The Morning After

"Come on, Shanice! Let's take us some size pills and go clubbing!"

"I don't know, Nia..."

"Why not? What's the worst that could happen?"


Shanice rolled over and reached for her phone, overshot and dropped her forearm onto the nightstand, knocking over a lamp and spilling a tall cup of water. She opened her eyes. This wasn't her bed, or her room.

Everything was small.

Shanice sat upright to find the dress Nia had lent her now clung to her long torso like shrink-wrap. The tattered remains of her bra dangled from the front of her neckline. Her underwear were missing. She swung her long legs over the side of the bed and tried to stand but quickly found couldn't do so without bumping her head. She placed a hand against the ceiling and crouched, trying not to catch her thick curls on the overhead lights as she shuffled to the door.

"Careful, I think we got asbestos."

Shanice gasped and wrapped a bedsheet around her waist to cover her bottom half. The door swung open. A handsome, shirtless dark-skinned man stepped in, holding a pot of coffee and an empty mug. He looked vaguely familiar, and stood as high as her waist, wearing only pajama bottoms and sandals. "You want coffee?" he said.

"Sure," she croaked, startled by her own deep voice. 

He poured himself a mug and handed her the pot. "Here ya go."

She took the small pot in her fingers. It was quiet for a moment as they sipped their coffee. Even from her lofty vantage, Shanice couldn't help but notice the conspicuous bulge in the crotch of his pants. "So...I'm Shanice."

"I know. I'm Lamont."

She cleared her dry throat. May as well ask. "I didn't, uh, take advantage of you, did I?"

Lamont shook his head. "We just talked until you stopped growing and fell asleep."

"Oh, thank God. No offense."

"S'cool. I had a good night anyway." The protrusion in his pants swelled further, and he adjusted, guiding it downward, towards his pant leg.

Shanice bent her knees, groaning as she struggled to orient herself. "God, how tall am I now?"

"9'3"," Lamont replied.

She eyed him suspiciously. "How are you sure? Did you measure me?"

Lamont chuckled. "You measured you. Last night, before you passed out. You also measured the ceiling, the doorframe, your legs, me, my legs, and even my, uh..” The thick bulge continued moving down his leg, extending below his knees. 

Shanice raised an eyebrow. "Looks like I wasn't the only one playing with size last night."

Lamont grinned sheepishly. "Yeah. About that..."

"I can fix it," Shanice said. "You'll have to go with me back to the lab and—"

Lamont yelped, squirming with discomfort. "Okay, okay. You gotta get out!"

There was faint giggling as the bulge in Lamont's trouser leg reached his ankle. A tiny pair of brown feet appeared at his cuff, followed by slim little legs. A miniaturized, naked Nia emerged on the floor. She laid on Lamont's foot, gazing up at two giants above her.

"Hey, you bigs down for breakfast? I could eat a whole egg!"

Originally Published May 16, 2023