But, It's Good!


The dorm room door swung open, and Tiffany bounded in with a full grocery bag slung over each shoulder. Payday made her even more chipper than normal, as she was able to refresh her supply of food and snacks, which she rarely had the willpower not to power through prematurely. The mini-fridge she shared with her roommate Cara could only hold so much, so they had to be efficient as well as thrifty to make their stash last. Tiffany pretty much lacked willpower in general, which fostered a fair amount of friction between she and her roommate, Cara. 

Seated at her desk, Cara set down her tea and buried her face in her Sociology textbook, though she was less reading and more hiding. Given the small room and Tiffany's huge personality, it was difficult to ignore her roommate, though it didn't stop her from making a concerted effort. While she didn't at all think Tiffany provoked her intentionally, it bugged Cara that someone could so easily get under her skin. Tiffany, meanwhile, hummed to herself and bounced on her toes as she unpacked the grocery bags, her large blonde curls bobbing in rhythm. Cara had nearly succeeded in tuning her out, when the familiar sound of a canned soft drink being placed on the desk made her wince.

"Oh, Tiff, tell me you didn't."

"What?" Tiffany had only half-finished putting the groceries before sitting down at her desk and tapping the top of her soft-drink. "I put away all the cold stuff, so now I'm going to enjoy my well-earned reward for getting all the shopping done before noon."

"That's exactly my point," Cara said, abandoning her reading. "You really bought more of that stuff?"

Tiffany reached into a bag and retrieved a package of greens, which she held up at Cara. "It's a mixed salad, with only a little bit of Kale. I didn't buy the whole kale bunch because it takes up too much room in the fridge and you said you didn't like it."

Cara rubbed her temples in agitation. "No, I'm talking about that drink."

Tiffany reached in the bag again, this time retrieving a small carton. "Soymilk? I got vanilla, like you asked." She stuck her tongue out in apparent disgust. "Ugh, I can't for the life of me understand why you even—"

"No! I'm talking about that soda. You know, the one that's making your...um…" Cara pointed to a pugnacious bulge in the crotch of Tiffany's gray yoga pants so large it tugged the waistband away from her skin. "God, is it even bigger than yesterday?"

Tiffany popped the lid of the glossy, black 16-oz can with Cockacola in large, green print on the side. "Probably. I had one on the walk back too. This is my second can today." 

"I can't imagine you would have left the house looking like that."

"It wasn't that big when I left. I didn't think it would get so big so fast!"

"Wait a sec, it's still growing?"

"Well, duh." Tiffany said, rolling her eyes before putting the can to her lips and swallowing a large gulp. She shivered with delight and gave a satisfied smile. "Mmmmmm! Still as good as the first taste. God, this stuff is so good." She felt a stirring in her pants and she casually patted her protuberance with a comparatively small hand.

"Tiff, it...that stuff is making your dick grow, like HUGE."

Tiffany took another sip, before taking a look down at the visibly straining seams around her midsection. "Huh. I guess. That could be what's causing it. I don't really know for sure. You think I should see a doctor or something?"

"What the heck do you mean 'could be?' That is it," Cara nearly shouted in exasperation. "It says it right there on the goddamned can." 

"You know I don't like to read nutrition labels. All they do is make you self-conscious. Anyways, they take everything out-of-context. I mean, what about the rest of my diet? I think I eat pretty well. So I like to treat myself every once and awhile. Is that so wrong?" Tiffany took another long swig, her fingers idly drumming on her billowing bulge.

Cara gestured indignantly at the can. "Tiff, it's in plain fucking English in huge white letters." Tiffany gave resigned sigh, taking a quick swig before tilting the can to the side and reading the large, blocky text to herself.

Warning: this product causes extreme penis growth. Drink ONLY if you wish to be the proud owner of a huge, thick cock that would make the most gifted of prize stallions faint with jealousy.

"So, what's your point?" Tiffany grunted in frustration as she reached into her pants to re-adjust their compressed contents.

"Are you saying you want a huge dick?"

"I'm saying that I want to enjoy my favorite drink without you getting all judgy."

"Tiff, you aren't thinking about the bigger pecker–um, picture. I mean, look at it, it's going to burst right through your pants practically any minute, and it's still growing!" Cara was nothing if not observant. Since entering the room, Tiffany's package had swelled dramatically larger, and both girls now watched as the outline of Tiffany's massive tool slowly, but steadily stretched longer and thicker, extending nearly to the edge of her hip. 

"Okay, Cara. You do have a point there." Tiffany abruptly grabbed the edges of both her pants and panties, and yanked them down, letting her penis flop downwards, where it audibly smacked against her thighs, the tip only inches from her knees. Cara half-gasped, half-screamed in response, but couldn't manage to tear her eyes away. "There, you happy?" Tiffany asked, before taking another sip.

Cara's eyes were so wide she thought they might rupture. "Oh, God. Tiff, that's...that's…"

"—a hell of a relief, I gotta say. I may have to get some bigger yoga pants, or at least, stretchier ones. Am I right?" She let out a resonant belch, before giggling and taking another long swig to finish the can, which she shook before pouting her bottom lip. "Well, I hope you're happy now. It's all gone now and none of us gets any."

"I don't—and will never—want any."

"Good. More for me!"

"I mean I don't want to end up looking like you, five-foot two and barely a hundred pounds with a foot-long penis almost as thick as my arm."

"God, Cara, you just are so set on the idea that you won't enjoy it. Some people have different tastes than you."

"Tiff, I don't want a dick!"

"I'm talking about the soda! Geez!" Tiffany plopped down in her desk chair, legs spread eagle to make room for her immense appendage. "Why do you always have to get so worked up about other people's business? Remember how you wouldn't shut up about me dating—" Tiffany grunted with agitation, before reaching under herself and tugging until she was no longer sitting on her kiwi-sized balls. "—Jason Warwick? You would not shut up about him!"

"I thought you two were a bad match, and then he cheated on you, and we saw that I was right. But, why are we even comparing you dating a sleazy jerk to you drinking a soda that is literally making you grow a penis?"

"We'll I had already broken up with him just like I've already grown this gargantuan thing. It all happened, and it's all done and in the past. Why bring it up now?"

"But you could at least, you know, not let it get any bigger."

"Yeah, but then I'd have to stop drinking Cockacola." As Tiffany spoke, her oversized tool stretched longer, swinging pendulously from the chair below her. "Seriously, though I'm going to need to re-think my wardrobe. Look! It's almost as thick as the can!" Tiffany placed the empty can next to her penis, demonstrating their similar girth. With a satisfied smirk, she looked up at Cara who only gawked back at her in utter shock, as right before her eyes, Tiffany's penis visibly plumped, outsizing the the can handily.

"How is it even still growing?" Cara croaked, barely managing to speak through her shock. "You're done drinking!"

"It takes a little bit for it to run it's...oh God, this is a big one!" Tiffany's gripped the sides of the chair and whooped loudly as her penis experienced one final burst of growth. It snaked down the chair, growing steadily longer. "Oh!" she chimed, as the tip of it's head touched the carpet, and a chill ran her back as more and more of her lengthy member rested on the ground. 

"Ha! Look at it Cara!" Tiffany exclaimed, giving it a shake like a thick rope. "This thing is going to cause me nothing but trouble. I bet I have the hugest cock in the dorm. Heck, it's probably the biggest in the school."

"By at least a foot," Cara said, still agog.

"...or two!" Tiffany said, running her hands up and down her broad shaft. She cooed as it gradually began curving upwards. She could almost feel the blood rushing into it, making her nearly light-headed with arousal. Despite it's size, her dick managed to straighten upwards, until it bowed away from her body. Both girls eyes remained glued to the bulbous head as it reached Tiffany's eye level, climbing higher until it extend above her hairline. Her penis having stretched over three feet long, Tiffany squealed with delight as she examined it, before suddenly looking over to her mesmerized roommate.

"Are you staring?" Tiffany suddenly gasped. "Oh my god, you want to have sex with me! Aw, Cara, we're roommates! We can't just start doing each other!"

Shocked out of her trance, Cara waved her hands dismissively. "No, NO! Tiff, I do not want to have sex with you. Not that I even could. You'd split me in half!"

Tiffany tapped her lips thoughtfully. "Well, now that you mention it, we could always try—"

"No, thank you."

"Well keep your eyes to yourself then," Tiffany said, wrapping her arms around her lengthy member, and pulling it towards herself. "You're totally making me uncomfortable."

"Tiff you're a girl with a dick the size of a baseball bat. How could you expect me—or anyone for that matter—not to look at it?"

"Really? You're actually playing the 'asking for it' card?"

Cara held her hands up, and gathered herself. "Look Tiff, I'll say this once more, and I'll have said my peace. That soda you drink caused your penis to grow huge beyond all reason or practicality. I'm asking you—as your roommate and friend—to please stop drinking it so we don't have to buy a third bed for your colossal lady-schlong."

Tiffany seemed to consider Cara's request before nodding and dropping the can into a bin next to her desk. "Fine, Cara. If you're going to be such a stick-in-the-mud. This will be my last can today. But for now…" Tiffany stood up and propped her penis against the closet door as she pulled off her tank top. Completely naked, she cradled her titanic erection towards her bare chest, resting her forehead against it. She smiled serenely before giving it a small, but tender kiss. "Me and my big friend here are going to take a nice, long shower."

"Okay, just clean clean up when you're done."

"I always do," Tiffany said, stepping into the bathroom, before peeking back out and adding, "And, by the way, you are such a hypocrite." 

Cara waited until she heard the shower before shutting her textbook and pulling it down from atop her breasts, which covered nearly the entire surface of the desk in front of her. She rubbed the tops of them with her hands, admiring the grand, undulating flesh before her. Gulping the last of her favorite "Oppai Tea," she placed the teacup on the shelf above her, and smiled contentedly as her breasts engorged with even more mass, rising higher and eliciting a crack from cheap, plywood desk. Scooping her hands underneath her mammoth breasts, she pulled herself to her feet with some effort, feeling a slight twinge in her back. Gazing thoughtfully into her seemingly endless cleavage, a naughty smirk appeared on Cara's face, and she headed towards the bathroom.

"Hey, Tiff…"