Short Stories

One-shot short stories generally between 1,000 and 10,000 words.
An asterisk* indicates stories hosted offsite.

SFW Stories (R rating or below)

Harley and Power Girl get tangled up and mixed up in a power-switching sort of way.

muscle growth, body swapping (sorta)

Stay out of the warehouse district after dark. That's how 'they' get you.

violence, giantess, the second-person tense

'Magic beer' livens up a dull party for a young woman. Based on this commercial.

breast expansion, growth, tall woman

Carl assumed Annie would outgrow this town eventually


Giant Gerald attends his ex's wedding with the spirited Mya. For GiantJuly19

giant man, handheld

A young woman finds herself growing beyond the grip of her controlling father.

gradual growth, breast growth, tall woman, miniGTS, giantess

Aided by his rebellious daughter, Harold conducts a groundbreaking experiment, with remarkable results.

muscle growth, super strength, height growth, insubordination

A special size-changing lady keeps her talents a secret. For Gentle April '18.

PG, slow growth to giantess, the first-person tense

How to handle the re-emergence of your boyfriend's ex with Grace

vore (a woman literally eats another woman), growth, breast growth, tall woman

Aided by mysterious magic pills, a young woman grows into the body of her dreams.

tall woman, miniGTS, growth process

Keri invites her boyfriend to meet her quirky family.

NSFW, growing woman, breast expansion, muscle growth, tall woman, first imressions

Jacob is pleased to make the acquaintance of Molly, who has her own plans for him.

male shrinking, growth, miniGTS

An evening photoshoot leads to growth for photographer and model alike.

PG-13, slow growth, miniGTS, giantess

When you have the power to mold the world, where do you draw the line?

growth, muscle, tall woman, miniGTS

Hyojung finds her sister's ex in her underwear drawer.

shrunken man, cruelty, a maid, a magic calico cat, mouthplay (sort of), vore (sort of)

The SDA works behind-the-scenes to keep size-change incidents under wraps.

shrunken man, general size changing, sci-fi campy-ness

A young lady takes to excess calories in a special way.

growth, tall woman, breast growth, McDonald's (which I lay no claim to owning)

A day in the life of an omnipotent college freshman

tall woman, female growth, giantess, goddesshood, adorable geekery

The internet made me do it.

growth, gender change, breast expansion, and an extremely foul-mouthed Toadette

"And the student shall surpass the teacher..." Written for HistoricalJuly20
growing woman, shrinking man, muscle growth, miniGTS, alchemy

Valerie enjoys the benefits of her job at the specialty supplements shop.
Body, belly, breast, and booty expansion

Leslie is thrilled to finally have two giantess friends. For SizeCon [micro] '20

NSFW, giant couple, growing woman

Zuri completes the ascension ceremony elevating her to demi-goddesshood.

female growth, giantess, breast growth, body expansion

NSFW Stories

A direct sequel to Building Brand, by Lingster. Definitely read that first.

NSFW, muscle growth, height growth, breast expansion, gross self-indulgence

The lady loves her soda, even despite its lengthy list of side-effects.

NSFW, female penis growth, surprisingly no giant people but DEFINITELY a picture of a chick with a gigantic penis

Caprice find herself growing along with her online fanbase. For My Blue Heaven '20.

NSFW, giantess, growth, masturabtion, sex, social media

Past and present perspectives on friendship, with large Esha and tiny Kaui.

NSFW, gradual growth, light domination, muscle growth, breast growth

A widow sets out on a journey to find a new purpose in life. For Gentle April '19 .

NSFW, slow growth, miniGTS, giantess, breast expansion, definitely sex

College coed meets demonic dickgirl. Romance ensues.

NSFW, sex, light bondage, muscle growth, height growth, penis growth

A whodunit, except the 'who' is everyone and the 'it' is dick. For Cocktober '19

NSFW, female penis growth, fellatio, paella

A giant couple out on a their first date aren't entirely what they seem. For WritersOct '18.

NSFW, giant couple, growing woman

For a steep price, Clara offers Arik the experience of a lifetime. For CruelJan '19.

NSFW, violence, gradual growth, giantess, a literally earth-shaking orgasm