Matsumoto-san's Morning Commute

Tags: giantess growth, breast expansion, threats of violence & vore (but no violence or vore)

Unlike some people, I look forward to my morning commute. 

I rise at 6:00 AM. I shower and eat a melon bun before making the five-block walk to Hommachi Station. I arrive five minutes early, ensuring a seat on the 6:40 train which will get me to work by 7:00—an hour before my shift begins. The joy ends there, as I love nothing about my dead-end, soul-crushing data entry job or any other part of my day, or life in general. What matters is getting home and getting to sleep so I will wake up the next day to make that commute again. 

You see, riding the 6:40 each day with me are Yui Sasaki's breasts. 

I don't know her actual name. ‘Yui Sasaki’ is the name I've given her. She deserves a modicum of respect as I ogle her chest for the five minutes from Yodoyabashi to Umeda. She's a petite young woman with a plain, round face and—with the exception of the most exquisitely overripe sweater-melons I have ever laid eyes on—a slight frame. Every day, she boards on the second stop of my thirty-minute trip and exits on the third. She stands near the door, while I sit a row down and across the aisle. It’s far enough away my staring isn't apparent, but close enough I can see every bounce, jiggle, and jostle.

We are arriving at Yodoyabashi Station.

The back of my neck tingles with anticipation as the train pulls in. My gaze slowly, casually drifts to the doors, as they whoosh open. There's no rush; Yui is rarely first to board and often slides in after the rush. I bide my time, wondering which of her fuzzy, clingy sweaters will delight my gaze today. 


The car abruptly lurches to one side, creating a buzz in the cabin as two long arms reach in and grasp the handrails opposite the door. Everyone falls silent as an immense woman twists her broad shoulders through the entrance, pulling herself aboard. Her thick hips, packed in a tight black skirt, compress as they squeeze through behind her. Once inside, she releases the bent metal railings. Several feet too tall to stand up straight, she remains hunched over. Her thick, dark locks hang down obscuring her face as she scans for a seat in her immediate vicinity. She brushes her hair aside and looks my way, and it is then I recognize the face of Yui Sasaki. 

In the months I've ogled her, I've never made eye contact. Now I'm frozen, unable to look away. Yui cracks a wry smile, which elicits a yelp from me as I turn towards the window. With her long stride, she crosses half the length of the car in only a few steps. Passengers grant her a wide berth, partly out of reverence, but also to avoid colliding with her swinging bust which wobbles, unbound, beneath her thin red cotton turtleneck.

Yui stops in front of me. With trepidation, I gaze up at the towering giantess looming above me. My eyes stop at her chest—still spectacularly large, on her majestic frame. I can't read her expression, but I can't imagine it bodes well for me. My one saving grace is, she doesn't know my—

"Matsumoto-san? May I sit here?" 

This is the Midosuji Line bound for Esaka. The next stop is Umeda Station.

My heart leaps and my gut sinks at the sound of my name. Her voice is deep and rich, and it occurs to me I've never heard her speak until now. I imagine it changed as she grew from barely tall enough to reach the tsurikawa to barely able to fit on the train.

"Matsumoto-san, may I sit?" Her tone is gentle yet insistent. I nod, still too stunned to speak.

Yui turns around, swinging her ample rear in my direction and missing my nose by inches. The fabric of her tight pencil skirt is tight as a drum as she lowers into a seat wide enough for two passengers. The metal frame beneath us bows under her weight. Her black stiletto heels, combined with her long legs, have her knees riding at my eye level, and each of her thighs are broader than my shoulders. She checks a mobile phone as long as her middle finger, then places it inside her purse, which disappears entirely beneath her folded hands.

"Thank you." 

We are now departing Umeda Station

The doors slide shut. Passengers shift to the side as we glide into motion. Yui's immense breasts rock my direction. She folds her arms, holding them in place, creating a glorious swell of—

"You really can’t help yourself, can you? Force of habit, I suppose."

I'm too terrified, as yet, to feel shame. Yui snickers. "I doubt you noticed, but every lecherous salaryman on this route stares at my chest."

I assumed as much, though I'd never looked away from it long enough to notice. I couldn't have told you her eye color, or if she even had eyes.

"I expected to get more stares than ever today, but it seems everyone has gone shy, including you, Matsumoto-san"

Her voice is loud, and I wish she would stop saying my name. I do wonder how she knows it, but that question takes a distant second to how she doubled in size over the past twenty-four hours. My seat sinks lower as Yui re-settles herself, and. I anxiously scoot away from her.

"You'll have to excuse me. I put on a lot of weight recently. She runs a finger along her thigh. "I'm sure you noticed, there's a bit more of me than usual."

I nod again.

"So, I look like I've gained weight?"

I shake my head, then nod, shake my head, nod, then whimper.

Yui smiles, savoring my distress. "Oh, I'm sure you noticed, considering how much you like to stare. Tell me, Matsumoto-san. Do you prefer large women too or just large tits?"

I glance down at my watch. Barely a minute has passed. White-knuckled, I clutch my briefcase, intent on staying bowed for the remainder of what is already the longest ride of my life. Anything not to have to make eye contact.

"Look at me. Matsumoto-san."

Shaking, I lift my gaze to meet the heavy glare of her dark brown eyes. Yui has dull features—not what I would typically consider attractive. For me, the combination of her average looks and unbelievable body had always been part of her charm. My gaze drifts downward, and Yui clears her throat loud enough everyone around us startles. My eyes snap back up to meet hers, and her lips curl up in faint amusement.

"I'm trying to guess what you're thinking, but the panic on your face is making it difficult. That's been a problem for me lately. I waved to several people on my walk here today. Not a single person waved back! They all stared or screamed. Do you have any idea how hard it is to feel human when people only see you as a monster?"

I shook my head.

"...or an object?"

Unable to sink any lower in my seat, I instead focus on minimizing my trembling as Yui's expression drifts from gentle contempt to derisive curiosity.

"You know, Matsumoto-san, I was actually afraid to ride the train today. Not of stares or accidentally tripping over someone—though that did happen. No, I was afraid of what I might do when I saw you, all my shame and body insecurities personified, half my size and not even a quarter my weight. Would I pick you up and break you in half? I can lift the back end of a car now, so it would certainly be possible. I considered crushing you under my butt, but I didn't want to ruin my clothes. My ideas got wilder from there. What if I kidnapped you and took you home and kept you as my pet? What if I completely ignored you? What if I just ate you?"

Either her stomach growled, or I imagined it so hard it came true.

Yui scoffs, rolling her eyes. "I'm not going to eat you, Matsumoto-san. I'm not nearly big enough, and I can't imagine it's worth the aftertaste."

I'm genuinely relieved.

"Honestly, Matsumoto-san, if anything, I feel sorry for you. Everything from your tactlessness and pathetic lack of self-control to the fact that ogling my chest every morning is probably the highlight of your sad life."

Yui's words stung but were nothing I hadn't already accepted about myself years ago. 

"You've stared at me for months. In all that time, you never introduced yourself, or handed me a business card, or asked me to coffee. I can't imagine I would have said yes, but you'll have to forgive me for my inability to picture the loser who stares at my chest every morning as a respectable man."

Yui's confidence shakes me to my core. She is the mouse who'd outgrown the cat and would show no mercy. And yet, despite my fear, I cannot help but drink in the wonder of her immensity. How would it feel to be crushed under her luscious ass? She could pick me up like a doll and squeeze me into her boobs until I suffocate. Throw me to the ground and, with those leather boots, grind me into—

"Are you even listening to me?"


"You haven't learned your lesson at all. I'm not surprised, but I wonder. What will it take?"

My jaw flaps, but I'm still captivated by the way her bosom jiggles atop her folded arms. 

Yui sighs as the metal seat groans loudly beneath us. "This is going to leave a bad taste in my mouth."

Two minutes to Umeda Station

Already terrified by Yui's voracious implication, I watch in cold terror as her arms, legs, and torso lengthen with a series of dull creaks and pops. I follow her gaze up as she grows, until her chest blocks my view. With a loud rip, her ballooning thighs burst from her skirt, swallowing the seat between us and closing in on me. 

Yui presses her hands against the ceiling and leans forward to preserve clearance. The bottom hem of her shirt tugs across the underswell of her heavenly bust but snags on nipples as big as shot glasses. She bites her lip at the tugging sensation, and her moans reverberate through the cabin. Her tits finally drop, hanging so large and full they entirely obscure her midriff. 

My joy is short-lived. Her billowing hips threaten to crush me against the railing. Yui leans forward to see me. "You may want to move. I'm going to need that space."

I scramble out of the way and into the aisle. Yui rises to her feet, earning a chorus of gasps from terrified passengers, who crowd at each end of the car. Head-shoulders-and-torso too tall to stand up straight, she drops to her knees. The impact throws me off balance, dropping me to the ground as well. She turns towards me, and her wrecking ball butt swings into the center aisle, demolishing several rows of vacated seats. Amidst the chaos, I remain frozen in place. Every bit of me that wants to flee is canceled out by the rest of me that is drawn to her swelling form. 

Yui is as tall kneeling as when she'd first boarded, and still growing. Her tits rest on the ground, gradually filling the aisle. She takes a moment to tear away the tattered remains of her clothing turtleneck and skirt, Yui tears away the tattered shirt remains, then lowers down until her upper body rests atop a mattress of rising titty dough. 

"Do you think I wanted to be bigger, Matsumoto-san? People already stare at me plenty. My boobs have been growing as long as I've had them."

Yui pauses as a powerful wave of growth inflates her in all directions. Her breasts pack the aisle, pressing into the sides of the seats. Her hips nearly span the width of the cabin. Despite the chaos around her, Yui appears calm, expressing little more than mild annoyance at her predicament.

"I woke up this morning and found I'd grown from 158cm to 180cm overnight. I had to squeeze into my shower, and duck to clear the doorframe of my apartment. I kept growing for my entire walk to the station. By the time I arrived, no one even stood waist high to me."

Yui crawls towards me, dragging her enormous bust across the ground until it presses into the soles of my shoes.

"I was scared I would keep growing on the train, but right as I boarded, it stopped. You know why?"

I shake my head, exhausted from fear.

"Because it's you, Matsumoto-san. Your desire makes me grow."

Prepare for Arrival at Umeda Station.

Hearing this stirs my core, launching both my arousal and, correspondingly, her growth into overdrive. She grins down at me from atop breasts large as haystacks, gripping them with hands nearly as wide as I am tall. 

"I'd wondered if my new size would frighten you. While it obviously did, I suppose it was only a matter of time before lust prevailed. Fortunately for me, I like growing. Sure, it's impractical, even stupid. What will I eat? Will it ever sto—ooohhhhh! "

Yui's expansive hips press into the walls of the car, bowing them outward. Windows on either side of us shatter and promptly fill with the soft flesh of her thighs. The deep groan of buckling metal resonates all around as the steel chassis strains to contain her expansion. 

"But you're my hero, Matsumoto-san. You taught me no matter how inappropriate and inconsiderate my desires, all that matters is what I want. Even now, you'd rather be smashed by my boobs than go back to your sad life."

Yui's boobs are my life. They may as well be what takes me out of it. 

"So, you'll either die happy, crushed by tits the size of refrigerators, or wake up happy from a dream of getting crushed by tits the size of refrigerators."

I'm rock hard in anticipation of either possibility. 

"Unfortunately for you, Matsumoto-san, I'm in charge now, and I'm not taking requests."

Arriving at Umeda Station.

In a flash, Yui's arms thrust forward, and she grasps me in her hands. Her long, thick fingers constrict around my ribcage, pinning my arms painfully to my sides. I open my mouth to scream, but there's no room for my lungs to expand. 

"Crushing you with my tits would be the easy way out, Matsumoto-san. It's not that I didn't want to eat you. I just wasn't big enough." 

Yui's ghastly smile spreads wide, and she licks her lips, sending a cold chill down my spine.

"Of course, if you'd rather end up crushed and suffocated than chewed and swallowed, you'd better start begging."

My vision goes blurry. My temples pound from the pressure. 

"Come on, Matsumoto-san. Beg me to end your sad little life underneath a ton of tit rather than in my belly."

I gasp and croak, struggling to make any sound from within her vice-like grip. The words are there, but I can't speak. 


"What? Speak up, Matsumoto-san!" 


I woke up screaming, mid-climax, on a packed train with a half-dozen phones pointed at me. 

"The train has arrived at Umeda Station. Transfer here for the Hankyu Railway and the Hanshin Electric Railway."

The video of the sleeping businessman’s overt nocturnal emission while shrieking repeatedly about being crushed under giant breasts had gone viral by the time I arrived at work. HR informed me I could keep my job but would be assigned to work from home indefinitely. They even provided a brochure entitled Give It Time: Regaining Your Life After Going Viral for Public Humiliation, which was quite helpful.

I cut myself off from social media and traded my smartphone for a flip phone. I used the internet solely for delivery and paying bills. I started giving two shits about my diet. Stopped eating so many meals at Mister Donut and lost 4 kg without trying. I finally read The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle and finished watching Doctor-X: Surgeon Michiko Daimon. I even found my sleep markedly improved once I stopped getting up needlessly early to stare at boobs.

Inevitably, my retreat came to an end. I dreaded returning to work, or even leaving the house for that matter. I felt the burn of eyes on me from the moment I stepped outside. I avoided eye contact but still overheard the whispers, snickers, and camera clicks. It only got worse on the train, as the close quarters made the whispers and snickers no less overt.

Help me! Help me!

Don't Eat Me!

Squish me with your giant oppai!

I couldn't handle it. Despite being two stops early, I rushed off right as the doors opened. Between my shallow breathing and blurring vision, I managed only a few shaky steps before crumpling to my knees. I focused on my breathing  to avoid passing out.


My eyes went wide. I looked up to find Yui standing above me with a flat expression. I raised a trembling finger. "Y-you know my—?"

"It's engraved on your briefcase, which you left on the train." She dropped it to the ground in front of me. "Pervert." 

Yui turned and walked off, disappearing into the crowd. A camera flashed in my periphery.

We are departing for Umeda Station.