Making Her Mark

"So paranoid," Annette said, dropping a pinch of dried newt's eye into her portable induction mini-cauldron. After four years as a high school nobody, she would make her mark on the college scene. It would all start with a little body magic or, more accurately, booty magic.

Annette grinned as she patted her belly pooch. "Alright, time to put you to good use." The cauldron reached a rolling bubble and she sliced her finger, offering her blood as the final ingredient before reciting the incantation.

Corporis immutatione. Delleuf eaidivni ammalf. Silucniv siniugnas etatidipuc.

Annette inhaled the thick, earthy aroma, holding it in for a moment before exhaling. The spell complete, she powered off her cauldron and rushed to the full-length mirror to see the results. She giggled as fat from her arms, face, and sides melted away. and her round face took on a sharp angularity she hadn't seen since before high school.

Annette's hips and buttocks swelled within the snug confines of her once baggy sweatpants. She had  overshot her intended size, and still had a stubborn layer of belly fat to go. The final remnants of the spell left her with a trim waist and visible abs, while stretching her second-skin sweats to the brink.

"Wow," Annette said, sinking her fingers into her plush rear. The swell of her buttocks created a shelf at the base of her back that spread into voluminous hips and thighs. She'd aimed to be 'the girl with the booty.' At this point, she would just be 'the booty.' Annette gave her hefty asset an exploratory bounce. With a series of rips and pops, her doughy curves burst free like canned biscuits.


With no skirts to preserve her modesty and no pants she could remotely fit into, Annette's only option was the baggy jeans she'd initially worn to campus, with hope that the extra room in the waist could compensate for her expansion everywhere else. Discarding her tattered sweats, she tried pulling on her jeans, only to encounter a predictable snag at the base of her capacious ass. Grunting, she struggled mightily to pull them higher .

"Cooperate, you stupid big—"

The door suddenly opened.

"...ass!" Annette said, to the surprise of her new roommate. Her roommate's parents, older brother, younger sister, and grandmother filled the doorway, all staring into the room. Annette blinked. Her pants fell to her ankles. She reached for a bottle of sanitizer on her desk, spritzed her hands, and rubbed them together before extending one towards her gawking roomie.

"Hi. I'm Annette."

Originally published August 25, 2021