a couple days, this one would do nicely.

Thoroughly washing her hands, she balled up a paper towel, and generously wiped her pants down, hoping people would assume she'd spilled food or coffee on herself. As he begun airing the crotch of her pants under the blow dryer, an elderly man walked in. Chloe looked up, offering an apologetic look.

"There's a problem with the sink. Watch out."

Giving a questioning expression to Chloe's wet pants, he headed to the stall without a word. Chloe, who'd caught her lie a moment too late, grasped her midsection and held her breath, expecting the inevitable weight gain. When nothing happened, she exhaled and moved to leave when a sudden tightness in her pants grabbed her attention. She headed back to the stall and unzipped her fly. Chloe assumed she was getting her first erection, but upon inspection, she noticed her penis looked more enlarged than erect. Wanting to test her hypothesis, she unlatched the door and peeked out, noticing the elderly man cautiously inspecting the sink.

"Hey dude, watch out. The sink shoots fire if you turn it on high," she said, before ducking back into the stall. Sure enough, her her member swelled even larger within the confines of her clothing. She pulled her pants down to her knees, and her penis immediately flopped downward, stretching nearly as long as her forearm.

"Now that's more like it!"

Rachelle paced about the room with her face in her hands, her lengthy legs covering the span of the room in only a few strides. At 6'10" her head did not yet touch the low ceiling, but she'd already begun ducking slightly out of habit. She'd run into a doorjam in the fitting rooms at the mall, and wasn't about to make that mistake again. Making matters worse, buying a wardrobe better-suited to her height had apparently given her curves (particularly her hips and butt) the cue to leap into overdrive with every growth spurt, and she'd jumped no less than three dress sizes in the last couple hours. At this moment, however, she was more concerned for Devin, the new inhabitant of Chloe's body, who lay unconscious in their motel bed.

"Ohhhhh God. This is bad. This is really, really bad."

"Yeah, and I don't even want to think about what Chloe's doing in his body." Amanda said, grimacing.

"This was bad enough when it was just our problem. Now we've dragged someone else into this mess. I didn't even know that was possible."

"She or, uh, he seems okay," Amanda said. At six-and-a-half feet tall and carrying an NFL linebacker's worth of muscle, she felt like a giant in comparison to the munchkin-like form laying on the bed. Despite her overwhelming size advantage, Amanda still noticed Chloe's body appeared slightly longer than moments before, and seemed to be growing larger.

"Rachelle, look!"

Before their eyes, Chloe's body reshaped itself, lengthening slowly back to it's original height and shedding the excess pounds. In under a minute, Chloe's body had returned to its original proportions, though the blonde hair still remained. Not long after returning to normal, the body's new inhabitant began to stir. Amanda and Rachelle moved closer, and upon opening his eyes and seeing the two large girls, Devin laid absolutely still.

"Huh, I'm still here."

"Hi Devin," Rachelle said, kneeling next to the bed. "I think I have a little explaining to do."

"Am I a woman?"

Rachelle recognized the voice as Chloe's, but it lacked the bite which characterized Chloe's delivery. "Yes. Yes you are a woman."

"On the plus side," Amanda added, "you're taller than a ten-year-old."

Devin recalled a few seconds where he'd felt unusually close to the ground in an oversized room before he'd passed out. A glance downwards affirmed the chest blocking his view was not his own. He fought the urge to grope his new body, as the idea of feeling himself up in the presence of the two girls felt a little pervy, particularly given their intimidating size. He sat up, noting the weight of his breasts as they shifted downward. In what he imagined would soon be a routine maneuver, he pushed a few blonde locks out of his field of vision and behind his ear.

"Wow. I passed out and woke up in the body of a busty blonde. The low-budget comedy practically writes itself."

"Oh, it gets way weirder," Amanda said. "We'll fill you in soon enough."

"Magic mobile app?"

"Wow, good guess," Rachelle said, genuinely impressed.

"You did tell me not to shake it. Shame on me."

"You're taking this surprisingly well. Are you going to tell me that gender-switching is an annual Thanksgiving tradition in your household?"

"What am I supposed to do, freak out? I'm in a woman's body. I'm either dreaming, tripping my balls off, or this is actually happening. I guess I could have died, but this would be a weird afterlife."

"You're not dead. Your body is where you left it though."

"My body?"

"Yeah. You didn't turn into a girl, you switched bodies with one."

"Oh," he muttered, still not used to the sound of the voice coming from his mouth, which somehow sounded both more and less girly than he expected. A thought suddenly occurred to him. "Wait, you know who I switched bodies with?"

"Yeah. She was traveling with us. Why?"

"And she's in my body?"

"Yes, indeed."

"Can you get in contact with her?"

Rachelle noticed something odd in his demeanor, but disregarded it for the moment. "Yeah, don't worry. We've been playing this little game for a couple days. She's not in any danger, and she'll treat your" Rachelle stopped herself, unsure of how to finish the sentence. "She'll treat your body well enough, I suppose."

"Should I be worried?"

"A girl having a penis for the first time? Use your imagination." Devin couldn't hide his disapproval at the idea, and Rachelle laughed.

"Wow, I've never seen Chloe make that face before," Amanda said.

"You actually think she know," Devin made a suggestive shaking gesture.

"Definitely," Amanda and Rachelle replied in unison.

"I don't know how I feel about that."

"We should probably call her then. It's been what, five minutes?" Rachelle stood up, and Devin looked at her strangely.

"Did you, um, grow?"

Rachelle groaned. "Yeah, I'm growing about an inch every hour."

"Wow, really?"

Rachelle glanced at the clock in the corner, which read 5:59. "Speak of the devil." She took a breath and closed her eyes, trying her best to relax as a familiar pins-and-needles feeling spread through her body. "Watch."

She arched her back and her body lifted upwards as if she'd raised onto her toes, though her heels remained planted on the ground. Her breasts swelled beneath the confines of her t-shirt, displaying another inch of cleavage and pulling the bottom hem away from her midsection, which also stretched longer, exposing her belly button. Below, her hips and butt broadened outward, jolting her midsection with a noticeable influx of mass. Her baggy sweats grew taut, struggling to keep up with her ballooning flesh, and Rachelle was about ready to to panic when the tingling abated and her body ceased it's growth.

Devin's (technically' Chloe's) eyes looked ready to explode out of their sockets. "That was more than an inch!"

"Yeah, I can see that," Rachelle said, trying her best to maintain calm. "Why more now? It was supposed to be an inch, and it was a centimeter per hour yesterday." She tugged frustratedly at clothing, which was once again skintight in several places. "I even intentionally bought these big for the extra room."

"This is just a guess," Amanda said, her eyes absolutely glued to Rachelle's curves. "But I don't think this game wants you to be comfortable."

"Clearly," Rachelle said, looking up to the ceiling, which looked substantially closer. She glanced over shoulder, and gasped at the expansiveness of her rear. "This is getting out of hand. By tomorrow I'm not going to fit through the door, vertically or horizontally."

Devin wanted to say something to put her at ease, but given what he'd just witnessed, he had a hard time disagreeing with her.

"Want me to measure you?" Amanda offered, her voice almost shaking with excitement.

"No, thank you." With a pout, Amanda folded her hefty arms and plopped back down on the bed. "No offense, Mandy, but you've been having some self control issues lately. Devin, could you grab the tape measure? It should be on the chair over there."

"Sure," Devin slid off the bed and onto his feet, before wobbling slightly and tipping forward. "Whoa!" Rachelle reached her arm around and caught him, supporting his weight with one arm, and not missing the growing disparity between their heights. Devin whimpered slightly in response, and Rachelle put a hand on his back.

"You okay? Still feeling a little woozy?"

"I think this is more of a center of gravity issue. It'll take some, unnngh, getting used to."

Rachelle noticed discomfort in his voice. "Devin, again, I'm really sorry that we dragged you into this."

"It's okay. You're just—"

"Look, if you never want to see us again after this, I would totally understand."

"No, it's not that, you're—"

"I promise. We'll finish this and we'll get you back to normal."

"I get it. But I need you to—"

"Let me know if you need anything. Seriously, anything."

"Can you let go of my boob?"

Rachelle looked down at her arm, which snaked around his body to a hand clamped firmly on Devin's right breast. She promptly released her grip, and Devin instinctually put his hand to his chest, rubbing the area where Rachelle's hand had been, before employing both hands for some explorative groping. His eyebrows shot up with wonder as he tested the pliancy and weight of his new assets. He was about to make a comment to Rachelle, when he suddenly realized what he was doing and abruptly pulled his hands away..

"Sorry," he said, fumbling for words. "That felt kinda good."

"It's cool." Rachelle said, shrugging. "I do it sometimes and I've had them for years. Though not these specific ones, mind you," Rachelle grabbed her own breasts in demonstration.

"So you weren't kidding about not always looking like you do now."

"Yeah, this is all mostly new." She gave her body another once-over. It's definitely weird, but I'm adjusting."

"Yeah," Devin said, giving his torso a shimmy. "These are pretty rad. Heck, I'm starting to feel like I should be thanking you for getting me involved with this." He bounced on his toes a few times, giggling girlishly as he watched his chest in motion before looking down with a puzzled look on his face. "Though I'm honestly a little surprised I'm not more turned on by this."

"I dunno," Rachelle said. "I think it's pretty hot."

"Yeah, but if I was still a guy watching this, I feel like I'd be ready to blow a—"

"I'll be right back!" Amanda exclaimed, lunging up from the bed and bounding into the bathroom, her skirt clearly pitched upwards in the front. The door shut with a slam, followed soon after by a rapid, frustrated series of moans. Devin struggled to process what he'd just seen, before his face lit up with recognition. He looked at Rachelle, who nodded.

"This morning. At the mall? That was—"


"And she has a—"


The panting in the bathroom increased in frequency. "So right now she's probably…"

"Which reminds me," Rachelle said, reaching for her phone. "I should call Chloe."

"Aw, Rach. Did you have to call now? I was literally right about to try jacking off."

"I figured as much. So you're still at the mall?"

"Yes, 'I'm still at the mall, and my curses are still going strong."

"Still turning into a hobbit?"

"I'm still shrinking, but whenever I lie, my dick gets bigger."

Rachelle snickered. "I think that's called an erection."

"I know what an erection is!" Chloe said, pulling her pants up and exciting the stall. "I'm serious though, I've turned into Pornocchio. I barely know how to use the thing as it is!" She gave her crotch one last check, before pushing the bathroom door open and re-entering the mall.

"Get back here. Knowing you, it'll be down to your ankles by nightfall."

"How am I supposed to get back? Even if Devin has a car, I have no idea what it looks like, and I can't imagine you're coming to pick me up."

"I can ask him, or you can catch a cab. And hurry, since we need to take our next turns."

"Okay, okay, I'm on my—" A large hand gripped Chloe's shoulder and spun her around, putting her eye-to-chin with a tall girl she did not remotely recognize.

"Devin, where the heck have you been?" the girl demanded.

"GottagoI'llgettheresoon," Chloe muttered into the phone before ending the call and dropping the phone in her pocket.

"Well?" the girl repeated.

Chloe stepped back to get a better view of the girl who glared down at her. She appeared to be in her late teens or early twenties and stood around Amanda's height—maybe 6'3" or so—though not nearly as muscular. Regardless, she had a lean, solid frame similar to the body she herself now possessed. Chloe searched the the girl's body language for clues to Devin's relationship with this girl, who tapped her foot impatiently.

"Seriously, Devin, where the have you been?" the girl demanded again. "And why are your pants wet?"

"I went to the bathroom," Chloe replied, before looking down at her wet pants. "Oh, my pants? There was a...problem."

The girl held up her hand to dismiss it. "Actually, I don't even want to know what you've been up to all morning. It's like you're trying to hide from me."

Chloe used every ounce of her constitution to hold a neutral expression. "I'm not trying to hide, I got wrapped up in something. There was a commotion earlier...and...uh…" Despite the many times as she'd seen breasts before—particularly her own—Chloe found herself unable to tear her eyes away from the the hint of cleavage peeking out of the top of the girl's tank top. Her gaze followed the pert slopes of her bust which, while modest, were shapely and...beautiful.

The girl self-consciously looked down at her shirt, examining her own appearance. "What are you staring at, do I have a stain or something?"

Chloe searched for an answer that wasn't a lie, which given her predicament would be damn near impossible. While her mind struggled for an answer, she noticed a not-so-unpleasant stirring in her pants, though it was a distinctly different sensation than the magical expansion she'd experienced in the bathroom. As much as she wanted to be excited about her first boner as a man, she knew her jeans, even as baggy as they were, would do a poor job hiding her glory, particularly given the recent developments.

"Are you feeling okay?"

"I"m feeling...not quite myself."

"Clearly," the girl said, eyeing Chloe strangely, before letting out a dramatic sigh. "I'll take care of you." The girl moved to Chloe's side and pulled her in tightly. "I always do," she said, with a telling smile, though exactly what she was telling would have been helpful to Chloe, who squirmed with all manners of discomfort.

"You're awfully fidgety," the girl said. "Are you stoned or something?"

"No, I think I'm coming down with something though. You probably shouldn't, uh, touch me." Chloe again noticed a familiar stirring in her boxers as her pants grew uncomfortably tight in the crotch.

The girl rolled her eyes, and released Chloe from her embrace. "Whatever. They didn't have the shoes I'm looking for in my size anyways, so I'll have to order online. You're ready to go home, then?"

"Yeah," Chloe replied, handling the phone in her pocket. "But we'll have to make a stop on the way."

Chapter 11


The numbers ticked by in Amanda's head, almost without consequence. After running on impulse through two days loaded with paranormal kinkiness, waiting alone for Chloe was an almost unpleasant change of pace. Amanda had helped assemble Devin a proper wardrobe, consisting of mostly her and Chloe's packed clothing. He then headed to the bathroom with Rachelle, who was presently helping him dress and providing a crash course in female anatomy and upkeep. The two seemed to be hitting it off, so Amanda let the two alone, even though it gave her idle time to dwell on the present. To avoid driving herself crazy, she resorted to her go-to downtime activity.


Ever since middle school, when she was still the awkward, lanky girl with overalls and braces, Amanda regularly employed exercise to shake herself out of a funk. She'd wanted to go for a run again, but had no workout clothing remotely capable of hiding the prominent new attribute between her legs. Instead, she turned to what had long been her least-favorite exercise: push-ups. Even "cheating" on her knees, her formerly thin, top-heavy frame had always made the exercise difficult, and she only did enough of them to achieve moderate tone in her arms. Now, however...


Amanda sat back on her knees. Her arms, pumped from exertion, bulged and glistened with sweat. She flexed a few times—a habit she'd developed in the past day—admiring the cords of muscle shifting under her skin. Remarkably, she'd incurred no physical damage from bursting through the glass door at the mall. She'd also sprinted for fifteen minutes while carrying a person, dead-lifted the van a few inches off the ground (because, bored), and now pressed out 600 push-ups in five minutes with relative ease. She was truly superhuman.

Of course, this came as a mixed bag with other not-so-desirable traits, including immense size, intermittent, involuntary orgasms, and a large penis. While she did not exactly welcome those developments, she did not necessarily despise them either. Up until her participation in this strange game, she'd treated her sexuality as something to hold carefully in check every time she stepped on a pageant stage, where the judges sought a safe, static form of beauty. Her body now overflowed with a sexual energy she could barely control, let alone ignore.

The bathroom door opened, and Devin stepped into the room, followed by Rachelle, whose ever-expanding hips and rear now flirted with the edges the door frame. Devin wore a light-blue pair of Amanda's distressed denim shorts, flat sandals, and a plain white v-neck women's tee, which flattered his new figure and showed off a little cleavage. Rachelle had applied some light makeup, giving Chloe's face the contouring she never would have given herself. Lastly, Rachelle teased Devin's blonde hair into thick flowing locks which hung elegantly down to his shoulders.

"What do you think?" Rachelle asked. "I went easy on the makeup, particularly since my hands are too big to safely apply eyeliner. It's not particularly difficult to make Chloe look nothing like herself. All I had to do was apply an ounce of effort."

"Devin, you look lovely," Amanda said.

"Thanks," Devin said, with an awkward smile. He walked stiffly, plopping down on the bed where he fidgeted nervously. "I still feel weird though. I can't get myself to feel 'right,' if that makes sense."

"Devin," Rachelle said. "You are literally a man in a woman's body. I think you're entitled to feel a little off-kilter."

"Yeah, but it's weirder than that. I feel different, like in my head, I'm not entirely myself."

"I get you." Amanda said. "My sense of self is at the mercy of arbitrary orgasms and this thing." She motioned down to the obtrusive bulge in her workout pants. Looking back up at Devin, she noticed the way he gazed with wonder at her crotch. Rachelle eyed him curiously, and was about to say something when all three jumped at the knocking on the motel room door.

"Who is it?" Rachelle asked.

"It's, uh, Devin," Chloe said from the other side of the door. "And a...guest."

"Crap." Devin said aloud, earning looks from Amanda and Rachelle. "I was worried this was gonna happen."

"Worried what was going to happen?" Rachelle asked. "Do you know who the 'guest' is?"

"I have a pretty good idea."

"Hey!" Chloe shouted from behind the door. "We can hear you all in there. Open the damn door."

"How are we going to explain this to—"


"HEY!!! Open this damn door!" A female voice yelled.

Devin immediately hopped to his feet and shuffled over to the door, while Amanda and Rachelle looked at each other, considering if they should try to hide and where they could even do so. Before they could come to a consensus, Devin opened the door to reveal Chloe (in Devin's body), and a girl Amanda and Rachelle didn't recognize. She gazed around the room, studying each of the girls, particularly Amanda. Meanwhile, Chloe gawked at the made-over version of herself.

"What did you do to me? I look…"

"Cute?" Amanda offered.

"Cute. That's one word for it, I guess." Chloe's eyes traveled down Devin's frame, and he instinctually turned away.

"Uh, I'm not sure I like how you're staring at me."

The girl with Chloe slapped her behind her head. "What the heck is wrong with you? You sleaze!" She turned her attention to the group. "Hi, I'm Larissa. Who the heck are you people?"

"I'm Amanda."

"I'm Rachelle."

"Hey Lissa," Devin said. "I'm your brother, Devin." All eyes looked his way, as he pointed at Chloe who stood in the doorway next to Larissa.

"That person is not me—your brother—but actually girl named Chloe. She's been in my body for a couple hours because a magic mobile app called 'Humanji' switched our bodies. She's on a Fall break road trip with Amanda and Rachelle, and all three of them have, as you can probably tell, also had their bodies modified by the app. Apparently the effects will last through the completion of the trip."

Larissa blinked a few times, but didn't take her eyes off the girl claiming to be her brother. "Did you say. 'Humanji?' You mean, like, Jumanji?"

Everyone looked at her, bewildered.

"What's Jumanji?" Amanda asked.

"Really? Have none of you heard of—?" Larissa shook her head. "Never mind. Okay, Dev. How much of my Fall break is your magical fetish adventure going to take? You do look cute, by the way."

Devin smiled timidly. "Thanks. I'm part of the game now, so I'm pretty sure I'm stuck like this at least through the weekend."

"You guess? I have to fly back to California on Monday, and I'm not leaving you like this. What would dad say?"

"Wait, wait hold on," Rachelle said, interrupting. "So you actually believe all this?"

"If my choices are believe what you're telling me or accept my older brother is a pervert who suddenly can't control his disturbingly large boner around me," Larissa sneered at Chloe, "I choose the former."

"Aw, come on. Not cool!" Devin shouted at Chloe.

"What am I supposed to do? It's not like I can hide this thing!" Chloe lifted up her shirt and thrust her pelvis forward, demonstrating the pronounced bulge in her trousers. "And besides, your sister's a fox."

"Okay, seriously," Larissa said. "Please do me a favor and stop making such things come out of my brother's mouth."

"You should take it as a compliment."

"ANYWAYS!" Rachelle said. "You two get in here and shut the door. It's time to get this show on the road. We have a few hours 'til midnight, but I'd like get this turn over with so I can go to bed." Rachelle contemplated the short full bed. "...or floor. Whose turn is it?"

"Yours" Chloe said, tossing her phone to Rachelle, who opened the app and shook the phone. Instead of the drum roll sound they were used to, the phone emitted a low chime, like a gong. Rachelle read the screen aloud.

"Group play. All players must reply to proceed."

Before any could ask what the message meant, all phones except Larissa's simultaneously chimed. They had all received the same text message:

Not all is held in high regard.

Trait undesired you now discard.

"A discard round," Rachelle said. "How surprisingly diplomatic."

"Hmm," Chloe tapped her lip thoughtfully. "What do I love more, lying or swearing? That's a toughie."

"Or, what are you more afraid of?" Rachelle asked. "Shrinking away to nothing or dragging around a penis as tall as you are? Personally, I figured you'd let the thing get to at least your knees before you gave it up."

"Nah, I don't want this thing getting any longer," Chloe said, smirking at the immediate swelling sensation in her pants. "Wow, it worked!"

"It's no contest for me," Rachelle said, standing to her full height with the top of her head grazing the ceiling. "One more growth spurt and I won't be able to stand up in here. I'll gladly give those up."

Amanda, who sat on the bed with a pillow covering her lap, stewed over her choice, which surprised everyone.

"Mandy, speaking as someone who is also packing and hung like a mule, I would wholeheartedly understand your decision to hold on to it." Chloe said.

Amanda blushed, but also grinned. "It's more fun than inconvenient. But compared to the orgasms…"

"—which, I imagine, are more inconvenient than fun." Rachelle said.

"Yeah…" Amanda said. "I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'll keep the penis and give up the ultra-orgasms." Amanda had started typing her answer into the phone, before looking catching the surprised stares from Chloe and Rachelle. "What?" she asked.

"We're a little surprised at your candor, that's all." Rachelle said.

"It doesn't do me much good being a prude now, particularly when I can't remotely hide this thing." She lifted the pillow to reveal the outline of a package that put even Chloe's to shame.

"Oh my GOD!" Larissa said. "Is that thing real?"

"Uh, yeah. Believe me, it's real."

"What about you, Devin?" Chloe asked, none too pleased about being out sized.

Devin thought for a moment. "I'd say I want my body, but that's not a single trait."

"You could try giving away the entire bodyswap curse," Rachelle suggested.

"I could, I guess, though I get the feeling I wouldn't get away with it." He took a not-so-subtle peek at his cleavage. "I dunno. I'm kind of enjoying this, actually. This is a once-in-a-lifetime oppor—hey Chloe, when was your last period, by the way?"

"A little under a month ago, why?" An anxious look lit up Devin's face before Chloe grabbed her crotch in apparent discomfort. "Aaaaaah! Wow, that was a big one!" she shouted, before raising her shirt and displaying her ample endowment snaking down her pant leg, inches short of her knee. "Okay, okay. I had it last week. Jeez, can you evil spirits take a joke?"

"A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity," Devin continued. "I'm ready to ride this out." He turned to Larissa. "Sound like a plan Lissa?"

"I'm with you." Larissa said. "I have to keep you out of trouble and, I must admit, I'm more than happy to be audience to this…" Larissa glanced again at Amanda. " little party. Just don't expect me to become player five."

"But Devin, you still have to give up something," Rachelle said, but Devin was distracted yet again by a crotch, this time Chloe's—technically his own.

Larissa slapped her brother on the head. "Oh my God, Dev, are you checking yourself out?"

Chloe grinned smugly. "Is that wrong? I mean, who wouldn't want some of this? Eh?" Chloe elbowed Larissa a few times.

Larissa shot her an icy glare. "Leer at me once more, and you'll have two black eyes. Show me my brother's dick one more time, and I'll rip it off of you."

"Geez, my bad." Chloe said, and promptly set to replying to the text message. The other three did the same. When all had sent their replies, Chloe's phone chimed again, and Rachelle read screen aloud:

All attributes gained from you,

are now returned, but switcheroo!

"I don't get it," Amanda said. "Why would we choose traits to give away, only to have them returned to us?"

"I'm not hungry anymore," Devin said, rubbing his stomach, "so it must have worked."

"Not hungry anymore? Wait, you gave away hunger?"

"I hadn't eaten since lunch. I figure it was worth a try, why?"

Rachelle bit her lip. "I'm freaking starving."

"So, you got my hungry-ness? That must mean—"

"—that I can lie to my heart's content!" Chloe announced proudly. "Hey, Devin. I have no desire whatsoever to shove my massive trouser snake through your—technically my—amazing tits."

Devin grasped his breasts under his arms. "Uh, no thanks. That does not sound appealing." Devin looked down. "My boobs feel weird." Before his eyes, his breasts surged forth, adding at least a full cup size and eliciting an eruption of cleavage from the v-neck t-shirt.

"No way!" Larissa shouted, reaching forward and gripping Devin's breasts with both hands. Devin was too shocked to reply, as he stared downward into his cleavage.

"That was hot as hell!" Chloe exclaimed, particularly enjoying seeing Larissa groping Devin's breasts. "Please keep doing that!" Concerned about his inability to lie without consequence, Devin only shook his head. Chloe looked almost hurt at his refusal, though one lengthening part of her body appeared to be in a much better mood.

"I think I have the worlds biggest boner for you right now, it's freaking amazing."

"Chloe?" Amanda said.

"Oh, yes. That was fucking phenomenal. You two...should kiss each other." This returned a less-than-pleased look from Larissa.

"I'm serious. Your being in my brother's body will not save you from me beating the shit out of you."

"Oh my God. So fucking hot," Chloe said, though not to anyone in particular.

Larissa moved towards Chloe, but Amanda blocked her way. "Hold on a sec. You may want to give her some space." Larissa's anger turned to wonder, as Chloe's erect member visibly extended under the waistline of her unbuttoned pants, past her bellybutton. Her hands shook uncontrollably, but she wasn't sure where to put them.

"AAAaaaaaahhhhhoh holy shit!" Chloe exclaimed, her body quaking like she'd been tased. Her eyes went crossed and a wet spot appeared in the center of her t-shirt, covering most of her chest. Chloe's shaking legs gave out under her, and she dropped to the bed, before sliding down to the floor—her mouth still wide with shock and pleasure.

"You're kidding," Larissa said. "And all over your Coachella shirt too, Dev."

"Eh, I've washed jizz off my clothing before," Devin said. "Besides, that was pretty entertaining."

"It looks like Amanda's problem is now, Chloe's problem," Rachelle said, before her stomach growled loudly. "Jeez, I'm freaking starving. I don't think I've ever been this hungry. It's like you haven't eaten in days, but we had lunch at the mall."

Larissa looked at Devin with a wry smile. "Seriously? That's where you were, when you 'had something to do' and couldn't meet me for lunch?"

"I ran into her accidentally, and…oh crap." Devin's bra creaked as his breasts billowed forward in his bra, visibly straining against the borrowed t-shirt. Rachelle gasped, though not at his expansion.

"...busted." Chloe muttered from on the ground, before chuckling. "Pun intended."

"Really?" Larissa said. "You're back to that lame move?"

"Accidentally, huh?" Rachelle choked on a dry laugh. "You know, I actually gave you the benefit of the doubt."

Devin searched his head for words to mend the situation that wouldn't make his imminent back problems any worse. In the meantime, Rachelle's stomach roared again, and she turned around headed for the door.

"I'm leaving to get some food. I'll be back later."

"Rachelle," Devin began. "I—"

"Save it, you creep," Rachelle said, before forcing a smile and turning to the rest of the room. "Hey, anyone text me if you want anything."

"It's 10:00," Larissa said. "Where do you plan on going?"

"Out for a bit." Rachelle grabbed her keys and purse and shoved her way through the group. Ducking her head at the last minute to miss the top of the door frame, she slammed the door shut. Larissa and Devin listened as the minivan screeched out of the parking lot. In a moment, they were left only with Chloe's snoring and the sounds of straining of cotton and popping seams behind them.

Chapter 12

"Dev, you and Chloe go get Rachelle," Larissa said, plopping down on the bed next to Amanda. "Amanda and I will stick around here and have some tall girl time while you rescue your lady-in-distress." Amanda gave a curious look to Larissa, who only smiled in response. While she certainly welcomed the company, she was wary of Larissa's overly-familiar tone—she regarded her as if they were long lost friends when they'd met barely ten minutes ago.

"Aw, come on girls," Chloe said, approaching the bed where Larissa and Amanda sat. "Let Devin go on his own. I'd be more than happy to stick around and keep you ladies company." This earned her looks of disgust from both girls, but before she could get further than a few steps, towards them she felt herself being tugged by her collar towards the door.

"You're coming with me." Devin said, pulling Chloe along by her shirt. Chloe whined—which sounded strange coming from what was supposed to be his voice—but she didn't put up a fight. Noting the ease in which he'd dragged his former body across the room, he paused and looked down—significantly—at Chloe. In his two-inch heels, he towered over his old body, which had lost nearly a half-foot in height.

"Chloe, you're barely over five feet tall! How much have you cursed in the last hour?"

"I dunno, how tall were you before this game?"


Chloe chuckled. "Your dick is well on it's way to being one sixth the length of your body." Immediately, she felt a familiar sinking feeling. "Whoops, my bad." Devin didn't know what to say, but he certainly didn't want her out of his sight, particularly while they were in each other's bodies. Keeping a firm grip on Chloe, Devin looked towards Amanda and Larissa. "You sure you two are going to be okay here?"

"It's not like I have a choice." Amanda said. "I'm not sure I'd even fit in your car anyways." Seated as she was at the head of the bed, her long, muscular legs spanned over half the length of the mattress, making the full-sized bed seem more like a child's twin. The recent 10pm growth spurt enlarged her body in all directions, stretching her height to 6'7" and adding substantial bulk to her frame.

Larissa patted Amanda's shoulder. "We'll be fine. Anyways, some alone time in the car will probably be good for both of you." Devin looked to Chloe, who adjusted her clearly still-erect package and smirked with pride, before snaking her arm up and around Devin's waist.

"It's okay hon, I'll treat you good," Chloe grasped Devin's breast, which earned a yelp. Pushing away, he jumped back and attempted to cover his large assets with his arms.

"Hey, I know it's technically your body, but keep hands to you...or my—ugh, you know what I mean. I'm going to go start the car." He backed away from Chloe until his back met the door, and he slid out, without turning his back on her. Chloe caught the door and watched Devin run towards the car, grinning lasciviously the whole time.

"Man, I never realized my ass could look so good. I so want a piece of that."

Larissa sighed, before standing and striding over to Chloe—who she dwarfed by over solid foot. She leaned substantially down until their faces were inches apart.

"I don't care if you're in my brother's body. You fuck with him, and I will beat the living shit out of you. Then, I'll wait until you're back in your own body, and do it again for good measure." She straightened back up and sauntered back over to Amanda. Chloe hissed a response under her breath, which Larissa chose not to dignify, as her message had already been crystal clear. Instead she gave Chloe a wave over her shoulder.

"Have fun."

Devin unlocked the door to the sedan that Larissa had driven to the motel, and slid into the drivers seat. He started the car and re-adjusted the seat and steering wheel, finding his breasts had grown large enough that they brushed the insides of his arms. Making matters worse, the most recent growth spurt had enlarged them beyond the comfortable confines of Amanda's last remaining bra. Having removed the undergarment, the motion of his unbound chest was difficult to ignore.

Chloe opened the door and dropped in next to him. Devin tried not to make eye contact, but he caught Chloe's shameless ogling out of the corner of his eye. He considered asking why, but noticed a curious look on Chloe's, no, his own face. It was definitely his face—not in a mirror or a picture—but actually on his own body. He stared back until Chloe chuckled at him.

"It's weird, isn't it?"

"Yeah. It really is. You're like, me, but sitting across from me."

"And I'm you, but hung like a horse."

"I'm you, only super-stacked." He squeezed one large breast, impressed by its weight and pliancy. While fascinated, where he wanted to feel pride, he felt a familiar—though not unexpected—feeling of disembodiment. "I don't know if I can get used to this."

"You're telling me." Chloe said, patting her own extraordinary endowment between her legs, the outline of which clearly showed through her jeans. "Though I must admit, I'm having a pretty good time. I mean, how many girls can truthfully say they know what it's like to be a man?"

"This is true, though I wasn't ready for my...uh...preferences to change too. I hope switching back won't be too weird. I don't know about you, but—"

Chloe put her finger to her temple. "You've gone girl up here as well as down there, huh? I'm with you. You might have noticed, I literally got off on your little booby-grab session with your sister earlier. While, objectively, it was pretty hot even with the out-of-nowhere-orgasm curse, I wouldn't have enjoyed it nearly as much without testosterone blasting through my body. Geez, what is it about being a dude that makes tits so awesome?"

"It's a mystery to me, and even more so now." Devin took another glance at Chloe's bulging package, before promptly pulling his eyes away. "Anyways, we have someone to find—someone who probably won't be too happy to see me." His face dropped as he remembered the biting tone of Rachelle's words. "God, I never realized I was such a creeper."

"Hey," Chloe offered. "I've known Rachelle a long time. Trust me, she's not mad at you. She's confused and frustrated, and needs some time to think."

"Sure, but it's embarrassing, you know?" Devin said, starting the car and pulling out of the parking lot. "You think I wanted a roomful of girls I don't know to hear about my being way into tall women? There are some things that simply shouldn't be shared. That, combined with being in the body of a girl myself…man, 'self-conscious' doesn't even do it justice. You know what I mean?"

"If it makes you feel any better, Rachelle once walked in on me masturbating to an episode of Inspector Gadget."

Devin looked at her incredulously before starting the car and pulling out of the parking lot. Years later, he'd still not come up with an appropriate response.

Larissa had a feeling something was up since the afternoon, when she'd caught up with who she'd initially thought was her brother, Devin. She knew her brother's preference—some might even say weakness—for tall women. Heck, at times she even wondered she contributed to it. She and her brother had been roughly the same height most their lives, until the twelve-year-old Larissa sprouted five inches in one year, handily outgrowing her older brother. She'd teased him for a while, and Devin always took it in stride. Over the years, however, she'd catch him studying her frame more and more often, though always with an air of respect, admiration, and a little pride. The uncharacteristic leering that had come from the new inhabitant of her brother's body had certainly raised some suspicions.

Her hunch now made sense in the context of her current situation. She sat quietly in a hotel room with Amanda, a girl with the face of a film starlet, the endowment of a horse, the build of a Pro-Bowl linebacker...with amazing hips and tits to boot. In the meantime her brother—now in the body of a busty blonde college coed—was out looking for a Brobdingnagian supermodel Amazon, accompanied an indomitably horny girl in a shrunken porn star version her brother's body. Just what I expected from my Fall break.

A flush sounded and Amanda slipped out of the bathroom, maneuvering her shoulders to keep from brushing them against the sides of the door frame. She'd outgrown her entire wardrobe, and now wore a mens XL t-shirt with the sleeves ripped off to give her brawny shoulders and arms some breathing room, as well as a pair of XL sweatpants that clung to her large, curvy legs like leggings. Naturally, this left little of her endowment to the imagination, which extended down her pant leg, reaching a few inches above her knee.

"Ugh, I'm never going to judge a guy for missing the toilet again."

"You know, you could just sit down."

Amanda's lips tightened, and she fought to keep from blushing. "I tried. It's too, um, long."

"Wait, how big is it?"

"Pretty big." She sat down on the other bed which creaked loudly at her weight. With a sudden frown, she reached into her sweats and adjusted herself, renegotiating the limited space in her pants leg. Larissa watched with wonder as Amanda oriented it upwards, the long shaft clearing the waistline of her pants and extending at least an inch above her belly button. Amanda caught Larissa staring, and flashed her an annoyed look before abruptly yanking her shirt down to cover it.

"Sorry for staring," Larissa said, looking more disappointed than apologetic. "You're certainly a lot to take in. I imagine it's pretty weird, but hey, being a super-strong amazon can't be the worst thing in the world, right? I pity the mugger who tries to steal your purse."

"Whatever, I've kinda gotten over people staring. I'm not quite used to managing all of it...everything."

"It is only temporary, right?"

"I hope so. This is interesting for now, but I'm not sure I want to try to return home and have to explain all this. I guess, if anything, this all has taught me to live in the moment." She glanced down at the bulging crotch of her sweatpants, " well as a few other things about self-control." Amanda paused at the sound of tires screeching out of the parking lot. "To be honest, I'm actually feeling worse for Devin and Rachelle."

"I hope Rachelle's not too upset with him. Dev has a thing for tall girls, and I give him shit about it, but he's not a creep."

"He seems nice enough, and believe me I've seen my share of creeps."

"Yeah?" Larissa gave Amanda a sidelong look, noticing the vacant look in her eyes." I know that look. You just broke up with one I bet. Slimeball or cheater?"

Amanda was startled by the question, and thought it over for a moment. "Neither, really. It was kind of mutual. We've had a lot of arguments lately, including a stupid one about me wanting a drivers license."

"He broke up with you because you wanted a drivers license?"

"He'd tell me that he'd take me if I needed to go somewhere, and I shouldn't worry about it. He means well, but it's just…"

"Insulting? Patronizing? Byzantine? Geez, he should have said 'a woman's place is in the home' and gotten it over with."

"Yeah. The sad part is he's a sweet guy. We've actually been a couple since eighth grade, the same year I entered my first beauty pageant. At first we really fit together, but lately when I pictured our future together, I could only see myself as his accessory. A sort of—"

"—trophy-wife in training?"

"Pretty much. It's like he always wanted me to be his pageant queen all the time, and once I started winning those regularly, I feel like I let myself get that way. Looking good was, like, the one thing I could do well."

Larissa stood up from the other bed, and sitting down next to Amanda again and placing a hand on her shoulder "Amanda. I'll be honest, you're incredible. Too good, too beautiful, too powerful to be controlled by anyone." Scooting closer, she let her hand slide down and over the immense bicep. "God look at your arms, I'd give anything for those."

"I'm warming up to them. I think when I'm back to normal I might hit the weights a little more."

"You know, you're probably one of the strongest people in the world right now."

The idea caught Amanda off-guard. "Huh. What a weird idea. I hadn't thought about it that way. I mean, I guess that's possible..." She looked at Larissa who remained whose eyes had a little too much life behind them as she caressed Amanda's bicep.

"Larissa, are you...into me?"

"Honestly, yes I am."

"And this?" Amanda flexed, her arms bursting with vitality. "Does this do it for you?"

Larissa's gasped. "Oh God, yes!"

"Larissa. I—"

"Shhh," Larissa said, letting the tips of her fingers run across the side of Amanda's breast. Larissa planted a soft kiss onto the large bicep. Amanda opened her mouth to speak again, but her breath caught in her throat as Larissa's other hand slid between her legs. With her mouth having spread into a lewd grin, Larissa squeezed Amanda's package, eliciting a deep moan from the mammoth woman.

"How about you show me what this thing can do," Larissa whispered, "and I'll show you what I can do. You won't be disappointed."

Minutes later, a half-dozen noise complaints flooded the motel front desk.