A Win-Win Situation

Ray answers the door. A towering redhead smirks down at him.

"I'm Ashley. May I come in?"

"Of course."

Ray moves aside, catching the enchanting scent of citrus and cloves as she ducks inside. 6'6 in her four-inch red heels, the lofty Ashley wears a black mini-dress with red polka dots, highlighting her full bust and astounding long legs. Wearing a t-shirt, beach shorts, and sandals, Ray feels underdressed. Ashley ignores him, instead exploring the quaint, spacious lodging. The vaulted ceilings and open floor plan allow her to stretch her arms, while the expansive bay window offers a gorgeous cliffside view. She peeks in the bathroom to find half of it taken up by an oversized bathtub-jacuzzi. "This place is gorgeous. Is it yours?"

"A timeshare," Ray yells from the living room. "I figured you were as good a reason as any to use it."

"I'm honored!" Ashley turns her attention to the sushi spread on the polished oak dining table. "Is this also for me?"

"Ah, yes!" Ray rushes over to present the display. "Toji's is the highest-rated sushi restaurant in the region, and the most sustainable. Their fish is responsibly-sourced: non-farmed, and never frozen."

"Mmmmmmm, socially-conscious product chains make me so fucking horny. What's on the menu?"

"For appetizers," Ray says, "we have takoyaki, baked mussels, a full order of karaage, gyoza, assorted tempura, and garlic edamame."

Ashley takes an asparagus tempura in her long fingers and slips it through her lips. "Mmm, nice and crisp!"

"Also," Ray presents a huge, steaming bowl of noodles, meat, and vegetables in a dark green broth. "Spicy green curry ramen with pork shoulder and belly chashu, two eggs, and assorted vegetables."

"Wonderful," Ashley says, already on her third takoyaki. "And the main course?"

"Two rainbow rolls, two caterpillar rolls, two spicy dragon rolls, and a thirty-piece sashimi sampler."

"This is the hottest thing I've seen this week, and I watched a lot of porn yesterday."

"And!" Ray says, raising a finger. "I should mention the carry-out packaging is made from 100% compostable and recycled materials."

Ashley places a hand on her chest and swoons. "Oh, Ray, zero-waste packaging makes me almost as hot as sustainable harvesting practices. I'm dripping wet right now." She suddenly frowns. "This must have been really expensive."

"Worth it," Ray says, without a moment's hesitation. "You dig in. I need to head outside and make a quick phone call."

"I certainly will," Ashley says, grinning wide as she selects a piece of rainbow roll and drops it into her mouth. The synergy of the salmon, tuna, crab, avocado, and soy sauce lights up her taste buds. She grips the remaining seven pieces in her chopsticks, using her long fingers to finish the roll in a single go. She devours the spread methodically, following each deep-fried bite with a cut of cool, fresh sashimi.

Ray returns minutes later to find Ashley having made as much progress with her meal as it had with her. Her perfectly fitted dress now squeezes her tightly, the hems digging into her shoulders, thighs, and bust. 

The feast half-conquered, Ashley finishes her ramen with a series of greedy gulps, then moves on to the remaining rolls and sashimi. For each, she opens wide and sets an entire roll atop her extended tongue and finishes in a single bite. She winks at Ray.

"That took a lot of practice to master. I admit, I gagged the first few times."

Ray doesn't reply, but there's a conspicuous bulge in the front of his shorts.

In minutes, the feast is gone. Ashley sits back in her chair, rubbing her belly with serene satisfaction. Several inches taller, she's unable to kick off her too-tight shoes and instead reaches down and tears them off her feet. "I hope that's not all you've got for me. As you can see, I'm a growing girl, and I can be...unpleasant when I'm hungry."

There is a knock at the door. Ray dashes over to answer it. The delivery man hands him four extra-large pizza boxes. "Perfect timing," Ashley says, following Ray. With Ashley barefoot, Ray stands eye-level with the beautiful cleavage overflowing the confines of her shrinking dress. "I'll take those," she says, relieving Ray of the pizza burden. "Now clean up so I have somewhere to put these."

Ray returns and gathers up the sushi containers. Ashley slides the boxes onto the table, pulls a slice from the top box, and takes a bite. "Oooh, this is good! What did you get?"

"One spinach-artichoke with feta, one meat lover's, a seafood supreme, and a gourmet five-cheese, all from Roscoe's award-winning pizzeria. Extra-large, hand-tossed thick crust topped with locally-sourced veggies, meat, and dairy and seasoned with fair-trade spices."

"I hope you tipped the delivery man."

"Twenty-five percent."

"If that made him even half as happy as I am horny, then this is the best day of his life." Ashley tears through the gigantic five-cheese pizza, moaning with each mouthful. She moves onto the spinach & feta, devouring the entire extra-large pie with gusto. The onslaught of dairy and carbs feeds her ripening curves, which swell with every swallow.

"Everything taste good?" Ray asks as he clears the empty boxes. Even seated, her eyes are level with his.

"Fantastic. I don't get to stuff myself as often as I'd like."

No longer able to fit her legs beneath the table, Ashley extends one on each side of it. The chair creaks loudly beneath her increasing weight as it bears down on the strained wood. Ashley doesn't seem to mind. She gorges with gusto, eating two slices at once, and easily handles the slices in her huge hands. She leans forward as her breasts overflow her top, spilling out onto the table surface. Her thickening, lengthening legs burst from her shredding nylons. 

Ashley pauses to chug a bottle of flavored seltzer and unleash a thunderous belch before she launches into the final pie—the supreme pizza she intentionally saved for last. Ashley gobbles a slice at a time, swallowing each with a single gulp. The wooden chair surrenders beneath her with a series of muffled snaps and pops. She drops to the floor with a crash that shakes the room and cracks the hardwood. Ashley ignores it, intent on feeding until the pizza is gone.

Ray darts over to collect the remaining boxes. "Had enough?"

Ashley rises to her feet in a flash, casting Ray in her shadow. Her head nearly collides with a crossbeam in the ceiling. "Excuse me?"

"S-sorry!" Ray steps back, partly out of fear and partly because the projection of her breasts obscures any eye contact. "It was a joke! I didn't mean to—"

"You're not telling me that's it, are you?"

"N-no! Not at all!"

"If you hold out on me, you know what that means..." Ashley's cold tone sends chills up Ray's spine.

A car pulls up outside, followed by footsteps on the front porch. The doorbell rings and 

Ashley's frown flips to a grin. "Saved by the bell."

Ray races to the door, accepts the delivery and rushes back. He sets four large bags on the dining table and finds his resolve for a final presentation. "For course number three," he says, "half-pound wagyu beef on a fresh-baked kaiser roll topped with caramelized onion, white cheddar cheese, and truffle mayonnaise."

Ashley raises an eyebrow. "How many?"

"Twenty," Ray says with a proud grin.

Her grin spreads wide, and she straightens up, hands propped on her broad hips. "Let's get started."

Ray carefully stacks $3000 of burgers onto a silver platter and presents them to Ashley. Ashley licks her lips and selects one from the top of the stack. She holds it gingerly in her fingers and sniffs. "Just how I like my meat: big, tender, and organically grown." Ashley finishes nearly a third of the burger with a single bite and shudders with delight. After a couple more nibbles, she pops the rest in her mouth.

"Divine! I'll have another."

In three bites, a second burger is gone. A third disappears in two. Ashley puts calories to use nearly as fast as she can consume them, enlarging by the second.

"I can't get enough!" she gushes, in-between bites. "These are incredible!"

Ashley's rising stature puts her feast increasingly out of her reach, forcing her to lean over to continue scarfing $150 burgers like tea sandwiches. She reaches for the final burger, tilts her head back, opens wide, and drops the entire thing into her mouth, nudging it through her lips with a fingertip. 

Ashley lays back, resting her elbows on the countertop behind her. Her massive form dominates the room, legs stretching across the floor. Her freshly ripened breasts hang to the bottom of her ribcage above her rounded belly. "Now that was delicious," she says, her voice rich and husky. "Thank you so much."

"You're welcome." Ray croaks, his throat dry.

"So, that's it?"

Ray swallows, his breathing rapid. "Yes."

"You're out of money?"

Ray's heart pounds in his ears. "It's all gone!"

"Credit cards maxed?"

Ray nods frantically, his breaths rapid and shallow. "Everything!"

"I hope it was worth it."

Ray grasps a nearby counter to steady himself.

"...you pathetic little cash pig."

Ray cannot form coherent thought as he the experiences longest, purest, most satisfying climax of his life. Ashley waits patiently, riding out the end of her growth spurt and topping off at thirteen feet tall. She gives Ray a minute to recover, then snaps her fingers with a loud pop. "Hey! You done?"

Ray nods wordlessly.

"You said you reserved this place for a week, yeah?"

Ray wheezes an affirmative.

"Good. It'll take me a few days to get small again, so I'm going to stay here. Don't worry, I'll be sure and send you pictures. You did provide the fuel after all." Ashley glares down at him. "Deal?"

"Y-yes, thank you," Ray gasps.

Ashley scoffs. "Don't fucking thank me. Get your soaked shorts the hell out of here. I won't ask a second time."

Ray does as he's told, gathering the remaining trash into bags and shuffling awkwardly out the door.


Ashley waits until she hears his car on the path to the highway, then looks down at herself and sighs. 

There are worse ways to take a vacation. 

Peeling off the remains of her jeans, Ashley squeezes through the bay doors and steps onto the secluded beachfront. The warm sun feels sublime on her voluminous figure, and she stretches out, eliciting a few pops from her still-settling joints. It will be another week before she's small enough to return to work. There's nothing to do but wait it out and enjoy her lodgings.

…beginning with an adorably tiny jacuzzi.