The Trophy

Written in collaboration with SGA Audio. If you enjoy this, please consider purchasing the audio version read by CherryPopVA!

Hey, little one! 

The whole 'little one' thing bugs you, does it? I'm sorry. It's so hard not to. If it makes it any better, it's not you, it's everyone. In fact, I don't think I've seen anyone close to my height in weeks. 

But I guess that's how things are for a six-foot-ten trophy girl.

It didn't have to be this way. If you recall, I said multiple times I'd have been perfectly happy getting breast implants. They'd only been on my wish list since high school. But you insisted on ordering those growth pills from a pharmaceutical company in Uruguay. You went on and on about about cool it would be if I were taller and bustier.  So don't blame me. 

Okay, well, not just me.

Yes, I could have actually followed the directions. I did at first, remember? "A pill a day for six weeks?" But then eight weeks went by and I hadn't grown an inch, and you started getting mopey, saying you'd 'wasted your money.' So, I started taking two a day. Then three. And then pretty much whenever I was bored. I even took a few with lunch an hour ago.

But when those things kicked in, they really kicked in. That morning I woke up five inches taller and staring you straight in the eyes. You went from insisting I always wear heels, to freaking out if I wore anything other than flats. A day later I was looking down at you, and now I can barely fit through doorways! 

And food! Oh man, I'm always hungry. We went to that fancy Italian place for lunch, and as delicious as four orders of fettuccine, half of your lasagna, and a whole tiramisu was, I'd be lying if I said I'm not already thinking about dinner. Maybe we can order from that new deli across town? I'm pretty sure I could devour an entire party sub in one sitting. 

Actually, you might want to order two.

At least the calories are being put to good use. My boobs grew faster than the rest of me. Who needs surgery and implants when you can get boobs the size of paint cans without lifting a finger? And I got strong! I went from asking you to open jars to being strong enough to hold you in my arms and toss you in the air. 

Sorry again for dropping you… 

And it's been lucrative. Between online modeling, party appearances, and selling my old clothes online I'm making a killing. Who knows, I might even make more than you do pretty soon! That wouldn't bother you, would it? Because it is nice not to have to keep asking you to buy me new clothes. My bras alone cost a thousand dollars each, and I outgrew them twice last month alone.

But seriously, you're okay with my size, right? We both know it makes me happy, but I also want you to be happy as well. You would tell me, wouldn't you, if you—wait, shhh!

O-oh boy. Um…

Okay, so you know how I said I took a few pills with lunch? It was actually five, and they're kicking in all at once!

You see, there's a prickly tingle right before I grow. At first, I chalked it up to excitement. Eventually, I discovered it was my body's way of preparing itself. It's never been this intense before.  My skin is so sensitive I can feel everything. My shirt is digging in under my arms and squeezing my tits like nobody's business. Jeez! Are those my nipples? They're the size of bottle caps. Very very sensitive bottle caps. 

My ass is overwhelming these leggings. If I didn't already have them on, there's no way I could squeeze into them. At this point, the only way I'm getting out of them is if— 

And there they go.

It's as if the whole world is shrinking around me. It won't be long before I—ow! My head! I can't stand up in here anymore! I should probably sit down, but my giant ass would definitely smash that couch. I don't want to think about my weight. My chest alone probably weighs almost as much as you. 

Speaking of which. Wait, where are you? I can barely see anything below me past my boobs. Seriously, where are you? I didn't accidentally crush you, did I? 

Ah! Oh wow, you are small!

Sorry! I don't mean that in a bad way, but—have I really grown that much? I guess I have, because everything, including you, keeps getting smaller and smaller. It's distracting because it feels really, really—

These spurts are intense and I—um, they just keep coming! I'm sitting down and my head is still hitting the ceiling. If this keeps up, I won't fit in here. I could outgrow the whole house!

I won't get that big, will I? I'm starting to think five pills wasn't such a great idea. Will this ever stop? 

I hope it doesn't…

But what do I do if it doesn't? Call 911? By the time an ambulance arrives, I won't fit in one! 

It might fit inside me though.

What's happening to me? Will I grow forever? Can I grow forever? H-h-help me! 



I-I think it stopped.

And holy shit, I am enormous.

How tall am I even? I'm on the ground and I have to crouch to fit . My legs are longer than you are tall. I'm, what, twelve feet tall? Fifteen? That has to be taller than anyone ever!

Sorry, I just can't believe it. I-I really…can't—

—wait to show my friends!

Oh man, Lexie is going to flip! And Caitlin, ha! She thought she was the tall one, but wait until she sees me! I'm gonna tower over her. Let's invite them over to celebrate! They're both cute and have a ton of followers on socials. Maybe we'll do an impromptu photoshoot! Let my girlfriends crawl all over me like a sexy jungle gym. That'd be wild, huh?

We'll definitely need more food, because all that growing has made me hungry. Oh! We should order Korean barbeque! I ate so much of that steak last week when I was only six-seven. I'm more than twice that now, and can already tell I can eat four times that.

Hey, write this down: two orders of steak, two pork ribs, two BBQ chicken. Six sides of rice. Some miso soup would be great too. Crap, I should probably get some for my friends too, huh? Make that three orders of everything. Ooh! and those savory pancakes. Get a dozen of those.

Hey! I said, write it down!

Oh, sorry! Did I scare you? I'm just hungry, that's all. You know how I am. Though I imagine that's pretty scary when I'm this size, huh?

Here, will a hug make it better? A soft, bosomy hug from your giant wife? Think of how soft and warm it—

Aw! there you go. I knew I'd get you with that. Isn't it nice, having me so big?

And don't worry, nothing's changed. I'm still me and you're still you. I'll still post sexy pictures online. I'll probably post more! And you still get to buy me nice things. Just a warning: I will need lots of new clothes and shoes, and custom stuff at my size is not gonna be cheap. 

But you like me to look good, so I'm sure you won't complain.

I do have a few bottles of pills left and I'm not gonna throw them away. I guess I could give you some of them. I'm getting some pretty lewd ideas and for them to work, either you'll need to be a couple of feet taller or I need to be twice this height...

But, hey, in all seriousness, it doesn't matter if you're small. As long as you look good for me and make me look good for other people, I'll be proud to have you at my side. 

Like a little trophy.