Our Fantasies

Image by Galiagan

"I wish I could be with a really tall woman, "Greg said, finishing his fifth beer.

"Oh?" His girlfriend Alane said, her curiosity piqued. "In your fantasy, how tall would you make me?"

Greg had not intended to share this so soon in their relationship but was thrilled his admission had been so well-received. "Like, seven, eight feet minimum."

Alane smiled as she stood up, showing off her petite yet generously curvy frame. "What if I told you I shared a similar fantasy?

Greg was in disbelief. "I would consider myself incredibly lucky."

"What if I told you I had the power to fulfill this fantasy?"

"I would say do it!" Greg blurted, the words tumbling from her mouth.

"I'm so happy to hear that!" Alane placed her hands atop her beautiful backside and arched her back, thrusting her chest out in his direction. Her cleavage pressed upward and outward from the unbuttoned collar of her blouse. Creases in her linen pants disappeared as her ripening hips increasingly filled every bit of available space. Alane now looked her 5'9" boyfriend straight in the eyes. "Shall I keep going?"

A dumbfounded Greg nodded, thankful the alcohol acted as a shock-absorber for his shattered perception of reality.

Alane's head crept upward, her arms stretching like vines from the short sleeves. Her ankles peeked into view from the cuffs of her pants. Her already sizeable breasts tugged at the front buttons of her blouse, the fabric creasing around them. She gazed down at him, his eyes level with her bust. "Big enough?"

Greg shook his head. His legs shook as well.

"Okay! Then let's get serious," Alane announced, her towering frame blossoming upward. Several buttons popped off in succession and her breasts fell free, swelling larger along with the rest of her. While she could have removed her pants, she instead allowed her hips to expand until the inside and outside seams surrendered simultaneously. In seconds, she'd gone from short, to statuesque, to lofty. A warm, piquant odor wafted off her titanic body, filling the room.

"Strip," she commanded. Greg obeyed scrambling to disrobe as he mentally prepared for the greatest night of his life.

"So eager! I am too." Alane emitted a deep, rumbling giggle as her surging form plowed aside her modest furnishings. Just as her head was about to hit the twelve-foot ceiling she dropped down onto her butt, which was as wide as the couch behind them and twice as massive. Greg watched with eager anticipation for her head to hit the ceiling tiles, not noticing toes nearly the size of his head headed directly his way. Alane gently, but firmly pressed her foot into him, shoving him back into the opposite wall. He'd opened his mouth to protest, but the impact knocked the wind out of him.

"I'm glad to find out we have so much in common," Alane said, amused by her boyfriend's feeble struggles. "Though, to be honest, I'd say mine is more a foot fetish."