A collaborative effort between myself and Alex-GTS-Artist, the Wild Weekend series follows the adventures of the Elena, her impulsive friend Bridget, and a tray of magic brownies.

Story contains: giantess growth, breast expansion, butt expansion, growth process, sexual situations

Elena thought she'd left the wild life behind. and after a long week at work, she's ready for a quiet weekend. Unfortunately, her old roommate Bridget has dropped in with plans of her own, along with a batch of "special" brownies. Side effects may vary!

The girls awaken to find they've not completely reverted to their original heights and shapes, Bridget wants to attend a pool party, and a reluctant Elena agrees since she doesn't expect to know anyone there, but...

Elena awakens on her living room floor with a powerful hangover and a mysterious guest asleep on the floor next to her. Over coffee and breakfast, Bridget helps Elena piece together the previous evening's activities which included party games, surprise guests, and, of course, more magic brownie adventures. This one gets wild!

All three volumes for one convenient price!