Esha and Kaui

Kaui checked the time as he walked the concrete path from the street to the porch next door. It took exactly ninety seconds to walk at a brisk pace from his house to hers. In his haste today, he'd arrived early and stopped at the porch steps, waiting nearly half a minute. He had been given explicit instructions: 6:00 PM. No earlier. No later.

Like most things on the property, the steps were higher than most. At four-foot-nine, Kaui could only climb one step at a time. Indeed, everything on the property seemed to dwarf him, from shoulder-high hedges to the large cut cobblestone. Reaching the porch, he gazed up at the front door which stretched over seven feet high with the doorknob riding near his chin.

The clock on his phone turned to 6:00. Kaui knocked three times. He heard nothing from inside. For the briefest of moments, he suspected she might not be there—which elicited a mix of feelings. Suddenly, within the house came a loud creaking followed by footfalls so heavy he could feel them in his chest. Dropping his arms to his sides, he swallowed to wet his parched throat. His stomach churned. Anxiety, excitement, and trepidation boiled deep within him.

He'd been here before. Years ago.

* * * * * *

The Patels moved in next door when Kaui was ten. They'd remodeled the old, dilapidated house to the point of being nearly unrecognizable. When the family arrived, Kaui watched through the window as professional movers unloaded expensive designer furniture from a large truck. The smiling couple stood nearby, admiring their new home. Seeing him in the window, Mr. and Mrs. Patel waved to Kaui, gesturing him to come out and meet them. Kaui snuck out the front door, leaving his mother snoring on the couch beside a half-empty bottle of gin.

From the window, it had been apparent Mr. and Mrs. Patel were tall, but when he walked up their lawn to say hello, he realized just how tall. Mr. Patel, with his muscular frame and square jaw, reminded Kaui of Superman. Mrs. Patel stood a couple of inches taller than her husband, with wide, full hips and a bountiful bust. Her hazel eyes shone brightly against her copper skin and jet black hair. To the 4'9" Kaui, they seemed like beautiful, friendly giants.

"What's your name, son?" Mr. Patel asked with a smile.

Kaui had to repeat his name when they did not hear him initially.

"Well Kaui, we're the Patels. You should meet our daughter, Esha." Mrs. Patel waved to the front door. Kaui did not see anyone there.

"Esha! Don't be shy, come out here!" Mr. Patel said. "Come meet your neighbor, Kaui."

Behind the front door screen a tall, stocky silhouette stepped into view. Her shoulders slouched inwards, and her forehead hung down. Kaui waved and smiled. The figure’s fingers twitched, in an ever-so-slight wave back.

"Esha's very shy. You'll have to excuse her," Mrs. Patel said. "Perhaps having a friend next door will be good for her." Kaui looked from Mr. Patel back to the door, but Esha had disappeared.

"So, Kaui," said Mrs. Patel, "I assume you don't live alone over there."

"No, I live with my mother."

"We'd love to meet her too."

Kaui looked away. "She's...not feeling well."

"Aw, that's too bad," Mrs. Patel said. "Please say hello for us, and do come back. You’re welcome to join us for dinner next Saturday."

Kaui nodded, backing away. He muttered a 'thank you' before turning and running back home.

* * * * * *

The thick oak door creaked open revealing the lady of the house, whose monumental body towered above him. Her hips, packed into a short black skirt, spanned half the width of the doorway. Her legs, each thicker than Kaui's whole body, stretched nearly to his shoulders. She stood just beyond the entryway, the top of the frame casting a shadow over her forehead.

"You're on time," Esha purred, her voice a rich tenor. "You can follow directions."

Kaui nodded.

"Such a good boy. Come in." She turned around, swinging her thick, bulbous rear into his face. Had he been standing an inch closer, it would have grazed his nose. Hypnotized by her sweet, musky scent, Kaui followed, pulling the heavy door closed behind him. As she walked, her hips and rear twitched with alluring swagger, her shimmering black hair whipped and swayed, tickling her lower back.

Kaui was a dwarf in Esha's home: broad chairs, immense couches, tables level with his ribcage. The clicking of her high-heeled footfalls reverberated off hardwood floors and the high vaulted ceiling. The warm air settled his nerves. He felt less like prey, and more like a pet; a stray cat that had been invited in out of the generosity—and mercy—of the lady of the house.

Emerging from the entry foyer, Esha ducked slightly to clear the seven-foot entryway arch. The back of her head brushed against the wood. She paused for a moment and tapped her toe on the floor behind her.

"Kaui. Did you notice I'm a little taller than last week?"

Kaui swallowed to wet his throat. "I did."

"Is it that obvious?" Kaui remained silent as his eyes worked up from her long feet to her shapely calves to her broad hips. "You don't think I'm too big, do you?"


Her red lips spread into a delighted grin. "Good."

Reaching the living room, Esha watched as Kaui climbed onto her plush, three-seat sofa, scooting to the far end. Seated all the way back, the edge of the cushion met the underside of his calves. The empty couch felt as expansive as a full-sized bed, yet as Esha sat down, her body consumed nearly all the remaining space. Beams underneath creaked and groaned as her weight settled into the cushions. She cheated inwards and crossed her legs, closing the distance between them.

"It's nice to see you again, Kaui," Esha said, the toe of her shoe brushing against his shin.

* * * * * *

Weekly Saturday dinners with the Patel family became a routine for Kaui. When asked about his mother, Kaui would claim she was either napping, sick, or at work. Eventually, they stopped asking, just as his mother had stopped asking where he went.

While they attended the same school, the weekly dinners were Kaui's one opportunity to interact with Esha. Even then, she rarely said anything, mostly just shaking her head yes or no. She remained silent in class too, and rarely, if ever, spoke to her classmates. While Kaui had a small group of friends, Esha was always alone. At fourteen, she stood six foot two with a sturdy, pear-shaped body. Esha’s unusual height combined with her underdeveloped social skills, kept her alienated from her peers.

One rainy August Saturday, Kaui arrived for dinner. He rang the bell. After waiting a peculiarly long while, Esha answered the door. Kaui was surprised—Mr. or Mrs. Patel typically answered. The edge of Esha’s mouth turned up in a little smile as she opened the screen. He followed her into the living room and took a seat on the couch. Esha sat in a large recliner across from him. They said nothing for several minutes until Esha cleared her throat and swallowed.

"Thank you," she said softly, almost inaudibly.

Kaui was surprised to hear her speak. "What?"

"Thank you for coming over. It's too quiet here."

"Where are your parents?" Kaui asked.

"On vacation, again."

"Why didn’t you go?"

"I don't like planes or traveling. I feel cramped in the small chairs. I get anxious."

"Oh. Well, are you excited for high school?"

"I'm not coming back to school."


"My parents have taken me out to be home-schooled by a tutor." Esha frowned. "I don't get along well with people at school."

Kaui did not need to ask why. "I'm sorry," he said.

"It's okay. I don't like leaving the house anyways."

"I—I'll miss you."

Esha looked at Kaui, speechless. She opened her mouth to speak, but no words came. Instead, tears ran down her face.

"I'm sorry," Kaui said, jumping down from the couch. "I didn't mean to—" Before Kaui could say more, Esha got up and ran upstairs to her room. Kaui stood in the living room for a few minutes, listening to her cry. He did not know what to do, so he left the house. From outside, he could hear Esha’s faint sobs through her open bedroom window.

* * * * * *

"Are you glad to be here?"

Kaui nodded. Esha reached over and let her long fingers snake up the back of Kaui’s neck before turning his head towards her.

"Look at me, Kaui."

For the first time since his arrival, Kaui gazed up into her deep emerald green eyes. She leaned over, placing a hand on the couch cushion between them. Her breasts strained against the cotton. Long black hair hung down, framing a dangerously low-cut white t-shirt. Through her collar, Kaui stared into a crevasse of cleavage deep enough to swallow his head whole.

"How about you scoot a little closer?"

Paralyzed with apprehension, Kaui remained still. When he did not move, Esha reached over and grasped his leg at the knee. Grinning, she dragged him across the surface of the couch towards her.

"I do not like to wait."

With one hand, Esha pulled him towards her, sliding him across the cushions. With her other arm, she scooped him up and onto her lap, where his back pressed against her plush bosom.

"Look at you. You're so little. Like a little boy." She drew him in further until his cheek met her breast. Kaui pushed against her arm that wrapped around his body like a thick vine. Despite his greatest efforts, he could not budge her. He heard her try to stifle a giggle before she burst into full, boisterous laughter at the tiny man who could not escape her one arm. He wheezed as she suddenly squeezed him in tighter. Her warm, heavy breasts engulfed his shoulders.

"How adorable! Little Kaui thinks he can get away from his big mommy, does he? You'll have to ask nicely if you want me to let go." Kaui made a halfhearted attempt to push against her, and she held him firmly in place. Kaui said nothing as the low rumble of her laughter reverberated through her breasts and into his back. Esha settled in, pressing him into her body.

"Oh, Kaui..."

* * * * * *

In the three years since she started home school, Esha continued to grow. Kaui, who had added neither height nor weight since middle school, still stood four foot nine. He continued his weekly visits, awed at Esha's ever-increasing size and beauty. Esha, meanwhile, grew further withdrawn from everything and everyone except Kaui, who she saw as the sole thread connecting her to the world outside her home.

"Are you going to prom?" Esha asked him one day.

Kaui sighed. "No."

"You don't want to go?"

"There was a girl I wanted to ask, but I-I-I couldn't do it."

"Why not?"

"She would never go with me. I'm...too small for her." Embarrassed, Kaui let his head hang. Looking up at Esha, he saw her face heavy with sorrow, but her eyes fixed on his.

"I don't want anyone to hurt you.'re—" Esha's voice caught in her throat. "You're...good."

"Um, thank you." The two sat in silence for nearly a minute, before Kaui slid from the couch to the floor. "I should probably get going. I'll see you next Saturday."

Kaui turned and walked to the door, waving as he left, a melancholy smile on his face.

"You are mine, Kaui," Esha said, softly in the quiet of her room.

* * * * * *

"Do you feel safe?" Esha said as she tugged up the hem of her shirt, revealing a breast bigger than Kaui's head. Her thick, dark nipple poked his shoulder. "You can touch it Kaui. I want you to touch it. Feel my breast."

Kaui apprehensively placed a hand on her warm, soft skin.

"Don't be shy, Kaui."

Kaui embraced Esha's breast, clutching it as she held him close.

"Do you love it?"

Kaui nodded, and Esha nudged her nipple towards his face.

"Show me how much you love it."

Kaui eagerly put his lips to her nipple and sucked. Esha squirmed, and Kaui had to grasp onto her tit so as not to tumble off her lap. Esha reached under his bottom and lifted him back up, moaning at the sensation of his tiny lips working on her nipple.

"Nnngh! Harder, Kaui."

Kaui stretched his mouth wider, in an attempt to encircle her expansive aureolae. Esha shuddered with pleasure as his lips and teeth rubbed against it, and his tiny hands pressed into the sides of her expansive tit. "Oh, that's right, Kaui. Make me happy."

Kaui sucked with all his might. Esha moaned again, and it resonated through her flesh into his mouth. He redoubled his efforts, eliciting another thunderous moan from her. She reached between his legs and gripped down, massaging him with one hand and pressing him further into her body with the other.

"I'm so good to you Kaui."

Kaui clutched her breast in response.

"Am I the best mommy you've ever had?"

Kaui nodded, and she squeezed him tight. A tear rolled down his face and she caught it with her finger, stroking his cheek gently.

"Yes," he said."

"Let's go to bed, little one."

Esha stood, hoisting Kaui into her arms. Within her embrace, Kaui felt safe and secure. She carried him with ease, her body and arms relaxed as if holding an infant. The clicking of her heels on the hardwood floors echoed through the hallway. In her arms, Kaui thought he could touch the ceiling. As he moved to reach his arm up, she held it in place.

"Shhh." she cooed, squeezing him against her warm body. "I've got you. Just relax. We're almost there."

Opening the door, Esha stepped into the dim light of the bedroom. She made her way to the bed and placed Kaui on the ground. As she stood up straight and arched her back, her breasts cast him in shadow. She reached back and unzipped her skirt but her curves held it firmly in place, forcing her to tug it down over her hips until it dropped to the ground in a heap.

In her five-inch heels, her crotch met Kaui at throat level. He felt a large hand on his back press him in closer until his forehead met her bellybutton. She held him there, guiding his nose up and down her silk lace panties as he took in her scent. Esha then nudged him backward and sat on the bed. Shuffling her broad hips back and forth, she settled herself on the cool, silk sheets. Kaui watched as Esha laid-back, sprawling her long limbs and torso across the width of the king-sized bed. Propping herself on her elbows, she gazed down at him over the crest of her breasts.

"Am I too much for you?" she said.

* * * * * *

"Nnnngh! Nnnnnnnnggggghhh!"

Kaui tugged with all his might. Across the coffee table from him, Esha calmly held firm as Kaui struggled with both hands, even using his body weight to try and tug her arm downward. Despite Kaui's resistance, she gently lowered her arm down to the ground, pinning both of his.

"Wow," he said. "You've gotten really strong!"

"Yeah...I guess so." Esha said, folding her arms.

Kaui rubbed his tired arm. "Have you thought of playing sports? You're tall too. I bet you could play for a college basketball team."

"I'm not going to college," Esha said. "I don't like crowds. I stick out, and everyone stares at me."

"Yeah, I can't afford college," Kaui said. His mother had taken an equity loan against the home his deceased father had left for them. She claimed it was for his college, but in the end, it all went to alcohol and gambling. "What about your parents?" he said. "Don't they want you to go to college?"

"They don't care about me. They’re retired and just go on trips now. They have vacation houses all over the country. I haven't seen them in months. "I'm probably taller than my dad now, maybe even my mom."

"Really?" Kaui said. "I wish I was tall."

Esha sighed and hugged her knees to her body, clutching them to her chest. Her compressed cleavage swelled up in the collar of her shirt. "When I started growing, I thought I would be tall and pretty, like a model. Instead, I'm big and fat. I'm six-foot-five now, and I'm still growing." her voice dropped down to a whisper. "I weigh almost two hundred fifty pounds."

"Um...that's not bad," Kaui said. "You are tall after all."

"It's hard to find clothes. My parents pay, which is nice, but everything costs so much. My bras cost over two hundred dollars. I feel like a freak."

Kaui said nothing but admired the way Esha's formerly baggy pajamas now squeezed tight on her hips. A few inches of her tan skin peeked through a popped seam on her left thigh. Esha noticed Kaui studying her body.

"I know," she said. "I'm huge."

"No!" Kaui blurted. "You’re beautiful."

"Kaui? how I am?" Her eyes, wide with anticipation, waited for him to answer.

But Kaui said nothing. No words could change the fact that he would never be able to provide for Esha. He could not bear to see her look so hopeful.

Kaui slid off the bed, onto the floor. "I...I need to go."


"I can't take care of you, Esha," he said, backing towards the door, his head hanging down. "I'll never be able to. We can't work." Kaui sniffled, turned, and ran out of her home, leaving a speechless Esha sitting alone in her room.

For the first time in almost four years, he would not show up the next Saturday.

* * * * * *

"Kaui, come here," she said, patting her belly. "I want you to climb up my body."

With Esha's column-like legs on each side of him, Kaui stepped up onto the edge of the mattress. As he began to climb up, Esha brought her legs together, compressing his body between her thighs, hindering his movement. Beads of sweat appeared on Kaui's brow as he struggled to free himself. Satisfied, Esha giggled and relaxed her legs, letting him free. As Kaui pulled himself onto her belly, he paused to savor the heat of her smooth silk panties on his chest. Feigning difficulty, he allowed himself to grind against her. Esha moaned in pleasure, and Kaui felt the reverberations in her body below him.

Looking up, he faced her breasts head on. Even on her back, they rose high enough to hinder his view of anything above them. They were magnificent. He paused to take in the sight.

Esha cleared her throat. "I told you to climb my body, not go on a sightseeing tour. Get moving, little man."

Bringing his arms under him, Kaui pushed himself up until he could see Esha’s face above the crest of her breasts. She gave him an expectant look which turned naughty as he reached forward. She jerked her body to the side, sending Kaui tumbling sideways. In a panic, he reached for something. He intended to grab the edge of her shirt, but she shifted again and his hand clamped down on the nipple of her still-exposed breast. The nub filled his entire hand, and she moaned again. She brought her arm down onto his back, effectively pinning him. Kaui tried to climb further, but her arm pressed him down into her abdomen.

"Come on, Kaui. You're stronger than that."

He pushed back with all four limbs, but Esha grinned naughtily and let her arm wrap around his body. Eventually, his legs slipped down her side, and he dropped face-first into her body. She placed her hand on his back, letting it rise and fall. His hand still gripped onto her nipple, but otherwise, he had let his body go slack atop hers. Again, her body rumbled with laughter.

"What's wrong, Kaui? Am I too insurmountable for you?" Kaui did not reply, but Esha felt his small hand tighten again around her nipple. "It's okay Kaui, you can rest on me. You're safe here." Her hand traveled up his back and neck, and she ran her large fingers through his hair.

* * * * * *

It had been months since Kaui's last visit. Esha had not tried to contact him; she couldn’t even if she wanted to. Their visits had grown so regular the two had never exchanged contact information. Her parents had decided to settle somewhere in Europe—she did not remember where. They sent her postcards sometimes. She'd stopped reading them.

In the weeks since Kaui’s last visit, his words played and replayed in her head.

I can't take care of you, Esha. I'll never be able to.

Esha stood in front of a gaudy full-length hallway mirror. She'd grown so tall she could no longer see her reflection above her chin. Her once-baggy sweater fit snug around her shoulders. Her pant cuffs hiked up to her ankles. Her breasts pushed her shirt out far enough she could not tuck it in. I'm bigger than him. Bigger than he will ever be. Of course, I don’t expect Kaui to take care of me.

Esha knelt down, bringing her face into view. She imagined Kaui next to her, standing as tall upright as herself kneeling. She would take him in her arms and surround him with her body. She would hold him, giving him all the love he'd never gotten in his life. She would cradle him in his arms, look him in his eyes, and make him her own.

I will take care of him.

Esha began working out with her father's weights, willing herself bigger and stronger. She pushed her body, packing on muscle until her weight surpassed 300 pounds. She consumed thousands of calories a day, her hips and breasts blossoming outward as she added mass to her frame. As her waist grew more pronounced, her pear shape morphed into an alluring hourglass. She bought new clothes, outgrew them, and ordered more. Her bottom grew too wide for her chairs, so she ordered larger furniture. Her body outsized their old couch, and she replaced it with a bigger one. She ordered shoes with heels of all heights, as well as lingerie to fit her preposterous curves.

Five months later, she stood in front of the mirror, taking in the sight of her magnificent body. She knew of no woman who matched her figure. Her height topped off at 6'8" and her hips measured nearly sixty inches around. Smooth contours of muscle bulged from her long, thick limbs. Her outstanding 38L breasts hung full and round from her chest above her soft yet trim belly.

"I'm ready for you, Kaui."

She descended the stairs, her confidence growing with each step. Approaching the front door, she paused briefly to adjust her posture, pulling her shoulders back. With a deep breath, she stepped onto her balcony, just as the ambulance pulled into Kaui's driveway.

* * * * * *

Esha held Kaui atop her body for several minutes, letting him catch his breath. She shifted to the side, gently letting Kaui slide off her body and onto the bed. Not expecting the motion, Kaui's hand tightened on her nipple again.

"Oh!" Esha gasped.

Kaui's hand dropped from her nipple. He looked up at her, horrified he might have hurt her. Esha placed her large hand on his back. "Shhhh," she said. "It's okay."

"I'm s-sorr—"

Esha placed a finger to his lips. "You apologize when I tell you to," she said rubbing the outer edges of her areola. "And certainly not after making me feel so good. Now, you just relax."

Esha swung her long, powerful legs to the floor and stood, leaving Kaui on the expansive bed. With a single tug, Esha tore open her already strained t-shirt. Arching her back, her bare breasts jutted forward and tugged the torn cloth down her arms behind her. Kaui watched, captivated by her overwhelming size and beauty.

"I know you've been hurt," Esha said, dropping the torn shirt to the ground. She kneaded her breasts, each the size of the playground balls Kaui remembered from grade school. He found himself hypnotized by the sheer abundance of undulating flesh.

"Pay attention," she said, gently yet sternly. Kaui did so.

"You feel like you have nothing left, but that's not true." Grabbing the edges with her fingers, Esha stretched her panties out, working them over her expansive hips and letting them drop down her column-like legs. "You have everything you need." Esha carefully extracted her heels from the lacy underwear on the ground. Then, with Kaui's rapt attention, she stepped back giving him the full view of her majestic, naked body.

"I am everything you need."

Artwork by Stubbornstain

Kaui's mother died of liver failure, leaving nothing but debts. She had been one of few constants in his life. Newspapers piled on the porch. Overdue bills accumulated on the table by the door. The blinds remained drawn on every window, and the air throughout the house had gone stale. He had not seen Esha since he had run out of her house months ago. Perhaps he would never see her again.

There was a knock at his door.

Fearing another bill-collector, he stayed put, hoping they would believe the house to be empty. The visitor knocked again, harder. Kaui stayed still, not moving a muscle. He held his breath as a broad, towering silhouette appeared in the window. The head reached the top of the window and spread dramatically outward at the hips.

"Kaui," a familiar voice called from outside. "Open the door and let me in."

Kaui slid down from the couch and crossed to the doorway. He unhooked the chain and opened the door. Esha was bigger now, and she stood straighter than usual. Pausing only briefly, she slowly but deliberately stepped through the doorway. Kaui stepped aside, letting her pass by and into his home. Esha approached a faded old green couch and sat. A wooden beam beneath her snapped, but she paid it no mind. She patted the seat next to her.

"Kaui, come sit down." Kaui did as he was told. "Now, tell me everything," she said.

Kaui told her about his father's death, his mother's drinking and subsequent verbal and emotional abuse. Kaui told Esha how much he'd missed her when she left school, how much his life had revolved around visiting her. He apologized for not asking her to prom, even though he knew she would not go.

"...and I can't be there for you. I'm not strong enough. I'm not big enough. I have nothing to offer you."

"Then I will take you."

Kaui's eyes widened.

"You are mine, Kaui. I am everything you need."

"But, my house. I can't afford—"

"I'll buy your house. It will be mine too. You can still live in it, but you will visit me every week, just like you used to." Her voice had changed. No longer timid and reserved, she spoke to him with confidence and authority. She wasn't asking him, she was telling him.

"I will see you next Saturday," Esha said. Kaui's eyes followed her as she stood to her full height, looming high above him. Catching the glimmer of hope in his eyes, Esha crouched down onto one knee and brought her face close enough that Kaui could feel her breath. She reached around and placed a hand on his back, before suddenly gripping his shirt in her fist and extending a finger into his face.

"6:00 pm. No earlier. No later."

Originally published February 20, 2017Characters and concept by Stubbornstain