Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother’s Day, my ass.

Yasemin grunted, struggling with the full laundry basket as well as the racket of yet another argument between her two daughters.

Binnie, stop! Let go!

Give it back!

Both were home from college for the summer and making up for lost time getting on each other's nerves. This left their mother the unenviable task of cleaning up after their messes. Making matters worse, at 5'0", Yasemin stood five and seven inches shorter than Riya and Binnie, respectively. While they still obeyed her (mostly), Yasemin missed the sort of authority she had when they were half her size.

As she approached Riya’s room, the chaos behind the door intensified.

Give it to me!

Let go of the wand!

You let go!

Stop it!

Did she say 'wand?' Yasemin chuckled, imagining the possibilities. God forbid either of those two ever gets hold of a magic wand. Yasemin propped the laundry on her knee, clutching the basket with one hand and reaching to open the door with the other. If I had some magic, perhaps I'd make myself a little bigger. Not huge, but big enough to take control around here again.

Managing to twist the knob, Yasemin stumbled into the room just as the girls' argument turned physical. Riya held something at arm's length, just out of her sister's reach.

"Give it back!" A frustrated Binnie yelled, yanking on Riya's red hair. "You're going to mess up everything!"

"Ow! What were you even planning to do?"

"Girls, what is going on here?" Yasemin asked, though she was preoccupied with an unusual glow emanating from the object in Riya's hand. The light grew brighter and brighter until, for the briefest moment, Yasemin was enveloped by a dazzling luminescence. As her vision cleared, her whole body tingled, brimming with energy.

Binnie gasped, noticing her mother's trembling. "Oh shit..."

Riya went pale with dread. "M-Mom?!"

Art by Bugmaker

Yasemin felt a pleasant tugging sensation throughout her body. Her gaze gradually drifted downward as her perspective floated upward. For a moment she looked her awestruck daughters straight in their eyes, but quickly left them behind as she rose higher and higher. She filled out in all directions growing both taller and curvier. Her broadening hips stretched the baggy sweats to leggings, before bursting them at the seams. Her chest surged outward, making quick work of her tank top.

"Look what you did!" Binne shouted, gesturing up to their mother, who had nearly doubled in size. "You grew Mom!"

"I was trying to grow me!" Riya wailed. 

Having ceased her ascent, Yasemin found her eyes level with the overhead lights and her head and shoulders pressing into the ceiling. Brimming with confidence, she placed her hands on her hips.

"It looks like Mother's Day wishes do come true!"

Riya and Binnie cowered in their mother's shadow. At barely half her height, they hadn't seen this perspective since grade school.

Riya gulped. "Um, you need help with the laundry?"

Binnie elbowed her. "I think we'll be doing our own laundry now."

"Well sure. There's no way she can fit in the laundry room."

"Girls," Yasemin said, tapping her huge toes.

"This is all your fault, Riya!" Binnie whispered.

"I didn't mean to!"

"Oh, now it's 'I didn't mean to.' What happened to 'I wanna try?"

"GIRLS!" Yasemin said, stamping her foot and rattling the pictures on the wall. Riya and Binnie immediately went silent. "Do you see what happens when you behave like children? You make a mess. Though, I can't say I'm disappointed with the results." Yasemin ran her hands along her expanded curves, delighted by her transformation.

"Give it to me," Binnie hissed to Riya. "I can fix this."

"No! You're just going to make it worse." Binnie reached for the wand and Riya moved just fast enough to evade her. Yasemin sighed as her daughters began tussling again, somehow ignoring the ten-foot-tall woman looming above them. 

Years of frustration came to a head as Yasemin snatched the wand away, inadvertently snapping it in half between her fingers. She yelped at the brief shock of the energy discharge. This was followed by a deep moan as her body trembled with a familiar sensation. In seconds she ballooned from enlarged to enormous, doubling her height again and decimating what little remained of her clothes. The room rumbled with her booming laughter as she dropped to her hands and knees to keep from crashing through the ceiling.  

When Yasemin stopped growing, she'd doubled her already towering height. She snickered as her daughters scurried about below her, each barely as tall as her arm.

"Mom, this isn't funny!" Binnie yelled up at her immense mother. "You broke my wand! Without it we have to wait until it wears off. That could be  weeks!"

Yasemin shrugged, her shoulder smashing a hole in the sheetrock. "You wanted to play with magic. Deal with the consequences."

"It's not that simple! Wands are expensive, not to mention incredibly hard to find!"

"One problem at a time dear. First order of business: getting me out of this room."

Riya gaped up at her colossal mother and then to the comparatively narrow doorway. "What are we supposed to do?" 

"For starters, make sure my boob doesn’t take out the door frame." Yasemin leaned down, until her nipples grazed the hardwood. She giggled as Riya put all her weight against her refrigerator-sized right breast, barely budging it. 

"If I had my wand this would be way easier," Riya said, pouting.

"But you don't, do you? No slacking, Binnie, you help too."

"What am I supposed to—"


Binnie immediately set to guiding one breast towards the doorway while Riya pushed from the other side. 

"Can you at least help?" Riya whined.

Art by Bugmaker

Yasemin shook her head. "I could, but I'd rather relax. It is Mother's Day, after all."

Binnie grimaced. “Today?”

Riya dropped her head onto her mother’s tit. "Aw, damn it.”

“Despite your guilty admission, I'm quite happy with my gift. Unconventional, but certainly appreciated!  Now put your backs into it! My favorite show starts in twenty minutes and I’m also feeling a bit peckish. Riya, perhaps you’d like to make me a nice dinner?

"Yes, mom!" Riya said, dreading the task that awaited her.

“And someone is going to have to fix the ceiling.” Yasemin turned, her swinging breast knocking her daughter to the floor. “Binnie, you’re quite handy. You do it.”

“Sure mom!” Binnie said, scrambling to her feet.

Yasemin smiled, amused by her tiny daughters’ attempts to accommodate her. 

Happy Mother's Day, indeed!