Meet Cute

Follow the path of least resistance. 

I'm cute and skinny enough to skate by. I'm aware of my privilege, but it doesn't bother me. I drink. I party. I have regular one-night stands. I follow every superficial impulse. 

When I'm not hungover, I'm half-assing my way through an English major. Not that my grades are poor. I'm smart, but I give only enough effort to skate by. Case in point: I discovered early on it was more cost-effective to spend five hours writing five mediocre papers at $100 each than spend an hour and a half on my own work for nothing. 

It was the sort of lifestyle that I dove into full-bore to keep me distracted from my...darker urges.

Dark urges? You ask. What, like, murder? Witchcraft? Satanism?

Okay, one: chances are you don't even know the first thing about Wicca or Satanism. Two: Even if you did, I'm neither of those things. Three: I haven't killed anyone, just in case you were thinking I was holding out on that one for some big reveal. That said, I've looked at some dark, fucked-up shit. I keep waiting to be horrified. Instead, it arouses my curiosity or makes me curiously aroused. 

I regularly spend the last couple hours of my day looking at porn. It starts out innocent enough: erotic art, videos, racy pictures. Before I know it I'm watching graphic CGI videos featuring tentacles, chicks with living dicks, dismemberment, triple-penetration, and blood. LOTS of blood. To be honest, I don't know how deep the rabbit hole goes. I've typically gotten myself off by the time we get to triple-penetration tentacle demon hentai, but I know that's barely scratching the surface.

More and more, as of late, I push it. I’ve tried different toys, but none had the...versatility. Even my most adventurous partners—male and female—lacked the willingness, skill, and equipment to satisfy my desires. In the meantime, I'm getting my rocks off on any and every drunk college town lame-o who's willing or rarin' to get with a pale redhead with a decent bod. 

That was, of course, before Sam.

I'd written a paper for a sorority sister for eighty bucks. I didn't know the market value for plagiarized work, but the paper took me two hours and she'd probably get a C. I wanted to charge more for making me walk all the way over there, but, though she probably came from money, I was unlikely to get more than a $10 tip, if I was lucky. 

I knocked and no one responded to the door, so I snuck in the back basement entrance, which was unlocked as a 'secret' entrance for those in the know. I'd attended enough parties there to know. I descended the stairs, noticing an unusual stillness in the air—highly unusual for 9:45 AM at the Beta House. Even if they'd thrown a wild party the night before, someone should be up and about by this time. As I reached the bottom, I picked up on what sounded like a mix of moaning and...weeping? In retrospect, the right thing to do probably would have been to turn around and get help, but something drew me further in.

Entering the finished basement, I came across a pale, black-haired woman in a business skirt, heels, and a white blouse. She scribbled idly on a notepad, humming 'Don't Stop' by Fleetwood Mac. Nearby on the folded down futon, Lydia and her sorority sister Claudia, face-down on the pool table facing each other with their legs and wrists bound behind them and a ball gag in each of their mouths. A rush of excitement was quickly squelched by my effort to take in the details of the scene. Assuming this doesn't end with my own murder, I may need to report this to someone.

...or recall it. For my own reasons.

The pale woman looked up as if she smelled something, then gave me a curious look. I'm not sure what expression was on my face, so I did my best to mimic hers.

"Hello," she said, her voice low, but pleasant.

"Hi. I'm here for Lydia." I nodded toward the futon. 

The woman raised her eyebrows and looked down at Lydia, who continued weeping in her bounds. "This is Lydia, I think. Are they your friends?" 

Lydia screeched at me through her gag, but I paid her no mind. "No. She just owes me eighty bucks for a lit paper. I'm here to pick it up."

"Oh, okay."

"Were they like this when you got here?"

"Sam," the woman said, extending her hand. 

"Jessica," I replied, shaking her hand. "So, are you busy? Should I come back later?"

"Oh, it's no problem. I'm not in a hurry. They summoned me, so I assumed they were game for a little play time. They have thus far been disappointing in their willingness to play. While I could punish them for leaving me unsatisfied, it was an innocent enough mistake. They're pure souls. Posers, but pure souls." Lydia sobbed pathetically into her gag, and Sam gave her a swat on the rear. "Oh come on. I've haven't even done anything to you yet."

"What kind of play?"

"A little domination here. Some humilition there. A dash of pain if I'm feeling inspired. Nothing fancy."

I swallowed, my mouth and panties already wet. "Can"

"I don't know. Are you going to snitch?"

"Would you punish me if I did?" I blurted.

Sam smiled again. "There's something about you I like. Have you ever considered sexual punishment for crimes committed?"

"Have you been reading my browser history?"

Sam grinned naughtily. "Sounds like I should." She took a deep breath, pressing her chest against her blouse. Initially, I thought she'd only arched her back, but in actuality her breasts began to swell against her blouse until her top two buttons popped off. Her pale skin grew flush and continued darkening into a rich red. Fangs extended from the corners of her mouth and her skirt pitched upwards conspicuously. She looked up to gauge my reaction, but I was struggling to remove my jeans, underwear, and shoes all at the same time. I didn't know what Sam was, but I ready to submit myself to her whims. 

Of course, I still had a job to finish and eighty bucks on the line. "Do you mind if I multitask?" I asked. "This paper is due at noon."

Sam shrugged. “No problem. I've mixed work and pleasure before too."

I unpacked my laptop and approached Lydia and Claudia. Seeing that Claudia had wider hips, I set my computer on her lower back and rested my elbows on her butt. Pants-less, I bent over presenting myself for Sam, who waited patiently and fully erect while I got settled. I turned around and gave her the thumbs up to get started, before setting to work. I glanced at Lydia, who had tears in her eyes.

"Okay, so I have my citations saved. Do you need a works cited page?"

Lydia moaned into her gag.

"I'm trying to make this as easy as I can. Nod yes or no. Are we doing—NNNGH!—MLA style?" 

Lydia shook her head 'no'. I tried to keep my cool while being probed by the thickest, lengthiest dick I'd ever had the pleasure of welcoming inside of me. Sam wasn't wasting any time.

"So, Chicago Style?"

Lydia nodded, and I took a breath as Sam slowly drew back out of me. I felt every square inch, up to the bulbous tip that stopped just short of escape. I smiled, anticipating the second push.

"Chicago or Turabian?" I managed to squeak out while Sam drilled me again, penetrating deeper than I thought possible. I wiped the drool from my face and keyboard. 

"Is Turabian still a thing?" Sam said, her member slithering in and out of my body as if by independent volition.

"In two—OH GOD—two-hundred level courses mostly. Once you're—OHHHHH FUCK—into upper-division, you should be using the Chicago Manual. Turabian is primarily for student writers," I said. "You may as well use Chicago." 

"Huh, good to know," Sam said.

"Now, go ahead and slow down a bit. I need to finish this formatting."

Sam slowed to a gentler, rocking motion—enough to keep me riding cloud nine, but not so much I couldn't finish my work. I was sopping wet—God, was I going to be dehydrated after this. In another couple minutes, I gave the document a once-over, slapped my laptop screen shut, and rested my forehead on the cool metal. Wrapping my arms around Claudia's broad hips, I squeezed her tightly while riding Sam's shaft.

"Any requests?"

"Thicker would be nice, I mean, if you're taking requests."

"Your wish is my command," Sam said, glee apparent in her voice. She moaned softly and I felt the sublime sensation of her member plumping inside me, stretching me wider from within.

"Oh shit, this...this is incredible."

"Yeah?" Sam said eagerly. Her cock relaxed in me before suddenly, abruptly swelling wider again. I cried out, digging my nails further into Claudia who grunted her displeasure. I flicked her nipple to keep her in line and continued the beautiful ride that was Sam's giant-size demon dick. 

"Good?" Sam asked from behind me.

I nodded and laughed, before shoving my laptop aside and onto the table. "Claudia, don't let that fall!" 

"How, ya' doin? Ready to kick this ride up a notch?" Sam asked again, her voice lower, more gravelly. 

"Oh—oh, god yes," I said, my thoughts scrambled from pure sensation.

Sam began working me with gusto, each thrust growing increasingly harder and deeper. I yelped, bearing down forward into Claudia who voiced her displeasure. Having had enough of her complaints, I shoved her off the table and leaned forward onto my elbows. Across from me, Lydia stared at me with fear and wonder. I liked it, and I winked at her, right before Sam took my hair, jerked my head back, and drove herself in to the hilt.

Pleasure hit me in waves, increasing in frequency and intensity until they began to overlap one another. I screamed as pleasure burst from me any and every way it could. My vision went white, and the ensuing orgasm momentarily shattered perception of time and space. I don't know if I climaxed for eight seconds or eight minutes, but for however long the moment was, everything inside me was right.

Slowly, I regained my senses. Lydia wept pathetically in front of me, while Claudia moaned from the ground. My legs tingled and shook, indicating I wouldn’t be walking anywhere any time soon. I heard a heavy breathing behind me, and I let myself slide to the ground. Rolling over onto my back, I gazed up at the most beautiful sight I had ever seen. Feeding on my sexual energy had empowered Sam beyond anything she'd experienced before. She had shredded her clothing, having grown several inches taller and packed on at least a dozen pounds of muscle. Her formerly soft body was now tightly sculpted. Sharp claws adorned her hands, and her skin glowed a vibrant crimson. She let out a joyful, triumphant laugh.

"I've never, ever felt this powerful before," she said, her rich voice booming in the small room. "You, are something special."

"So, you gonna' keep me as your sex battery?" I said.

"I'll keep an eye on you. Unfortunately, now is not the time for us."

"Oh, no you don't," I said, indignant. "So, you want me to be your girlfriend, but you don't think I'm ready to jump from college coed to succubus sidepiece? Well, I'm here to tell you that having your growing dick probing me was the best...fifteen, twenty? I don't know how many minutes of my life, and I intend to top them. You seem nice, you're gorgeous, and you're by far the closest anyone has come to satisfying me sexually. Hell, do you have high speed internet?"

"Of course." 

"Then, fuck college. Let's get this started."

Original characters created by GenYun