Building Brand 2

Author's note: This story is a direct sequel to Building Brand by Lingster, which was released in July 2000—yes, twenty years ago. This was completed with the original author's permission, and I HIGHLY recommend reading part one before this. Partly because it's a good story, and also because this story doesn't make a lot of sense otherwise.

Ryan was thinking about his dick.

Unlike every other part of him, Ryan's penis had not shrunk after having the best sex of his life with Barb. Instead, it remained at the slightly enlarged size it had gotten to after two doses of Buck Studley's Hunk Cream. He didn't know why it had stayed that way, but he was grateful. He wanted to take a picture, but didn't like the idea of someone developing a picture of his dick. If only I could take a picture of my dick with one of those new digital cameras, he thought to himself. Like, a dick pic. He chuckled out loud. Man, what an awful idea.

In the passenger seat in front of Ryan, Uva Zamnouptolous was captivated by her boobs. While ludicrously impractical, her P-cups were also magnificent in both size and shape. She appreciated how she had less back pain than before she'd grown, her enlarged breasts nearly weightless thanks to her enhanced strength. I could make a fortune with these, she thought. If only I could widely disseminate pictures of my boobs to the internet without having to manage a website. If some type of vast, interconnected 'social network' actually existed, it would help immensely.

Despite trying to keep her focus on the road, Tara could not take her mind off her arms. Thick, bulging muscle shifted under her skin as she drove. She'd benched 145 pounds following her first growth spurt, and her arms were nearly twice as large now. I wonder if I could tear a phone book in half, she thought. There has to be a trick to it, but how could I find it? What would be handy would be a repository of user-created videos, but no such thing exists in the year 2000. And, even if it did, given the inevitable rise of mobile phones, how much longer would references to phone books—let alone phone books themselves—have any cultural relevance whatsoever? Tara groaned in frustration.

"Tara, chill. You're going to bend my steering wheel."

"Sorry!" Tara loosened her grip. "I'm just a little tense.

"Do you want to talk about it?"

"Sure. We can start with: my brother accidentally dosed me with magic muscle cream, which grew my best friend and me into She-Hulks with massive cans."

"You could just say 'She-Hulks.'"

"So, naturally, my brother then had sex with said monster, shrinking himself to muppet-size and growing her into an out-of-control sex behemoth who is probably growing even bigger as we speak."

"Thanks for the recap, but I was being sarcastic. Focus on the road."

"—and now I'm driving out to the middle of nowhere in a car that is WAAAAY too expensive than I have any business driving."

Uva sighed. "Well, with my boobs too big for me to reach the steering wheel and Ryan unable to see over it, you're our only choice."

"Tara, stop sign!" Ryan yelled from the back. Tara slammed on the brakes. "Stop staring at your arms and keep your eyes on the road!" Ryan's voice cracked, and both girls stifled a laugh. He straightened up the most he could, hoping to get them to take him somewhat seriously. It seemed the longer he remained the size of a child, the more they treated him like one. 

While Ryan certainly wanted to grow back his original height, the idea of being surrounded by tall women for the rest of his life certainly intrigued him. Even though they weren't remotely as big as Barb's, Tara's arms were more impressive than any others he'd seen in person. He'd given up not staring, having justified it in his mind as they weren't really his sister's arms, and she'd be giving them back soon. It wasn't much, but given the ludicrousness of the scenario, he was willing to look past quite a bit.

"Are you staring at your sister's arms again?" Uva teased. "I sure hope that's jealousy in your eyes."

"Shut up!" Ryan said, pouting.

"Don't worry, Tara. With that dick of his, it would be incredibly obvious if it weren't jealousy."

"Gross!" Tara shouted. "Uva, jeez. How can you even be joking right now?"

"First: you haven't even met my uncle and aunt. They'll have a solution for this." Uva turned on the radio, "And second: what do you hear?"

"That new hit release by Santana and Rob Thomas."

"Exactly. No breaking news or emergency broadcast system. Barb isn't fifty feet tall and rampaging. She's probably still at your place sunbathing. Yes, I realize that's on the list of things not to do, but—I don't know, it's something."

"I guess you have a point," Tara said.

"You know her better than I do, what do you think she's doing?"

"I have a pretty good idea."

Masturbating. Barb was definitely masturbating.

"Oh, yes!" Barb Reas-Griltmig panted as she writhed about on the wooden patio chair. Feeling a bit drained following her second unbelievable growth spurt in twenty-four hours, she'd headed directly outside and plopped herself down DIRECTLY in the hot sun. With Ryan likely out of commission for a while, she wasted no time in opting to get herself off. Pleasure racked through her muscular body, as her other arm cradled a breast so large it overfilled even her large hands. As she increased her efforts the creaking and straining of the chair reminded her of her increased size. Her initial growth spurt put her in the upper echelon for size and strength. Absorbing Ryan's muscle and size all but assured her the number one spot. I'm the tallest, most powerful person in the world!

Riding a high of self-pleasure and self-admiration, an orgasm cascaded through her massive body. The wooden lawn chair snapped as she bucked backwards, dropping her to the ground. Her ecstatic cry echoed through the neighborhood and set off a nearby car alarm. In her post-orgasmic haze, she checked for signs she'd grown or shrunk, but neither seemed to have happened this time. 

Her inner horny beast satiated, Barb climbed up from the broken pieces and stood to her full 7'8" height. Barb turned to check out her reflection in the sliding glass patio door, thrilled by her superhuman stature. The height she'd added had given her more space to pack muscle onto her frame. She rubbed a soccer-ball-sized bicep, the muscle solid as an iron shot put. Her shoulders stretched wider than the door, and the top of the frame reached just above her magnificent breasts. Astounded and slightly intoxicated with her new size and power, she wanted to test the limits of her new strength...but, first, she would need something decent to wear. 

Barb remembered seeing a bin of clean workout clothes in the basement. Ducking back inside, she squeezed her way down the stairs to the basement, where the ceiling was even lower than upstairs. She hunched over, grinning at yet another reminder of her incredible stature. Standing two feet taller than Ryan had before he'd shrunk limited Barb's clothing options. She pulled on a pair of his basketball shorts that stretched taut over her colossal thighs, popping several seams. Seeing the discarded sleeves from Tara's earlier sweatshirt mod, Barb followed suit, leaving her with a sleeveless top that stretched taut over her broad chest and displayed the entirety of her washboard abs. With nothing above her breasts visible in the full-length mirror, she leaned down and waved at herself. Hey, you big sexy thing.

She noticed Ryan's measuring tape on the weight bench. Kneeling to give herself clearance, she wrapped the tape around her arm and measured twenty-five inches before she flexed, raising the number to twenty-seven inches. Her arms measured wider than her waist did yesterday! Barb then scanned the weight rack for the heaviest dumbbell she could find. Grabbing a 50-pound weight, she was amazed that it felt as light as a pack of candy. Ryan had left the bench loaded at 145 pounds (which would be bad etiquette in a public gym), and she comfortably curled it with a single arm. "Looks like I need bigger weights!"

Barb recalled how the previous day she'd managed to press out a single rep of her dad's Jeep Wrangler following her initial growth spurt. What was she capable of now? She headed out to the garage, where she found a 1978 Buick town car still on cinder blocks. "Well, that's convenient," she said, drawing closer. "It's like you're just asking to get lifted." With some difficulty, she maneuvered her bulk underneath the car. Applying her hands to the dirty chassis, she pressed upward, the metal machine finally providing her an adequate challenge. Regardless, she powered through rep after rep handling two tons of steel like an actual hydraulic press. Having taxed her strength at fourteen reps, she lowered the car but missed the cinder blocks. Her first impulse was to panic, but the vehicle stopped at the first thing it encountered—her breasts. Barb giggled. I'm holding up a car with my tits! 

Managing more scrapes to the car than to herself, Barb emerged from under the vehicle feeling invigorated. She wanted more, and, as she'd learned from her session with Ryan, she preferred an audience. Unlikely to fit in a car, she figured it was about time to go public with her new body. Leaving the garage, she vaulted herself over the six-foot fence, landing in the front yard. Her sneakered feet (Oh, I'm sorry, did I not mention Ryan and Tara's dad won a pair of Shaquille O'Neal's Size 22 shoes at an auction? She's wearing those.) left indentations in the yard where she'd landed. She chugged a mouthful of water before capping the gallon jug and jogging down the road, the sun hot and high in the sky.

"Doris! It's so nice to see you!" A fit, visibly middle-aged woman with auburn hair greeted Uva, Barb, and Ryan at the door. Unaffected by their appearances, she embraced her niece in a gentle hug. "I wish you'd drop by more often, Doris. Living only right across town and all."

"I told you, Aunt Buffy, it's Uva."

"That's ridiculous. I'm not calling you that," she said, ushering the group into her home. "Come in, all of you. Would you like tea?"

"Um, no," Tara replied. "We're actually in a hurry. There's a situation we should—"

"Nonsense, there's always time for tea. Burke! Put the kettle on. We have guests." 

A tall, lean man with greying temples leaned out of the kitchen. "Hello, Doris! Haven't seen you in a while."

"Uncle Buck, it's 'Uva.'"

"I'm Burke," he replied, addressing the group. "And this is my wife, Elizabeth. Doris prefers our brand names over our given ones, but you can use whatever is comfortable. I guess we're just old fashioned. Go on and have a seat in the dining room. I'll cut some fruit, and we'll be right with you."

"Doris?" Ryan whispered, with a snicker.

"Say 'Doris' again, little guy, and I'll give you a beating you won't enjoy."

The group sat down at the dining table. Ryan struggled to climb up on the antique chair, and Tara considered whether it was more appropriate to ask him if he needed help, or just lift him. "Would you like a phone book, dear?" Elizabeth asked, already setting it down. Ryan wanted to protest but accepted the boost as it brought the table to a comfortable height. Being short was one thing, but inadvertently spilling tea on himself would be too embarrassing. "So, Doris, what brings you and your friends over?" 

"Another mix-up with your product." Uva pointed at Ryan and Tara. "He got small, she got big, and I got even stronger and bustier.

"You shouldn't have even gone that busty in the first place," Elizabeth replied, with gentle, old-fashioned, condescension. 

"And our friend is about twice as big as me and still growing," Tara added.

"Did you follow the directions?" Elizabeth asked facetiously while setting the table.

"They never do," Burke said. "I told you most people don't read directions."

"And I told you most people don't know what 'hypertrophic' means."

"I did follow the directions, and I know what hypertrophic means," Ryan added.

"Not that even mattered," Tara huffed. "Since the rest of us didn't realize we were taking it. Of course, this genius had the bright idea to 'hide' it in a sunscreen bottle and dose us."

"By accident!" Ryan squeaked.

"The directions say 'do not use in direct sunlight' and you put it in a sunscreen bottle." Elizabeth shook her head. "Not very wise, young man. And from the looks of things, it seems your impulsiveness only made the problem worse."

"Dammit, she was hot!"

"So you exceed the recommended dosage, sunbathed, drank a LOT of water, then had sex afterward. It's as if you set out to break every rule on the bottle."

"All but one. Then again, I don't know much about this new author."

"Don't give them such a hard time," Burke said, setting down a fruit tray. They can't be blamed for that, particularly given their age." 

"True, we were hardly any better in our heyday," Beth wrapped her arm around Burke, which slid down to his butt. "We're hardly any better now."

"Indeed, we aren't, "'

The trio sat quietly, sipping their tea while Uva's aunt and uncle passionately made out next to them, fortunately stopping at second base. 

Ryan cleared his throat. "So…"

Burke adjusted his glasses. "The cream temporarily allows your body to process solar and energy like a plant. It's a delicate process, which is why the directions explicitly tell you to stay out of the sun."

"So it turns people into mutant plants?" Tara asked.

"Temporarily, but direct sunlight throws off the reaction, indefinitely lengthening the active window for the formula's effects."

"Drinking water further facilitates the reaction," Elizabeth added.

"What about sex?" Tara asked.

"The solution is enabled by viral, protein-based nanotechnology. The virus modifies your DNA effectively turning your fluids into a concentrated megadose of the formula. While that transfer method only works via ejaculation, it can be flushed from the body through sexual climax."

"So, if I can get Barb to orgasm, it'll get her back to normal?"

"Yes, provided she's within 'activation' window, which is likely shut by now. I can provide you with another dose of the activation solution."

"Wait, she didn't orgasm?" Ryan said. "I thought she did!"

Uva patted Ryan's shoulder. "Aw, aren't you adorable."

"So, why did our boobs get so big?" Tara asked.

"Well, one, because you probably put a bunch of lotion on them. Second, your breasts are the 'battery' that powers the reaction, not to mention a pretty good gauge of how strong you are. Given how big your breasts have gotten, Doris, I assume you've gotten pretty strong yourself."

"Okay, this conversation is getting a little too 'midichlorians' for me," Tara said. "We have a giant mutant plant girl problem that's already huge and on the verge of getting huge-er."

Elizabeth sighed. "Uva, how could you let this happen, again?"

"Again?" Tara and Ryan asked.

Uva sighed. "As I said before, how do you think I got this body? Or how do you think they got theirs?"

Elizabeth put an arm around her husband. "This guy was a scientist who managed to dodge getting deployed by being recruited into a military. research facility."

"You avoided Vietnam?" Tara asked.

"No! World War II."

"How old are you two?" Ryan asked, well aware of how rude that was.

"Burke is ninety-eight, while I'm a spring chicken at a ninety-four." Tara and Ryan were in shock. "When used properly, the effects are milder. Or at least they can be."

Uva rolled her eyes. "Yes, Aunt Buffy, you'll still be fuckable at a hundred. Moving on, I thought you had a reduction formula. What happened to Wanda Willowy's Slim & Shapely?"

"It only worked if you'd taken one of our growth formulas. For anyone else, it was snake oil. It's what got our products pulled from the market. Growing people is easy, but reduction is much more complicated."

"There has to be something!" Tara pleaded.

"Of course," Burke said. "it's just not marketable. Give me fifteen minutes to whip something together. Lizzie, can you give me a hand?"

"Just one?" she replied, shaking her fist suggestively. She followed after her husband while Ryan's eyes followed her ass.

"Are we supposed to go with them?" Tara asked.

"Nah, we'll want to give them some time."

Ryan fidgeted. "Yeah, I really shouldn't stand up right now."

"Okay, I didn't want to bring up Barb for exactly that reason, but now that my brother already has the world's largest boner, how the heck are we going to get her to take an antidote?"

"Also," Ryan added. "You think she's still going to be at our place when we get back? It's not like there's some kind of 'social network' where people post what they're doing and where they're going at all times of the day."

"Use your brain, Tiny. She's a super hot, super-horny giantess excited to show off her powerful new body."

"But she also can't fit in a car," Tara added.

"Well, we're nowhere near a beach," Ryan mused. "So probably…"

It had not occurred to Barb gyms required membership. She'd never actually been to one in her life, and she assumed they just worked like public libraries. If anything, she figured they would take one look at her and think she worked there. Ducking to clear the door frame, she confidently strode up to the desk, occupied by a guy who looked too skinny to be working at a gym. Barb nodded at him. "Hey."

"S-s-s-scan your card," he stammered, more out of reflex than anything.

Barb's first impulse was to panic at being caught, but the look on the guy's face indicated she was definitely in control. She leaned down onto the counter, her massive form casting the guy in shadow. He stared directly into a gigantic line of cleavage framed by two exquisite breasts, pressed together by the most muscular arms he'd ever seen. "I'm sorry!" she said, her playful tone betraying her imposing stature. "I think I left it at home. Can I get in just this once?"

The young man nodded his head, dumbfounded.

"Thank you!" 

Despite standing tall enough she needed to crouch to enter most buildings, Barb had not fully embraced the new her. As she strode into the workout area, patrons stared at her with reverent awe, having never laid their eyes on anything like her in their lives. Even standing atop treadmills and ellipticals, no one came close to matching her in height. She had difficulty reconciling her old body image with the awe, envy, fear, and lust on the faces of men and women gazing up at her. 

Realizing she was too big for cardio or nautilus machines, Barb made her way to the rear of the gym, where she saw the free weights area. She'd intended to watch for a bit and copy what everyone else did, but nearly everyone froze upon laying eyes on her. 

"It's okay, guys," she said. "Keep working out. I'm good."

She noticed one guy who'd just completed a set of 315-pound squats but had yet to rack his weights. "Mind if I give that a try?" Barb asked.

The guy promptly moved aside to give Barb space, wondering how the nearly eight-foot woman intended to navigate under the bar. Instead, Barb picked up the bar with one hand and began curling it. "Wow, this is heavy!" she exclaimed. The guy stared, dumbstruck before abruptly turning and walking directly out of the gym.

After a few sets of curls with each arm, Barb decided she was in the mood for a different type of workout. She scanned around for the hottest guy she could find, setting her eyes on a blonde, muscular Adonis of a man powering his way through a set of lat pulldowns. Despite being twice his size, Barb loved the sight of his powerful muscles working the weights. She called upon her sultriest saunter as she headed over to him. 

While beyond impressed with her physique, he maintained his cool and finished his set before speaking up. "Hey."

"You look like you come here a lot," she said.

"You look like you live here. I'm Paul," he said.

"Barb," she said, with a grin. "It's actually my first time here."

"Yeah, I would normally do CrossFit, but it's not open today."

"I mean, it's the first time I've been to a gym."

"You're kidding! How did you get so big?"

Barb reached forwards and grabbed the lat pulldown bar, her arms held straight in front of her. Paul tried to pull down, but to his surprise, the woman was not only keeping him from pulling his arms down but also holding the weight in place. "I guess I'm a natural."

The situation wasn't adding up for Paul, but that inner voice was drowned out by the purest, most genuine erection he'd ever sported in his life. "That's awesome! So, you need a spotter?"

"Does that mean you're going to watch me?"

"I'd love to watch you."

"Then yes, but only if we can fuck in the locker room afterward."

Paul couldn't shake the feeling that this was a terrible id—


Burke wiped his brow and held up a small vial fresh from the centrifuge. "This is it."

"That's the antidote?" Ryan asked.

"There is no 'antidote.' It's an activator to re-enable the formula still in her system. After that, all you have to do is to get her to take it once every two hours on an empty stomach, keep her in a dark room, no shellfish, and—"

"Are you kidding?" Tara exclaimed.

Elizabeth gave her husband a swat on the shoulder. "Don't be a jokester, Burke. Get her to drink this, and it should re-prime her for flushing her system and reducing her back to normal size. I'd recommend sneaking it into her water bottle. Then get her to cum like a dump truck, and you'll be all set."

"It's been an hour," Uva replied. "I imagine she's already done that herself."

"Yes, but she had no activator. The first time she grew, it was the Hunk Cream. The second time it was the Hunk Cream in the Ryan cream. Without another activation agent, she can have all the meaningless sex she wants. She'll stay big."

"What about me?" Ryan asked.

"Please try not to have sex with her again. If it helps, try and think of her as a giant sexy mutant plant, and her boobs are the source of her power."

"That doesn't really help, but what I mean was, how do I grow back to normal?"

Elizabeth chuckled, handing Ryan a bottle of pills. "Here's an extra-strength supplement. It will help you regain your size a little faster, but please follow the directions closely. We've already given you the first dose in your tea."

"What about me?" Tara asked.

"While we can't reduce your strength without flushing you completely, we can reduce your size. It's part of the reason Doris looks like she does but weighs 270 pounds."

"Aunt Buffy!" Uva whined.

"Yes, she even lies when she's narrating," Elizabeth said. "Call us on your cellular phone if you have any questions. We get unlimited minutes for in-network calling. If you have any questions, here's our card Burkhard and Elizabeth Zamnouptolous."

"Wait, so Zamnouptolous is your real last name? Just 'Uva' was fake? 

"She was obsessed with living up to her anagram. Regardless, this has been a fun visit. Doris, please don't wait until the next accidental overdose to visit again."

"No problem, Aunt Buffy. I'll see you later."

Elizabeth and Burke watched their niece and her friends load into the car and pull away. Despite Uva's attitude and egocentricism, she had full faith in her grandniece to handle the situation. 

Burke placed his hand on his wife's back. "You think they'll be okay?"

"Oh, I'm pretty sure they'll be back."

The trio arrived at the 24-hour fitness and ran inside, stopping at the front counter. "Hi, I'm looking for my friend," Tara asked the clerk at the front desk. "She's about seven foot eight and jacked, and with huge boobs."

"Right over there," he said, pointing to the free weights area.

"I don't suppose you could let us through this time?" Uva asked, leaning over the counter.

The clerk accepted the invitation to take a long look at Uva's cleavage before nodding. "Go on in. I'm not even sure this place will survive her workout anyways."

"Thank you!" Tara said, giving her chest a shake as well, figuring this guy deserved something for his cooperation. The trio headed to the rear of the gym to find an audience gathered around Barb on the bench press. There were five 45-pound plates loaded on each side of the bar, which had begun to bend in the middle. She powered through reps almost faster than the audience could count. 


"So, yeah," Tara said. "She does not look quite in the mood for a reduction formula.'"

"Exactly," Uva replied. If Barb is going to take this, we're going to have to trick her into drinking it. The thing is, the formula's still working, so she has to be pretty thirsty. All we need to do is sneak it into her water bottle."

"Who's the least conspicuous?" Tara asked. "The ultra-busty blonde, the WCW Diva, or the pipsqueak who doesn't look like he's seen a gym in his life?"

"I already did it," Ryan said, popping out of seemingly nowhere.

"What? How?" Tara asked.

"I just walked over. Turns out, being small is not the worst thing in the world. Also, there's a seven-foot amazon with enormous tits benching almost five hundred pounds. No one is going to notice any of us."

"Yeah, I can count at least six boners from here," Uva added, scanning the crowd.

Barb, meanwhile, had switched to benching with one hand for the final ten of her set of fifty, sending the crowd into a frenzy. Finishing her set, Barb sat up, her bronzed skin glowing with perspiration. "Alright, which one of you owes me $500? Pay up!"

"Totally worth it!" A nearby young man yelled. "Since we don't yet live in a time where currency can be easily transmitted digitally person-to-person, I'll have to run to my car for my checkbook."

"It's cool," Barb said. "I'll be here for a while. Besides, I think it's time for my intermission anyways." She grabbed Paul around the waist and pulled him in close, kissing him. "Shall we hit the showers?" Paul nodded, and Barb stood up from the bench, taking Paul in one arm. Snagging her jug of water, she carried Paul to the locker room. Not long after, several men ran out of the locker room; many of them still only wearing towels. Barb peeked her head out.

"And just in case any of you were thinking about peeping..." Barb reached over and grabbed the shelf of dumbbells, dragging them in front of the entrance. She then added several rows of lockers to block the door from the inside. 

Uva walked over to the door and gave it a push. "I can't budge it. Tara?" Tara tried as well, but even the two of them together could not budge Barb's barriers.

"What are we supposed to do? Not even we're strong enough to move this."

"Not right now, we're not." Barb pulled out a purple pill and held it up to Tara. "But you could be."

"Is that the concentrated dose?"

"It is," Uva said. "I grabbed an extra pill just in case."

"Why don't you take it? I'm big enough."

Uva shook her head. "You used more lotion than I did. It'll be easier for you to get strong enough than me. Besides, we know how to reduce you."

Tara looked down at her already massive arms and breasts. "I don't know..."

"Tara, what if Barb shrinks and there's no one in there but a huge, super-strong guy with no easy exit? Are we sure this guy is good news?"

Tara tightened her lips and snatched the pill. "I'm going to chug some water and pump a little iron. I'll be back in a sec."

Uva watched Tara walk away, her arms and shoulders already beginning to swell larger.

"You go, girl."

Inside, Barb stood above Paul in the empty locker room. Despite her relative inexperience with foreplay, Barb's physique boosted her confidence. "You ready to do this, little big guy?"

Paul was eager but seemed to be fighting a trace of unease. Sensing some hesitation from her partner, Barb took the initiative by tearing off the frayed remains of her sweatshirt and flexing both arms. The sight of Barb's body, an absolute symphony of muscle, beauty, and power, let Paul blubbering. He couldn't have held himself back if he wanted to. He nodded dumbly. "Uh-huh."

"Am I the sexiest thing you've ever seen?"


Barb smiled and moved in, taking Paul in her arms and pressing him into her body. Overpowering Ryan had been fun because she had a crush on him for so long. Paul was a big, strong man who was not remotely a match for her and entirely infatuated with her. Feeling him use all his strength to attempt to satisfy her gave her life. Paul, meanwhile, was in absolute heaven nestled between the warm embrace of her plush breasts and powerful arms. His body was on fire with pleasure, and he wasn't sure how long he could hold out. 

"I-I-I'm gonna—"

"NO! Don't you dare cum until I'm ready." With that, Barb lifted him inside her and began working him in and out of her manually. If Ryan had been her nine-volt dildo, then Paul would be her more substantial twelve-volt device.

"Oh, God, I gotta—"

"NO!" Barb hissed, her tone startling him back from orgasm. She laid him back down on the bench and straddled him, before gently leaning forward. The warmth of her massive body atop him instantly brought him back. The stirring in his loins burned, and he prepared for a massive explosion. "AaaaaaahhhH!" Barb's legs grew weak, and she dropped to her knees, pressing Paul between the bench and her crotch. She continued working him hard enough the wood began to crack beneath them. 

Paul exploded into Barb just as the Amazonian woman climaxed atop him. Both came so hard and long they didn't even notice a newly-empowered Tara smashing her way into the room, her arms and breasts now nearly the size of Barb's. Ryan and Uva followed after her, though all three looked on in shock (and awe) as they caught the tail end of Barb's orgasmic eruption, as well as Paul's subsequent reduction to a shell of his former self. Barb, her mind still saturated with pleasure, dropped the tiny man to the ground. 

Ryan rushed forward and, seizing on any opportunity to feel superior to someone, grabbed Paul by the collar of his now-baggy t-shirt. "You took the Hunk Cream too?!?!" Ryan yelled, struck for the first time by how ridiculous that branding was.

"I call it 'studly sauce' because it sounds better," Paul muttered, post-coital weakness having hit him like a freight truck. "God, I feel like crap."

Ryan held up one of Paul's arms, which made even his own look puny. "This is what happens when you don't freaking read instructions!"

"I read them," Paul replied, dismayed. "Twice!"

"Then why did you have sex with her?

"Goddammit, she's hot! Besides, I took it weeks ago."

"That doesn't make sense," Tara said. "Ryan put the activator in her water!"

"I drank it," Paul said.


"Because I was thirsty," Paul said, the horror of his predicament finally sinking in. "God, what the hell happened to me? I'm like half the size I was before!"

Ryan gulped. "I'm pretty sure I know where all your size went."

"Ohhhh..." Barb moaned. "Here we go again!" Still on her knees, she shuddered as a muscle packed on top of muscle. Her already towering form stretched taller to accommodate the onslaught of new mass. Her legs lengthened as her thighs thickened to the size of wine barrels. Her shoulders grew broader, making her head seem tiny in comparison. Her already eight pack abs expanded to a 24-pack. Her breasts, like ten-gallon balloons, inflated outward over her swelling pectoralis. Barb's rumbling moans reverberated throughout the building.

When her growth finally stopped, she took a breath and slowly sat up. She flexed her leviathan arms, absolutely erupting with power. "What do you think?" she announced to her captive audience.

"I think I have a broken pelvis," Paul whined.

Barb laughed. "I think it was worth it. I feel like I could do anything! Barb rose to her feet, only to send her head and shoulders crashing through the tiles in the ceiling. "Oops!" she said, hunching back down. "Looks like I'm outgrowing this place too! I should probably head outside. I doubt anything here will give much of a challenge anyways."

The group parted to allow Barb a wide berth to pass, with only Tara standing any taller than her belly button. She chuckled down at Ryan and Paul, who stood below waist-high to her. "I bet one of my arms weighs more than both of you together!"

Outside the gym, the gathered crowd let out a collective gasp at the nearly eleven-foot muscled giantess struggling to squeeze her way through the locker room door. While Barb intended to head directly outside, she was preoccupied with how everything and everyone around her seemed so small and fragile. As a test of her strength, she placed her hand atop a nautilus machine. She squeezed her hand shut, and the metal surrendered in her grip. She then tugged, yanking the device as well as all the attached weight plates out of the ground. No one spoke, as everyone stared in fearful awe at her power.

Ducking out the door, she headed to the parking lot. Barb approached Uva's brand new BMW 3 and lifted the front end off the ground, feeling almost no resistance. Leaning down, she lifted the front bumper even higher, placed a second hand in the center of the chassis, and raised the entire car off the ground in a single smooth motion. 

"Barb!" Uva yelled, emerging from the gym, Tara and Ryan following close behind. "Put that down! That was my birthday present!"

"Check me out!" Barb exclaimed. She let one hand go, balancing the car with a single hand and completing several one-handed presses. Her powerful arms and shoulders handled one-and-a-half tons of metal like a toy. "This is awesome! I'm unstoppable!"

"You wanna bet?" Uva said.

Barb paused, keeping the car raised above her head. "Was that a threat? You think you can take me, little girl?"

"Only one way to find out."

"Wait!" Ryan ran forward, stepping between the two women. He gave a concerned frown to the car Barb continued to hold above her head, and she smiled, not about to put it down. 

"What do you want, pipsqueak?"

"Barb, look. I know I've been a dick to you in the past, not giving you the time of day, ignoring you when you said 'hi,' and all those times I made fun of your last name."

"You made fun of my name?"

"Don't worry about that. I'm here to tell you now that I made a mistake. You were cute before, and you're an absolute goddess now. You're everything I could want in a woman, and so much more. I've gotten over myself—it's hard not to when you're my size. But I'd love to get to know you more, and, if you'd have me, I'd even have sex with you again, even if it meant shrinking down again. I do have plenty to offer." Ryan raised an eyebrow and looked down at the thick trouser snake stretching halfway to his knees. "So what do you say? How about you put that car down, and we grab a bite to eat. My treat?"

A silence fell over the group. Barb's expression softened. "Oh, Ryan..."


"That was the lamest thing I've ever heard!" she said, her immense body rumbling with laughter. "Even I know that thing only looks big because you're, like, three feet tall. What a joke!"

"Four feet," Ryan muttered.

"She's not wrong, that was super sad." Tara stepped forward, easily shoving her brother aside. "Barb, you're my best friend. You have been since Kindergarten. I know how awesome this whole thing is, but this isn't the right way to do things. Let's take it down a notch."

Barb laughed again, shoving Tara away. "Whatever, Tara. You're just jealous I'm bigger and hotter than you now. You've always been happy to let me be your sidekick, the one girl who was less cool than you. I don't need you telling me to—"

"Stop." Uva interrupted, stepping in front of Tara. "Barb, I get why you're doing this: having power is cool. Being super-strong is cool. Believe me. I get it. But this whole mad-with-power, nothing-can-stop-me, evil villain act is a dumb, short-sighted plan. Anyone who's watched a Disney movie knows this won't end well for you. Take the reduction formula my Aunt and Uncle gave me to get yourself back down to normal human size. Otherwise, you'll have to deal with me."

"Your Aunt and Uncle?"

"Oh, you weren't there for that part of the story. Yeah, my Aunt Bucky and Aunt Buffy invented the stuff. Do you think you're the worst case they've seen? You think they haven't reeled in bigger fish than you?"

Barb gave Uva a curious look. "You think you can take me?"

Uva reached down and easily lifted the back of a nearby minivan off of the ground. "Try me."

"Hold on," Tara said. "If you're that strong, then why did I have to get bigger?"

Uva shrugged. "Because giant women growing huge and muscular is hot. For the umpteenth time: how do you think I got this body?"

"So what's your idea?" Barb asked. "What do you mean by 'shrink me back down?' Maybe I don't want to go back to how I was"

"Okay, first, put my car down."

Barb sighed and did so.

"Now, using the reactivator solution you just gave to that poor schmuck in there, we start the process of getting you back down to your old new body. Six-five with the twenty-two-inch guns and enormous boobs. That was plenty big. You can even keep even all the strength you've gained as a bonus."

Barb snorted. "I say seven-four, my old newer body."

"Anything bigger than seven is too conspicuous. Trust me. I've been there."

Barb snorted. "Six-ten."

"Six seven."

Barb strode over and stood directly in front of Tara. She flexed her pecs, setting her giant breasts into motion. "Six-nine."

Uva gave a naughty smirk. "Deal, big lady," Uva said. "But only if we shower first."

"Ooooohhh, god!" Ryan gasped, a wet spot appearing in his baggy shorts. He immediately shrunk down to two feet tall. "Aw hell," he squeaked "I'm going to need another pill."

"Several, actually," Uva said. "I lied. I didn't grab an extra pill. I just gave yours to Tara." 

Ryan and Tara both groaned. "Alright," Tara said. "Let's go see your uncle...again."

"Good call, but we may need to call for pickup. There's no way Barb or Tara can fit in my car."

Barb chuckled, before a thought occurred to her. "So Uva, you were really as big as me?"

"Bigger actually, but—" Uva started to answer but shook her head. "No. That's another story for another time."

Like, when J.J. Abrams completes Star Wars Episode XX.