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Chapter 13

Neither Chloe nor Devin knew exactly where they were going, but between Devin's knowledge of the area and Chloe's knowledge of Rachelle, they could make a few educated guesses as to where she might have gone. For someone who wanted to eat as badly as Rachelle had implied, they figured they would only need to investigate a short list of places, beginning with the area immediately surrounding the motel and the nearby shopping mall. In the meantime, Chloe did her best to recap the past couple days for Devin.

"So, on my first turn my hair got turned blonde, then I got hit with the lying/weight-gain curse—now yours, you're welcome—then the swearing/shrinking curse, then I switched bodies with you."

"That part I got." Any reservations Devin had about groping himself in Chloe's body had gone out the window when he discovered every lie he told now increased his bust size. The temptation to investigate was simply too strong. He hadn't even had breasts long enough to get used to them, and now they were changing size. Having far outgrown Chloe's 34D, he packed himself into a t-shirt and one of Rachelle's tank tops which was small enough to fit his almost head-sized tits as a sort of loose bra. "So, you're still shrinking when you curse?"

"Generally, though it seems to be picky about what defines cursing. At this point, I'm trying to watch my mouth in general. It's not easy though."

"For you? I can't imagine."

"Shut up. Then I ended up with Amanda's uncontrollable horniness enchantment." Chloe stopped suddenly, watching as Devin continued fidgeting with his top. "And that is soooooo not helping. God, if it weren't for the fact that I knew you were so into Rachelle, I'd say we should pull this car over and do each other right here."

"Can we not talk about sex for one minute? Seriously, like sixty seconds?"

"Ooooh, suddenly the big & tall fetishiste decides she wants to get all high and mighty about self control."

"To be perfectly, honest—no pun intended—landing in your body certainly hasn't helped any. I mean, seriously, is there anything that doesn't get you off?"

"Look who's talking. With your pervy testosterone blasting through me, your—technically my—inflated tits are really doing it for me. In fact, I may need to seek medical attention for the dreaded four-hour erection." Chloe unzipped her trousers and unpacked said erection, which extended a full foot upwards. "Aaaahhhh, there we go. Much better. Get some air, big guy."

"What are you...wait, have you been commando this whole time?"

"I ruined your boxers after you and your sister's sexy little grope-fest. This thing is hard as hell to control, and not exactly inconspicuous."

"Can you cover it up or something? I'm trying to focus on the road."

"What? Why would I want to cover this up?" Chloe gave her hips a shimmy, and her penis wobbled back and forth like a bamboo stalk, which amused her. Devin tightened his lips, trying with all his might to remain focused on the road. Chloe grinned smugly, and continued wobbling in her seat.

"Seriously, you can't put anything over it or something?"

"What's the big deal? It's your dick, after all. He's just grown a little bigger than you remember. Much like my tigger ol' bitties." Chloe reached over and poked Devin in the breast, earning a prompt slap on the hand.

"Stop! That is really...distracting."

"You can't fight it. It's my body, my hormones, and the reptilian part of my brain. Since I know for a fact there are several gigabytes of cock-porn videos on my bedroom shelf, computer, and phone, you must want this thing pretty bad, huh?" Devin started to reply, but shut his mouth to keep himself from either lying or drooling. Chloe chuckled. "These skinny jeans of yours certainly don't have space for this monster, so you'd best learn to control yourself."

"Speaking of self-control, take a look over there." Devin pointed to a sign outside a tavern reading 'all U can eat spaggeti. $10.'

"I'm not sure I'd want to eat spaghetti from a place that can't spell it."

"You wouldn't, but isn't that Rachelle's van?" Devin pulled into the parking lot next to a red minivan parked hastily with one wheel up on the curb. To their right were several rows of motorcycles. Chloe gulped audibly at the sight.

"Dev, are you actually going to walk into a seedy biker bar as a blonde girl with giant tits?"

"What choice do I have? Anyways, I'm covering myself the best I can," he said, slipping into a light blue hoodie. He tugged at the zipper, trying to fit it over his substantial chest, and the thin fabric contoured to his shapely torso. He ignored Chloe's panting as he managed to tug the zipper all the way up, effectively covering his cleavage and even providing some much-needed restraint.

"Alright, show's over. Now, put your dick away. You're coming with me."

"I'm trying," Chloe said, struggling to zip her zipper around a package with slightly less girth than a Pepperidge farm salami. "Having your big sexy tits in here isn't helping, by the way. You may have covered them, but they're not exactly inconspicuous."

"Fine," Devin said, opening the door and stepping outside. A cold breeze whipped past, and he shivered, his thin sweater providing little protection from the chill. When Chloe finally got her pants fastened, she rolled up the cuffs of Devin's pants to compensate for a few inches of lost height and stepped out of the car. She must have sworn at least a few more times, Devin thought. The jacket had fit his original height just fine, but now looked more like a raincoat. Looking carefully, Devin could also make out a bulge running up the middle of the jacket, though it seemed to have receded a bit in the cold air.

"Alright, I'm all loaded in. By the way, I guess I should have warned you: the girls have a tendency to jump to attention when it's chilly."

"What?" he asked, before looking down and noticing his nipples appeared almost ready to burst through the fabric of the sweater. At this point, there wasn't much to be done about it, so Devin shook his head and headed toward the the entrance. Doing his best to summon every ounce of confidence he had, he asked himself how his sister would handle the situation. He straightened up, giving his stride a much-needed injection of confidence, and giving Chloe something to stare at.

"You got a nice little hip swagger going there, Dev."

"I don't know what's waiting for us in there. May as well put on a strong face."

Chloe looked at Devin curiously. "It's funny. I didn't know my face could look so...determined."

"So let's get in there while I've got my nerve."

A loud hooting erupted from inside, followed by a crash which brought the raucous yelling to a crescendo. Devin and Rachelle exchanged concerned looks, and then they both gestured towards the door with one arm.

"Ladies first," they said simultaneously.

With an agitated sigh, the night-shift clerk knocked a third time on the door. Finally, a tall girl wrapped in a blanket answered, peering out from behind the door. From the clerk's vantage point outside, something seemed off about the girl's proportions, but he didn't really care to think too much about it.

"We got a lot of noise complaints from this room. Is everything okay in here?"

Amanda pushed loose hair out of her face. "That's my fault. I got up to use the bathroom and tripped over the little table on my way." She cracked the door open slightly more, allowing the clerk to see the small living room table had been shoved aside.

"People said they heard shouting."

"It was dark, and my friend freaked out 'cuz she thought someone had broken into the room. I made a little noise too. I stubbed my toe pretty bad. I thought it was broken."

"And pounding on the walls?"

Amanda gave a guilty frown. "I guess I got a little dramatic. I can be kind of a wimp sometimes."

"Huh, okay. Be careful, and please try to keep it down."

"Sure. Sorry again, and have a good night!"

Amanda slid the door shut and exhaled. She tidied up the room, nudging the table back in place, picking up the coffee maker from the floor, and pulling the bedding back onto the mattress. Lastly, for good measure, she re-adjusted the chair propped up against the bathroom door handle. A small scratching came from the other side.

"Hey, Amanda. I'm sorry."

"You said that already," Amanda replied, lying down on the bed and adjusting the pillows.

"You didn't give me permission to touch you."

"I certainly did not."

"For how I acted, I completely understand why you felt dragging me into the bathroom by my hair and locking me in was justified."

"I'm glad you think so." Amanda rolled over and clicked off the light.

"So, I've learned my lesson. Can you let me out?"

"Good night, Larissa."

Given her height and appearance, it didn't take Devin and Chloe long to find Rachelle. She sat alone at the far end of the bar near the wall, shoveling spaghetti into her mouth from a large salad bowl. No others were even close to her, which was both surprising and not: she was almost supernaturally beautiful, but her immense size and chilly disposition left most admiring from a distance. Upon noticing Chloe and Devin enter, Rachelle briefly stopped eating, shooting them a vicious glare, before returning to stuffing her face.

Devin had initially intended to head directly over to Rachelle, but he didn't get much further than the door before capturing the full attention of both male and female bar patrons, many of whom did not refrain from verbally expressing their thoughts on his appearance and figure. All those times he had leered at a woman's chest were now coming back to haunt him. He was pretty sure he'd not made eye contact with anyone, whereas the twin softballs on his chest were batting a thousand. Uncomfortable with the attention, he slid down into a booth and out of direct sight. In the meantime, Chloe had pushed past Devin and headed directly towards Rachelle. Before she could get close, however, a broad, bearded man in a sleeveless shirt and a leather vest stepped in her way.

"Where do you think you're headed, kid?"

Chloe pointed to Rachelle. "To talk to her."

"That's a real special lady over there who don't want to be bothered."

"It's cool, man. I know her."

"You ain't the first person in here to use that line, and if you don't want to be the first for me to have to set straight, you'd best let the lady alone."

Chloe snorted and waved her arm at Rachelle. "Hey, badonkadonk! You got a bodyguard now?" Unamused, Rachelle did not look up, but offered her middle finger as she took a long swig of her pitcher of beer.

"Don't look like she wants to talk to you. Why don't you just go ahead and have a seat over there?" He gestured towards a group of chairs at the far end of the bar. "Order a root beer, and let the lady have her privacy."

Devin, who had overheard the exchange from the booth, considered his options. As he and Chloe had driven around, he'd considered Rachelle would not be happy to see him, but he hadn't thought of the possibility of not even being able to get near her. While he didn't anticipate running into the same difficulty as Chloe, he'd need a diversion to take the attention away from his approach. As a fuming Chloe headed his direction, another idea struck him.

"No dice. Duck Dynasty over there won't let me—"

"Don't touch me, you little worm!" Devin shouted, in a timbre he could barely accept came from his own mouth.

"What's your problem? I didn't—"

"I told you before, keep your hands to yourself."

"Chill out! Why are you all bitchy all of a sudden?"

Chloe had responded as Devin had hoped; now he needed others to also do so. He stepped up his act, covering his chest defensively and giving the most outraged look he could muster. As expected, this attracted the attention of the bar and the bearded man, who came over and set a hand on Chloe's shoulder.

"Time to leave, kid. You probably aren't old enough to be in here anyways."

"What? I just got here!"

"We treat ladies with respect around here," he said, yanking Chloe away by her collar while Devin did his best to imitate the pout he remembered from his sister in her younger years. "I'm sorry about that, miss."

Devin extended his hand. "Thanks a lot, um..."

"Percy. Percy Johnson. I'm the owner here, and I don't let no one get mistreated in my establishment."

"Thank you, but you don't have to make him leave. I know him, and I'm sure he's learned his lesson. He gets a little excited sometimes, and just needs someone to keep an eye on him." Devin offered the sweetest, most gracious smile he could, while silently thanking the stars his slight massaging of the truth hadn't made his breasts grow right then and there. The stone-faced owner's disposition softened.

"I certainly will, little lady," he said, glaring down at Chloe, who was again fascinated by the kindly expressions Devin had elicited from a face she'd never imagined was capable of such looks when she was behind it. The owner tugged her roughly towards a small empty table in the corner, and with everyone's attention on Chloe, Devin got up and made her way over to Rachelle.

Devin approached as Rachelle scraped the last bits of spaghetti out of the large bowl. Assessing her profile, he noticed her stomach pooched outward more than before, and she'd developed the beginnings of a double chin. She sat atop two stools, each supporting one half of her expansive rear, and at over seven feet tall, her feet rested on the floor. She sat hunched over, allowing her breasts, which had expanded noticeably in the last half hour, to rest on the counter. She'd seen him approach, but chose to chug her beer rather than acknowledge him.

"Hey, You mind some company?"

Rachelle set the pitcher down and wiped her mouth with her arm, keeping her eyes looking forward. "Have a seat."

Devin did so. He leaned forward to try to make eye contact, which allowed his breasts to partially rest on the bar. Taking a cue from Rachelle, he scooted the stool forward, unzipped his hoodie, and dumped the full weight of his expansive chest onto the counter. He exhaled with relief, having not noticed how heavy they were until then.

Rachelle gave him a sidelong glance. "Looks like you've gotten bigger. Still telling lies?"

"Apparently, it's a hard habit to break." Devin smiled at Rachelle, but the conflicted look on her face indicated she was struggling with the conversation. This surprised him, since he'd assumed she'd just be peppering him with vitriol by now. He noticed the empty beer pitcher and shot glasses. "Been hittin' the drinks pretty hard, huh?"

"Not nearly hard enough. My metabolism is out of control. I've easily had more than fifty dollars worth of cheap well drinks, shots, and beer in thirty minutes and I'm still barely more than buzzed. The carbs, though," Rachelle patted her extraordinary rear end, "seem to be piling up swimmingly."

"For what it's worth, I think you look gorgeous."

Rachelle smiled weakly. "Look, Devin, I'm actually sorry I blew up at you."

"You didn't 'blow up.' You called me out for being douchey."

"No, you're not douchey. You may have withheld the full truth at the time, but you didn't technically lie to me. As for your 'preferences,' it's really none of my business. As Chloe pointed out to us earlier, the M.O. of this ridiculous game is to drag that kind of stuff out into the open."

"Which it has."

"Yes, but what sucks is when our insecurities get dragged out too. I can't be too mad at you for hitting on a girl who clearly epitomized your physical preferences. What upsets me is I think you're a nice, cool guy, and if it weren't for how I look, you would never have even talked to me." Rachelle struggled to keep from crying, but a few tears managed to escape.

Devin looked down, immediately getting an eyeful of cleavage. He took in the strange sight for a moment, and shook his head at the absurdity of his situation. "You know, you're right. I probably wouldn't have. And you know what? It would have been my loss. You know what else, though? It's not what happened. Because of what did happen, we're two freaky fetish fantasies sitting in a bar talking about how we almost didn't meet each other."

Rachelle wiped her eyes, and smiled softly. "You don't even know what I actually look like."

Devin shrugged. "Nope, I don't. But there's plenty else I don't know about you either. Keep in mind, we've had one lunch date. Look, how about we head back to the hotel, get some sleep, and pick things up in the morning?"

"Deal," Rachelle said. They both were both suddenly interrupted by a chorus of cheers for Chloe, who had downed four shots of tequila, and was now chugging down two beers at once. She slammed the two bottles down on the table and let loose a thunderous belch. This earned her slaps on the back from several bikers, and two more shots of tequila.

Devin raised his eyebrows. "Jeez, she's been a guy for less than a day and she's already better at it than I am."

"In all actuality, even if she were in her own body, she'd be acting same way."

"Good for her, but she's going to have my body on the verge of blackout drunk—" Chloe clunked the two shots down onto the table and hooted, "—like, two drinks ago." Devin pushed back from the counter and stepped down from the stool. His boobs dropped down from the counter as well, and he winced at a twinge of pain in his back, giving him yet another reminder of his current situation. "Ugh, now I know what they mean by 'back-problem-big.'"

"About that, can you give me a hand?" Devin obliged, taking Rachelle's hand as she carefully slid off of the bar stools, struggling a bit with controlling her center of gravity. "I wasn't this big when I got up here. I think I'm a little taller too, but it's hard to tell." Getting down from the stools, she straightened up, standing easily two feet taller than Devin. She grunted as she adjusted her own vast bosom, just as Chloe stumbled over.

"I figure I got about ten good minutes before things get ugly on my end. I don't think Devin can hold his liquor."

"Well I never tried drinking two beers and a pint of tequila ten minutes."

"Your loss," Chloe replied, before turning to Rachelle. "Ya needs help? I could help you carry your tits, or hers."

"Honestly, I'm not sure you can," Rachelle said, surprised by how small Chloe looked standing next to her. Having dropped under five feet tall, Chloe barely stood as high as her waist. Rachelle's butt alone probably outweighed Chloe substantially. "Anyways, we should probably pay our tabs." She turned and offered her card to the owner behind the bar, who politely waved her off.

"You're all set. We had three different folks offer to cover your tab. You three will be the talk of this place for months. Come back on through again sometime." The rest of the bar patrons shouted their agreement.

"You betcha!" Chloe exclaimed, as Devin and Rachelle guided her towards the door. They all waved thanks and headed out to their vehicles. Rachelle fished for her keys while Devin propped Chloe against the hood.

"Hey, you sure you're cool to drive? You've had quite a bit to drink yourself."

"I'm not even buzzed anymore, but it looks like I'd better watch what I eat from here on out. I'm barely going to fit in the driver's seat as it is."

"Oh shit, here we go." Chloe muttered, before emptying her guts onto hood of the van and dropping to the ground in a heap.

"So...yeah," Devin said, grimacing. "I'll take her in my car. I owe ya, after all." Rachelle didn't argue, and wedged herself into the driver's seat of the van. It took a couple of tries for her to close the door, the padding of her hips hindering her efforts. Upon finally shutting the the door, she watched as Devin hoisted the passed-out Chloe up and into the back seat of his sedan. He shut the back door and extended a victorious thumbs up before doing a goofy happy dance that set all his girly curves in jiggly motion. Rachelle laughed, and he gave her a wink before getting in the car and flashing his lights for her to go ahead.

"Aw," Rachelle said with a chuckle. "What a gentleman."

Chapter 14

At 11:45, the group left the bar, Rachelle and Chloe in the van and Devin in his sedan. Devin followed Rachelle to a gas station, where they retrieved a large cup of water for Chloe who had puked again upon arrival. She nursed her water in the van while Rachelle and Devin chatted over a box of a dozen hostess donuts—Rachelle ate all but two. The sight of the two obscenely curvy girls sitting by themselves attracted a pair of drunk young men, both of whom immediately backed off when the eight-foot Rachelle stood to her feet and politely, but sternly, requested they be left alone.

Chatting with Devin in Chloe's body took less getting used to than Rachelle had expected. His speech pattern, gestures, and expressions were fresh in her mind from their lunch date, and she was more surprised how little she noticed she was speaking to Devin in Chloe's body. Likewise Devin found himself less and less distracted by both his new female body and Rachelle's über one. It was only when Rachelle ducked to exit a door, or when he swept donut crumbs off the vast expanse of his bosom was he reminded him of their unusual predicament.

At 12:56 AM, they arrived back at the motel. It was a warm night, and he hung out with Rachelle in the motel parking lot for a half hour before they decided to take a walk down to the beach. Rachelle had mentioned how they'd arrived at Coastside Beach twelve hours ago and she'd yet to see the water. While it had certainly given her plenty of new experiences, she felt the game had inconvenienced her Fall break enough. They left Chloe in the van, and held hands as they walked down to the waterfront, where they sat on the beach talking until around 3am. When they grew too tired to finish sentences, they headed back up to the motel and crashed.

Not long after, Chloe woke up in the back seat of the van, though it took several more minutes for her to figure this out. She was still drunk, but sober enough to walk, so she left the vehicle and wandered around until she managed to find room sixty-nine (there was no way she would forget that number). She fished the keycard out of her jeans—marveling yet again at the remarkable spaciousness of mens' pants pockets—and let herself into the room. She'd hoped to walk in on a naked Larissa and Amanda, but instead found Amanda curled up on one bed, Rachelle draped over the other, Devin on the floor, and Larissa nowhere in sight. She shrugged and headed to the toilet, absent-mindedly pushing aside the chair blocking the bathroom door.

Larissa woke up to the sound of piss—first in the toilet, then on the ground. She peeked through the shower curtain to see the drunk figure and face of her brother, only about a foot shorter, and struggling to keep his balance as he hoisted a dick the length of his forearm. She couldn't help but be amazed by the massive schlong her brother's body now possessed, but knowing Chloe actually inhabited the body, rather than her brother, eased Larissa's conscience about giving it a second look. Chloe stepped back to admire herself in the full-length mirror, grinning with satisfaction at her generous endowment, and snapped a few pictures with her phone. She then shuffled out of the bathroom without pulling her pants up, and collapsed onto the floor, leaving the door wide open.

When she was fairly certain everyone was asleep, Larissa climbed out of the tub and peeked into the hotel room. Rachelle laid face-down on the bed closest to the bathroom, her hips and ass spanning more than half the width of the full-sized mattress. One of her lengthy legs extended past the end of the mattress, while the other draped off the side with her knee resting on the ground. Chloe, who still had her pants around her ankles, laid on the floor between the two beds next to Devin. Still in the hyper-developed version of Chloe's body, Devin laid on his side, cradling his enormous breasts under one arm. Larissa noticed how one of his bare legs rested atop Rachelle's calf, and his lips curled upwards in a subtle, satisfied smile.

Larissa snuck out of the bathroom, and, after stepping carefully over Rachelle's outstretched leg, headed straight for the door. Her back was stiff from sleeping in the tub, and she fumed over Amanda's outright rejection of her advances. She'd had quite enough of this fucked-up game, and was more than ready to leave all of it behind when the sight of Chloe's phone sitting on the dresser stopped her momentarily. Amanda's words echoed in her head: The rules say we have to take two turns a day per person. Given everything that's happened already, I don't want to break the rules.

She glanced back at her brother, before snatching up Chloe's phone and slipping it into her pocket, along with his car keys. She closer her eyes and smiled as a cold tingling shot through her body, which she attributed to the adrenaline rush accompanying the theft. Maybe she resented Amanda for rejecting her. Maybe she was jealous of her brother for cuddling up with the girl of his dreams while she slept curled up in a bathtub. Maybe I'm just a vengeful bitch, she thought, opening the door. She turned back to give one last look at the beautiful sleeping monolith that was Amanda, before quietly slipping away.

Amanda woke up at 6:30 AM, refreshed and sporting roughly fifteen inches of morning wood which extended above the waistband of her boxers. She ignored it for the time being, and sat up as quietly as she could, though the bed groaned loudly as she shifted her weight about. She gauged she'd grown at least three more inches overnight, putting her at about six-foot ten. While relieved she was growing only about a half inch or so at a time, at her current size, growing bigger at all—let alone at the top of every hour—was hardly practical. She couldn't even begin to estimate her weight, which easily exceeded 300 pounds at this point.

Amanda noticed the chair holding the bathroom door shut now laid on the ground. She got up to investigate, and immediately noticed Larissa was gone. While Amanda wasn't sure how she'd escaped, Larissa's departure neither alarmed nor concerned her. She changed into her barely fitting sweatpants and t-shirt, and headed out the door to go for a jog while it was still early and not too many people would see her. The car Chloe and Larissa had arrived in was gone, and she assumed Larissa had taken it.

Good riddance

Amanda inhaled the cool, foggy Autumn air. She had no shoes outside of her mens size 15 flip-flops, but the cold pavement didn't bother the tough soles of her bare feet. She stopped next to Rachelle's van, using it to steady herself as she bent down to stretch her quads. She remembered dead-lifting the van the previous day, before she'd started growing hourly, and she again applied her strength to the vehicle, easily hoisting the it off the ground with a modest effort. I'm still getting stronger! This is incredible!

The maneuver was even easier than it had been the previous day, enough so that she removed one hand, letting a single powerful arm hold up the entire front end of the vehicle. The display of power was intoxicating, and her pumped arm bulged with the exertion. She considered attempting to lift the entire vehicle off the ground, but decided against it, not wanting to risk damaging their sole means of transportation. She set the van down as gently as she could, before sprinting away from the motel with a giddy smile on her face and a rock-hard erection in her sweats.

Rachelle awoke around 8:30 at the sound of the motel door creaking open as Amanda ducked into the room, her bulky frame testing the limits of her clothing and nearly filling the space in the doorway. She also smelled like heaven in the form of cheap breakfast foods, holding two large fast food bags in one hand and a full drink tray in the other . "Hey, I brought food. Twelve breakfast sandwiches, six hash browns, a half-gallon of orange juice, and four large coffees."

"Gimmie," Chloe said, springing to life from a dead sleep. "I've got the hangover from hell." She'd kicked off the her pants, leaving her naked from the waist down, and her foot-long penis hanging down to her knees, but she didn't seem to mind.

"What time did you guys get back?" Amanda asked, handing Chloe the coffee and Rachelle one of the bags.

"Devin and I hung out on the beach for at least an hour. Maybe three or so?"

"Something like that," Devin said, stepping out of the bathroom, wearing only a long t-shirt and white cotton panties. He arched his back, pressing his hefty chest outward, instantly capturing Chloe's attention. He'd been in the body of a blonde, busty young woman for barely twenty-four hours, but had already grown accustomed to the inevitable attention his figure drew. He expected his sister to chime in any moment to tell both he and Chloe to put some pants on, but realized she wasn't in the room. "Hey, where's Larissa?"

"I guess Larissa must have left after you guys got back, but before I went jogging."

"She's not here?"

"She's not, and neither is her car."

Devin looked surprised. "You mean my car? It was here when we got back. Did she take it? "

"Looks like it. It's definitely not out there."

"Hey, where the heck is my phone?" Everyone looked at Chloe, who was searching the floor and shaking the blankets around her. "Can someone call it? I could have sworn I left it on the nightstand."

Rachelle grabbed her phone and called. "It's ringing, so it's not out of battery. Are you sure you didn't leave it at the bar?"

"Quite sure. I took dick pics last night in the bathroom."

Amanda looked amused, before a thought occurred to her. "Wait, you were in the bathroom? So you let Larissa out?"

"Larissa was in the bathroom?"

Amanda blushed slightly. "I kinda locked her in there when she got...grabby."

Devin dropped his head into his palm. "Aw, shit. Guys I think Lissa stole Chloe's phone."

"Why would she do that?"

"In short, because she can be a real vengeful bitch, particularly when she doesn't get what she wants."

"That's a problem," Amanda said.

"Yeah it's a problem. My phone is gone, and it's my phone."

"No, I mean, how are we supposed to play the game?"

"The rules said the game would 'automatically progress' if we didn't take our turn." Rachelle said. "But what if we can't take our turn?"

"I don't know," Devin said. "Lissa totally could have taken it. But what would she even do with it?"

Larissa had no idea what to do with Chloe's phone. She actually hadn't thought her plan through much beyond "fuck all of them." She'd wasted no time in getting on the road and putting as much distance between her and the motel as possible before any of them would realize she was gone. Fighting fatigue, she clenched the steering wheel tightly until she could almost feel it bend inwards in her grip. The adrenaline was no longer pumping, and she was tired. She drove north along a country road for an hour before stopping at a rest stop to sleep.

She dozed for a few hours until Chloe's ringing phone nudged her awake. She immediately noticed a fierce tingling coursing through her body with such intensity it made her ears ring, and she struggled to keep her hands from shaking. The clock in her car read 8:30, and she noticed the illuminated screen of the phone in the passenger seat. She snatched it up and, ignoring the missed call, and read the displayed message:

Depart the game from it's natural course

Chaos you beget henceforth

The tone of the words made the hair on the back of her neck stand up. Larissa started the car, and pulled onto the road to head back towards Coastside. The car jerked wildly onto the road as she over-steered and nearly smashed into a fence. Once she managed to get onto the road, the accelerator provided little resistance, making it difficult to control her speed. At the edge of her vision, she saw a yellow light turn red, and she pressed her foot down on the brake, only to have her foot plow completely through the floor of the car and into the pavement. She gasped and tugged back on the steering wheel, ripping it completely out of the dashboard. The engine squealed then died as the car lurched to a halt. What the heck is going on?

She pulled the handle to open the door, inadvertently ripping the lever clean off. Pushing open the door she noticed the way the car tilted toward her side, lifting the right side of the vehicle completely off the ground. As she stepped onto the pavement, the passenger side crashed down to the ground, and the tingling shot through her body again with a dizzying ferocity. She attempted to steady herself on the car, but her weight bore down on the chassis like a fully-grown elephant stepping into a go-cart, effectively crushing it. Though her proportions had not changed, her strength had multiplied—possibly exponentially—and her body weight easily exceeded hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds.

I have to give back the phone, she thought, staring at the device in her hands. She carefully closed her grip around it, thankful it was somehow immune to her uncontrollable strength. On the other hand, she wasn't immediately sure how she would get back to Coastside Beach anytime soon without her car. With no other option, she turned back in the direction of the hotel, and set off running down the road, leaving a trail of demolished pavement in her wake.

Chapter 15

"I'm serious, I want my phone back, it's boring as hell here," Chloe whined. An hour had gone by, and she'd yet to put on any pants. She busied herself by hanging items from her oversized erection that bobbled in front of her like a thick tree branch. She'd managed to support Rachelle's purse, two pairs of socks, and one of Amanda's bras, before she began to have difficulty holding it up. As goofy as it was, the distraction kept her cursing in check. Having shrunk to 4'10" and sporting a penis literally a third the length of her body. Having passed her lying curse to Devin, she didn't have to worry about it growing any longer, but she was bound to start running into weight distribution issues if she grew any shorter.

Devin, in the meantime, tried his best not to stare at the warped version of his body laying on the bed behind him. This was difficult, since he could plainly see Chloe's reflection in the mirror above the motel desk, upon which he currently rested his gallon-jug-sized breasts. Their oppressive heft had finally begun to wear on his back, since neither he nor the body he currently inhabited was accustomed to carrying their weight. For the umpteeth time, straightened his posture and arched his back, hoisting them in his arms before plopping them back on the desk. He shot Chloe a curious look.

"Are you really not at all concerned about what will happen if we don't take our turns before noon?"

"I'm really not," Chloe replied. "I mean, it's not like we lost the phone or are refusing to take our turns. Your idiot sister stole it from us, and we haven't the slightest idea where to find her. I say it's on her, and I bet the app agrees."

"Besides," Rachelle chimed in. "The rules say the game will automatically progress if we don't take a turn. The app has been inconvenient, but not unfair. I don't see us getting punished for what she's done. I mean, seriously, what else can it even do to me at this point?" Rachelle sat on the ground, perched atop her expansive rear that provided about eight inches of padding between her and the floor. Combined with her towering eight-foot five height, it put her nearly an average person's eye level while still seated on the ground. At least I'm not growing anymore, she thought.

Rachelle's "growing problem," however, had been passed along to another unwilling recipient—one currently struggling to free herself from the extra-small motel bathroom. Amanda twisted and contorted her brawny six-foot-nine body in an attempt to squeeze through the bathroom door without causing any damage to the cheap motel walls. After some consideration, she turned sideways and slipped through, clearing the doorframe with mere inches of clearance. As she twisted, her lengthy member struck the wooden frame with an audible thunk, and she grumbled to herself, before reaching down and maneuvering it through.

"Ugh, I just wanted to take a dang shower, but I can barely even fit in the bathroom." Amanda cleared her throat a couple times. "God, is this really my voice now? I sound like Ursula the Sea Witch."

"Welcome to the club," Rachelle shouted back, her voice also a rich tenor. "And I warned you about the doorway. My ass barely fits in there as it is," Rachelle patted her generous hips. "Heck, they're about as wide as Chloe is tall."

Chloe suddenly shook off the assortment of items hanging from her dick, before turning and dropping off the bed. "Okay, I'm super bored and super horny. So, unless we plan to have a group orgy right here and now, I need to get out on the prowl."

"Where the heck do you plan to go?" Amanda asked.

"Duh. To pick up ladies. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and I am not going to let this game end without this monster getting me some action."

"That thing is bordering on impractical!" Rachelle exclaimed. "You can barely fit in in your pants. What girl would let anyone shove something that size into them, let alone a hobbit-sized pervert like you?"

"Big cock porn is a genre for a reason. I'll just have to find a girl who's like me."

"So, a guy?" Devin offered, with a grin.

"Like I was, then, Ladyparts. Anyways, this thing isn't that much bigger than that monster dildo Rachelle has in her bag." Mortified, Rachelle glanced over at Devin, who looked more curious than surprised. Catching Rachelle's glance, he shrugged.

"What? After all that's happened, do you think I, of all people, is going to judge you right now?"

"But Chloe," Rachelle asked, anxious to change the subject. "Aren't you afraid of something else happening to you? What if you suddenly—I don't know—grow two more arms in public?"

Chloe chuckled thoughtfully. "I'm not worried about that, though it sounds awfully fun. I mean, seriously, what could happen? Having four arms isn't any more a crime than having an eighteen inch cock."

"What about me?" Amanda spoke up. She gestured downward at both her body and the prominent bulge in her sweatpants, which captured both Devin and Rachelle's attention for longer than either intended.

"What about you?" Chloe said. "I mean, sure, you're hung like a horse, but you're rocking, like, two hundred pounds of muscle. You don't actually think someone's going to make fun of you?"

Rachelle was surprised to find herself following Chloe's logic. She also wasn't much in the mood to protest any more, and she waved Chloe towards the door. "Whatever, then. Put some pants on, and try to at least watch out for indecent exposure. Whatever happens, as long as the three of us get back by tomorrow and finish the trip, we should—."

"Sweet! Time to go get laid." Chloe interjected, before turning to Amanda. "Beefcake, you in? I gotta buy some clothes, and you look like you could stand to get out and about."

"I'll help you get clothes, but after that I'm on my own. I don't need you getting me in any more trouble."

Chloe scoffed as she attempted to stuff her package back into Devin's jeans. "Yes, because giving a mall security guard a facial was all my idea." She guided the length of her shaft down the pant leg, which contoured conspicuously to its shape. Chuckling at the sight, she reaching in her bag and retrieved a handful of condoms. She handed them to Devin, who seemed confused by the offering.

"What am I supposed to do with these without a dick?"

"They certainly don't fit me," Chloe said, patting the perverse bulge in her pants. "I'll be picking up some size XXXLs while I'm out, but since all the cocks are leaving I'll leave a few for you in case you'd like to give Rachelle's foot-long battery-powered monster a ride." Before Devin or Rachelle could reply, Chloe nudged Amanda outside and shut the door behind them, leaving Rachelle and Devin alone. They both sat in the quiet of the room for a moment, Devin holding his sizable breasts in his arms, and Rachelle still seated on the floor.

"Foot-long monster?" Devin said, with a sly grin.

"A vibrator."

"I figured. So…"

"It's in my overnight bag. Let's try not to make a mess."

I hate stupid problems.

Larissa recalled a couple weeks back when she'd snagged her jacket pocket on a banister, ripping it open. She'd stopped, dislodged the tatters, and stared at her destroyed jacket in utter disbelief, dumbfounded that such a dumb thing had even happened. At 6'3", It was hard enough for her to find decent clothes in her size. Now it was raining, and her only hooded jacket had been rendered almost entirely unusable. It was a stupid problem.

Back in the present, she now found herself the victim of some stupid vengeful 2-bit curse in a mystical mobile app. She had no idea how much she weighed, but assumed at least several tons given the way her footfalls demolished the pavement beneath her. Making matters worse, her increased mass came in exact proportion with her increased strength, so while she could barely touch anything without crushing it, she also couldn't move any faster than her normal walking pace, particularly if she intended to minimize collateral damage.

This is a really, really stupid problem.

At this point, Larissa preferred the isolation of an abandoned highway to the chaos she'd likely cause in the middle of a city or suburb. While she was concerned about the inevitable possibility of being in a more populated area, at her current pace she wouldn't have to worry about that for at least a few hours. Ordinarily, she'd feel some concern for her safety walking alone in such a remote location, but at this point, she was grateful no one had approached her, as it minimized the possibility of her accidentally blasting her arm through someone's chest cavity in an attempt to shove them away.

Because, of course, that's the kind of stupid shit that would happen.

She gripped Chloe's stolen phone in her hand, which was fortunately immune to her uncontrollable strength. She accessed the call history, and scrolled through the missed call log, which included and two from Rachelle and several from her brother's number. Calling Devin or Rachelle would be logical, but would also mean fessing up to her own impulsive actions that had gotten her into this absurd mess, and her pride prevented her from doing that, at least at the moment. She knew she'd also been impulsive with Amanda, just as she was impulsive with everyone. As long as she'd been the tallest person around, she took the initiative in every interaction. If she didn't, there was bound to be some crack about her height, or legs, or neck, or something else she didn't want to talk about. As long as she'd stayed on the offense, she'd never be on the defense.

And look where it's gotten me.

Her stomach roared, and for the first time since the previous evening she began to think seriously about food. She'd intended to have dinner with her brother yesterday, but his chance encounter with a particularly tall girl in the food court had set off the series of mishaps that led to her current predicament. Looking around, there was nothing edible in her vicinity. If her current strength level was any indication, she could probably eat rocks, though they didn't sound too appetizing. She wondered how the hell her metabolism would even work now.

A car sped past, and looking up, Larissa saw the diner she remembered speeding past before she'd stopped to nap earlier that morning. Her stomach growled again with anticipation, though she doubted she could even enter the place without crushing the knob and ripping the door off it's hinges. The chaos would only compound from there, and she felt a shiver down her spine at attention it would inevitably draw. She stopped for a moment and stared at her feet, and quietly chided herself for her insecurity. It didn't take her long, however, find her resolve. She knew what she would do next.

The offensive.

Having made up her mind, Larissa sprinted towards the diner, her steps impacting the ground like small meteors. Reaching the edge of the parking lot, she could see the commotion her approach had already caused in the diner. Through the large shaking windows, a room full of confused and anxious patrons dropped under tables, assuming an earthquake was imminent. An eager grin appeared on Larissa's face, as she headed straight for a wall to the right of the entrance just under the open sign.

Larissa blasted through the side of the restaurant, causing every bit the ruckus she'd initially intended to avoid. The restaurant erupted into a panic, with most leaping up from their tables and piling out the front entrance. A few screamed in Larissa's direction, though most had still not thought to connect her with whatever was happening. In the midst of it all, Larissa began scooping up food from a table and stuffing it in her mouth, feeling the instant pleasure of satiating her hunger. A few remaining patrons gaped at her from underneath the tables. Squelching the unease rising in her gut, Larissa took a deep breath and shouted.

"GET OUT!!!"

Her thunderous voice shattered all the remaining windows and sent the stragglers scrambling across the floor towards the door, with a few others rushing out through the gaping hole in the wall she'd entered through. As everything around her settled down, she focused on filling herself. She reached for any food she could find on the tables and floor, and stuffed it into her mouth indiscriminately. While she attempted to reach for only actual food items, the effort was soon abandoned as her powerful hands scooped up silverware, plates, and chunks of plaster and tile which went into her mouth and down her throat without consequence.

It felt good to eat. It was the only thing that felt good, and it kept Larissa's mind off of her situation at hand. She polished off countless plates of food, including of sandwiches, breakfast plates, and a few stacks of pancakes from a large group table. Looking around, she darted to the front counter and plunged her hands through the glass display case to retrieve several pies which she gobbled down. She wanted to worry about the destruction she caused, or the people she'd terrified, or the way her belly bloated in front of her, hanging down past her waist. Instead, her stupid problems melted away behind the intoxication of eating—consuming.

Having sufficiently devoured everything of interest in the dining area, Larissa caught the wafting odor of more food through the server window. Licking her lips, Larissa waddled her way towards the kitchen, her immense girth easily plowing aside tables, chairs and counters. With an elated smile, she burst into kitchen, giving only a passing thought to her having to duck slightly to clear a curiously low door frame.

Chapter 16

A day ago, Devin had encountered the tallest, most beautiful girl he'd ever seen in his life. He'd been so desperate to meet her, he resorted to the admittedly immature move of "accidentally" running into her. Twenty-four hours later, she'd grown nearly a foot taller, and he—now in the body of her female roommate—was receiving a first-hand orientation to the wonders of cunnilingus.

A lot can happen in a day.

"I don't normally do this," Rachelle managed to say as she lapped Devin between his legs. She'd kicked one of the beds onto its side and against the wall to give herself more clearance in the small motel room, and laid on her back with Devin straddling her face. He managed a jerky head nod in response to her admission, before tipping forwards and grinding himself along Rachelle's long tongue.

For her part, Rachelle enjoyed herself, though the experience had started out awkwardly; she had difficulty getting over the idea of performing sex acts on Chloe's body from any angle. Additionally, experience was not exactly on her side with either gender. Devin's enthusiasm for her worship-worthy body, however, made it easy for her to get into the spirit of things.

Rachelle redoubled her efforts, and Devin moaned as another cascade of pleasure had him seeing stars; she was less eating him out and more devouring him at this point. Compounding sensations overwhelmed his senses, and a final, overwhelming wave of pleasure ripped through his body, working him to a savage climax. He came longer and harder than he would have ever thought possible, before collapsing backwards onto her legs then down onto the floor.

"Thank you," he wheezed. "That was...I can't even…"

"You're welcome," Rachelle said. "You made one hell of a mess on me up here, by the way."

"You'll have to excuse me. I've never had my pussy licked before."

Rachelle grimaced. "I'm never going to be able to look Chloe in the eyes again after this is over." Devin laughed, but Rachelle had suddenly gone quiet. He pulled himself up, and was surprised to see her looking visibly concerned.

"Sorry," Devin said. "I know it's weird that I look like your friend."

"No, it's not that. I mean, yes that's weird, but I was thinking of—"

"Larissa?" Devin finished. "Yeah, I'm wondering about her too."

"What do think she's up to?"

"To be honest," Devin said, resting his chin on Rachelle's breast and caressing the other. "I'd rather not think about that right now."

Larissa cooed as she ran her hands along what little she could reach of the her expansive body. Her belly, the size of a golf cart, rested on the ground in front of her, working to process the total contents of the restaurant fridge, freezer, and pantry, which included pots, pans, cutlery, small appliances, a dishwasher, and a refrigerator. Her exponentially increased strength helped her plenty, though she'd conveniently grown taller as well. Bigger, really. Gigantic, actually.

Her body was magnificent, having enlarged in all directions. She knelt with both feet behind her, cradling her expanded bottom between her ankles. Now taller seated than she'd previously stood, she figured herself to be around fifteen feet tall, given that she could reach nearly everything in the room—the ceiling included—from her centralized seated position. At this point, however, there was very little left for her to reach unless she intended to start nibbling on the walls.

Outside of her unbuttoned denim shorts that had magically (and thankfully) grown with her, the rest of her clothes had long surrendered to her expansion. The only thing she carried was Chloe's phone, which she wedged into her pocket a while ago. She was hardly concerned with modesty; she'd freaked out plenty of people already, and that was before she'd grown to even half her current size.

The euphoria of her consumption clouded her mind, and she felt could only partially grasp her current situation. Somewhere in the deepest recesses of her consciousness, she felt that perhaps growing larger was not practical. Eating the entire contents of a refrigerator as well as the refrigerator itself was perhaps not something she should do, let alone be able to do. Perhaps she should call someone, or stay put until help arrived. But they won't help me. They're afraid of me, and with good reason.

She recalled the reactions of the patrons when she'd burst in. They did not simply fear her, they ran for their lives in absolute terror, as if she were some kind of monster. She looked down at the vast expanse of her body—swelling ever larger by the minute—and imagined how they would react to her now. I'm the monster.

The thought did not alarm her. In fact, it put her at ease. Being the monster was easy; she did not have to think about her clothes, or hair, or height. She would not worry about what people thought or said about her, or even about people period. She would only think only of herself, and what she wanted. She rocked forwards, peering through the window at the convenience store across the street. At her size, she figured it would satisfy her for another fifteen minutes or so.

...and she would only get bigger from there.

Finding beach clothes had been a challenge for Amanda. In the last couple hours, she'd grown another few inches to just over seven feet tall. That, along with her brawny upper body and male genitalia, made both one- and two-piece swimsuits impractical, if not impossible. Instead, she got creative, and with a series of strategic rips and ties, she modified an XXL t-shirt into a makeshift bikini top. A long, baggy pair of board shorts hid her glory effectively enough, though they barely reached past her knees—not much longer than what they were intended to hide. In the end, she felt pleased with her fashionable trans look.

Chloe, following a necessary "relief break," found the least juvenile clothes she could from the teen section, settling on a scaled down version of Devin original wardrobe, with baggier jeans to accommodate her own foot-long endowment. She'd managed to watch her language, so it had not grown any, though it was still long by any standard, and particularly lengthy for her 4'9" height.

After buying clothes, the two headed out to an outdoor bar overlooking the beach. Both she and Amanda were fortunate the bartender had not looked too closely at the heights listed on either of their IDs. While Chloe had shrunk Devin's body down nearly a foot, Devin had a mature face and visible five-o-clock shadow (Chloe was not about to try shaving) giving him the look of an unusually short adult, rather than a pre-teen. Amanda, in spite of her towering height and absurdly muscled frame, still retained an unmistakably feminine look, particularly from the neck up. They sipped their cocktails and eavesdropped on a young guy at a table nearby who was doing his best to get acquainted with two girls sitting near him—both of which seemed to be humoring him more than anything.

"They're pretty cute," Devin said, admiring the Hispanic girl in a two-piece bikini who did most of the talking. The second girl, curvy and pale-skinned with dark hair and glasses quietly sipped the drink procured for her. Amanda gave the girls her own casual visual inspection, before she grunted and shifted in her seat.

"Ugh. Not again!" she said, tugging at her shorts. "I do not have a lot of clearance in these things. Seriously, how do guys deal with this?"

Chloe snickered. "For one thing, most guys aren't as hung as you or I. Secondly, I told you, you should have beat off back in the dressing room like I did."

"After our previous dressing room fiasco made the local news, I was a little nervous to try our luck again. Anyways, it's not like you had a choice."

Chloe grinned. "No, but it'll at least tide me over a couple hours. You, on the other hand…." Chloe peeked under the table at the lengthening outline of Amanda's erection snaking towards the bottom hem of her shorts. "That monster can't be tamed!"

The girl with glasses glanced over from the adjacent table, and whispered to her friend. Both then glanced back at a red-faced Amanda, who offered a polite wave. Chloe smiled, before abruptly turning away.

"Chloe, wave back!" Amanda said, flicking her on the arm. "I thought you wanted to try picking up girls."

Chloe sighed. "I'm getting the feeling that's probably harder than it sounds. If getting laid were easy, I'm pretty sure our buddy over there would have scored by now." The young had retreated from the girls' table back to the bar, where he appeared to be ordering another round of drinks. Amanda nudged Chloe again.

"You should go jump into the mix. I bet he could use a wing-man."

Chloe grimaced. "I don't know if either of those two girls want to get plowed by a guy half their size."

"Maybe you shouldn't try 'picking them up.' Just try getting to know them."

"We've seen how well that's working for our buddy over there licking his wounds at the bar. That's like the third drink he's bought both of those girls, and even he knows he hasn't got a prayer."

"Despite what we've seen in this game, real life isn't some porno, where people just walk up out of the blue and—"


Amanda turned to see the the shorter, pale girl had turned around and tapped her on the shoulder. She had a an elaborate tattoo design on her upper arm that Amanda had not noticed initially.

"Sorry to bother you, but my name's Rose, and this is Eva. We're here for the weekend, and we happened to notice your, um, talent." Rose pointed under the table to Amanda's obvious erection. Chloe snickered, while Amanda, suppressing her horror, started to apologize.

"No, no! Don't worry about it." Rose continued. "We actually want to know if you'd like to have a threesome with us."

Amanda glanced over at Chloe, who looked expectantly back at her. She then realized that Rose had said threesome and both girls looked directly at her, ignoring Chloe entirely. While she'd intended to give the request more thought, her dick had already made up its mind.

"I...I'd like that very much."

Rose and Eva both smiled and hopped down from their stools, flanking Amanda on either side. Chloe nodded her head with approval at Amanda, who smiled back anxiously, before walking away with the two girls, an arm around each of their waists. They'd just stepped away, when the guy returned from the bar to find his two companions walking away with the most gigantic woman he'd ever seen, sporting the most gigantic erection he'd ever seen. He looked to Chloe, who only shrugged.

"Tough break,"

"Yeah," the guy said, with more surprise than disappointment. "So, you know, um, her...him?"

"I know her. We're traveling together. She was supposed to be my wing-person, but in retrospect that was not the best idea. You can see she's pretty special." In the distance, she saw Amanda had lifted Rose up, easily carrying her with only one arm. Rose squealed and wrapped her arms around Amanda's neck.

"No kidding."

"Have a seat?" Chloe offered, nodding her head towards one of several open stools at her table.

"Sure. I'm Josh."



Chloe smiled. "No, just 'Devin'. Sorry, it's been that kind of day."

Josh had a seat, pushing two of the three drinks to the center of the table. "Tell me about it..."

"You wouldn't believe me if I did."

"You wanna bet?" Josh replied. Chloe started to laugh, when she noticed that Josh was not looking at her, but up at the television above the bar. A breaking news report depicted what appeared to be an immense pregnant woman standing above the crumpled remains of a convenience store. Her body loomed over a crowd of people who barely reached the height of her knees. The camera panned upwards to her familiar face, which wore a wide, sadistic grin. An expansive hand then dropped downward, enveloping the screen before the video cut to black.