Valerie's Friday

Art by LordAltros

It was a slow Friday morning, too slow for two people to be working the front desk at a specialty supplements shop. Valerie browsed social media on her mobile while Jai, now 0-for-3 in Solitaire, sighed and pushed away from the computer. 


"Hey Val, mind if I cut out early?"


Valerie didn't look up from her phone. "Not at all. It's been quiet all morning and I doubt it'll pick up on a Friday afternoon."


"Thanks!" Jai said, grabbing their jacket and bag. "You need me to take care of anything before I leave?"


"Lock the door on your way out. I'll probably go to lunch early."


"Can do. Want me to grab the light too?"


"No, I'll get that."


Valerie waited as Jai walked across the parking lot to their car, searched for their keys, considered returning for their keys, found their keys in their back pants pocket, then drove away. Alone in the store, Valerie locked her workstation and tidied up, leaving Jai a window to return for any forgotten items.


When the clock ticked noon, Valerie headed to the stockroom. Amidst stacks of supply boxes and paper records was a cluster of five-gallon containers tucked below a standing desk. She grabbed the one closest to her and, with considerable effort, dragged it out and hoisted it onto the counter. She read the label: 


Enhancement Solution


The backs of Valerie's knees tingled with anticipation as she unbuttoned the fly of her jeans and removed her jacket, revealing a solid red cotton tank top. She reached up and peeled off the bottle's lid. Dipping a finger in, she found the contents to be a comfortable room temperature. Time to get this started.


Placing one hand on the vessel's side and the other supporting the neck, Valerie leaned forward, put her lips at the edge of the spout, and tilted downward. The liquid flowed into her mouth, and she drank ravenously, filling her eager empty stomach. The liquid thickened and expanded upon ingestion, compounding her satisfaction


After a few minutes of drinking, Valerie’s growing paunch peeked out from beneath her shirt and underwear. Encouraged, She tilted the jug further down, increasing her intake and accelerating her expansion. While thrilled by her progress, she felt a twinge of discomfort, her body's warning something was amiss. Her brain soon began broadcasting its age-old warning signals:


Valerie. You are full.


Stop drinking, Valerie.


You are a person, Valerie, not a balloon. 


Unswayed by her body's protests, Valerie dropped her jaw and swallowed three mouthfuls in quick succession, groaning as her insides stretched to accommodate the onslaught. She carefully removed a hand from the heavy jug and pressed her fingers into the smooth skin of her distended gut, which had swollen to a second-trimester pregnancy. The skin was firm and taut like a basketball, and its continued stretching only delighted her.


A whole gallon of solution now inside her and expanding, Valerie felt a twinge in her back as her heavy tummy tugged her downward. The stretching increased in intensity as her insides again seemed to approach critical mass. Seemingly in response, a loud gurgling erupted deep within her, followed by a prickling sensation that radiated outward to her toes and fingertips. The tension within her slackened and her skin softened, priming her for further filling. Ready for round two, Valerie took the entire spout into her mouth, then grabbed a silver letter-opener from the desk. Reaching up, she punctured a hole in the top of the container.


The floodgates open, Valerie moaned as a deluge of liquid flowed into her. Struggling to manage the weight of both the still-cumbersome canister and her increasingly burdensome expansion, she crouched until her belly rested on the cool concrete, where it continued growing bigger and rounder by the second. Her fingers found the dip of her bellybutton, and she giggled as it popped to an outie.


Yet despite her delight, with still two gallons left in the container, Valerie was worried she'd reached her limit. Her stomach looked like an overfilled beach ball, and she struggled to continue. Determined to satisfy her deepest desires, Valerie closed her eyes and relaxed, waiting for her body to determine what it needed. A tingling in her breasts and bottom indicated she wouldn’t wait long.


Where her initial expansion had been soothing and gradual, the inflation of Valerie's curves was both rapid and dramatic. Her thickening hips blossomed outward and her butt ballooned beneath her, raising her incrementally higher. Her breasts spilled from beneath her tank top, which had already ridden up to her ribcage. Valerie cradled an enormous tit in one arm, squeezing as it swelled in her grip. Her other breast rested atop her majestic belly, the sides of which now pressed into her ankles and inner thighs as she slurped down the remainder of the solution. 


Her conquest complete, Valerie dropped the empty bottle and leaned back against a nearby filing cabinet. She'd become everything she ever wanted to be, from her huge breasts gargantuan gut to her broad hips and tremendous ass. Her mountainous form quaked and jiggled as she rocked in place, the sloshing in her stomach like a massage from the inside out. Clutching a massive breast in each arm, she tickled her thick, tender nipples, the sensations amplifying her already surging waves of self-gratification. Her pleasure crested, sending her soaring to the first of what would be several marvelous climaxes.



An hour later, a thoroughly satiated Valerie drifted back to reality. Several tasks awaited her—the priority being clean-up. She would have to dispose of the empty jug, mop up the mess she'd made, and she'd eventually need to waddle her way to the bathroom. There also existed the possibility someone would walk in on her, finding her immobilized in the corner of the storeroom, filled to bursting with five gallons of company property.


But right now, Valerie was happy, and nothing could take that away from her. She leaned forward and kissed her beautiful tummy, delighted with its pleasing shape and marvelous size. Through the fog of her euphoria, Valerie set her sights on a second container, grinning naughtily.


Maybe next Friday.

Published November 26, 2021